Are You Familiar with the Phrase “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”?

I get it. You think it’s adorable to take pictures of me doing silly things. And because you consistently provide adequate food and water, I humor you. To a point. But tread lightly owner, because let’s not forget who’s boss here. Need I mention the term “feral” to you…?

Godspeed, Holly E.




    And if those are Temptations treats, then I have no idea why the cat is letting them sit on his or her paws. I think Temptations are kitty crack. At least they are to my Sunny.

  2. What a beauty! And such patience, too.

  3. My cats would never tolerate this. They would be demanding more, more, more kitty crack.

  4. Cat looks so uninterested in this futile exercise.

  5. Once kitteh noms him treats, I will nom him mittens. Tasty, tasty mittens.

  6. And now I will be singing that Great White song for the rest of the day. Thanks CO. :mrgreen:

    Pretty, pretty kitty!

  7. Is it even possible to forget who’s boss with a kitteh in the house? It’s not even possible in my own cat-less home where I’m just happy my two dogs allow me to live. 😀

  8. yes, Temptations = kitty crack in my house too. At least to some of them… I think 6 out of 11… it happens too fast for me to count. I can barely get them on the floor before they’re hoovered up. :o)

  9. a manicure.
    a pedicure.
    a full bodicure.

  10. That is one mellow kitteh. And a gorgeous one, too. My cats would never sit still for this (did you see what I did there?).

  11. Patient kitty has beautiful eyes!

  12. I can’t help myself. sorry for taking advantage of your situation kitteh but I MUST beep your nose while you are occupied with not eating your kitteh treats and staring @ your owner w/disdain. *BEEP* Sorry, sorry, your nose and face are just TOO cute to resist.

  13. Oh, I do love a green-eyed kitteh

  14. IF there was a disdain register that measured looks this look would be searingly 100% disdain!

    and you got the kitty to not eat the kitty crack HOW?

  15. My, my, my…

  16. Disdain Overload!

  17. There’s nothing but adoration coming from that cat face. You could probably bury it in kibble and it’d still love you.

  18. Those aren’t mittens, those are bedroom slippers! LOL Love the eyes though… I’d give those eyes whatever they wanted… Makes me want to go home to my 3 fuzzy kids…

  19. Owner best check his linens tonight, and slippers. Just sayin’

  20. *goes in for an ear nibble while kitteh is still distracted*

  21. Nothing but adoration, Ben? Really? I hope you don’t have cats ’cause if you misread the cues frequently, how are you typing with those bloody stumps for arms? J/K!!

    Kitty might have adoration, but there’s also mischief in them thar eyes. Oh and the treats? They must be superglued to the paws. 🙂

  22. Ha! That is too cute.
    But there’s some seriousness going on behind those eyes….

  23. Nice pink ears!

  24. Oh and the disapproval comes later, after kitty is grown and has a family of his own and a high-profile job and/or is running for office. These pics will pop up in an attempt to embarass, and to prove he sold out to ‘the man,’ but kitty will just excuse it as “a youthful mistake.” He brings ‘the man’ out to interviews where he tells people that after that one incident, life with kitty was a living he**. Kitty never listened, scratched loudly in the litter box at 2am, decided to go for a run around the house at 3 am, and started playing with the window blinds at 4am. Every. Single. Day. In short, kitty really is a true cat.

  25. All synonyms taken: Gorgeous, Beautiful, Pretty Cat! I would love to pet the green-eyed wonder cat!

  26. This is a gorgeous kitty… I love the dainty white-dipped paws. However, I think the camera must have been on a very short timer and its person must have snuck in while kitty was sleeping and placed the kitty crack there, and the kitty woke up just in time for the camera to snap! Otherwise, kitty crack would have been long gone.

  27. Breathtakingly beautiful cat.

  28. the beautious paws! the white eye liner!

  29. This cat is so lovely 🙂

  30. “Do you expect me to juggle with just two of these ? Are you kitty-ng me ?”

  31. Very, very impressed. Must be ‘shopped. Just kidding!! beautiful babeh…..
    Now, I learned about Temptations here, on CO, and I discovered it is indeed crack to my big boy. And I think you peeps for turning us on to those, since he has to eat prescription food — thank goodness he gets treats.
    I don’t think this would work on him …..

  32. This cat looks just like my “Tweety”. What kind of cat is this? I thought it was an Egyptian Mau. Beautiful cat!

  33. Hmmm…yeah, I would sleep with one eye open if I were you, Holly.

  34. Kitty baby!! My babies would never have let those treats sit there. They’d be gone in a second. Along with your finger if you don’t move fast. 🙂

  35. Boots and mittens,
    Mittens and boots;
    She’s my kitten,
    And she’s awf’lly cute!

  36. That’s a beautiful cat. Who is no doubt thinking, “Very amusing, human. Remember, you have to sleep sometime. And from now on, you might wanna check your shoes before you put them on.”

    As every cat owner knows, no one owns a cat.

  37. Love, Love LOVE the pink ears and grey stripes. Oh, and the eyeliner, of course.

  38. I dunno how this kitty is resisting the tasty treats on her paws. Mine would have gobbled so fast that pawsies would be gone too.

    @sunnymum I also think Temptations are kitty crack! My Maine Coon is not food motivated unless Temptations are involved; then she’ll sit and spin around on command.

    *wants gray stripey kitty*

  39. Aww, what a pretty kitty! She looks like my Iris (RIP).

    My two cats must be weird (although, I already knew that). Neither of them like kitty treats. They also don’t like catnip. I think they’re defective. 😉

  40. It’s as though his cute little paws were slightly dipped in white paint. ti-hi

  41. *Thrusts head through screen for a no-holds-barred snorgle*

    *Own cat takes opportunity to leap through hole and steal Temptations*

  42. 😆 The look on kitty’s face is like he/she is asking “Are these pieces of Temptations treats on each paw a bribe of some kind?” 😆

  43. “Seriously? You expect me to forgive you based on this puny offering?”

  44. SO cute!!!!!!!!!

  45. What a beautiful kitty! I may be the only person on the internet who thinks grey cats beat even marmies, but I do. Kitty seems to be saying “Really? Do you want really want to go down this road? I would think twice, if I were you.”

    Taj – mine too! Both my cats have snubbed all kinds of treats and catnip. They also refuse to use any scratching boards, or beds I bought them. They seem to take offense at anything made “especially” for cats – if it’s not good enough for *me*, why should they settle for that stuff? Or at least, I assume that’s their reasoning. 😉

  46. Those green eyes are beautiful.