The Lap Shot

People, it’s about time we addressed this.

It’s called “The lap shot.” This image is a great example—we get a beellion submishes of people putting their kitteh/bunneh/pup on their lap and taking a photo. I think it’s time we acknowledge this pose. Officially. It’s like posing next to a log, or posing at the prom.

Welcome to the vernacular, Lap Shot.


“Pancho Villa” the Yorkeh Lap Shot brot to you by Claribel O.




  2. it’s a baby ewok 🙂
    so cute!

  3. Bookmonstercats says:

    Prepare to repel boarders…..

  4. Mini privacy… fluff.

  5. OMG, he said b****es!!! Is he a stoat?

  6. “Thank you for my lap.”

    (While pupster’s really thinking: It’s my lap. Deal with it!”)

  7. Why yes, I do covet that doggie, why do you ask?

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. I’m getting a bit dizzy. Also, BEEP!

  9. It’s an EBUL ewok done joined the dark side! Rawr!

  10. He should be called Eddie Munster.

  11. Who poses next to a log?

  12. Da nose! *thud*

  13. Yay! I’m so happy they posted this it made my day ❤

  14. Perfectly blended and super dramatic eyeshadow!! *faints*

  15. nose beep!

  16. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, who’s been tuuuurtled? You! Yes, YOU’ve been turtled!

  17. Whoa, lap shot and ‘tocks locked and loaded..

  18. what babies?

  19. fish eye no miko says:

    @beeeerg: Eh? Where’s the baby in this picture?

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    Huh? Just a cute beepable nose puppers. (?) Although he/she pups looks like a sweet little baby.

  21. He was a puppy in this pic…is that against the rules? :O

  22. resriechan says:

    perhaps Beerg is either:

    a) a tad intoxicated? (note the screenname?)
    b) simply missing the Nuff’s which aren’t happening today????

    I’m probably inkeerect, in my assessment…….

    [Or (c) missing – Ed.]

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: You could be keerect. But I know we don’t have to concern ourselves. Theo has “thick skin and sharp claws” and will do whatever is necessary.

  24. New category!

  25. jenniflower74 says:

    As a proud yorkie momma, this is maybe one of the cutest posts EVER. Sooooooooooooooo prosh!

  26. the bug man says:

    Perhaps beeeerg just knows a lot of babies that need to shave.

  27. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m with Rachael & caligirl — most beepable nose ever! Love it!

  28. Nicolletta says:

    Don’t get it wet and don’t feed it after midnight. 😉

  29. Mrs. Lackey says:

    Hey, if you ignore the fact that meester Macpupersons is lying in someones lap… he looks like he’s about to deliver a “Flying Karate Kick”

  30. Can I get me some of his shampoo? Cuz I know I want hair so healthy it shines! lol

  31. ‘Tocks up, li’l pup!

  32. Lemme try the new vernacular. I’d like the chocolate caramel swirl Lap Shot topped with rosette pawsesesz, please! Nevermind, I’m doing it wrong.

  33. Nose beep!

    (Aside: where’s my Caturday special?!?)

  34. Paging QoD… feeling faint…. room going dark…. pupuelnt floofiness spinning, beepable nose swirling, button eyes dragging me in… *Thud*

  35. Comes to, shaking head gingerly… catches sight of triangular earsies, upturned pawsies, and majour xtreme cuteness… sinks to knees, one last glimpse of silky fur… all goes dark again…. Thud.

  36. Jess&Friends says:

    Yay to the new “Lap” category!!! Time to celebrate!!!!
    P.S. Yes those exclamation points are necessary.

  37. babies, ew! heh heh. I guess somebody got shown out *cough beerg cough*

  38. There seriously needs to be more Yorkie pics like this. It makes my heart melt to see a bebe Yorkie cause I miss my mom’s. :3;;

  39. needapuppy says:

    You just know that the next move is a play mouth snap & scrabbling paws at any hands that try to move him.

  40. JavaThePup says:

    I am so thrilled to be able to say “i was there” at the birth of a new category!

    Yay Lap Shot!

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Wend: Nurse Stef on duty.

    *smelling salts to Wend. (she seems to require extra strength). Compresses applied. Hands Wend a puppy and a bunny. That should do the trick.*

    (moves along) squeak, squeak, squeak….

  42. UberCuteyDoggyDavid says:

    Oh wowzza! OMGPONIES!!!! Where can I grab meez a Pancho Villa!!!

  43. I want to live in a house where there are names like Claribel and Pancho Villa and teensy little yorkies lounging in laps…

  44. Thank you, Nurse Stef. The sound of your squeaky shoes is comfort to all our ears. I admit I am partial to grinning Yorkies in laps. They tend to hit me extra hard.
    ‘Preciate the bun and pup “medication”. Just what the Dr.(or in this case, Nurse) ordered.

  45. theotherMolly says:

    What the. . .that’s MY dog’s name! I’ve never heard of another dog named Pancho Villa.

  46. *ded again*

  47. Dear Nurse Stef: You are always around when we need you, thank you for your important service to our Peepdom. There has never been such an important squeak. It is “Teh squeak heard round the world”.

  48. Esther Sassaman says:

    I am just here to say: PAWS UP!

  49. [puts his paws in the air]
    [waves them like he just don’t care]

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: Thanks!
    ButtaRumCake: Wake up! you cannot be ded. You are too vital to our job here to help ded cute peeps.

  51. theotherMolly really?? lol

  52. I am totally getting one of these little fur balls in less than 2 weeks squeeee

  53. It looks like a tiny little bear!

  54. OK, I understand the rackless non-cats CATegory, but what happens if you got a pic of a cat in a lap? hmmmm?
    Doggies all like – I know I is cute, no let me up!

  55. Posing next to a log? Is that a reference to Iam Thelog on facebook? Something kind of like this?

  56. duda back says:

    meu deuss !! qe kut kutt !! *——————–*