I Can’t Bear to Look

First the good news:  Your job lets you cuddle with fuzzy wuzzy bear cubs.  Now for the “uh-oh” part:  You have to track down their mom across the snows of Maine, get her sedated (at least five Brandy Alexanders), give her and the kids a physical, and wrap it all up before the drugs wear off.  Sound like fun?

More photos and story about the Maine Bear Monitoring program here, hat tip to sender-inner Jackie.



  1. Still worth it imo

  2. I think they would have to drag me away from the precious bearsies, kicking and screaming, begging for “just one more snorgle.”

  3. Peenk nosicles! Beep and beep!

  4. must have close up on pink nosicles!

  5. A-a-a-a-SPLODE!

  6. Can we get a tongue-hance there? Baby bear, cuddle me, cuddle me!!

  7. They look more like pigs than bears!

  8. Dragonflye says:

    The ears in pic#2 are adorable.




  9. What the heck is a Brandy Alexander?

  10. Mmm, two bearclaws and a snorggle to go. The breakfast of champions.

  11. Brandy Alexander

    1 1/2 oz brandy
    1 oz dark creme de cacao
    1 oz half-and-half
    1/4 tsp grated nutmeg

    In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the brandy, creme de cacao, and half-and-half. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the nutmeg.

  12. Click the link! Click the link!!!!!!!

    Anerabuhls bebeh bearlets and Mommah bear!

  13. I learned something new today: Baby bears have pink noses!!! Whodathunkit???

  14. Brandy Alexander – the 50s (and 60s) “lady drink” par excellance

  15. fearthebear says:

    OH MY GOD! Follow the link, 5 up from the bottom, a super close up of one of the cubs with its eyes closed and its little pink lip stuck out saying “kiss me, KISS ME!”



    possibly forever

  16. Babies! BEEP! BEEP! I want to hug them and squeeze them and call them George…

  17. Those bear cubs might look all fuzzy wuzzy, but damn, some wicked claws they have!

  18. OMG – I clicked on the link. I CLICKED ON THE LINK!!!

    *splode* *ded*

  19. I think the best pic of all was on the website: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3350/3328571856_695c9748c8_o.jpg


  20. BEEP! BEEP!
    Little toothless mouths! Soon they will grow large teeth to nom with.
    The link has more awesome photos of cubs, mom-bear and the wonderful staff of the program.

  21. Come to me little bearsies wearsies, I have pick-a-nick baskets for you.

  22. PS YES, do click the link and scroll down, and see poor sweet, sleepy Mama Bear. 😀

  23. PPS: Beep, and beep!

  24. Oh what sweet little nostriches and tongueses and clawzes!!!

    @Mina: That was such a sweet little picture. What a little goof with that tongue sticking out!

  25. Being reminded that there are programs like this at work always brightens my day – but I’ve just had an “awwww overdose”, I’d better read the news or something grim to balance out the rainbows with the right amount of *bleh*, or I won’t function today. It’s just too much two bear!

    Also, more info at http://www.beartodream.org/facts.html – which might be the cutest web address I’ve ever seen.

  26. OMG SO CUTE!!

  27. aww.. they’re so cute.. the tiny bears and the fake-mommy ^^

  28. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Awwww!! Baby bear feet! Click the link-and say a prayer for the folks who stick their heads into those dens to tranquilize the mama bears. Still, to get a chance to cuddle the little ones-totally worth the risk! (BTW, get that poor girl some hand cream!)

  29. that poor mama bear is going to wake up thinking she had some mighty weird dreams.

  30. Ooch! Lookit the scritches on the person’s hands in that first one. I always have teh babeh kitteh ones on mine… but babeh bearses? Meowch! Those are loooong claws!
    All worth it though. The tongues! The tongues! I second a “-hance” on them!

  31. Baby bears that small aren’t cute to me. >_<'

  32. They are so cute, it hurts my body. 🙂

  33. No noisicle close ups?????

  34. Awwww he’s dreaming of picnic baskets and bee hives filled with honey!

  35. Pink baby bear lips and tongues — oh, my!

  36. Better than tv.

    Theresa- when I could drink, I was fond of a sloe gin fizz-now that is a ladies drink! The Brady Alexander sounds just wonderful, please, someone, have one for me, ok? Do tell me about it, I want to live vicariously.

  37. sending blessings and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people that do that type of work,
    as I sit here on my @ss in front of my desk all day in my nice comfy office chair with my warm little foot heater on…

  38. Totally and completely worth the risk for that experience and those memories. Oh, dose bebehs and their leetle pink tongueses!

    God bless the people who are willing and able to do that. ❤

  39. Ahhhh… I want one of those as long as they don’t get big and scary!

  40. Did you see the one when he is climbing into the den to sedate the bear? The bear probably didn’t like being dragged out to be health checked. Maybe it will all seem like a nightmare next Spring. Hiberate in peace bears.

  41. Looking at these pictures makes me want to quit my job, join the tracking pack and hold bear cubs all day long.

  42. I want that job…

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’m remembering a “Far Side” cartoon about the careless man getting into a crowded elevator only to find that he had inadvertently stepped between a mother bear and her cubs.

    By the way, I always thought “Brandy Alexander” would have been a great name for an ass-kicking, sexy female detective in a 70s

  44. Von Zeppelin says:

    oops– supposed to say “. . . in a 70s TV show.”

  45. Irene Suwarno says:

    I really want to hold them…

  46. OMG. I feel like I’ve just been hit with a 2×4 made of Qte. And the little family portrait! (But poor mama, what a bad trip!)

  47. “…a 2×4 made of cute” – I have to use that soon, may I? Niiiice, Bryn Greenwood!

  48. Har har, Von Zepp. Maybe Brandy Alexander’s surly partner could be a guy called Whiskey Sour.

  49. My favorite pic when you click on the link is the red-bearded guy holding the behbeh bear by the scruff of his neck!

  50. *scrubs SarahP & Blondie off the ceiling*

    Good grief….I forgot to stuff the smelling sal……


  51. I’m curious. After the mama bear wakes up and smells that humans have been in her den, will she move the cubs to a new den? Does anyone know what happens?

  52. Oh Dear God I went to the link those are the cutest babies I have ever seen… I may never recover from that…. sooooo cute!

  53. I agree with Nikki, I wonder what will happen when the mom smells humans, will she reject them? Not smart of the woman in the pic to hold the cubs without protection.

  54. “Are you my mummy?”

    OK. So it doesn’t totally reference the bears, but the second photo kind of does with “You’re not my mommy”. (It’s a great BBC show though).

  55. They’ve been doing this project for quite a while – do you really think they would keep doing it if everytime they handled the cubs the mother rejected them? Do you think that?

    The cuteness, the tiny noses and the big claws – ADORABELLE!

  56. Oh. Haha. So if you click on my name it will take you there too. Here is what I’M referencing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI_nVYjlYFs&feature=related

  57. They’re so teensy! Teensy and smushable!

  58. Ooh, click the link and check out picture 10 with the soles of the cub’s feets. Cute or creepy! (pretty girl, too!)

  59. @Nikki – no need to worry. Note in the linked page they’re replacing the collar on the mama bear. So they’ve been at this for a while and should’ve figured things like that out already. Besides, how much smell will still linger after several month in the snow?

  60. @skippymom: creepy but still cute, that ought to be the new rule of cuteness for babies of gigantic predator species. Just imagine what a friendly, playful swipe from those paws would do to your face when they grow up.

  61. They make my heart hurt real bad.

  62. I have spent waaay too much time looking at the pics and the site…. wow. I would totally take the risk with mama bear, and stritches on the hands (which I have anyway from cat & bunny). Amazing animals. I can totally see myself up in woods of Maine, tromping in the snow, wearing my LL Bean gear….


  64. I am posting this picture from the floor, because after I saw it I fell down ded: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25784933@N08/3328572840/

  65. Should have known that Goldilocks would prefer the little bear…

  66. Sasha's mum says:

    For a great video on bear tagging, check this out: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/ID=1237346640

    It’s from the Rick Mercer show. It might be geoblocked outside of Canada, I’m not sure.

  67. Sasha's mum says:

    Here’s the same video as above, but via YouTube so won’t be geoblocked.

  68. So tiny and cute! Precious!

  69. resriechan says:


    Perhaps a “ResQte” Tag???????

    Carry on!

  70. Hi there , that is very cute 🙂 . S.J.

  71. Is it not funny that the youngest critters always have their eyes closed ? After all, this site
    -is- rated PG-13.

    Good little bears!

  72. I think mama bear’s going to wake up having been convinced that she was visited by aliens performing medical experiments… 😉

  73. Oh my God, I want them!!

  74. ohhh this is the cutist pic ever!!!!!!!!!!

  75. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Be jealous!

  76. How many bears do you think tell other bears about being abducted, and how many of the other bears do you think are totally skeptical?

  77. I love the wee babies. They are so sweet. I hereby submit my humble services as an baby-bear cuddler.

    And I don’t want to nuff- but I really think it’s impolite of the rangers to get the mommy sloshed and then post embarrassing pictures of her on the internet all facebook-style .
    (I’m making a joke, please don’t yell at me!)

  78. OMGosh… I clicked the link… a WARNING would have been nice! At least a hint to have a towel nearby, to wipe up the puddle that used to be me, pre bebe-bear-morsel pics.
    Hard typing with melted hands, BTW.

  79. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Ellen W: LOLZ!!!1!!

  80. This is a wonderful thing, and not just because we gets to see the bebees! I hope this will all just seem like a fleeting bad dream to the bears when they wake up properly next spring.

  81. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Be jealous all! This is me with baby bears… oh and they STINK lol

  82. Bear cubs!!! so freaking cute

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  84. wow! very lovely nice picture. But am scared through they are cute…

  85. Nice!

  86. very funny,………………….!!!! ^_*

  87. sunshinelollipop says:

    Different job! sounds very interesting. must be great working with animals!

  88. Teddy!

  89. Von Zeppelin says:

    Ellen W., I agree about the pictures–very rude. Those pictures will turn up some day when she’s applying for a high-paying, responsible job. At least the game warden people didn’t write rude things on her face in Magic Marker.

  90. I cant believe nobody pointed out the “Bears and Racks”

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. Those cubs are so sweet! And seepy, seepy, tie, tie. Sometimes I kinda wish I could hibernate for a while.

  92. they are so cute! i saw the same but white ones!!! incrediable!

  93. dewicasgwent says:

    Clearly if you do get to help you should have a very realistic teddy bear so you can do a swap without the experts noticing.

    I think they should at least leave a nice basket of nuts or honeycomb for Mommybear to make up for the sticking a needle and the serious hanggover from the sedative, it is a hyper potent opiod about 10,000 times the strenght of Morphine

  94. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah, dewi, I hope they leave mama some sort of treat in the den so she can wake up and have breakfast in bed. 🙂

  95. omg. baby. bears. eyes. closed. Big, strong men holding tiny critters. ohhh….[Thank Q so much 4 sharing! And there’s stuck-out tongue action@ the link! And mama bear w/pretty patches on her chest. And how, how does one locate a bear den in the snow? Grace! That’s how!]

    Moderator, cut here if you must, but I must. What virtuous lives the Maine biologist and the Carebear team must live, to be rewarded thusly! They must be close to angels! Akin to saints! To be able to help Mama make it through the winter in good health, and play with her less-than-3lbs-weeks-old babes! OMG! Sleepy bears! This is true, devoted natural resources mgmt! DNR staffers and Maine tax-payers, you just rock!!! Sincerely, Miss Jade.

  96. aside from bleening at the thought of a season of Bears’n’Boobs posts, i’d like to reflect on the fact that there’s a reason baby bears have been symbols of teh qute for over a century


    they’re it

  97. Aww they’re so cute. Those lil cuddles of joy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  98. Daphne Moss says:

    Aww doesn’t begin to cover it…and best job ever!

  99. Lerrinus said it all and well. Beep beep right backatcha!

  100. Those bear cubs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  101. Absolutely gorgeous but then again I like the adult bears reminds me of grizzly adams when I was a child on TV

  102. As a Mainer myself, I take great pleasure in seeing this. Park rangers are my heroes : )

  103. They are so pretty 😉

  104. this makes me want to go “aaaaaaaaaaaawww”

  105. rubber duck says:

    OMG SO TINY!!! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3304/3327733991_6b28d98579_o.jpg

    You MUST see the full photo set, everyone! I think I made little squeaky noises throughout the page.

  106. I didn’t think this would my kind of thing… but those bears are seriously cute!

  107. ChellBellz says:

    Oh my….I want to hold it!

  108. so cute! xD

  109. kthomasitec says:

    Aww, they are just soooooo cute! Hope they do not become extinct. Ban the bear hunting I say.

  110. Bebebearses!
    How old are the twins? Do they smear Vicks(r) on them so’s Mom doesn’t catch on that they been hangin; out wit’ some non-bear types? I heard that’s how they confuse the Mom’s thinkin’, so she won’t find out. Does anyone know? xo, bebebearses!

  111. It’s just so cute. 😀

  112. soooooooooooo cute they look like puppys with long nails. heres something you all know they are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. oooooh how adorable….enjoy…can I come help?

  114. janete ilic says:

    lindo aki!

  115. aww.. so cute. 🙂 I want to hold them.

  116. 😉 🙂

  117. 😀 :p 😦

  118. :/

  119. Annaiz Rzepka says:

    OMG, they look so cute, and innocent.. i wonder..
    maybe you should try giving the mother about half bottle of tequila.. (less work, same effects)…

  120. Adorable godless killing machines.

  121. this is the most adorable pic i have seen in a long time!!!!


  122. CUTENESS!

  123. so cute !!!
    ohhhh !!!
    so süß findet ihr nichh ?
    omg so süß ich würde dess gerne knuddeln bis zum geht nemma !!

  124. übel sweet ich hab die seite auf taff gesen da ham die das überl riesig gezeig

  125. awwww, that’s just so adorable..

    i would give anything to have a job like hers.. 😉

  126. cuddlebear says:

    awwwww adorable wittle bears

  127. Why? leave theme alone ist evil to disturbe them, how whote you like it when for example Aliens whote come at nicht and anesthetized you , and grab your baby. Leave nature alone.