Should Poland be nervous?



  1. The black splotches near the nose make me think it’s the bunny’s eyes; very Alice Cooper :3

  2. where ARE the eyes?

  3. Oh my God!! so cute *-*

  4. its eyespots remind me of a panda.

  5. *Eyes really big.*

    Whoa, is this the secret CO inside CO? What is this place?

    Seriously, I clicked on a pic and came through a secret portal into this parallel universe.

    To explain: I clicked on the pic posted under “Disapproval at a Different Level” on Nov. 30, and instead of giving me a larger picture or whatever, it brough me here, to this. Same picture, different date, different text, different comments…

    And this post isn’t accessible from the main page, just through the “secret door,” as far as I can tell.

    I SWEAR I haven’t ingested anything funny today.

    Hold me; I’m skeered.

  6. Cath, I did it too!!! Secret hidden comments page! If you comment on this page, does that mean you cease to exist on the other?!?

  7. Hee hee! ding, it’s a a riddle wrapped in an enigma 😀

    There seems to be a bug whereby all of Prongs’ and CSO’s posts have a secret narnia comments page. It’s awesomesauce. Awesomesecretsauce.

    [It’s not a bug, it’s a WordPress feature we just don’t always use. – Ed.]

    If only I knew how I could use it to do pranks… like hide in here and then when someone’s in the real comments page jump out in a monster suit and yell “BOO!” Sadly, I don’t think the internet has that functionality yet. Failing that, I wish time didn’t pass in the real world while we were in here (like Narnia). Then I could spend all day in CO and not get behind in my work.

  8. eeee, I clicked on the pic, as instructed, and now am in “reverse comment mode.” Where am I???!?!??!

  9. Ummmm, did somebody make away with the other comments?

  10. I found this “portal” on another post also, when I clicked on the pic. CO must be full of universes wthin universes.

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey. Wha happened? Where am I? I clicked on a picture in the other post, things got swirly, I started to turn into smoke and came out here. Thank Goodness you guys are here too! This is pretty cool. Hey! Didn’t somebody in posts past mention a bunny they had that would be in the house, then suddenly disappear only to *POOF* reappear again. Maybe buns really are magical. When magicians pull them out of their hats it really IS the bun being magic! cooooool!

  12. Um… I don’t get it.

  13. Wait… QofD you turned into smoke? Howd-eye miss that?

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    I don’t know, spb. I almost missed it myself! 😉


    [Oh, sorry, I forgot. – Ed.]

  16. I got into the land beyond the wardrobe (picture), and found out it’s filled with Hitl- I mean mustached bunnies! Sqeeeee!

  17. what is it?

  18. OMG cute!

  19. Claire Bradley says:

    Serious question for “Cute Overload” people: what is it? True very cute, but is it a joke? i.e. a kitten with rabbit ears attached. It should be identified for us. Everyone agrees it’s cute, no one seems to agree on what it is. Fair’s fair.

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