I Spy With My Two Giant Eyes

So here’s what I’ve seen so far: Fred Chipmunk has been stealing the cedar shingles off your house and using them to smoke cashews. Sylvia Squirrel, she’s my wife and I love her, but she’s been taunting that panting beast you call Captain Cuddles. And Norman Gerbil? Well, let’s just say he’s still mad that you brought Captain Cuddles home, so he’s been leaving you “presents” under your pillow.

I think we’re all square here, so can I have my Cheetos now?

Googly, Sophia P.



  1. O.O

  2. The eyes have it! Not to mention the leetle peenk nosicle. *thud*

  3. I think this little squirrel needs to cut down on the coffee flavored peanuts clusters.


  5. dear lord

  6. *nosebeep* 🙂

  7. I think chippies name is Igor…eye-gor

  8. Is this a sugarglider?

  9. No, I guess he’s missing the requisite black stripe in the middle of his forehead to be a sugar glider….

  10. The BEF is a little terrifying for a Monday … 🙂

  11. Whatever it is, it is ratting on the family and neighbors!

  12. Both beady AND big!!!

  13. PS I loff the Wheeskères.

  14. Anybody else seeing Pilz-E?

  15. Yikes. Cute and skewwwwy o.O

    *Backs away slowly… slowly… slo-o-o-o-owly*

    Nice sqwerl….

    *Throws the bag of Cheetos and runs like heck.*

  16. He’s a cutie, but my first reaction was a loud “Gah!” when that big bubble eye appeared. It sees into my soul! (I keep all my skeletons there).

    It does look a lot like those ceiling cameras in casinos and department stores…

  17. Good GOD! Those are some SERIOUSLY buggy eyes!

  18. Oh, how could I forget? (sings: Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers…)

  19. nicefrenchgurl says:

    he reminds me of those ceiling cameras in stores
    so did anyone find what breed he is

  20. Squirrel-cam sees where you stash your nuts.

  21. @ Theo: I see Pilz-E too!

  22. He needs some eye protection!

  23. I can just hear the plinking!

    Oh, and he’s a Southern Flying Squirrel.

    [Note — you tried to embed a link forum-style, with BBcode; WordPress doesn’t like that. You can use straight-up HTML, though, and that’s how I’ve edited this. Cheers! – Ed.]

    [Wups, I see you’ve already corrected that. Trial-and-error, tried and true. Carry on… – Ed.]

  24. Wow. That’s some reflective eyeball he’s got going on there.

    Flying squirrelio?

  25. I can already hear the plinking!

    He is most decidedly a Southern Flying Squirrel.

  26. “Plink” may be an understatement.
    I am audio-visualizing more of a “gong” sound.


  28. Anybody else ever watch Space Ghost: Coast to Coast? I agree with holligans that “plink” might fall a little short – I’m hearing that Tupperware sound that Zorak made when he blinked his “mantis of doom” or “locust of the apocalypse” bug-eyes. Those unfamiliar with Space Ghost can just carry on, there’s no crazy here …


  29. Since he’s a flying skwerllio, he shud really be wearing a little leather cap with goggles and a teeney, tiny skarf around his liddol neck, a la Rocky and Bullwinkle:
    (it’s great to see these miniature aviators carrying on the time-honored tradition of air soaring…. keep it up liddol guy!!) 🙂

  30. GAH! I’s skert!


    I’s in yer dressing room, watchin you change…

  31. If you were a nut, this would be the last thing you’d see before you died.

    Also, NOSE!!!

  32. “Rocky-I’ must be froze with fear”
    “Bullwinkle you’re standing on your own foot”
    “Doesn’t everybody?”

  33. Oh, wow. Imagine having eyeballs that stick that far out of your head.

  34. wow, just a little too much eyeball .. hehehe ….

  35. If I had eyeballs that stuck out that far, I couldn’t wear my glasses!


    Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

    But that trick never works!

  36. Wow. That is beyond eye capsules. That’s, like, eye globules er sumthin.

  37. globe-uals

  38. resriechan says:

    @ Fajita: With all due respect (giggle) I believe that I’ll be so bold as to suggest that I might make one “teensy-weensy” adjustment./correction to your comment.
    “At your earliest convenience”, please click on the following:


    Thank you so much for your attention to this request.

  39. resriechan says:

    PS @ Theo & anyone else who “rekommembers” one day on COverload,
    when we got into a vibe which lasted all afternoon (I’ve got NO CLUE on which pic brought on the topic) ……when I responded to someone who said he “had nothin”….by mentioning the Billy Preston song “Nothin’ from nothin'” ….& we all learned lots about B. Preston/ Beatles/ Let it be/B. Preston’s massively cool & massive ‘fro, etc., etc.

    “My Sweet Lord” is a song by former Beatle George Harrison from his UK number one hit triple album All Things Must Pass. The song is primarily about Hindu God Krishna. It is ranked #454 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

    Writing and recording:

    The song was originally intended for Billy Preston, who had a minor hit with it in early 1970, in his album Encouraging Words. It was written in December 1969, when Harrison and Billy Preston were in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Sorry folks that I’ve used up so much space tonight. If it’s any consolation, I prob wont even be at a computer tomorrow until midafternoon; takin’ someone to the airport & then 14 errands or so ……


  40. Queen of Dork says:

    daggabone #16: The eyes TOTALLY look like casino “eye-in-the-sky” cameras! LOL!!!

  41. Prongs – shouldn’t that be “googly-moogly”? Or even “great googly-moogly”?

    What has been seen cannot be unseen…


  43. He’s trying to hypnotize us…”Gaze deeply into my eyes. When I count backwards from 10, you will give me a cavalcade of sunflower seeds…”

  44. BabyOpossum says:

    “…but you didn’t hear it from me.”


  45. Totally LOLed at hovertext, but now I sorta have an urge to put McPlinkerson’s eyeball between my teef and kronshe til I hear a lil POP!

  46. @Theo & Jen

    YES!!! Pillz-E indeed! *scurries away to dig up links and escape the all-seeing eyes…*

  47. Is it just me, or are those whiskers moving in that photo?

  48. snorglepup says:

    Now we know why it’s impossible to sneek up on a squirrel!

  49. That’s the biggest BEF I’ve ever seen!

  50. Best. Caption. Ever.

  51. I took care of an orphaned squirrel once with big googly eyes like that. We called her surprise because she constantly looked surprised haha!

  52. happynugget says:

    Awwwww , that´s beautiful !!!!

  53. MyLittlePonyTales says:

    this is when the squirrel found out his next door neighbor installed hidden cameras around his house.

  54. I’m guessin’ he’s on his 5th cup.