I Missed the 6:42 Again?!

Oh, swell! Now I’ll be late for my big presentation to Amalgamated Acorns!

Maybe you could give him a lift, Sonya C.



  1. Sharon from Penn State says:

    I’ll give you a ride, little fella!
    My, but he is streeetched!

  2. Oh my, he’s late, he’s late, for a very important date.
    No time to say hello, goodbye, he’s late he’s late, he’s late….

  3. Awww. Poor wittle guy. You are welcome to ride in the basket on my bicycle anytime.

  4. poor wittle guy, I certianly know the feeling.

  5. Looks like this morning’s planned training has been derailed. But the squeaky weasel gets the grease in the end.

  6. Is it a weasel or a chipmunk? If it’s a chipper…that’s the skinniest chipper I’ve seen in a LONG time. Just proves the recession has hit ALL of us hard this year.

    btw 260Oakley…nice pun. Took me a couple of read throughs to get it, but good.

  7. Watch out for that 3rd rail!!!

  8. Hey, Alvin! Read the sign! Stay BEHIND the yellow line.

  9. aHH. cute . xD

  10. 260Oakley- Niiiiiiiice.

  11. He’s a stick with a head and fur. Amazingks.

  12. OH Dear poor Squirtlio now you will have to wait for the 3:10 to Yuma.

  13. 260Oakley HEhehehehe BRAVO!

  14. How ever did you get this picture? Did you see this little guy before on the tracks or was this a lucky shot?

  15. that is one elongated squeeky. Looking for discarded treats on the platform?

  16. ehn-erable!

  17. I love “PANIC-HANCE!”

  18. Whoa! Mind the gap, little guy!

  19. hehe.. panic-hance…
    For some reason I picture the dramatic ground hog clip!

  20. It’s a thirteen-lined ground squirrel (often incorrectly called a gopher).


  22. You forgot your briefcase, too.

  23. When I saw the first picture I at first thought it was an ostrich head, which led to all sorts of questions as to how only the head of such a large animal was visible. I definitely some days off!

  24. Long squirrel is

  25. Wow, make that “I definitely need some days off.” Just to reinforce the point.

  26. Yea, panic-hance! So cute and stretchy. I’d like to give him a ride, please!

  27. Find your happy place, Mr. Thirteen-lined Squirrelio!

  28. He wakes up every mornin’
    Stumbles out of the nest
    Stretchin’ and yawnin’
    Another day ahead.
    Those acorns don’t last forever
    And winter’s comin’ soon
    So go out now collectin’
    And we can have our noms.

    My sqwer-el takes the morning train
    Gets acorns from nine till five and then
    He noms on another cheeto and then
    He finds me waitin’ for him

    My sqwer-el takes the morning train
    Does Powerpoint-presentations-about-runnin’ from dogs and then
    Leaves the office and taunts the cats and then
    He finds me waitin for him!!

  29. hey…have a good day

  30. give that guy a sammich! he’s looks hungrieees

  31. He could see better if he had a good pair of stilts.

  32. I still say Saffron should be writing for Colbert or someone. *wild applause*

    I will personally escort Mr. Squirrelio to his appointment and he can pay me in snorgles. ❤

  33. *hearts* to Rachael. I am just a cube-dwelling drone. 😦
    But my days are ALWAYS cheered up by CO and the awesome comments!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone. Even if you do not celebrate the holiday, have a joyful day! (and you will be a lot thinner than me tomorrow as I plan to drown my sorrows in gravy)

  34. Oh no, Mr. Squirrel, you can’t miss your big presentayshe! You had better hop in a squirrel taxi, fast!

  35. Saffron – you are fantastic!! I’ll be singing that song for the rest of the day now!!

  36. Lightrail?

  37. Hehehehe – ahh that gave me a good giggle for the morning

  38. Boston? (Is it sad that I would recognize the T that close up?)

  39. Von Zeppelin says:

    Bryn, So this chipmunk is in Boston? Long ago, I used to frequent the Kendall Square station. . .
    (Strums guitar)

    Let me tell you the story
    Of a man named Charlie
    On a tragic and fateful day
    He put ten cents in his pocket,
    Kissed his wife and family
    Went to ride on the MTA

    Charlie handed in his dime
    At the Kendall Square Station
    And he changed for Jamaica Plain
    When he got there the conductor told him,
    “One more nickel.”
    Charlie could not get off that train.

    Did he ever return,
    No he never returned
    And his fate is still unlearn’d
    He may ride forever
    ‘neath the streets of Boston
    He’s the man who never returned.

    Charlie’s wife goes down
    To the Scollay Square station
    Every day at quarter past two
    And through the open window
    She hands Charlie a sandwich
    As the train comes rumblin’ through.

    As his train rolled on
    underneath Greater Boston
    Charlie looked around and sighed:
    “Well, I’m sore and disgusted
    And I’m absolutely busted;
    I guess this is my last long ride.”
    {this entire verse was replaced by a banjo solo}

    Now you citizens of Boston,
    Don’t you think it’s a scandal
    That the people have to pay and pay
    Vote for Walter A. O’Brien
    Fight the fare increase!
    And fight the fare increase
    Vote for George O’Brien!
    Get poor Charlie off the MTA.

    Or else he’ll never return,
    No he’ll never return
    And his fate will be unlearned
    He may ride forever
    ‘neath the streets of Boston
    He’s the man (Who’s the man)
    He’s the man who never returned.
    He’s the man (Oh, the man)
    He’s the man who never returned.
    He’s the man who never returned.

  40. Saffron, you may be a cube-dwelling drone – alas, as am I – but there is so much good stuff going on in your heart and your mind. Don’t let the a$$e$ get you down.

  41. @Saffron and Von Zeppelin. Very nice!

    Because of the cute pic, I would break into song, too; except I would sound like a broken record.

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    Adorable stretchy-panicky guy/girl! Also…

    You peeps all ROCK!!! Although it’s not until tomorrow where I am, Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! And, as Saffron said, if you don’t celebrate it, Happyyyy Daaayyyy!

    I’m off to bake a pie now as tomorrow my oven will be too full of other goodies all day for the pie to fit into it! 🙂

  43. 🙂 You should keep your head down, ground squirrel 😈 You don’t want to be mushed by a train 🙂

  44. Amalgamated Acorn–sublime!

  45. baileysgrandmom says:

    Thanks for the memories (of a time when lyrics were intelligible and could be repeated in polite company, and melodies were clear and memorable), Von Z…one always wondered why Charlie’s wife didn’t just hand him a nickel, instead of that silly sandwich!
    Hope the wee rodent makes it to his intended stop.

  46. Duck! I hear a train comin!! Poor littl guy.

  47. Von Zeppelin says:

    baileysgrandmom, I used to wonder the same thing about “Charlie on the MTA” in my younger, more logical days. Now I just enjoy the song.

  48. He is delightfully tube-shaped. =D

  49. Katie – LOL!

  50. Adorabuhls!

  51. awwwwwwwww how cute are those paws….??!!

  52. AWE! Can I take him home?!

  53. VZ: Excellent song!

  54. If ever there were a sock with eyes…

  55. That little guy looks like a finger puppet!

  56. Poor little fella looks like he could stand a good meal. Someone find that baby some nuts. Stat.

  57. Von Zeppelin: Kingston Trio, right?
    I’m old.

  58. Charley was sticking to his principles and protesting the MTA fare hike. That is why his wife never handed him the nickel. “He will ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston, he’s that man who never returned!”

    I missed you all on Turkey Day, I hope it was a good day for everyone, either Thanksgiving or Thursday.

  59. Von Zeppelin says:

    Neopatra, I’m old, too. Yep–Kingston Trio, from their 1959 album “At Large,” first cut on the A side. Supposedly composed for the mayoral campaign of 1948 Progressive Party candidate Walter A. O’Brien (the Trio changed it to George O’Brien in the song, supposedly to avoid the appearance of supporting a Socialist politician).

    In the history of the song, it is rarely mentioned that Charlie was a chipmunk.

  60. resriechan says:

    @ Grace:
    The answer to your question (# 52) is:” It depends…”

    –Do you own an operating vehicle & a valid Operator’s License for said vehicle??

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    And a certified rodent safety seat? 🙂

  62. resriechan says:

    (*niiiiiice one*, QoD! 😉 )

  63. bayonator says:

    aahhhhhhh Ive been hit!!! 🙂