According to Sender Inners Lan and Heather T., these are Bubble Eye Goldfish, taken and COEX Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea. “We haven’t named it yet, but I think we’ll leave it you at CuteOverload. You can think up of way cuter names than we ever could. It’s of the same fish, and the 2nd photo is after it ran into something sharp and got deflated. It’s not hurt. It just re-inflates itself after a while.”

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  1. Weird! And cute? Hmm.

  2. Those fish always make me nervous – I’m afraid they’ll pop their eye sacs! That aside, yay for getting goldfish on CO. People underestimate them because of that “three second memory span” myth. They’re actually highly intelligent and have a proven memory span of at least several months. They don’t just mindlessly school with each other; they form preferences for each other, even friendships, and they’re very interested in their humans. Wonderful animals who just don’t get enough respect!

  3. needapuppy says:

    Jeepers Creepers?

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    I think we should call them *JAZZ EYED!* fish.

  5. disappointed there isn’t a cute hover text?
    I would love an aquarium of these cuties.

    [Already fixed! – Ed.]

  6. resriechan says:

    I second QoD’s “Jazz-Eyes!” idea.

    Or you could intellectualize the concept, just a bit, by naming one fish “Bob” and the other fish “Fosse”!!!!

  7. NO WAY!!!!!!

    I call Dizzy Gillespie:

  8. It’s kind of weirding me out that when the one side deflated it misalligned his eyeball. lol. Poor guy, hope it’s reinflated by now!

  9. Once A Fish says:


  10. Once A Fish says:

    Oh, and Ed. people….

    Don;t you mean GOOD COD?

    [Look again. – Ed.]

  11. Ugh… I really hate these mutated fish that look like they struggle to even live. It sounds like they’re in a good home though.

    They should be named Hubba & Bubba

  12. @ theresa – sounds good! i’d step it up a notch tho

    Mr. Dizzy Von Puffington, Esquire

  13. Andi from NC says:

    It’s like a cartoon only real – freaky….

  14. He totally reminds me of Beaker!

    [Whoa, what’s he doing on a Linux blog? 😆 (I use Crunchbang myself, from a bootable USB flash drive… huh, maybe I am Randall Munroe 😕 ) – Ed.]

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. Now I’m torn between my idea and Resrie’s Bob and Fossie. And Theresa’s. We could call them Fishie Gillespie. I’m confused and don’t know what to do. Do I win a calendar? (help me. walls are bumping into me)

  16. QoD, either way, they are definitely JAZZ FISH.

  17. QoD: perhaps, as it’s an Aquarium facility, they have six of these fishy guys/gals & they’ll use all six ideas!!!

  18. Seeing these bred-to-the-extreme fish always makes me sad. The bags under the eyes are very vulnerable and cumbersome for the fish, which cannot swim properly or see their surroundings. If breed design of similarly extreme proportions was seen in for example dogs, it would be banned immediately (and there already are some very extreme breeds out there).

    I still think it’s good that Cute Overload posts also controversial material, because I believe people who come here are genuine animal lovers and will want to know when the “cute” is actually harmful to their pets and once informed, will avoid it.

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Yes, they are! You GO fish!!! Puff out your cheeks! Bring it home! Eyeballs, eyeballs!

  20. @ Zaferina: VERY nice!!! A+++++++ AND extra credit points, as WELL!!!!!!

  21. I’m voting with Theresa. This is tewtally Dizzy Gillespie. Here’s another pic, for further supporting evidence:


  22. I vote for Googily and Moogily. Because my first thought on seeing the photos was “Great Googily-Moogily!”

    I have to agree with merino, however. Some of the extremes to which domestic pets are bred are frightening, absurd, and harmful to the animals. The poor critters can never quite lead a normal, comfortable life, even with a great deal of assistance from humans.

  23. Judging by the look on it’s face, you should really name it “Herp derp”.

  24. Come on peoples. I’ve raised all sorts of goldfish. They all swim, eat and poop. Bubble-eyes can do that as well as any other goldie.

    The only thing controversial with them is they’ve got too much of teh qte!

  25. Velma and Roxie!

  26. Marty Feldman

  27. This is obviously a man made creation. I can see no evolutionary benefit to having this large and obviously vulnerability. Are there any wildlife biologists in the crowd?

  28. I just realized … on this comment thread, we haven’t had a comment from “Googlie Eyes”, a Regular Commenter at CO. THAT would be a Specialist Consultation, direct from the Details Department, no?

  29. They’re like retarded Muppet fish.

  30. The more I think about it the more I like Dizzy GILLespie — bwahahaha! (Sorry; I just got the GILL part now and had to come back and comment on it. I’m a little slow this morning.) Theresa, you’re my hero.

    Hmmm… riffing on the GILLespie theme, I think Googly GILLespie would work, too. Or Kissy GILLespie, if this goldfish is of the kissing type. If he’s modern and inclined to fame, he could just go by the one name, GILLespie. The original, Dizzy GILLespie, is especially apt if he swims in circles.

  31. Bookmonstercats says:

    Respects to Theresa, and props to QoD’s Jazz Eyes. Our tropical fish know me, because I often feed them, so they get excited and flick the surface water with their tails when I approach their tank.

    I’m not a marine biologist, but perhaps there is an evolutionary benefit for them being able to do this, because it makes them look much bigger than they are and might frighten off potential predators. Just sayin’. I could be wrong.

  32. Cute and weird?

    Maybe the mutation makes the fish look bigger, therefore scaring away predators? We don’t really understand the whys and wherefores of a lot of the weird and wonderful stuff in nature… The fishies are cute, though, in a disturbing sort of way…

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Bookmonstercats! Maybe it’s a mating thing. You know how guys always want to appear bigger. (oops. wow. that could be interpreted in so many ways. I’m not trying to go all fish porn.) I just mean bigger to fight off competitors. For the attention of the female fish…crap. Bye.

  34. How about GEE and ROSS!

    As in, that’s not cute, it’s gee ross!

  35. Hey guys, I’m a marine biologist, and I can definitely tell you that these were bred by humans. There are goldfish called fancy goldfish, including those “puff eye” goldfish and other oddities. Fancy goldfish are much more delicate, prone to disease and generally not as hardy as the “normal” goldfish, for lack of a better way to describe them!

    However, it looks like these guys are being well looked after, and as long as they’re in a tank with other fancy types, then they’ll be fine. The second lopsided picture made me laugh a bit! Hope you guys find some good names for them 😀

  36. D:
    I think he’s a darling.
    Reminds me of popeyed goldfish

  37. My first thought? Popeye.

  38. Corir – too funny, I didn’t see your submish until I sent mine in!

  39. Jess&Friends says:

    Would “Popcorn Face” be too long of a name?
    Also, OMC, do they blink!? I want to live with them in their underwater paradise. To South Korea!

  40. cupcakeswirl says:

    perhaps you could name them Om and Nom?

  41. Awww, poor deformed goldfish. Must be a drag to have such a strangely-shaped body.

  42. “If you don’t take me to the mall I’m gonna hold my breath for everandeverand everandever!”

    1 min. later..

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    I vote for Popeye and Dizzy.

  44. Check out the scary baby figurine in the tank! No wonder these guys look so worried.

    (note: I am not trying to start any baby-nuffing!)

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Katey: Whoa. I would not nuff babies either but I didn’t notice that weird thing in the tank until you mentioned it. Then I looked again and…yikes! I think you may be right. That thing is like something out of a nightmare.

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    New Tag: Disapproving really angry baby toy in tank of LSD, weird, Alice in Wonderland trippi-ness. I can only hope that thing won’t come to life at night, climb out of the tank after holding his breath all day, and cause utter chaos and drama like Chuckie did.

  47. I agree… “Great Googily-Moogily!”

    We had fish like this as I was growing up. They caused me nightmares. I’d have them in my fish tank now if it wasn’t for that. They’re cool/unique looking – just the type of fish I like to have.

  48. That 2nd pic was me last Friday after a week of 10-11hr days straight at work.

  49. lol queen of dork, fish porn. . . . .

  50. @ QoD: wow, your powers of description are QUITE precise!!! And effective!!!!

  51. Tantrumming goldfish: gonna hold my breath til I turn blue!

  52. A. Non Ymous says:

    Insane in the membrane, indeed. Nice one, Meg.

    How about Mooby?

  53. Hmmmm….it must be me, but I think all animals are beautiful, worthy of life, and entitled to a life of happiness in a furebber hoem….(come to think of it, I feal the samest way about peeps…….!) O.o…… Kthnxbai…..

  54. I think I’ve got it. The owners only have one of these fish, not a pair, yes? So here it is…the Best Name:


  55. needapuppy nailed it.

  56. Brandi, wow, thanks for posting that video. I won’t get in to it all here but just wow. Heartbreaking and angering.

    That kind of thing happens w/ fish too though, but people don’t see it the same bc they see fish as “just fish”. Take guppies for example. Most guppies now have been so inbred to have the colors and tails they do, that they’re just hard to own b/c they die prematurely. It’s the same for many other fish out there.

  57. I christen thee: Marty Feldman.

  58. dewicasgwent says:

    I’m trying to find the cartoon where there are two goldfish one holding all the water and the other saying ‘stop holding your breath’

  59. I refuse to beleive this is real!

  60. Ooooh!!! *waves arms* I have the perfect name!!! *waves arms more frantically*
    Pick me!! Pick me!!!
    Ready??? *looks around*
    Here goes:
    “Poor Sad Little Deformed Mutant Fish!!”
    Too long?????
    Seriously though, aren’t there cuter things about gold fish that scientists could spend their time improving???? Maybe make them sparklier? Give them a little scaled iridescent unifish horn? Teach them to grant wishes?
    But giant boogly eyeballs? *looks through papers* Not on the list.

  61. Upon further review, doesn’t she look like she is holding her breath with great strain and conviction?

  62. Since no one has said it: The eyes have it!
    *sound of crickets*
    *sigh* Oh well…
    How about: Eye-eye-Captain?
    *Even the crickets are shaking their heads*
    *sighs again and shuffles off with hands in pockets and head down*
    I got nuttin’! 😦

  63. *giggles @ Lerrinus* cute!

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi ButtaRumCake!!!! 🙂

  65. Bookmonstercats says:

    QoD, LOL at your confusion. Can you imagine hoomin guys… well, never mind….

    Imjbre, thanks for the update. I wouldn’t actually buy these fish for fear of propagating the “species”, or otherwise, I would buy them, to give them a good life… now I’M confused.

    Dr Anne, I doubt they’d need something sharp to bump into, they could deflate just bumping into the glass… I take your point, but they obviously have a good life.

  66. gross and grosser. blech.

  67. The Other Bryn says:

    Whoa. Those goldfish pouchy things seem kind of NSFW. Guess that’s why they’re posted on Sunday.

  68. “yip yip” and “uh-huh, uh-huh”

    They remind me of those sesame street martians: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fQaj31Wtko

  69. elledoubleyou says:

    Blorp and Bloop!

  70. Bubble-eye goldfish FTW! I had them for pets when I was young. 🙂

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    I vote for elledoubleyou’s Blorp and Bloop! Too cool!

  72. This makes my eyeballs hurt.

  73. Holy carp! hahaha….

    I feel surprised just looking at them! I love the second picture…where he ran into something and got deflated! Oh the insanity….

  74. Those balloon eyed things are actual fishies? They’re too comical to be real!

  75. kiki willow says:

    Second picture? Yeah, Studio Ghibli is on the phone. Miyazaki has a role you’d be great for. No audition. Just show up on set and flail around a little bit.

  76. marissakmelton says:

    Googly and Moogly! Absoloogly!
    (but wait — are there three?)

  77. Did the aquarium not name them??

  78. Name one truffle & one shuffle. The truffle shuffle from the Goonies is the best tribute to chubbiness haha.

  79. I’m coming late to this game, but I can tell you that “Dizzy Gillespie” was the first thing that came into MY mind. I see that a dozen or so people have beat me to it, though.

    The “gill” part is sheer serendipity.

  80. Justahannah says:

    If those things pop it’s not a simple matter of re-inflating, they’re at risk of potentially deadly infection (open wounds right by the eye/brain) until they heal (happened a lot at a petstore I worked for)…it’s really important to make sure there’s absolutely nothing rough/sharp/pointy in the tank with them and if one does pop to do lots of water changes to keep the water clean as possibly. They also need to be kept with other slow-moving fancy goldies since the sacks make them less aerodynamic (hydro-dynamic?), and it’s super easy for other fishes to out-compete them for food. I always feel sorry for these guys, they got the short end of the selective breeding stick.

  81. I dub thee ‘Splodeydope’. Cause only a dopey fish could asplode like that.

  82. Ummm…I used to HATE the bulgy eyed fish and they would make me avoid looking at that tank at the pet store at all costs….and this one looks like they’re gonna pop and ooze all over the place eeeeewww!

  83. Hubba & Bubba seem perfect names

  84. googlie eyes says:

    How about Shock and Awe? Too political?

  85. i vote for blorp and glorp. or Florencia and Albondigo.

  86. The baby face in the tank brings to mind “Brazil.” Disturbing.

  87. uprightcitizenx says:

    @ am: “yiiip,yiiip. Brrrring!!! Uh-huh, uh-huh… telephoooone! Yiiiip! BRIIIING!!!!

  88. I’m not nuffing, I just find them to be very unappealing. Can’t see anything at all cute about those pictures, but I guess tastes vary, eh? I’ll stick to kitten, ferrets, bunnies and… well… fuzzy, adorable things with medium-sized eyeballs that don’t inflate and deflate. If I’d name them, I guess it’d be… Oogle and Google.

  89. Hm, I prefer fur over fish, but I have to second Resrie’s “Bob and Fossie” suggestion namewise.
    Although Googly and Moogly sound cute too!

  90. “iFish.”

  91. Nice one T.U.M.! 🙂

  92. Resriechan says:

    ( 🙂 Thanks, Aysha!!!)

  93. “Um, Doctor Evil, your sacs looks a little uneven today…”

    “You know, Goldmember, I don’t think that’s something one dude should say to another dude. Yeah, a little creepy.”

  94. Weirdly cute, definitely. I personally call these ‘Poof-i’ fish. I vote for Googly, Moogly and Dizzy-G for the names. One last thing-I totally vote that creepy-looking statue/doll/whatever out of the tank entirely, I actually saw it before the fish and got really weirded out. Weird is my favorite word today ’cause it breaks the “I before E except after C” rule, kinda like the fish do in a big, poofy way.

  95. Gross. Poor things.

  96. Blorpy

    [Hmm, yes. Tag added. – Ed.]

  97. C.O.:
    I wanted to thank you all for posting the things you do. People may not agree with all the things you post – but that’s actually a GOOD thing. { Personally, I never really understood why people liked these kind of fish until I read the comments and shared in the laughter here ~ now I’m finding them adorable as well! }
    See, a lot of what people find aesthetically pleasing is conditioned by experience and the reactions of the social circles they frequent. But by opening one’s mind to new viewpoints, you can find Cute and Awesome in whole new things; it’s just a matter of being willing to try to see something through someone else’s {obviously blorptacular} eyes. O^.^O
    So thank you for what you do; helping us all learn to love and find the cute in ALL our odd and nifty lil’ earth-neighbors. (Love your neighbor, right? Especially if he has cheeks that would make trumpet players green with envy…)
    (P.S. I know this may not make it to the comments. I don’t care. ^_^ As long as it gets to Teh Editrz. )

  98. Nice ideas for naming these little fellows! I thought Popeye was hilarious, but also Hubba&Bubba were great!

    One more suggestion: Bagpike.

  99. Googly googly googly eyes….

  100. I see that there is nearly a vegan vs. omnivore conversation budding here, and find it very interesting. With fishies like this, I just try to remind myself that most of the initial breeding was done long before animal rights started to really have any pull, and now we’re stuck with a tank of beautifully cute and quirky gold fish that need our love and care to live happy, long lives. Personally, I have a Calico Ryuikin named Shoe (because he’s about as smart as one :D) that I love and dote on. He’s slow moving and gawky, but I always make sure he gets the food and space that he needs (he’s in a 30 gal tank so he can grow nice and big). It’s all about treating these cuties to a good home once you have them. I know we could argue all day about how much space bettas can/should live in, but isn’t it nice just to know how many animal lovers are out there giving them good homes and long lives?
    That said – I love the Bubble-Eyes! They always look worried and a little bashful to me… or perhaps like they have horrible sinus colds. I shall call him Snuffles.

  101. platedlizard says:

    Fun fact, when these types of fancy goldfish were originally bred they were kept in small ponds or large ceramic bowls since they didn’t have glass aquariums back then. That’s why they look like that, to make them appear attractive from above.

    If I ever get any I will put them in one of those coffee table aquariums for that reason.

  102. Sad

  103. I dont think theyre creepy, they look so funny and cute!!


  104. Kind of icky and not very cute, but then again I think it’s because the misaligned eyeball on the second picture post-deflation is freaking me out.

  105. i just named the feeshe: eye blorp

  106. Bubble & Bobble!

  107. Dan Reeves says:

    I’m gonna go short & sweet with names for these two fish.

    Here ya go.

    Bubbles and Bubblicious.

    Nuff said.

  108. Hangover!

  109. McGooglesons.

  110. Omg, what is wrong with those fish??

  111. I think one should be named Jeepers and the other one Creepers. Yep.

  112. @ first pic:
    “I’m going to keep staring outside the tank until that creepy baby vanishes”
    @ second:
    “Dude check out that person! hahahaha their face man, their face! Maybe if we get closer… oh wait… glass…” (other fish) “lol”

    or maybe even “hey lady, watch me flex these bubbles eh?” “yeah you know you like ’em” hehe

    as for names? double bubble an bubble trouble. These two look like they have a tally going for the amount of funny faces they can pull ^-^

    ah I’m crazy *jumps to another page* bb all : )

  113. thats just disturbing

  114. they remind me of Ponyo. name one of them that haha 🙂

  115. I think I have to second googly and moogly. That made me lol big time. If you do have three though (I see three in the tank) I think Dizzy is VERY appropriate, and also I love jazz : )