THIS JUST IN: The “Suck and Glare”

Carl the 17-day-old kitten does not like sharing his bottle.

Izzie, the older cat sits and tries to catch a drip every time, and all Carl does is suck and glare at her.

Ariel E., thank you for bringing this look to our atten-shons and for naming your kitten ‘Carl.” Nice work.



  1. shadowexistence says:

    Wow — I only get that look if there’s cake involved . . .

  2. Son of Basement Cat? Look at those claws! Izzie’s asking for trubs.

  3. even the claws are out! they look really sharp

  4. i like the contrast between the evil look and the smiling pink whales

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    Gosh. Okay Carl. It’s all you, bro.
    *backs away holding hands up*

  6. Watch out Morris, with the glaring. Baby panther’s got its claws out and doesn’t look to be in a good mood.

  7. Carl: Cat, there is a world of hurt in store for you if you put your face that close to my food ONE MORE TIME…

    Also…what is that behind them? Because the little pink whales are ADORABLE.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    Carl is SO Qte when him is angree! Want!

  9. —–
    *sinking slowly 2 floor into a helpless puddle of mush*

  10. Having fostered over many very young kittens for the humane society, and kept only a few, I learned that adult cats Never Forget the love of KMR (kitten milk replacement) formula, but they do forget how to suck it from the bottle. Even the babies lose it if you delay weaning too long; by 6 weeks, they generally chew the nipple off the bottle.

  11. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    You sure his name isn’t Damian? Cuz he sure looks like his name oughter be Damian.

    *backs away slowly*

  12. Tiny Evil Kitten. Awesome

  13. Izzie is trying to stage an intervention to finally get Carl off the bottle.

  14. Attitude. I love a kitty with attitude.

  15. “Ye can take ma life but ye cannae take ma bottle”

    – Old Scottish proverb

  16. gotta love it. who names a bebe kitteh “carl” lolol

  17. Sweet whale jammies!

  18. I can has Carl?

  19. Formica: Nice!

    And the kitten does not let a single drop fall, so Izzie’s out of luck.

  20. Izzie has the most be-utaful eyes I’ve ever seen on a kitteh. Come here, pretty girl, I’ll share my KMR with you!

    I lurves female marmies. Almost as much as I lurve their callie mommies.

    Izzie’s gonna have to watch out for this Carl fellow as he grows up!

  21. BABIES!!!! Me love me kitty babies! BEEP!

  22. i think there should be a category called if looks could kill lol

  23. Suck and Glare–outstanding name for this pic. Sweet little Izzie has no idea she’s messing with a ferocious baby panther…lol

  24. Izzie does have gawgess eyes! Seconded!

    Also – tiny kittehs are the most evilest. Truth!

  25. aaawwwwwww, new basement-kitty in training!
    This one must be learning to use Jedi Cat Mind Tricks.

  26. kiki willow says:

    I can hear the bebeh kitteh growls. Mrrrrrr. *suck suck suck* Mrrrrrr.

    So Qte I just barfed a rainbow!

  27. resriechan says:

    I vote for a possible alternative Picture Caption:

    “Step AWAY, from the bottle!!!”

    Also noted @ # 16: Alice Shortcake: are you CERTAIN, that that is the
    EXACT wording of the Olde Scottish Saying????

    (jus’ sayin’ ….;) )

  28. Naw, Ariel – Izzie is so big now! How are the wieners??! Also – Carl? Awesome.

  29. Is this a remake of Rosemary’s Baby?

  30. Two things I like about this picture:
    1. Izzie’s eye colour. (Lovely!)
    2. Carl’s furrowed brow. (Hah!)

  31. Carl : “Back off hairball or I’ll scratch your eyes out” !

  32. That is the first time I think I’ve ever seen a mean-looking kitten. And I’m still helpless from the cuteness of him. (Bonus points for being a black moggie!)

  33. I can’t stop giggling at the cat interplay here. Too much. So much, in fact, I need to adopt either Izzie or Carl.

  34. PS: BEEP!

  35. @BarbaraJ: I love how you say “kept only a few” of your foster kittens… 🙂

  36. Now don’t get me wrong-I LOVE cats, and these are adorable…..but the peenk whalios stole the show for me!

  37. Carl: Best . . . name . . . ever.

  38. Aww, Izzie has lovely brown eyes, and is a marmie girl!

  39. Can I has Izzie? The eyes! they’re so CUTE! (say that last sentence like Marnie)

  40. nicefrenchgurl says:

    is carl really a baby cat? or is he a mini panther or whatever? because if he is this big at 17d old, i wonder how big he’s gonna get. and you’re going to be for some big fights for food later on btw izzie and him
    enjoy while it lasts

  41. So much fuzzy ferocity! I’m in love.

  42. Carl: Mine!

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    Pink, smilinks, spoutinks whales: Mine. is is a sweatshirt or a PJ top? Either way, musthave.

  44. So tiny and fluffy, but whoa, does he look mean!

  45. Check to see if he has “666” on the back of his head. 😯

    Scary little dude but oh so adorabuhls!

  46. And so Dude, keep your stinking pink nose out of here.

  47. What is it about kittens when they are eating? They get so intense, so focused, so INTO it. Carl’s a kitten on a mission. But so gosh-darned cute!

    And whoever said Izzie’s eyes are gorgeous? Oh, yeah. Extremely.

  48. I sense a future of sibling rivalry. I bet they won’t share the rubber mousie either.

  49. MY what a BIIIIIG 17-day old kitteh. My what crue-el eyesies you have, too. Are we sure this is a domesticated puddy-tat? I’m leanin’ towards the Panther angle, wow….three weeks is 21 days…somethin’ not adding up here…more info needed.

  50. snorglepup says:

    “Impending doom” indead!
    Pull that bottle away and he’ll be singing oh-don-piano…
    or something…

  51. Is that a kitten or a panther cub? LOL

  52. omg, i *luv* this
    everyone seems to assume Izzie is a girl, but I can *so* see my marmie boy doing the exact same thing… trying to worm his way into everything with his cute face… something about marmie boys just does it for me

  53. I bet you Carl has one of those deep bass voices and Izzie has a high squeaky voice. “Whateveryou say boss.”

  54. It is my goal in life to one day feed a baby sea otter, but this will do for now…

  55. That does seem quite large for 3 weeks……..also why are we saying Izzie’s a girl? I think I missed something while scanning comments…

    I think whale top is a scrub top. lol – tho after second glance it’s looks a lot softer than my scrub tops…..

  56. We must assume Izzie is a girl because the post says “all Carl does is suck and glare at her”. 🙂
    I too assumed the smiling whales were a scrub top, although to Shannon’s point it must be well-worn to be so soft and snuggly looking!

  57. carl says “nyerh” to sharing.

  58. is it just me or does Izze have some INTENSELY ORANGE eyes?

  59. I needs a Carl kitty to go with my Orange & White kitty who looks just like Izzy. Where can I finds one? will risk the “rrrrrrrrrrrrs” email me at

  60. LOL it created a link!!!

  61. All right, I have come to the conclusion that “kitten” is a PANTHER cub…. LOL

  62. Carl: “Lick, lick, lick…”
    Izzie: : “You are a big kitteh naow; you doan needez baby-milk. Go ‘way, or I will show you my pointy ends!!!”, (which alreddy are sticking owt of his pawsies); 😯

  63. binky-mama says:

    Love the “glare-hance”!

  64. resriechan:

    I cannot tell a lie. I had to adjust the Old Scottish Proverb because, as far as we know, young Carl is not wearing troosers.

  65. Is this our own brave and true Nurse Stef in her ‘whale-ios of caring and concern’ scrubs? Could it be she who keeps us safe and sound, well and whole and smelling of …what is in smelling salts anyway?

    That isn’t a cat, not a domesticated one, anyway, that thing is gonna get huge!

    Nurse Stef, get the gauze ready, we may have to take that animal for walkies! You first, heh-heh. Squeak, squeak…

  66. Don’t tell me I’s cute when I angree! Rrrrr!


  67. Heh, my marmie used to do that same thing as Izzie (with me, not an evil black kittayn): “I just want a leetle… sneef…”

  68. Gabrielle Smith says:

    That is some serious cattitude, srsly.

  69. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Marmie: Oooo, I smell milks!! Mmmmm….

  70. 😆 Looks like Carl is about to smack Izzie for getting too close to his milk 😆

  71. My name also happens to be Ariel, and I also happen to know a cat named Carl.

    She is a girl though, and she looks more like Izzie.

  72. Mary Ellen says:

    Oh, too cute. I had two foster kitties one time, brother and sister, who did not get along at meal time. The little girl kitty would growl and stick a paw in her brother’s face while they ate so he couldn’t steal her food. It was too cute. Growls are adorable in 2 lb kittens.

  73. I, too, love the combo glare/nose hance. I predict Carl and Izzie will become the best of friends…once Carl is off the bottle, that is.

  74. Replace the bottle with bacon, and yeah. That’s totally me. >_>

  75. awwww

  76. 😳 😳 Ummmmm; I got the kittehs mixed up: SB the reverse……
    (so sorreee; too much Thanksgiving revelry!!)

  77. You know…..if that kitten has silver teeth I see a kitty style James Bond in the works.

  78. I have a large, panther-like cat named Carl.
    I feel like Carl is a really great cat name. This baby is doing a good job living up to it. Nice glare you got there, little one!

  79. Ms.ICantThinkOfaName says:

    This kitten reminds me of Megan Fox……… anyone?? anyone??

    Megan Fox in kitten form………

  80. @Ms.ICantThinkOfaName 😀 Megan Fox has similar eyes 😀 She was in both “Transformers” movies 😀 WHICH TOTALLY ROCKED 😀

  81. Ms.ICantThinkOfaName says:


    Im glad im not the only one who finds similarities.
    that’s one sexy kitten. 😛

    and yes..”transformers” does rock. 🙂

  82. Fleurdamour says:

    Carl looks like a were-kitteh.

  83. Hehe I have those same PJ’s….that kitty is gonna be one tough cat 🙂

  84. lighteagle says:

    Carl too big to be a domestic cat, but he gorgeous! Izzie is probably a boy, most orange tabby cat are, my vet told me…But I know we don’t want to have over population, BUT I’d sure like 1 of Carl’s kitten’s when he old enough it have them.