Bunday, comfortabuhls Bunday

Bunday, comfortabuhls Bunday!

Sender Inner Heather H. sez: “I’m a bus driver and while at the University of Victoria exchange, I like to make friends with the hundreds of resident bunnies. In the spring there are tons of softball sized bunnies who like to get nuzzled. My passengers wonder why I’m always carrying produce behind my seat.”




  1. Vampire bunny?! What’s with the red mark?

  2. Aaaaaw, and is that one bunny “yours” ?

    What a beautiful baby ^_^ !!

  3. Nice jugs. I mean, buns. I mean… oh dear.

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    He looks really soft and Bunderful!

  5. awwwwwwwwwwww

  6. You could categorize this “Buns ‘n Racks” but that sounds like a name of a 50’s men’s magazine.

  7. Anonymous Female says:

    Although I think this picture is super cute (I love bun buns!), I am kind of sick of the recent run of “animals n’ racks.” I don’t know if I’m offended or if I’m just sick of seeing boobs, but there ya go.

    [This isn’t a recent thing, y’know; Cats’N’Racks (and similar) is a longstanding Cute Overload tradition. – Ed.]

  8. Awww, baby rabbit fur is *so* soft.

    On another note, with her colouring and that shirt, perhaps a cream or beige bun would accessorise better, mmm?

  9. *snerk* ain’t no boobs in this pic. Lady is very modest.

  10. kibblenibble says:

    What a sweet bun. Wanna put heem in my rack…

  11. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That is so freaking unfair. I wanna live somewhere where tons of random bunnies wander around so you can love them!

  12. I for one love seeing, and celebrating, boobs. And bunnies!

    *also stuffs a small rabbit in her decolletage*

  13. They want to be cuddled and I want to cuddle them! It’s perfect! Now I have to figure out how to get to U of Victoria in the spring.

    /softball-sized! squeeeeeeeee!

  14. my god, i never thought i’d see a bunny that was NOT disapproving!!

  15. I want a bun to stuff down my shirt, too! *pout*

  16. The Cats ‘n’ Racks tradition will continue forever! We’re happy to augment the tradition with other cute and fuzzy anipals.

    You have this Blondie’s stamp of approval! 🙂

  17. agreed… What’s a rack for, if not to make a comfy pillow for small cute creatures.

  18. @Blondie – I swear I first read “cute and fuzzy nipples” 😀 Need to wear my glasses more! Yay for anipals ‘n’ racks I say!

  19. I agree with KittyMarthaPoo, I wanna live where the buns run free for me to cuddle!

  20. Maureen in Victoria says:

    Anotha shout out to the Bunnies of UVic! Hoorah! (They’re actually a bit of a nuisance. Cute nuisance, but nuisance nonetheless.)

    I wouldn’t say that this is a Buns ‘n’ Racks so much as it is a bunny being kept warm in the collar of the shirt of someone who happens to be a woman. [blanks] ‘n’ Racks is slightly more gratuitous, with much more cleavage. You don’t even get cleavage in the Cute-hance shot, so don’t bother nuffing on this one, as it’ll be apparent that you’re simply nuffing for nuffing’s sake.

  21. doforanimals says:

    Finally, a tasteful Buns ‘n’ Racks (!) Kudos to kewtiful bun-bun and awesome sender inner Heather for friending and feeding the bunnehs.

  22. I’ve seen the UVic bunnehs in person! A reason alone to seek higher education.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    I too would like to live somewhere with lots of buns running around free. There used to be lots of buns here in the desert at certain times of the year. (although you couldn’t really get close to them). There also used to be toads but I haven’t seen any in years. I don’t know what happened to them but they seem to be gone. Maybe they were just a fluke that first year I lived here in the Mojave.

  24. I have to chime in and say I support small mammals n “racks”. Why?
    a) because for the dirty minded out there the animals aren’t sexualising the racks – they’re just soft and warm beds to them and they have every right to be there and its all innocent;
    b) that’s where they go when you cuddle them – male or female.
    I think of myself as relatively PC, but getting offended by this…its like you’re looking for something to take exception to! Pick on another blog, this one brings so much good to the world! AND picking on this chick for her rack shot is incredibly sexist AND pointless – she’s made no attempt to display said rack and in fact I would suggest it is more a buns n throat image. I do think there’s a bit of a contact reaction going on here – is she mildly allergic?

  25. “Hundreds of resident bunnies” . . . sigh . . .

  26. @Zuzzie #18. ROTFLMAO! OMG, I scared the cat laughing…

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: You have a fascinating website. It’s fun to look at, makes me curious and hungry all at the same time.

  28. I have to go to unemployment class tomorrow. It would be much more tolerable if I could bring a small bun with me. He could nest himself in my bosom. I don’t mind.

  29. janet2buns says:

    It’s too bad UVic hasn’t solved their feral rabbit problem yet. Such sweet bunnehs should have their own permanent indoor homes, where snuggling in warm racks could keep them safe. Racks for all bunnehs, I say!

  30. @Melinda – good luck on your job search, my friend. I’ll be unemployed a week tomorrow *sigh*

    …but *adjusts glasses to look on the bright side* at least I can look at CO while I’m job-hunting and not feel guilty about it LOL

  31. QoD, oh, you’re sweet. Now I feel guilty for being a bad blogger. 😥

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: At least you are a blogger. I really don’t even know what the heck that word b.l.o.g. means or what it stands for. 🙂

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Melinda and ButtaRumCake: I’m sending you positive vibes for successful job searches and many, many prayers!!!!

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    PS – Nothing to do with anything again…I just finished mopping my kitchen floor. Thank God for the fact that I have a really small kitchen.

  35. Blog = web log


  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Blondie: oohhh! oh. (he-he. *blush* I feel silly) he-he.

  37. So… wait… this means there are just a ton of wild bunnies out there that nevertheless like to snuggle!? WOW!

    Where is this? How do I go there?

  38. @ButtaRumCake- I’m sorry to hear about your unemployment- I’m going on two weeks now, But you are right- CO makes the job hunt at least a lot more tolerable when you can have some Cute breaks. And Queen of Dork, thanks for the words of encouragement! 🙂

  39. OMG one of our Uvic bunnies! I go there! Cutest bunnies in the world.

  40. lol I was brought here by Mystery Google. And I just added this site to my favorites lol!

    I love this website, haha 😀

    [Mystery Google is like a box of chocolates… 😉 – Ed.]

  41. for your next mission, click link and comment, wait for further instructions http://cuteoverload.com/?id=j9uzk4908490g1ymcdm7momlxd3j3y

    I wonder what my next mission is 😉

  42. The Shazinator says:

    I’ve seen these bunnies in person, too. They’re everywhere! They’re all pretty healthy, too. Victoria has a very mild climate, so the bunnies stay warm enough in the winter. 🙂 I just wish Victoria wasn’t such a long ferry ride away!! (I live near Vancouver.)

  43. Von Zeppelin says:

    Buttarumcake, Melinda–blessings and bunnies to you both. Been there and done that. I hope you have good and caring people in the real world to support you at this difficult time.

  44. needapuppy says:

    yes, definitely– best wishes to all seeking employment

  45. I went to UVic for four years and the best thing I got there (besides my boyfriend) are our two rabbits, both campus rescues. (One very certainly a recent drop-off.)

    Now they happily hop in our home, both neutered and receiving of daily cuddles.

    UVic’s feral rabbit problem is one that won’t be easy to solve but they are definitely going in the right direction now by actually looking to solve it, rather than ignoring it.

  46. UVic is bunny HEAVEN! Be sure to follow Stewart the UVic Bunny on Twitter @uvicbunny

  47. The best was when I saw a big UVic sport jock bending over trying to rub a bun saying “I just want to give it a cuddle…”

  48. Bundelicious.

  49. But, be aware, buns n’ racks comes with a price-see the scratch marks on her neck? Not for the faint of heart. And, try as they might, the bun-buns do not ‘lift and seperate’.

  50. I was just thinking how much better the workday would be if I had a bunneh or kitten tucked in my blouse.

    Happeh bun is happeh.

  51. hey…aren’t the cute animals stuffed in racks pictures sort of overdone recently..i m quite sick of them honestly….

  52. I’m surprised her neck was that gently scratched- my bun and rack photos inevitably end up with tiny gashes all over my chest courtesy of three bunnies with perpetually sharp toes. 😉

  53. if I were in high school, I’d totally apply to Uvic just for the buns

  54. I wanna go to U Vic now too – yaay team buns!

  55. @Buttarumcake and Melinda –

    Adding my good wishes. I’ve been made redundant twice and, while it was hell to go through at the time, both occaisions also turned out to be very positive as they allowed me to bust out of a rut and re-make my life. The first time gave me the impetus and time to get out of an industry that I really wasn’t comfortable in, study part-time and eventually move into a completely different sector. The second one was just over a year ago and I managed to walk away from what had become a frankly abusive workplace, collected enough money to fund a bit of a make-over and walked into another job that’s less demanding, has considerably less vicious office politics, and pays more. Wishing you the same luck, and remember that you are worth it and you do have skills that they need. You’ve just got to convince yourself first.

  56. Anonymous Bunny Wary Person says:

    Cute as they are, and while many of them can be friendly, I wouldn’t really recommend picking up or petting them UVic bunnies.

    They are, for all intents and purposes, wild animals, some several generations removed from their pet bunny ancestors. Which means, many of them would not think twice about biting, scratching, and passing along parasites, diseases, and other nasties.

    So… Snuggle at your own risk!

    […Anya? Is that you?? – Xander]

  57. fifthsonata says:

    That is the happiest looking bunny I’ve ever seen!

    I wish I lived in a place where bunnies liked people. All I have are gigantic fat squirrels with no tails and these crazy chipmunk-looking things with spots. Cute, but I’m not fast enough to catch them!

    Though there is this beautiful black kitty whom I see everyday outside of the window of Dominos when I’m walking on campus ….how cute is it to see a huge guy, about 6’4″, with the stature of a football player, feeding a pepperoni to a timid little black cat? I hope one day to get it on camera…

  58. @The Shazinator 😦 I know what you mean 😦 I live in Coquitlam and that is even farther to go to Vancouver Island

  59. Daphne Moss says:

    How could anyone disapprove of a live chest warmer of this type?
    I’d love to see this trend become universally accepted so I could wear a baby bunneh to work in my shirt.
    What is more worrisome to me *speaks as she dons a flak jacket* is seeing just how acceptable wearing fur is now. I had hoped we might agree that it’s all nicer on the original owner.

  60. bunnies make me have to poo!

  61. @ Teresa – I’m in Surrey, so I’m a LEEETLE closer than you, but not much!

  62. Oh my gosh! I lived in Victoria up ’til last year and I think I know that driver. :O Small world!

    Adorable bun too… And yeah, they are absolutely EVERYWHERE there. Warm weather + no predators + stupid irresponsible owners = bunfest.


  64. @The Shazinator 🙂 Nice to know that you live not far from me 🙂

  65. UVic bunny pride! The best baby bunnies around.