Welcome Aboard the QteTerrier2

Well, hey there. Hi. I’m your Captain, Captain Stubbing. I’m here to make your cruise as enjoyable as possible. Perhaps we’ll meet on the Lido Deck for a fruit cocktail? Maybe you’ll join me in the Starlight Lounge to watch Charo? Or better yet, a night cap in my quarters…?

It may not be Acapulco, but I’m still my own floating island.

Has Chowda met Gopher, Amy B.?



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Awww! Cruises have never appealed to me, but I’m finding myself very tempted by this one!

  2. Hmm, if he’s like most dogs, he’s probably more of a Rear Admiral, if ya’ know what I mean.

  3. Methinks that is a little girl–hooray for equal opportunity!

    I’m jealous of the accoutrements of this pup. Can I join her on the raft, pretty please?

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    So cute! [explodes]

  5. Chowda.


  6. “rear admiral” PFFT *snort*!

  7. awwww I luf Captian Stubbing. Sure I will join you on your Love Float!
    Everybody now: “the Love Float……soon we’ll be making another run….. the Loooooov Float, promises something for everyone…… ”

    yes, it’s sad that I know the song.

  8. dewicasgwent says:

    Paging Qof D and Res

    aQTE medical emergency!

    We have peeps exploding from the qte!

  9. resriechan says:

    ummmm…..did Chowder take a shower, or apply any antiperspirant today? It’s kinda lookin’ like today’s Boat Deck Activity is…… maybe a Solitaire convention?????

  10. resriechan says:

    (**applying Smelling Salts for FishEyeNoMoko**Arranges several flowers in a vase & fluffs pillow**)

    (Hope that helps: I don’t think Nurse Stef is due on the wards, until about another hour or so …..)

  11. omg, those little pink pads, and outstretched paw, and perfectly triangular ears, and the nosicle… NOM and BEEP!

  12. lexipuppymommy says:

    AWWW baby. That puppy is so squeeeee! I Luf eeet!



  14. “Real admiral” snerk!!! Would that be the “dreaded” Read Admiral?

  15. I love how that pup isn’t causing the loungecraft to sink into the water even a LITTLE bit!

  16. Paging Doctor Adam Bricker to the Lido deck. we have a cute emergency.

  17. OMG – he is precious! BEEP!

    Here in DC, the aforementioned Gopher is a member of a morning radio news talk program. I’ll have to email this link to him. I’m sure he will more than appreciate being associated with this cutie pie.

  18. Perhaps it’s the angle of the second photo, or the wee-ness of the pup, but that pool looks GINORMOUS! Want! Especially if pup is included as a bonus.

  19. *squee*

  20. DaytimeDeb says:

    Is there a lifeguard on duty? A wee one that adorable shouldn’t be left unsuprevised. I’ll volunteer for pool duty with Chowder!

  21. Look at that deliciously cute puppy belly. Look at eet.

  22. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That little pup is so “fetching” (pun fully intended) stretching out on his little lounger..

  23. pink paw pads teeny claws flap ears stubby tail

  24. Little teeny bean!!! Her leash clip is as big as her face, bawwww ❤

  25. I love swimming, so I’ll do a few laps, then perhaps a snorgle ?

  26. oh too qte!! we need a sly-eye =-hance! please, theo? pretty as a puppy on a raft please? ;-0

  27. terriers are so cuteeeeeeeeeeee love the pose of the first picture

  28. Call Isaac the Bartender. Have him fix the puppeh one of those little drinks with an umbrella in it!

  29. Captain Stubbing! Perfect for a pup that is sooo stubbular!
    My sister and I used to sing, “There’ll be fun and romance when he takes down his pants, on the Looooooooove Booooooooooat.”
    It was the eighties….

  30. needapuppy says:

    “I’m still my own floating island.” — You mean Fantasy Island, don’t you?

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Loovvee the ear floppage and the extended foreleg in the first picture. I want to kees his paw!

  32. fish eye no miko says:


    Ah.. thanks, resriechan. [sniffs flowers]

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    fish eye no miko: I’m glad Resrie was here to help! You’re in good hands with her. When I’m at work, the computer police there won’t let me help out on the Qte nursing staff! 🙂

  34. Is it jus’ me, or does Captain Stubbing there look a bit like Keanu Reeves? I think it’s the eyes.

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    cath: He kinda does look like Keanu.

  36. That little lady is going to make someone very crazy when she grows up.

    JRTs, man. JRTs.

  37. kibblenibble says:

    I love leetle doggies with triangle earses. But with this one, there’s just something about the drumstick-shaped leetle back leggies that is just keeling me! Gah! *thunk*

  38. resriechan says:

    *Whew!!! I was worried there, aboutcha, FisheyeNoMoko!!!* Glad the floral arrangement helped!

    Hi, QoD: Glad to see your shift has begun!! Can you please do a check of ButtaRumCake & Lerrinus’s vitals? (I was on my dinner break there for awhile & not aware of their collapse) …Also I saw a note to you earlier — I think it was under the “Pup”/ “Sweateaw” (or however that is correctly incorrectly spelled ??!!)

  39. resriechan says:

    (oops — so sorry there — the name is FishEyeNoMIko!!! I have all kinds of little Japanese syllables rumbling around in my head due to living there as a child & our family still corresponds with several people there & also with many military families who also lived there. So more than likely, there’s some brand name of a product that I’ve got mixed up with your screenname….again, my apologies …)

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    Nurse Stef here.

    *stands with hands on hips in squeaky shoes and white pointy hat observing all fainted and ded peeps tucked comfortably into their beds for a night of rest and recuperation.*

    *orders huge and deleesh breakfasts of choice for everyone as well as full body massages in the morning for everybody. Squeaks off down the hall to nap on the nurse’s lounge cot.*

  41. He’s a Chill Russell Terrier.

    (Um, can i get blueberries in my pank-aches, nurse? *kof! kof!*)

  42. Those eyes, they hypnotize me.
    I don’t know why, but I have an odd craving for snausages.

  43. Maroon Caludin says:

    Lol, that’s awesome!

  44. As I grow faint from the cute I manage to pull myself onto that raft… where I will snorgle and beep to my heart’s content. I’m sure that will revive me. Either that or completely kill me ded. *thud*

  45. Ahh, the life of a cute pup and the owner of both the lovely pool and puppy!
    Drinks are on me everyone! Enjoy 😉

  46. When I saw the name “Captain Stubbing” I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t a NOMTOM post.

  47. Captain, I think you forgot to put SPF on your ears. They look a little crisp. Here, let me help. *rubs impossibly soft earflaps*

  48. OH, I’d like to see if he can swim- I’ll dive in and upend the smug little smug creature-so calm on his love boat- I’ll show him love boat- cannonball…OOO, nice biiiig pool, I wonder if they would invite me over, I’ll bring some pool noodles, and some snacks and never mind about the upending, I’m sure he’ll move over and we can play motorboat and eat chips and milkbones …..

  49. Katrina? Naked Pugs? Pool Noodles?
    Are Pool Noodles something you put in pools to make them into some sort of huge soup bowl?

  50. Ahhh, thank you Nurse Stef, that massage was just what I needed! Feelin’ much better! 😉

  51. He looks so relaxed!

    I want to nom his triangle ears!!!!

  52. Noice poolio big baller

  53. Theresa,
    Pool Noodles are a long foam tube that young children use to beat each other with when they go swimming.

  54. @ Katrina:

    1) (Affectionately) How’s that “StreamofConsciousness” Writing Class goin’, for ya??
    2) Here, have some Decaff. No, really!!!!

    Wink 😉

  55. resriechan-justfinethanks. OK, OK, so I lost some punctuation, *sheesh*!

    Noodles, as commented before, are flotation devices long tubular usually colored in bright fun colors. They are also used in water-based physical therapy, which is how I encountered them up close and personal. Very fun, can be used as a weapon, too resriechan (snerk) light foam, for mock battles, try it sometime! Doggies like to chomp on them and the bigger ones carry them around the pool.

    Thank you, Theresa, I like your version better-your choice rice or wheat!! Wonton, anyone?

  56. Udon, please!

  57. Of course, Susan, of course!

  58. @ Katrina: My intent was about enjoyin’ the rapid accumulation of sub-topix in your Comment # 48 ; not so much on about the punctuation!!!!!

    (You are aware, yes? that I meant no ickiness? Hope that I was suffish. clear about that. I don’t know how to accomplish unkind sarcasm. When I’m not sure, how my relationship is in a situation, I try to do the whole “cautious/polite” thing….if I’m being playful, I have assumed that the person & I, already assume the best from ea. other, in intentions….)

    Peace & fluffiness to all.

  59. Looks like a diving board in pic #2…
    I can just see everyone taking a mad dive towards the boat in an attempt to snorgle le pup…

  60. Eep! “Captain Stubbing” is just a bit too close to the name of a particular adult website (especially with all the rear admiral jokes posted already).