This teacup is too big…

This teacup is too small…

This teacup fits juuuuuuust right.

Narie S., it’s 4PM. You’re invited to High Bunday Tea.



  1. Awesome. Makes me think of Lewis Carroll. And is the same photo posted twice just to enjoy the hovertext possibilities?

    [Possibly. 😉 – Ed.]

  2. I too want a cup of bun, please. With hot cross buns.

  3. occurs to me that if tea is poured, we will indeed have a hot, cross bun! Ok, I have to stop now. 🙂

  4. Awww… this is the CUTEST bunny ever!
    I accept as many cups as i can have, thanks!

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    Ha-ha Shaz! Goodness knows we don’t want a hot, cross bun. They’re such a disapproving species as it is. All hell could break loose if we poured hot tea on one of them.

  6. Queen of Dork says:

    Cute little wee bun paws sticking out of the pooh cup. (nibble, nibble, nom nom)

  7. How absolutely adorable.

  8. Are these photos supposed to be different from each other? They look the same, but the captioning seems to indicate they’re supposed to be different.

  9. bunneh. in a cup. twice. love it.

  10. resriechan says:

    (w/ my apologies to the Mamas/ Papas)

    “Bunday, bunday; can’t miss that day…”

    (pretty cool, how the event has occurred in a PoohBear teacup, with a kitten-encouraging Sunbeam in the background!!)

  11. Translucent earsies! It almost counters the disapproval…almost.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Love the chocolate colored smudges on his little face. And his delicately translucent earses…*swoon*

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Chanpon! Jinx! 🙂

  14. janet2buns says:

    Sweet behbeh bunneh *swoon*

  15. janet2buns says:

    ….and his earsies are just like Piglet’s!

  16. STINKIN’ cute.

  17. “Uh, waiter? There’s a hare in my tea…! “

  18. Chris not Christ says:

    The bun runneth over.

  19. “I disapprove of Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and the whole concept of ‘tea’.”

  20. <33333333333 This bunny just made my night better.

  21. resriechan says:

    @ jujube:

    1) NICE screenname!!!!!!

    2) Great quotation & summary of the storyline.

  22. This rabbit looks slightly glazed. Must be a Cinnabun.

  23. side note: anyone take notice that todays Page-a-Day CO calendar features a bun-in-cup also…? hmmmmm….interesting…..

  24. I know you’re supposed to dunk your doughnuts but dunking your buns ?????

  25. Christine H says:

    I’m not going to pour tea on you, little bun. I’m just going to love you and snuggle you and kiss your forehead. 🙂

  26. *squeeeeeeee*
    Soooo Cuuuuuute!!!!! 🙂

  27. this is my little bun, Bell, except she’s not so little anymore–she would definitely disapprove of being stuffed in a tea cup these days! thanks c.o. for posting her!

  28. hi how are you??????????

  29. What a perfect little bunny!

  30. To bun or not to bun, that is the question… 😉

  31. There is such a statistically improbable amount of cute things huddled up in cups and glasses that I propose a new category for them.

  32. Narie, I think somebody had too much pecan pie last week. Or maybe we’re just ready for latte cups now.

  33. Theresa- can something be “very” stinkin’ cute, or is it like pregnancy, either one is or isn’t, there are no modifiers.

    Cute bub-bun in a cup-cup.

  34. His earses — like my BunBun’s earses — look like Piglets’! I always tell my bun it’s hard being a Very Small Animal, isn’t it? Of course, my bun is bigger so maybe he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  35. First teacup goggies, now bun-buns…….Teh Qte just expands moar and moar.
    (Ummmm, sumbunny shud tell the little sweetie that he is too early for Easter; haowsumevver, it’s OK; he can just hang out under the Christmas Tree for awhile;
    after we put the ornaments and decorations away, we’ll just put him on the mantel & he is welcome to stay there until springtiem comes….. 😆 )

  36. Soft like a marshmellow!

  37. LaserLiza16 says:

    SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE! ME want bunday tea!
    BTW, are u aware that the hovertext on every single picture is coming up as “So THAT’S where the capers went!” ? Just so u know

  38. Cute_Anarchy says:

    But I have the SAME EXACT MUG… and mine doesn’t have a bunny. Defective! I’ll have to return it. Really, Disney Store, some basic quality assurance, is that too much to ask?!?

    I lol’d x3

  40. Cheers! (*clink*)