THIS JUST IN: Skateboarding Bulldog

Over at Gizmodo, half the peeps are all like “Dude, that’s so fake, that dog isn’t really playing that game,” and the other half is all like “Yeah, but he thinks he is, he’s like totally rockin’ it,” but we know you’re gonna be all like “Awwww, puppeh” and stuff.



  1. That dog is a professional showman, saving the best move for last. Awesome!

  2. That’s good skatin’ for a potato.

  3. awwww puppeh and stuff

  4. Yup. I’m all awww puppeh too!

  5. One dog is on board, the other dog is just plain bored.

  6. We don’t care if he’s playing the game for realz or not. He’s having FUN!

  7. Put some pants on that dawg!!

  8. Add me to the “Doesn’t give a damn whether it’s fake or not” list. w00t! 😀

  9. Cuteoverloadeuse says:

    Viral marketing…

    [If that’s the case, then kudos on their success… but do please let us know where we need to send the bill. 😉 – Ed.]

  10. P.S. — ::: SICKNASTY :::

  11. Ha! What is it with bullies and skateboards?

  12. Haha, oh man who cares if this is fake or whatever, that was really funny regardless! That dog has got some slick moves, the slow-mo replay of the spin cracked me up. I like how the other dog was sitting there pouting, I could almost hear him saying “When’s my turrrrrrrn!”

  13. Awwww, puppeh

  14. LOLOL I just saw this and was all OHHH I need to send this to CO and I come on here and Whaa Lah The peeps have already sent it in.. and I love it Fake or real….. it is awesome!

  15. Dudes, he’s got four on the floor and a wicked low center of gravity. Skater boyz, eat yer hearts out.

  16. KIttehsMom says:

    Whaaat? Fake? And the next thing you’re going to tell me wrestling is fake, too. I don’t believe it!

  17. The joy on that dog’s face is completely real. Nothing else matters!

  18. I forgot to saw
    AWWWWW Puppeh! !!!!1111111

  19. I. LOVE. this. dog.

  20. Sk8r dawg!!! :mrgreeen:

  21. The dog was TOTALLY rockin’ it, and awwwwww puppeh. Loved it.

  22. mintyheart, everyone can see it’s just a board with no wheels on the floor, and the dog is not really playing the game.

    So freakin’ what??!?

    It’s still a cute, hilarious video, and the dog is still having a ball.

    What is the point of dissecting and analyzing it? Just watch the damn thing and smile a little bit.

  23. Do we know for sure that the game doesn’t belong to the dog? I’m thinkin’ the kid in the chair is just a potted plant.

  24. What Auntie said!!

  25. What is it with Bulldogs and skateboarding?

  26. P.S.
    That actually looks like the Tony Hawk brand skateboard for the game. I remember being all angry because I bought the Wii balance board in anticipation of Tony Hawk games and now suddenly it didn’t even matter.
    So between this being a Bulldog (masters of skateboards) and the actual remote (skateboards don’t have buttons) I say it is real.

  27. I choose to believe it’s real. CHOOSE. So there. Remember the skateboarding bulldog? I doubt this is the same animal, but it would be pretty awesome if it were…

  28. Well I know nothing about video games, skateboards, or bulldogs. Therefore my opinion is it’s 100% REAL. oh and awwwwwww puppeh. dude.

  29. Well real or not, I dare you to take the board from the dog!

  30. Puppy is all cute and stuff!

    Can we pause it at :49 and get a tongue-hance please?

  31. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay, Little’s will have to leave the room for this, for Auntie Juniper is gonna basically recreate what she saw….

    “Okay…okay, cool…*gasps*…OH MY GAW…WHOA!!! OH MY GAHD THAT IS SO FXXKING SICK!!! OH MY GAHD!!! SOOOO FXXKING SICK!!! SWEEEEEET!!! 😀 WHA…What is he doing..Is he hanging eight???!!!OH….HOLY SHXX!!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!! GO DOG GO!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!”

    Okay…now I’ll go wash my mouth out with soap, brb!! 😛

  32. Haha dude I think it’s totally real, seriously, the guy on the game is just moving forward and lining up with that ramp and everything. I’ve played that game before and you don’t really wipe out, you just keep bouncing off walls, moving forward, and when you jump you at least do some kind of trick without even trying. The guy jumps every time you step on the back of the board. So yeah, looks like he’s really doing it! haha I don’t know about that last spin, unless the dog was actually spinning without any help, that part was probably done for him.

  33. Awwww, puppeh!

  34. Little dude is rippin’ up the halfpipe !!!!!!!!!

  35. Adorabullz says:

    Aww, my bulldog is afraid of skateboards… they make too much noise.

  36. dude i hope that is real b/c that dog is friggin sickkk

  37. He is “playing” the game, however that’s kind of misleading. He’s definitely triggering the jumps and moves etc, but he’s not actually steering the skater. This Tony Hawk game is basically on rails, you don’t control the skater directly but you use the board controller to trigger jumps and tricks and occasionally chose one of multiple paths to travel down.

    He’s playing the game, however its not quite as hard as it looks 🙂

    Still awesome though.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    That made me smile! I saw a bulldog on the news once who was actually zooming around for real on skateboard! He seemed to be having a blast as does this dog.

  39. 5^^now8ing says:

    One more awwww puppeh from me!

  40. that’s totally coolio dawg!

  41. uprightcitizenx says:

    Srsly, LizzieCat, what IS it with Bullies and Skateboards? Rob Dyrdeck’s (skateboarding legend) English Bulls squabble over who gets to ride. I have seen vids of others with the same passion… Is it their build/ low center of gravity/love of ‘retard freakout time’? Anyone have any insight?

  42. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    uprightcitizenx …..
    ‘retard freakout time’ made me just belly laugh…good way to start the day…THANKS!

  43. lol.. ‘retard freakout time’
    are kids really saying that, or did you just make that up?
    i’ll have to try that on my neices and nephews on thanksgiving

    [Our kids aren’t saying that. – Ed.]

  44. As the owner of a bullie, I’m gonna go with “retard freak-out time” 🙂 The skateboarding dogs rock and bulldogs are AWESOME!!!

  45. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey hey HEY!!! Do we REALLY need to start tossing the R-word around? I know you’re not using it as a name-callling tactic, but I had a sister with Autism! She was smarter than most of her class but she still got called that! It’s like using the N-word!

    Really, people! 😡

  46. So cool! I refuse to believe it’s fake.

    I have autism and I’m not offended by the word “retard.” I’m sorry about your sister, though, Juniper.

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Either you weren’t called it, or you have thicker skin, Melissa.

    But why are you sorry? I thought she was a great sister. I never thought it was disease, like everybody else seems to think…more of a quirk with her, lol. I always hated it because she was put in with the remedial kids (and even they didn’t get deserved to be called the r-word) and she was there for “behaviorial issues” (she couldn’t sit still) and folks with Autism need to be in environments that are enriching, not regressing. She would’ve loved this site. BIG cute animal fan. 😛

  48. that wass hella cool! i wish my dog could do that…*jelousy*