Care for dessert?

Pilgrim cataloon sweetness courtesy of Gawker.



  1. I’m full right now, thanks. It looks in the pic like they haven’t even started making the pumpkin pie yet, so by the time they have it cooked, maybe I could be talked into a slice.

  2. i think this might be ‘shopped……..snerk 🙂 i love the goofy smile on the doggy’s face tho

  3. I truly love you guys, but I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  4. Wow, talk about a ‘shopped picture. They could have tried with this one.

  5. You would have found this more believable if they had done a better job with photoshop? 🙂

  6. JohnnieCanuck says:

    It wasn’t all that long before the dog found out just what the cat had in mind when he talked about sharing the bounty of the land.

  7. That’s shopped. I can tell from the pixels.

    Actually, the different lighting on cat and dog, and lack of proper shadows on the outfits does it.

    It’s the thought that counts, right? Right?

  8. Come on, so obviously shopped. Not what we come to CO for. Sorry bout the nuff but reeeaaallly……

  9. Ewwwwww. How did that come out ? Am not a nuff ! Let’s just put it this way : Li’l Bud post = CO material. This one = not so much ?

  10. um. gross.

  11. Sorry, C.S.O. ! 😦 We still love you !

  12. resriechan says:

    “Well, Amy, welcome to the table.!!!! Here, sit next to me!
    Refresh my memory, won’t you? I cannot seem to remember how we know you.
    I know Meg, NTMTOM, Prongs & Theo — at least via comment streams at CO. Are you a sister of one of them??? Here, have some Pecan Pie….or maybe you’d prefer Ambrosia??”

  13. hottnessmonster says:

    LANE!!! I need your body ffs!

  14. @Ed.: In a spirit of post-Thanksgiving mercy, would you be so kind as to remove my nuffings ?? Thankful as ever for CO, pumpkin pie and pinot gris for everyone !

  15. Awww. I know it’s shopped but who cares? It’s still an adorable pic. I love the goggie’s face – you can tell he’s really proud of his little pilgrim kitteh.

  16. Von Zeppelin says:

    Trusting Indian dog to Pilgrim cat: “You wanna nother piece of pie? Oh, you want the entire continent of North America? Oh, what the hey. We’re practically family, anyway. Go ahead and take it. Uhh. . . we’ll still share it, right?”

  17. Come on guys, it’s cute!

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: Too true.

    Pilgrim cat to Indian dog: “Of course we’ll share. Please just sign your name on the dotted line on this Treaty. Everything will be hunky-dory.” (NOT). 🙂

    Also, the pic is cute, but this is just American History.

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Pilgrim cat to Indian dog: “and initial here, here and here. Thanks!”

  20. Folks please. It’ Black Friday here in the US and ‘shopping is practically a patriotic duty… that I will not be fulfilling myself, so I’m grateful to the peeps at Gawker for doing it for me.

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    260Oakley: There’s no way in heck I would fight those crowds to go shopping today! 🙂

  22. Yuck. not even remotely cue or funny.

  23. Sheesh, it’s a cute picture.. no matter if it’s shopped or not. Jebus!

  24. blackwatertown says:

    Oh no – not cute at all. Awful. Awful. Awful.
    (Lots of the rest of the site is though, the bears, the tiny hedgehog….)

  25. Aw, let’s just enjoy this picture in the sweet and goofy way in which was intended!

  26. Antikythera says:

    Oh hai goggie, here r sum shineys. I can haz Manhattan nao?

  27. What a bunch of sourpusses – just enjoy – it made me laugh.

  28. Chief Sister Officer says:

    Hi Guys, it’s Amy aka Chief Sister Officer here! I’m just “helping out” while Meg is on a little holiday, she will be back soon and presumably the standards will too. Cheers!

  29. googlie eyes says:

    CSO, your post is funny and cute. Don’t mind the nuffers. They’re probably just squabbling with their families and need someplace to vent.

  30. @Antikythera: so so funneeee!!! LOL, LOL….
    Wish I Wud Has Thot ov Taht……..!)

  31. Well, hey there Amy; glad to meetcha!! Pretty fun pic!

    Lecture Time (NOTE: directed ONLY at peeps who feel slighted about this pic or the photoshop or other possible photo/digital redesign/retouching). Stands on soapbox, in front of podium.

    Let’s see, guys & gals, the name of this holiday is …..”THANKSGIVING”.
    The name of the webpage/blog is not “ENTITLEMENT Overload”……….. Meg’s enjoying her holiday. I think it’s probably fair to assume, that most regular CO followers want Meg to enjoy her holiday.

    Are there many of us who follow CuteOverload, who want Meg to immediately cancel her holiday enjoyment with her family to rush across town to immediately throw Amy off a 14 story building for this pic? Is the picture of an Axe Murderer? Is the name of the site “Absolutely Serious Cuteness with never a hint of silliness or irreverence?”

    Nope. Therefore & thereunto appertainin’ …please cease & desist the level of grumpiness. If ya don’t like it, either say a word or two in an affectionate, appreciative tone for the efforts by the peeps @ CO;…..or go to the next pic & see if youi might just enjoy that one better.

    (climbs down from soapbox & wanders away, mutterin’……”Sufferin’ Succotash, etc, etc.)

  32. Right on, resriechan! *applause* I’m with you on this pic and “good work!” to the CSO! 🙂

  33. Blaahh. Too contrived, sorry.

  34. Geez, nuffers and anti-nuffers out in full force and tripping all over each other. For the rest of us, this is just a fun picture. Thanks for the chuckle, Chief Sister Officer.

  35. cath (costumed as Sam the American Eagle) says:

    Is the name of the site “Absolutely Serious Cuteness with never a hint of silliness or irreverence?” Nope.

    Wha — really?? B-b-b-ut… but… the interwebs are srs bsns, dontcha know? If I can’t take this website seriously, what can I take seriously?

    *Wanders away muttering about the importance of being earnest of preserving the integrity of the Qte and not knowing whom or what to believe anymore now that CO is flarbbity rhubarb pasickie…*

  36. Kristina L. says:

    I thought this was cute, but so impossible that I was also sure it had to be photoshopped. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  37. My blockquote didn’t quite work. Obvy, I was quoting our beloved resriechan 🙂

  38. Just googled Rhubarb in the Urban Dictionary, finally understoods you peeps!

  39. resriechan: So you’re allowed to complain about us complaining, but we’re not allowed to complain? I seeee…

    You are being overly dramatic. Nobody’s saying “OMG YOU SHOULD BURN IN H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS FOR THIS”. People are just expressing their dislike of this entry. Minor balldrop is all. Nobody is targeting Amy or Meg personally. I’d be happy to see Amy regularly post on the site. So chill out, chicka.

    Sorry, but it is not just silly, it is… well, KatieZ chose the perfect word: contrived. Just like the ’80s, it’s just too much. It would be much better if it were just pets in costumes, no brainbreaking photoshopping.

    Oh yeah, and people listing details in the picture as the reason why they think it’s photoshopped is pretty funny.

  40. @Ermine: Exactly, we should be allowed to throw tomatoes now and then. XD

  41. Ermine and KatieZ — just remember, you’re here only on our sufferance and whim, so you’d do well to stay on the side of civility. Be gracious guests, and we’ll be gracious hosts.

  42. resriechan says:

    Please indulge me (just a bit more)
    to express appreciation of other commenters & Ed here

    Thanks to Cath (wow — gulp!!– I’ve never received the descr. “beloved”, before!),
    to Lerrinus for letting me know that I wasn’t the Lone Stranger on this one.
    Thank you Editors (thanks esp Theo) for publishing my soapbox speech and “sorry” for any unnecessary disruptions….

    Hope everyone has lovely sunshine as Florida luckily had today.
    Peace (yup, even to those w/ whom I disagreed).

  43. C.S.O: hope you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving! =)

    i loved the pic; Von Zep and QoD are too funny. so is that IT? do we know if the Indian Dog signed the Pilgrim Cat’s contract? *dun dun duuuuuuunnnn!
    also, does this mean that Pilgrim Cats are sneaky (or should not be trusted) and Indian Dogs are too trusting? very interesting thought, this is. could be applied to dogs and cats as species…. hrrrrmmmmm

  44. I suppose I look at the internet more as talking amongst friends rather than attending a dinner party, but OK, I’ll clam up. I didn’t think I even came close to being uncivil. People can disagree and still be civil. I just meant to discuss, not to offend.

  45. Antikythera says:

    I’m confused that people were more offended by the contrivance/shooping than they were by the tired old Pilgrims-and-Indians BFF thing.

  46. Aww…who cares if it’s a fake. It’s CUTE! The cataloons and the ear nub poking out of the hat! The happy dog smile! I luvs it!

  47. I hate photo shops!

    [Maybe you should click through to something without the “Cartoons” tag, then. – Ed.]

  48. It’s still cute!!!!

  49. Emmberrann says:

    @boo: Preee-zackly! That is why I come to this site time after time. I think the pic is high-larry-us.
    @Ed., etc: If no one has said it to you lately, I am grateful, not just on Thanksgiving, but on all the plain old regular days, for this bright spot in my otherwise depressing email! Thank you, all.

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

    & happy hols to all, and to all a good night!
    *If it comes up next to my post, the picture of the cate beside my name is one taken earlier this nineteenth year of the famous Pickypants Floof Factory.*

  50. Emmberrann says:

    Whoopsie. The pic did not show up of the cat (not “cate”). Will try to include it next time.

  51. bayonator says:

    lol very cute! 🙂