‘Tis The Season…For Close Inspection

Cute Overload Holiday Tip: The holidays are a traditional time for many and often include roasting chestnuts on an open fire.  But, “chestnuts” are a prickly bunch, so always be sure to first check for blemishes – and disgruntled squeaks…

Beatriz P., Fa-la-la-la-laaa-la-la-la-laaa – Namaste!



  1. OH My GAWD! thud…

  2. resriechan says:


    (Sorry Editors — I’m sure that you wouldn’t feed us something fraudulent but JEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ).

    Please file this picture under Redonkulously ridonkulous in the CO Glossary.


  3. Must nom nom nom on those little tiny feet…

  4. resriechan says:

    Please obtain approximately 75 additional AQte Care Technicians for the CO Emergency Dept. for tonight. Thank you.

    (*THUD* ded Medical Technician)

  5. That can’t be real. I won’t believe it! No no no!


  6. Namaste with the feetsies? Impossible!

  7. Freshly…picked…baby…chestnut…*thud*

  8. Daphne Moss says:

    What an intricately pink, complex, adorable …. *thud*
    (Vain effort to game overwhelming effects of rampant cuteness: Fail.)

  9. That is just so cute it actually hurts. No really,if you stare at it long enough it gives you acheyness. ahhhh…… I mean, the little feet!!!!

  10. look at those little legs! and the teeny little fingers!
    what an unbelievable awesome amazing world we live in!

  11. dewicasgwent says:

    Opens giant bottle of smelling salts in middle of room and wafts vapour throughout the room.

  12. What can one say to this ?

  13. Pocket gnome!

  14. Shrubhog!

  15. How old is this wee baby hedgie?


  17. ridiculous! how am i supposed to focus on the rest of this day when i want to sneak peaks at those nomalicious toesies?

  18. I’m going to hedge my bets and say it’s a festive holiday toothpick holder.

  19. Hoglet! (Source.)

    Meemaw is another new word o’ the day … I can’t imagine MY grandmother taking kindly to it. Not until late in the sherry bottle, anyway. 😉

  20. I had a Mamaw and a Granny. Both wore their names with pride.

    All my aunts were Nanas or Nonnas. As with the Highlander, there could be only ONE…Granny.

  21. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeittybittyteenytineeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ……

    Eeeenfant hedgie!


  23. Nobody ever told me cockleburs had feet. Or nosicles.

    I feel cheated.

  24. It’s… tiny. And perfect in every possible way… The schnozzle, the toesies, the wee tiny hands… the lack of privacy tail… Like a prickly faerie gnome…

    I am… befuddled.



    ‘Bout to collapse from the minuscule awesomeness of it.


  25. This is Sonic’s embarrassing baby picture that his mom shows to all the girlfriends he brings home.

  26. OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEE *headsplode* ‘klunk*

  27. Ouch – it’s not the quills that hurt, it truly is the cuteness. It strikes me as being a warm blooded and infinitely cuter version of a chiton (tidepool critter) or pillbug.

  28. Oh.



    The feets, people, the feets!!!!! Somebody wave those smelling salt vapors this way please!!

  29. OMG! No one can resist this baby. Sigh!

    Eyes roll to back of head. (Where’s the QofD when I really need her?)


  30. resriechan says:

    (weakly raises head, from being dead, long enuff to say to the Editors)
    “I dun’ TOL’ ya, y’all would need extry medical staffmembers, in order to respond to this provocation ….”)….


  31. resriechan says:

    (weakly raises head, from being dead, long enuff to say to Wordgirl)

    “QoD’s cubicle/ day job only allows her to do nursing duties @ CO, when she’s gotten home from the cubicle job. I’ve already sent her an email, alerting her to bring extra temporary medical help, before she opens CO tonight ….” gaaaaah”

    (yet. again.)

  32. Are you KIDDING ME?!!!??!?!


  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    He looks like he’s praying with his feets!! 😀

    Isn’t that blasphemous? Or would Gahd consider that too cute and let it pass?

  34. Trixie, that was so funny I spit water all over my desk! Now if the CO gods could ‘shop him blue, that’d be hilarious.

    Has anybody called out that IMPOSSIBLY large nosicle on that bub?

    And I vote Rule 14! That human hand (an everyday object! I have mine everyday…) totally shows how impressively petite this guy is.

  35. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oopsy…I just now noticed the Namaste. 😛

    Carry on…

  36. OHMYGOSh!!!!!
    Quickly places an oscillating fan in front of those smelling salts … please,we’ll all have to take turns caring for others in rotation with passing out from Teh Qte; that’s it, I’m goin’ down for the count.

  37. natalie anne says:







  38. The big chess tournament was taking place at the Plaza in New York. After the first day’s competition, many of the winners were sitting around in the foyer of the hotel talking about their matches and bragging about their wonderful ratings. After a few drinks they started getting louder and louder until finally, the desk clerk couldn’t take any more and kicked them out.

    The next morning the manager called the clerk into his office and told him there had been many complaints about his being so rude to the hotel guests….instead of kicking them out, he should have just asked them to be less noisy.

    The clerk responded, “I’m sorry, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.”

  39. Wow. I have never seen such a young little hedgy before! I squealed so hard my dog ran into the room to see what’s up. xD

  40. Great, I didn’t heard about this topic up to now. Thankz!

  41. natalie anne says:

    Theresa – omg that is a TERRIBLE joke!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! hahhahhahhahha

  42. Theresa: Get thee to a punnery.

  43. resriechan says:

    (raises head weakly from being impressed with Theresa’s brillllllliiiiiiannnnnnce…..that reminds me of ….back when I was in high school (Pleistocene era, approx)….a gal who was working with the hi school’s lit mag ….developed a story that had some kind of similarly cleverly worded punchline, developed around the name of the classical music composer
    Rimski von Korsakoff—–sp?——…………….I can recall that the idea was built around how it had happened, that the

    “R.I.M. Ski (von) Corps, [got] a cough”….)

    (*Resumes being ded*)

  44. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrse Stef,
    I’m on my way out, I’m, I’m,


  45. Very nice, Theresa!

  46. Hee! The first time I saw a fruit-bearing chestnut tree, I called it a “green hedgehog fruit tree” because I didn’t know what it was. (Alaskan girl in Japan, gimme a break–the closest I’d come to a chestnut tree before was a good stir-fry.) And the thing is, this does kinda look like a ripe chestnut pod burst open to reveal . . . a cute!

  47. OMG with a capital OMG! How on earth can they be so teeny??

  48. peanut's mama says:


  49. A mutated sea urchin?

  50. Theresa, wouldn’t that be ‘boisting’ ? After all, it was in NY !

    Chess nut feeeeets !!!!!!

    *thud* with the rest of ’em.

  51. Oh blather. Roasting not bursting, so yes, boasting not boisting. How can one read straight with this alien hedgelet under one’s nose ??

  52. The feets! The feets! I must run now and nom on my hedgehog’s toesies but it just won’t be the same..sigh…they grow up so fast…

  53. Popple? 😀

  54. What a beautiful and simultaneously weird little creature. Little hedgie on the half sheel. So adorable. All I can say, very softly, in the immortal words of NTMTOM is: “Hewwo…”

  55. Ooops. Or half shell, even. Sorry about the typo! I was momentarily befuddled by the cuteness of the hedgie…

  56. My last words shall be:


  57. How in the heck do they give birth with all those pricks?

  58. Lee, when they are born the spines are still under the skin, and they start to prick out in the next few hours after birth.

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Squeak, squeak, squeak.

    *opens door*
    *(GAAASSSSPPPP!!!) GOOD GRACIOUS!* *pages the cast of M*A*S*H, Trapper John, M.D., Marcus Welby, M.D. and Doogie Howser to come to IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE! (also summons the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Carol Burnette Show to help soon-to-be-recovering peeps by causing them to laugh. Starts industrial strength fan on vat of smelling salts while waiting for help to arrive!*

  60. The cute gone done me in, I’m going into the light. Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found yooouuu…..thud….

  61. yikes! a morsel and tineh bowlegs

  62. OMGoodness The cute the cute ……….my eyes …….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    “THUUUD” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. or is it bebeh patti la hedge hog???

  64. I want to pop that in my mouth but it looks like it might hurt. I’ll have to admire it’s mini feetsies and pawsies from afar. That is just one of the cutest freakin’ things I have ever seen.

  65. earlybird1 says:

    Such a perfect little morsel! Bite sized for (careful) nomming!

  66. earlybird1 says:

    Even his eyebrows are prickly! 🙂

  67. Mmmm, crunchy….

  68. (Adjusting nerd glasses) In medieval bestiaries, hedgehogs were believed to stick grapes on their spines to carry them back to their dens– a pretty cute thought

  69. I am going to put him in my mouf! I don’t care if it hurts!

  70. Squeeeeee so cute!

    (can it be tagged under Hedgehogs so I can find it again?)

  71. kibblenibble says:

    I love my daily CO visits because of all you wonderful folks who appreciate something this uniquely Qte–and helplessly squee over it–as much as I do. Kindred spirits are we! 🙂

  72. I would so just nom this little guy in one gulp! Except for the prickers. So he’s safe. 🙂

    @Theresa – thanks for the joke – I’m sending it to my Dad. 🙂

  73. Passed out. Just revived enough to comment. Lil dude: world domination material.

  74. QoD, I fetcheded you some water for the patients! Oh, look, a wee hedgie…

    OMIGOSH I want to kiss his widdle feetsies then stick my nose in his wee belly then let him crawl around on my face then stare deeply into his beady eyes then….

    Feeling woozy…. need… something…cold… *SPLASH!*

    Sorry QoD, I pourded your water over my hed. *blush*

  75. TIMBERRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  76. *frantically scrubs Monterri & Rivahcat off the walls*

    Oh my….*woozy*

    *stuffs smelling salts up nose*

  77. I just googled ‘baby hedgehog’…omg, how could I have been living this long and not stumbled upon this cuteness before?!


  79. Cannot take the wise little horizontal forehead wrinkle . . . the peeeenkness . . .

    Too much cuteness actually does hurt . . . aching to squish it closetomybody . . .


  80. Best truffle flavour ever!

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks cath and ButtaRumCake! Well done, ladies. This post almost did me in, too.

    *tucking CO peeps into bed*

    (we’re trying to develop a method for putting back together sploded brains of peeps, kinda like a puzzle, and sewing the whole mess back into place. Or maybe just developing a preventative helmut. But we have to be very careful…if the brains aren’t put together correctly, peeps will just come back from the ded as adorable little zombies. And we all know how pesky those can be).

  82. Here’s my question…
    When do they grow the quills? Are they born that way?
    If so, hedgehog mothers are saints.

    Also…. look at the feets! THE FEETS.

  83. Someone asked about her age.. She was about 8 days!!!

  84. Mmmm, a tasty treat from the Assorted Hogswatch Nom-perils.

  85. This baby’s cute, until I remembered…




  86. part cactus, part manatee

  87. OMG it is too cute!

    Are baby hedgehogs born with their quills already??

    How many days/weeks old is this little fella?


  88. There seems to be a lot of passing out goin on in—–OMGABABYHEDGIEWITHTHEFEETSIESANDTHETEENYTINY —*thud*

  89. So small, so pink, so pinchy but so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    [You do understand that you’re repeating a silent “e”, right? – Ed.]

  90. Can’t talk… impossibly… cute… tiny critter… brain lock…




  91. Oh my goodness, I guess I’ll have to be extra careful before I decide to kick a conker in the park next time!

  92. Mrs. Lackey says:

    oof. *falls over

    did anyone else notice the teeny eyebrow chub? or evil Mr. Burns-like posture?

  93. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I squealed so loudly, I scared my cat!

  94. GAH! Such a wee thing!

  95. Annonypotimous says:

    Well knock me over with a feather! *thud*

  96. resriechan says:

    (Editors: unless it’s too late — may I suggest that you consider applying Wite-Out to the caption for this item — and just give it the headline/ caption it “THUD.” ???????)

  97. snorglepup says:

    Yes, a “WARNING” caption would be a responsible addition, esp for us who still must work today.
    I agree that a brain-containment safety helmet would do us all good.
    I’m putting it on my Christmas wish-list; along with a bowl of fresh pinkfeetsied chestnuts.

  98. To all Peeps everywhere- I am very thankful for all of you. My Norwegian father would regale us with stories of Norwegian Thanksgivings of yore; where they shot the lutefisk and made their roommergrot in the bathtub and sat around the Thanksgiving log singing songs of… OH MY GOD is that hedgehog stilllllll there? Uff da!

    Happy Thanksgiving my Peeps-or happy Thursday my peeps, which ever you prefer!

  99. natalie anne says:

    @ Pounce

    Excellent idea – this joke is going straight to my dad – SUCH a dad joke (especially my dad, from which I inherited my awful but splendid sense of humor)

  100. Cuteoverloadeuse says:


  101. oh mon dieu ! (collapse)

  102. Prongs did this to us? Good God Almighty, Prongs, give us time before you strike again, ok? pant, pant, wheeze, snort…we aren’t as young as we used to be…would you like to change your name to “Spines?”

  103. *fans MoonCatty*

  104. Sniff, snuffle, sniff……..tears are rollin’ down my face from the absolutely cutest hedgie I’ve ever seen……the posts are making me cry more……I love the QTE and really need the smiles & laughs ’cause it helps with the seasonal sadness & overload of life.

    Thanks a million Meg & Company and especially thanks to all ya’ll peeps out there. This site has worked wonders on me 🙂
    Have a very Blessed “Turkey Day”!!

  105. @Juniper Jupiter (#33) – I am no expert but I think God, ceiling cat or however you want to refer to him/her/it would be OK with whatever the little chestnut does!!

  106. OK. I gots nothin’. This is ’bout the qtestest bebeh I’ve seen in a veery long time. Lurves me them namaste footies. *Puts on oven mitt, and carefully and nonchalantly picks up bebeh hedgie while no one is looking and puts him in pocket of apron (this IS the day before Thanksgiving*

    *Since this is Thanksgiving Eve, and am appropriately occupied and attired, have apron with pockets for keeping bebeh hedgies close, can peek at them anytime.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all. Especially to the Prongster for sharing this beeyouty-full bebeh with us.

  107. ___N___N___N___N___N__(sees baby hedgehog)___________________

    Lost another one to the Qte flu.

  108. Even though holidays are supposed to be happy and joyous, they are still tinged with sadness for many people, either caused by past memories or present problems……..
    So haow rlly wunnerfull that we can has such a Qte Bebbeh Hedgie to blast awl owr sorrows way oaver the horizon, and make us laff and be seriouslee sillllleee!!!! Thank the Lord that this sweetie has such power to cheer us up and make us forget trials and tribulations, at least foar a liddel while…………………..!

  109. yook yook!!!!!!! :)))


    i lurve dem 🙂

  110. @ButtaRumCake: Thanks for getting me off the walls after I sploded from the cuteness. It was getting awkward, being everywhere like that.

    That little guy is the cutest hand grenade I have ever seen!

  111. So cute and an incredible picture.

  112. Had to look up the meaning of “namaste” – Finally understood the feet!

  113. Thanks, QofD, for the smelling salts. I’m weak, but sitting upright. Can’t look at that photo again or I’ll be down for the count.

    What would we do without you here to revive us?

  114. I didn’t get it until I looked at the chestnut picture. I didn’t know they were prickly like that. You learn something new every day! That was a very keen observation on your part. I love this site not only because it’s cute, but because I’m often left with a feeling of “how DID they come up with that?”

  115. He can’t already be old and prickly!

  116. I noticed that one of the tags was called “Spiked hedged nog”. I was certain that this was unusual.

    Having confirmed that “Spiked hedged nog” was not one of the usual tags (see left-side middle), I was perturbed. But I decided to pursue the investigation.

    “Wikipedia” might have the answer, thought I, so thither I went to spy…

    …the meaning of the word “Nog”. As it turns out, there -is- a “Nog”, and he was a Ferengi on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. There -is- a resemblance between our little Nog-get and the other Nog; either it is a coincidence or “Nog” went back in time and had a little Transporter accident at Cute Labs.


  118. But of course, CO is not really about the pursuit of scholarly research.

  119. *starts to revive thanks to ButtaRumCake’s quick thinking fanning*

    Wha? Wha happen… ?

    *hand slowly raises up to desk… fingers touch keyboard… comp comes out of sleep mode… monitor lights up to show… *

    Leetle spikey pinky perfectly symmetrical impossibly cute critter!!!

    *eyes wide… *blink*… *feeling dizzy again*


  120. A hoglet!

  121. OMG! The Wee Prickly Faerie Pocket Goblin. The feeties and handsie, and wee pink fingies, the teeny eyes, with a bit of a look of disapproval. I must have one NOW! Pink feetsies are making me light-headed…..Thud Ded again, keeled by a CO.

  122. Naked!

  123. Mental Mouse says:

    Awww…<zooms image to max>wwwkkk!!! <head ‘asplodes from Qte>

    Now this is why they call this place Cute Overload!

  124. Aww! So cute! Is that seriously realy?! No wonder this site is called cute overload! ! ! I wish it was my pet =)