I’ll See Your TEH QTE and Raise You…

OK, maybe the car isn’t as cuddly as a Nash (what is?), but frequent commenter Yitzysmommie takes it to the streets with her custom license plate.  “Tried to get Yitzy to sit with me on the bumpere,” she says, “but he was like ‘Nyerhle.’ ”



  1. I guess FLOOF was alredy taken.

  2. YAY Yitzees Mommeh

    and snrgl your Puppy, or Kitteh, of HAmpants, or bird or other today.

  3. Snorgle this Jeep ? O.K……..I’ll try……

  4. LOL At the Hover text

  5. That’s a Best Friends license plate, too! WIN WIN

  6. Most awesomest plate evah!

  7. love the waving kittie paw!!

  8. What ?! This Jeep has already been snorgled…by a kitteh! Or two, or three…
    *points at the paw-prints*

  9. All sorts of licence plate possibilities … TEH QTE has been taken I’m sure … I’m waiting for SQUEEE and REDONK and NUFFER and PAWSITUDE (ok that one’s way too long) … or maybe EYE CAPS? Think people will get that one? 🙂 If only I had a car …

  10. Oh, niiiiiiiiiice, Yitzysmommie-wait, Yitzy is a boy? A boy what?

  11. And a paws up on the license plate! Cool.

  12. @pounce: I don’t have a car either, but why stick with licence plates ? We can try bumper stickers, perhaps. If we don’t own a car, perhaps we can simply slap them on any bus, or train, or airplane, that happens to be passing by…

    Although the airplanes would be rather difficult. No excuse not to try, though. : )

    Except, perhaps, that it might be illegal : (

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    If I were in Utah and saw that plate or TEH QTE while in Cal. I would TOTALLY go up to the driver/owner of the car and probably scare them with CO enthusiasm!

  14. Jeeps ARE snorglable. Two out of the three vehicles I’ve owned have been Jeeps (Comanche and Grand Cherokee!), and drove ’em til the very end.

    Both my pups loved ’em too, I might add.

  15. I think the Jeep’s cute beeg bumper resemble a Pug w/ his bottom lip sticking out, which has been known to happen (I forget which CO post it was; I -know- I’ve seen it before). Perhaps someone will remind me ?

    But teh snorgliest part is probably the windshield, or the hood. Just make sure you don’t have a cold. (This is the same for all of your pets).

    (BTW folks, if this post seems insane, it probably is. But hey, they posted it, they asked for it, heh).

  16. Von Zeppelin says:

    If you want teh cuteness in Jeeps, you gotta go with the Jeepneys of the Philippines. For decades, Filipinos have been modifying ex-military Jeeps into sort of taxi-bus-van things with gloriously elaborate paint jobs:

    For ultimate cute in the world of Jeeps, there is always Eugene from the old Popeye strips:

    The Jeep is a magical creature that can teleport himself wherever he wants. He eats only orchids, and is always cheerful and affectionate.

  17. @Von Zeppelin: Those are some cute jeeps! Jeepers.

    I don’t have room here to let them play around, though. : ( They are country animals, mostly.

    BTW, I’ve seen some who weren’t so cheerful. Sometimes they would just stay in one spot and refuse to budge. But, on the whole, I agree! ; )

  18. LOL, you guys make me chuckle. I can see my hubby wondering what on Earth I’m doing over here. Makes me remember that old saying…

    “Keep on smiling; it makes peeps wonder what you’ve been up to”.

  19. Just Empty Every Pocket!

  20. The animals on the plate look like part of the old Best Friends Animal Society logo whose sanctuary is located in Kanab, Utah. Am wondering if I am correct? I am a member and Los Angeles BF volunteer who recently went to the sanctuary (gorgeous) and worked with the abused, unwanted, homeless, and discarded animals where they have a forever home. If they aren’t adopted out, they are at the sanctuary permanently in the most loving and caring place for animals anywhere. Check them out on line and for Thanksgiving, consider a donation to them so that those animals who are not so fortunate to be featured on Cute Overload will receive the care, supplies, and medical help they need.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh Faith! That’s really lovely! I’m so glad the animals who don’t get adopted are loved and cared for at the sanctuary. Forever. How cool is that? I will check this out online for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  22. This is a “No More Homeless Pets” plate. The extra fees go to spay/neuter programs. The Best Friends logo, at least the one in Kanab, looks like this

  23. berthaservant says:

    Yay! Yitzys mommie is awesome!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  24. good job Yitzy’s Mommy! i love the personalized plate AND the fees go to a great cause! My own plate sez: GOT1K9….

    and a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to you all!!! Count your blessings today.

  25. Texas has a new state license plate. It’s kind of busy and gaudy and colorful, but it has SEVEN characters on it (the old standard was six). If vanity plates will also be allowed to have seven, this opens up whole new possibilities for Qte plates.

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  27. Happy Thanksgiving to my American CO friends! (*waves from the Great White North*) Don’t trample each other if you go out shopping tomorrow morning.

  28. It looks like Yitz lives in the great state of Alan. Or possibly Utah, but that’s just crazy talk.

  29. The state of Alan?

  30. Paunch: Pretty sure it’s “Utah”.

  31. ..is the state of Alan cute? Is it 6ft tall, little facial hair, good sense of humor, nice manners, employed…? ’cause i would move there….just sayin’….

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Alan Alda?

    [Only if this was a Prongs post. 😉 – Ed.]

  33. Alan Alda does have a good sense of humor AND he wears a uniform in M*A*S*H………i’m all about the uniforms too….

    okay back to the license plate…i used to have that kind of frame around mine but the paws all peeled off. now i have a frame that says CRAZY DOG LADY.

  34. @YM: U R 2 QL!!!

  35. Idk what that mean! snrgl??? Some one please explain!!!

  36. Cari: It is difficult to explain “snrgl”. Check in the Glossary under “Snorgle” and you will find your answers.

    [Relevant linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    HAHAHA!! I have not looked in a few days due to holiday madness, and now here is Patty O’Jeep with my custom SNRGL plate, making my day and week very happy!
    Utah only lets you use 6 letteres, so no vowels, darn it.
    My friends who are not CO aware believe my license plate reads SINNERGIRL. I have explained CO and snorgle many, many, many times and hopefully have made some CO converts.
    And Yitzy the cat is most unfond of riding in Patty O’Jeep because it usually means a trip to the v.e.t.

  38. YaY, to my most favorite Yitzy’smommie! Though people, if you have the pleasure of knowing Yitzy’smommie, you’d know “Sinnergirl” really would work just as well. LOL! Love you!