Here Comes Peter Cottonhead

Every morning it was the same routine: Colonel Danders would make his way out to the yard to watch the sunrise, yet he never realized he was facing the wrong way until it was too late.

Less fluff, more fold, Ashley H.



  1. Oh come on! You people are just making up creatures, one more ridiculously cute than the next!

  2. He’s somehow dissaproving even without eyes to look down on me!!

    And the feet positioning…so posh.

  3. Are we sure that’s the front of the bun bun?

  4. LovesDogs says:

    Bun? Cat? Dog?

  5. It’s a harness, not a collar. You can “walk” buns in harnesses.

  6. Awwhawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    That’s the sound I just found myself uttering.

  7. For some reason I am now craving marshmallows

  8. WendyPinNJ says:

    Where the heck are cute little fluffy bunny’s eyes?

  9. How freakin cute! There are eyes…..Can I borrow him to sit on my lap and nap all day?
    Gotta love the hare!

  10. RedAngell says:

    Saffron….LOL, that made me laugh as much as the bun!

  11. Or, Saffron, perhaps mounds of mashed potatoes?

  12. BQ – I stand corrected. I used to have a cat that would walk on a leash so I guess it’s not much of a stretch to a bun on a leash

  13. who needs eyes when you have nose and ears THAT cute…??!!

  14. Tribble with earsies!

  15. My first reaction was – What the H?

    But what I really want to know is what breed this bunny is and did the inventor of such a bunneh go insane in a mental institution?

    I’m not nuffing this bun bun, just wonder why the bunneh has such a copious amount of bunnular hair.

  16. Andi from NC says:

    I shall name him Einstein!!!

  17. He reminds me of Bob Dylan for some reason. A fuzzy Bob Dylan.

  18. Looks like Bun Jovi, the lead singer for one of the 80’s heavy metal hare bands

  19. ScoutsMom says:

    This bun looks alot like a Westie pup. LittIe white body, round fluffy head. I wonder if buns come in the Westie variety?

  20. He could totally be a west highland white terrier were it not for the extreme floofiness and the disapproving mouf. So snuggular!! *thud*

  21. ScountsMom: Oops, didn’t mean to steal your thunder.

  22. Make that “ScoutsMom.” 🙄

  23. 260Oakley says:

    This is a dandelion with a nose.

  24. Screenshot from Final Fantasy XI?

    There’s something painfully dignified about what very little we can see of the bun’s expression. I’m guessing rabbit is … English Angora?

    Not the fuzziest rabbit on the Wikipedia page, either … check out the Giant!

  25. How can he see where is going with all that hair in front of his eyes? He needs a seeing eye guinea pig!

  26. Looks like a St Bernard hybrid.

  27. I suppose it would be undignified to put a barrette on a bunny. But perhaps a little styling gel?

  28. Scoutsmom…thought exactly the same thing until I scrolled down. Amazing how you can get such extreme disapproval without seeing the eyes. I don’t know what I did Col. Danders, but I’m so very very sorry!

  29. It is a Lionhead breed – for those who are wondering. They have poofy chest manes like a Lion and ridiculous amounts of facial fluff, too. I have one at home and they at times resemble little puppies 😀

  30. I have never desired a bun but I do this one. Wonder how he would get along with my kitty boy he may be even more disapproving

  31. *dies* 😀

  32. Trez4400 – my foster bun and kittehs got along just fine. consider adopting!

  33. I love the glowing pink translucent ears. Can that be a new Rule? If your ears glow, it’s cute?

  34. Ashley is having a good hare day.

  35. anitabot- I’ll be right over.

    “If your ears glow, it’s cute”-YES! I second the emotion! Translucent ears haven’t been scutinized yet, have they?

  36. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Halp! Halp! I can’t seeee!!

  37. Everyone–When you go to the link for the BIIIIGGGGG floofy bunny- be careful ok? Just trying to be helpful here…

  38. @ Gigi “seeing eye guinea pig” XD !!!!!

    Except in my house it’s usually the piggie who follows the bunneh everywhere. It’s like a little parade. And rabbits don’t see so well straight-on anyhow, they tend to tilt their heads to the side and do the bass-eye when they’re scoping something out directly.

  39. lol, i want to go to annie’s house and see the bunneh-piggeh parade!

  40. I don’t know why people keep saying bunnies look disapproving. Some do, but most don’t. I have a lionhead rabbit at home. Doesn’t have this much facial fur though. In fact, she’s thinning out, especially at the back of the neck. I rather like when bunnies stand with their front feet close together like that. I’ve wondered how it would feel to walk a bunny on a leash….

    [Well I think you should try it. Also, I think you should bring along a camera. – Ed.]

  41. Thanks you guys. Now I’m not going to be able to focus for the rest of the day. I won’t get any work done because I’m going to be imagining this little dood right here in all his fluffy awesomeness.

    What kind of raddit is this anyways?

  42. He needs a pair of shades and a white can w/a red tip. Maybe a black top hat too.

  43. Awww.. That’s a bunny? I was sure it was a puppy until reading some of the comments. Where are the poor thing’s eyes? Can he see anything at all?

  44. I’ve “walked” bunnies. It’s more like you stand around for ages while the bun eats/sniffs and then SPRINT! following the bun to a new patch of grass. Repeat.

  45. harlemgrrl says:

    i can’t get past the title

  46. Jennifer- I’ll be right over after I visit anitbot…should I bring something?

  47. anitabot-I’m sorry I misspelled you name, can I still come over, with warm butterscotch pudding,maybe with whipped cream and sprinkles? And carrots?

  48. methinks bun bun has his eyes closed in sheeer and utter disapproval! …. i *think* it’s a bun bun….. i will be debating that for a long time hehe

    i vote yes to the new Rule suggestion for glowing ears = cute =)

  49. the first time i took my foster bun out of his cage, i used a leash and harness, just so i could control the situation if things got out of hand w my cats. all he did was hop around me in circles, twisting me all up in the leash. i’ve been told that means he was claiming me as his wife. hee! he wuved me!

  50. So much floof! *dies*

  51. Do lionheads produce spinnable fiber like angora bunnies?

  52. Extreemly Floofee BunBun: If you wunt Bunnular Incognito, mebbee yuu could try rlly dark sun-glasses, instead of letting your furrs grow so long oaver your face;
    oar even try a big slouch hat, and pull it oaver your earses: at leest that way you cans see where you are going, or coming, as the case may be…….! 😆

  53. It is clear, at any rate, that the bun disapproves of his/her furstylist’s effort.

  54. looks like he needs a little guide bunny…

  55. My brain can’t comprehend what my eyes have seen.

    [Yeah, we get that a lot. 😉 – Ed.]

  56. sushi lover says:

    GAWWWWWWWW he’s like huh?

  57. Killer Klown says:

    He is indeed a lionhead; I have one as well (an albino, to boot). Last I heard they were the newest breed of bunny; a cross between a dwarf and a powder puff (at least, so my sources tell me). Mine is probably the most laid-back bun in the world – where his American dwarf roomate/eternal nemesis tends to act like a little puppy when we’re around, the lionhead is usually more like ‘yeah, hi, whatever. Did you bring food?’

  58. Too frickin cute!!!

  59. Mother rabbit: Now what did we learn Jr?
    Jr rabbit: Always use a dryer sheet when doing laundry.

  60. All that fluff…I just wanna stick my face in all that bunny fluff.

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Oooooooooo, awwwwwwwww…sunbeam ears.

  62. “G’night Ralph”
    “G’night Sam.”

  63. @Iggbie — ah, the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth. Good times.

  64. aaaawwww so adowable! my baby Boh used to look exactly like this (plus some brown markings here and there) until she gave birth to 3 babies 😦 her furs are growing back now but it’s not as fluffy as it was back then. 😦

  65. You don’t walk bunnies. They walk you. Into flowerbeds, around trees, under shrubs–you pretty much end up following wherever they hop off to. It’s actually fun exploring with them. I can’t tell you the number of stunned folks I encounter when my bunnies and I are out for our walks. They are hilariously adorable. I also have a completely redonk pink stroller that my mother gave to her “grandbunnies” for Christmas that I use to visit farmers markets, and that pretty much stops traffic…

  66. @Iggbie: WIN!

  67. WTF *is* that? It´s cute alright, but… is it a cat? Is it a bun? Is it a …. MUTANT?! 😉

  68. OMG, Nikki, my mum calls my kittehs her “grandcats” (or “Enkelkatzen” cause we´re German) too! LOL

  69. lol soooooooooo sweet i cant good english i com from germany.

    [Ich kann Deutsches nicht sprechen, also sind wir auf gleichen Ausdrücken. 😉 And I hope Babelfish hasn’t butchered the language beyond hope of understanding. 😐 – Ed.]

  70. i want to rub the furs all over my face!

  71. and he is such a good bunbun too. Little Nummy!!

  72. albino bunny!!

  73. Bunneh (maybe)
    Guinneh (possibly)
    Hammeh (unlikely)
    Cat-eh (i don’t think so)
    previously unknown species……………..definitely :o)

    Please tell us what it is, Ed

  74. So that’s where my facecloth went! Thank you Prongs!

  75. The bun bun must be the staring contest champion!

  76. This bun is a dreamer. Always has his head in the cloud.

  77. Iz this tha nyu cat-dog-bun? I just LURRRRVE that breed!

  78. Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Looks more like a fluffy of cotton, just too cute!!

  79. i think someone put his paw in the outlite, he is so cute LOL!!