I’m packin my things and you can’t stop me


I may have short-sheeted your bed, Meg.



  1. That is so CUTE I gasped when I saw it. How did the “wrapper” get them to sleep like that. I’ve tried to makes Cats in a Blankie lots of times, but only came out exhausted, scratched and stressed.
    RECIPE, please!
    the pointed hats,
    the little matchy matchy grey ones on each end,
    the brown one with the circle on his blankie, I mean PLEASE>
    I’m going to try and make this without the recipe, but I don’t have much hope.

  2. that gasp was me

  3. *First: “The Three Little Kittens”
    *evidently their mittens are STILL lost (I don’t see any mittens, do YOU?)

    *are all three of them stowin’ away, running away from their parents’ house???

  4. this is killer!

  5. Heather in Oregon says:

    At first there was shock and awe, how could someone convince kittehs to sleep in such a snuggleriffic way? Then came the question, was the kittehs ok? Then I looked again at the picture and the smile on the ginger kittehs face says “yup, I is cozy!”

  6. These look like die-hard football fans at a game somewhere in the Midwest. The guy on the right probably wants someone to pass him a cold one.

  7. They look so content!

  8. giraffepizza says:

    I really want one of those hats… For me and my kitten… Matchies!

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay, CSO. This. is. so. ADORABLE! The pointed, knitted hats have caused me to sort of lie on the floor with my left eye twitching from teh qte.

  10. Andi from NC says:

    luv the babushka action!!! I’m expecting them to launch into something from Fiddler on the Roof any minute now!

  11. Is that a book about Psychology and Terriers on the table? Clearly this person has cats figured out, so they’re moving on to a new challenge?

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    Andi: Match maker, match maker…make me a match!
    Find me a find…catch me a catch!

  13. Three servings of snorgle in a stay-fresh box! Just what I always wanted!

  14. This looks like a variant of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee “burrito” wrap–used when you have to bottle-feed kittens. http://www.theittybittykittycommittee.com/2009/05/oldie-but-goodie.html
    As Laurie says, “When you’re bottle-feeding wiggly kittens, it helps to swaddle them first.”

  15. Hello, Chief Sister Officer, whoever you are!

    [That’s Meg’s sister Amy. She does a load of photo prep for CO, actually, and has since ever. – Ed.]

  16. OH MAH GAWD!


  17. PS Hello! Meg’s sister Amy!

  18. ADORABLE! 🙂

  19. CalicoAngel says:

    OMG! I squealed when I saw these little angels. I want to be so snuggly and cozy and I really really want to know where I can find/make the little hats and blankies! Please!!!

  20. I want to do that with my kitties!!! The smile on the middle kitty’s face is just PRICELESS. Hey, everyone, that’s what I want for Christmas!!!

  21. The Three Purritos! Upon seeing these leetle guys on ICHC a while ago, there was a good few months where I would have to take a peek at the photo ever day. They’re just so perfectly precious!!!

    PS: Also, I would like to thank CO for making it OK for a straight, 20-something male like myself to say such things.

  22. kibblenibble says:

    I think they’re playing marmie in the middle…


  24. …and so portable, too!

  25. Holy Purrito! That is just lethally adorable. Definitely should have a warning, I almost had a Qte induced heart attack.
    *steals marmie*

  26. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Thank goodness the Container Store has finally figured out how to help me organize my kittehs.

  27. @ Susan,
    I believe the critical first step of this recipe is

    Make sure tranquilizers has taken effect before attempting.

  28. It’s the PURRITOS!!! (seen this before… SO CUTE.)

  29. The first two are doing the “if we close our eyes they can’t see us in this ridiculous situation” routine. The third one’s eyes have glazed over because he’s sooooo tired of the nonsense to which their humans subject them.

  30. The adorable hats the happy little smile.. the cozy blankets… I don’t think I can take it.. Squeeeeeeee!!!!

  31. Shut UP!

    Y’all are killing me.

  32. Purritos! Marmie in the Middle! Ya’all are hilarious!

    If I were a rich man, I’d have a bunch of kitties in a bla-a-A-a-A-a-A-an-ket…

  33. Kitteh papooses!

  34. OK, wrapping kittens to keep em warm is lovely, and cute. But the HATS!!! Where did they get the HATS!?? That took it way beyond “aww” into “OMGSQUEEEEEEE!!”

  35. Purritos!

  36. resriechan says:

    YAY Argyle D is IN THA HOUSE!! WOOT WOOT!Yippee! &etc.

    oh, sorry.)

  37. Three little babushkas….pure happiness radiates!

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    *tries to grab the whole tub of kittehs and run but can’t manage it with my cat on my head clawing at my eyes….reminding me he’s the one and only kitteh I’m allowed to live with.* (according to him)

  39. Whoever knitted the kittycaps is genius…..

  40. Another brilliant post C.S.O!!! Woo-hoo!!! 😀

  41. genius or seriously overburdened with time on his/her hands?

  42. Buy 1 purrito, get 2 free deal at Taco Bell?

  43. OMG! I’ll take one kittie in a blankie, please!!

  44. LoL @ Oakley #6!! Von Zep is a huge Packers fan. Maybe these 3 were tailgating with him! The guy on the right totally looks like he needs a cold one. In fact, I could use one too….. *time to go downstairs and see if the Florida / FSU game is still on*

  45. Kitteh Susheh Rolls!!!! Nom!!!

  46. That thar book appears to be in Russian. Hmm. Fits with the babushka kitties, I think.

    Also, adorabuhls…

  47. Aha! I read about you people in Vanity Fair! You’re going to be the doom of our culture, infantilizing us and turning us into drooling morons! Well, I won’t stand for it! I…

    Awwww, wookit the widdle kitties! They’re so cute! I wanna snorgle ’em all up! Who’s a cute little kitty! Who’s…


  48. Queen of Dork says:

    Random: Hahahahahahahaha!!! We will be the downfall of civilization as we know it! *wiping drool off my cheek with my sleeve*

  49. Purritos..purritos…how I loff deeese purritos!

  50. Winken,Blinken and Nod one night
    Sailed off in a , erm, plastic box,
    Sailed off in a boxhab of crystal light
    Into a sea of C.O.X.C.U.

  51. On cold winter nights…I want to wrap myself up like those kitties…..with those kitties…

  52. purritos!

  53. 😈 I would stuff all 3 purritos inside my jacket and run home 😈 to where those three kitties would live well fed and well loved 😀

  54. they are cute but mine are and always will be the cutest cats of all time. the oldest jumps up in to a pillow case i hung up and she is cute times 20

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    Soooo love, love, love the contented smile on middle Marmie’s little adorable, orange, whiskerful face!!! He/she looks so warm and cozy and having sweet dreams of sugar plum mice dancing in gingerbread kibble houses with catnip flower boxes and balls of yarn rolling around everywhere.

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, and tuna fish scattered on every flat surface.

  57. You know, this could be a nice entry for a new “Knitted” tag.

  58. Maroon Caludin says:


  59. Knit two, purrrrr three?

  60. Do they deliver?

  61. And NOW! Snuggies for kittens! only $19.99 call NOW!

  62. I seriously claim that Cute Overload is one reason I don’t look my age. Daily rushes of cute hormone keep your skin fresh and your eyes bright! 🙂

  63. I’ve been trying to think of something original or witty to say but all I’m coming up with is… awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *thud*

  64. resriechan says:

    @ Pounce (#62) and anyone else interested in:
    joy/ “things that make you smile”/ endorphins’ effects on the immune system in us bipeds…please open the following link !!!


    Peace, grooviness & fuzziness to all.

  65. Babushkas!!!

  66. Yeap, I’m back, to look AGAIN and AGAIN. Thanks, CO! Oh, and wrapping a cat is useful not just for feeding but also when it’s being done something to at the vet’s… Keeps them under control for stuff…

  67. I wonder what kind of salsa goes best with purritos?

  68. Aha! I read about you people in Vanity Fair! <—– HAHAHA!

  69. This is the way the world ends,
    Not with a “bang” but a “squee!”

  70. Purrritos. Now in the handy three-piece snorgle pack!

  71. At first I really, really wanted to know the story behind this picture. Then I gave in and surrendered to Teh Qte. I’ve been so much happier for it.

  72. Please, please tell me that these box o’kittehs were nawt dropped off on the doorstep of the Kitteh Adopshun Centre……..O Noes, noes……….!
    Wait, wut?? (I haz just been informed that this wuz nawt the case, just a photo-op..)
    Whewwwwww;;;; thanx guudnesss!! Naow I cans sleep tunite……. 🙂

  73. They are soooo adorable!

  74. Now I’m hungry for BURRITOS … cute !

  75. Why don’t my plastic containers come like that?

  76. Three PURRitos to go!!

  77. Norbert: You short sheeted my beeeeeddddd!

    Daggit: I like the night life. I like to boogie.

    Angry Beavers reference.

  78. I really can’t get over this picture….It’s way too cute for me to handle…CUTE OVERLOAD!!!