Still… digesting… turkey…

Check out the gutulence on this kid!

Still tryptophanning Martyn S.?



  1. OMG Major gutulence! 😀 The joy! *rubs belly for luck*

  2. Oh, Tom where is your little brother?

  3. chubby kitty

  4. kibblenibble says:

    He needs a wittle nap so hims tummy can settle. I volunteer my lap for this purpose! 🙂

  5. I think this is actually one of those novelty cookie jars; the kind that hisses at you when you when you reach for a cookie.

    I especially love your dorky sitting posishe that lets us all see your fat belly to the max.

  7. Belly poke! Nose beep! Paw shake! Chin tickle! ‘Nother belly poke! One more nose beep!
    My work here is done.

  8. Bluuuuueeeeeessss!!!

    British Bluuuuueeeeeeesssss!!!


  9. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh good grief: smoooooch. smooooooochhhh. smoochiepoo. smooooch. Smoochiepooness! Smmmmoooooooch!

  10. seems like someone forgot to chew the turkey..

  11. Here is yet another reason why I want a cat. Allergies? Oh, yeah, never mind. I luvfs Killer’s Daddy too much to swap. But if there is ever a cure for allergies, I’matellayou….

  12. kiki willow says:

    Must have eet! Must have bloblular squishy gutulance! Must squeeesh!

  13. People, c’mon… This cat- master is….well… just…… wellfed…. I mean… what can I say…

  14. Awww. The kitty is shaped just like a bowling pin…

  15. “I’s not fat. I’s just FLUFFY!”

  16. earlybird1 says:

    @Leilani: LOL! That’s just what I was thinking!

  17. LOL Kitty ate the WHOLE turkey!

  18. jujube, u r wright 🙂 fluffy, fluffy, flyffy.

    Repeat: fluffy, fluffy.

    And again: FLUFFY, FLUFFY…

  19. Kitteh eyes and oak chair: Matchingks!

    Also, OMG — a furry Buddha!

  20. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I didn’t know that Weebles came with fur and arms.

  21. So that’s where the leftovers when! sneeky kitty!

    Speaking of turkey. My kittys are looking out the window at the turkey vultures flying by!

  22. AD #20: LOL! Tho I have a feeling this one won’t get up once it falls over.

    Too cute! Must fall asleep using kitty tummy as a pillow.

    If he were wearing a collar, he’d look like a bowling pin…

  23. Leilani #14: D’oh! I just read your comment. I concur!

  24. What an adorable baby! I would take you home in a heartbeat.

  25. OBVIOUSLY THESE PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE AND FEED THEIR CAT WAY TOO MUCH AND IT WILL DIE OF CLOGGED ARTER- oh wait. No, it’s actually just a super-cute kitty with a nice full tummy. 😀

  26. Aww. Look at that adorably big gut and little feet.

  27. Aaaaah everything about it is cute!

  28. Ha! Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down!

  29. I think if this cat falls over there would be thousands of people all too ready to pick it back up again (and steal it, but that’s another matter). What an alert expression!
    My Truffle was a grey all over kitteh. Superb puddy-tat.

  30. Cat does look like he has an awful case of indigestion.

  31. you see cute, I see worm infested.

    [You see nothing of the kind. – Ed.]

  32. He’s not fat, he’s just big boned!

    He definitely has that drunken stupor look of having overindulged. I see that in the mirror myself from time to time. 😀

  33. I have a calico at home who frequently assumes this same position, and has a gut to match. She loves to perch her front paws over the rungs of the chair, over the footboard of my bed, at the top of the stairs… Any place she can let it all hang out!

  34. kibblenibble says:

    He’s shaped like a baby penguin, IMO.

  35. He doesn’t have worms. He’s a British Shorthair. They’re “husky.”

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Evan: Yeah. I was wondering about the worms thing myself. I think this kitty looks very healthy and pretty.

  37. …I fully admit to trying to poke his belly THROUGH my computer screen…

  38. Nicolletta says:

    Kitty belly! *dives in and snorgles*

  39. OML

  40. the aliens made me do it

  41. AWW 😀 That is one kitty that I would just love to CUDDLE CUDDLE CUDDLE 😀 and feed lots and lots of turkey 😀 as well as chicken, beef, and fish 😀

  42. don’t worry cute little kitty, you are not fat you are just fluffy, now get over here – that tummy isn’t going to rub itself

  43. Girls Christmas Dresses says:

    Seems to have too much of turkey and now feeling a little bit of uneasiness.
    O God! gluttony is really a sin.

  44. Maroon Caludin says:


  45. Not every round-bellied kitten has worms, Jess. My vet took one look at my Finley and pronounced him obviously wormy, because he looked like a little Buddha. She wormed him. No change. He wasn’t overweight, either. He was just…husky.

  46. TenaciousDee21 says:

    I’m pretty sure that if you look up “rolypoly” in the dictionary, this guy’s picture is right under it.

  47. Hehe! Nothing is cuter than a little chubby kitten.

  48. And not every wormy cat has a belly- my one, horrifying worm experience was with my fluffy-but-not-fat cuddlebug belly-rub-loving boy Buzz. I found out he had worms because he got the rice-like segments in his poo, not because he had a tummy.

  49. I LOVE that he is resting his belly on his foots! Belly Shelf!

    I have been wafting my mouse cursor over his belly every time I look at this pic. I will wear a hole in the monitor soon!

  50. Starlinguk says:

    Hey, Katrina, our British Blue gave us no trubs whatsoever where allergies were concerned! He didn’t seem to shed at all.

    Our current furball, however … Mind you, we got used to him after a while.


    Dante is pretty globular, too. No worms in my bebeh.

    PS Hi everyone, I’m back from Maryland!

  52. This darling kitten is Rufus.

    I’d love to hold him, rub his tummy and smother him with kisses!

    He’ll be an armful when fully grown!

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Hi! 🙂

  54. Biscuit Tin says:

    Bwahaha! When your tummy covers your feet, you might be a tad too “husky.” What a cute baby! I think he’s looking out for pie.

  55. Welcome back, Theresa. I love all babeh kitteh bellies!

  56. words like blobbular and gutulance just keep popping to mind…

  57. If that’s not a British Shorthair, it’s a Chartreux. All grey, golden eyes, lots of love.

  58. GAH! Stop talking about worms you guys! You’re interfering with my enjoyment of this adorable globular little fellow!

    He’s def. looking for the pie…. mincemeat perhaps?

    MWAH! Smoochies! Smoochie smoochie belleh rubbbbs…..

  59. OMG He looks like a little owl 🙂

  60. It’s a Weeble Wobble! The furry model.

  61. Is that a BELLYBUTTON I see? It sure looks like one! Only one way to tell… *pokes kitten’s belly*

  62. This cuddly guy reminds me of our beloved rotund Russian Blue boy, who has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge: I hope all my pets are waiting for me when it’s my turn; (it wouldn’t be the same without them) 😥

  63. What is WRONG with the lot of you?? How could anyone think allowing a kitten to get so fat so young is cute?? That poor baby needs some exercise and someone to CARE about him! Grow up!

    [Pretty quick to judge, aren’t you? And you say WE should grow up? – Ed.]

  64. Sandra Lee Smith- I have a suspish that it is the camera angle or as Resreichan would put it “l’angle du camera”, which is mostly responsible for the tubbulance about which you have started your snit. Kittehs have big bellehs espesh after they eat and espesh-espesh when they are accordianed up as this little tyke seems to be.

    I’m sure that this bebeh is just fine, all growed up now and chasing everything that moves! Look at the altertness in those eyes! That is not a “cowshe potato/pomme de terre du chaise longe”.

  65. resriechan says:

    @ Cheshirekittehcat:

    oh YEAH!! If the peeps who follow Cuteoverload have any say-so in the matter, you got *NO* reason to worry about whether Heaven= Rainbow Bridge.

    One day in Cuteoverloadland, I mentioned not wanting to apply to Heaven, if my guys Salinger (feline tabby, RIP @ 18 yrs) and Skipper (canine quadruped family Brittany Spaniel 1960s-1980 RIP) are not allowed in. There were NUMEROUS CO peeps who provided LOTS of confirming theory regarding Rainbow World. If I may (in supportive request; no need to respond if this feels too intrusive for you) what was the name of the Russian Blue who was kind enough to share his life with you? I’ve always thought, that they were *GORGEOUS* as a breed (and I”m already a confirmed Cataholic!) ….

    Peace. Fuzziness & softness.

  66. that’s some hefty “fluff.”

  67. Such a stuffed fluff.

  68. Aww, I want to snorgle his belly.

  69. So blobbular! And loveable!

  70. Starlinguk says:

    I’m afraid he looks exactly like our British Blue, Gretchen. There are a lot of different types of all grey/golden eyed cats, although I do wonder if people from different countries just give the same type of cat different names … After all, a US calico is exactly the same as a UK tortie.

  71. Starlinguk says:

    P.S. My British Blue was HUGE. Not fat, just huge. People would say “that’s the biggest darn cat I’ve ever seen!” when they saw him.

  72. martyn smith says:

    As the owner of this adorable British shorthair called Rufus I can assure you all he doesn’t look this fat when stood up on all fours, but when he hangs over the chair after a sardine dinner he looks hilarious – just like a hairy bowling pin. Enjoy the photo and no – he doesn’t have worms!

  73. Love how that fuzzy belly flops over the feet – perfectly illustrates how I felt after my meal on Thursday!

  74. @resriechan: his name was Virgil and I inherited him from my son. He died last year from brain cancer: I had a labrador and many relatives that died from cancer as well, and it took me about a year to get over Virgil’s death, because it brought back so many unhappy memories………. Thanx so muches foar asking; you are a wunnerfull CuteOverLoader… 😆

  75. That? Is funneh. Kinda surprised there’s no “blorp” tag, tho.

  76. Kitty belly’s are magic!!!!

  77. *blorp*

  78. Thank you martyn smith for some back story. You seem to be a wonderful animal companion and have a very cute master. Really cute, I mean cute, cute, cute, oh, you know that already….

  79. bishkismom says:

    I luv kitteh bellehs!!!!

  80. Fleurdamour says:

    Do they make kitteh Spanx?