Pug in a sweateuw, pug in a sweateuw

[clears throat] Juicy-eyed pug in a sweateuw, Juicy-eyed pug in a sweateuw, Juicy-eyed pug in a sweateuw!


That is all, Brittany W.



  1. /involuntary cooing noise

  2. OMG! *THUD* Passes out from teh qte!

  3. Jennifer Bell says:

    Everything is mini but her head!!!! SO CUTE

  4. OMG….. what a way to cheer up my day! Adorable!

  5. Yep, definitely passes the cuteness test. Love the facial expression! Cheered up my day too.

  6. I love how the entire room is reflected in her eyes.

  7. Goodness, that’s cute!

  8. Look at those beautiful, glassy eyes!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Floppy triangle earses, shiny black nosicle *beep boop*


  10. (Him/ Her) so wowwied…….AND so teensy !!!!!

    Also: to QoD: “Nurse Stef; please report to the Cute Emergency Department, stat ! We have ded bodies, piling up again. Nurse Stef, report to Cute Emergency.”

  11. Aw… what a cutie…

    Juicy eyes = Rule of Cuteness #13. Do we have tags for these?

    The most adorable bit for me, though, is that he’s got one eye looking at you, and the other eye looking for you! It’s sort of “cute or sad,” or maybe a variation of “#2: Look Helpless.” I propose that it should be its own Rule of Cuteness, though (proviso: drunken humans are probably an exception).

  12. Awwww. Such a sweet little thing. She doesn’t just need a nose beep–no, this degree of extreme cuteness also demands a little smooch right on the top of her precious head. BEEEEP and smooches to you little cutie!

  13. whoa.

    also, hovertext: should read “lavendeuw”

  14. To The Technical and/ or Glossary Dept:

    Do the Cute Powers What Am (otherwise known as The Ed’s), feel that the Cute Glossary might be enhanced, by the inclusion of the Technical Term “Sweateuw” to the Glossary?

    Or has there been some Bureaucratic Logjam (as opposed, of course, to
    “Toe Jam”–eeuw!! ) preventing the inclusion of this term, “thereunto appertainin'”??????

    Submitted for Your Approval

  15. Nikki, I must go you one better….



    *Scoops up l’il choc’late puppy morsel to nom on de belly*


  16. MyLittlePonyTales says:

    i love knitting! I must knit one someday!

  17. Courtney S. says:

    You must knit one what? A pug or a sweateuw? Or, a pug IN a sweateuw? ‘Cause that would take some real skill, knitting-wise.

  18. Puglet! 🙂

  19. doforanimals says:

    Needed a lift and this helped, thank you. Feeling very squeeshy inside. *ehnnnnn*

  20. Andi from NC says:


  21. awww!

  22. Lookit her little nose! And muzzle pootch! beepie beep! So sweet. I think cowl necks are in this year, so she’s a hip lil’ thang!

  23. dewicasgwent says:

    Dear Ed,

    For the sake of us all I think Resriechan and Queen of Dork, should get a preview so they can get the appropriate aQTE medical care ready


  25. If aliens were to invade earth, they shouldn’t try to pass for human….one “take me to your leader” from this little guy, and earth would be theirs!

  26. (stamping tiny feet) MINE! I tell you!

  27. Daytime Deb — I agree. Only that would be “Take me to your leadeuw.”

  28. PS cowl necks are definitely in this season.
    PPS (THUD)

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    dewicasgwent: I concur.
    Resriechan: I’M HEEEEEERRREEEE!!!!!

  30. QoD, I heard you squeaking.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    *Quickly administers smelling salts to Teresa and hands her a pug*

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Oops! Sorry for the misspelling of your name.

  33. Bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve never seen one this colour before *taps on screen to see if it’s real*

  34. OK, now go find a naked pug.

  35. This reminds me of my all-time favourite, adorable peeeeenk sweateuw! Can we get a re-run, please?

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Is this the site that once posted a sweater somebody made for a little tree? I remember seeing that somewhere and thought it might have been here.

  37. QoD: That pic was pretty viral, I think, but I remember it definitely was here, because my partner emailed the link to me, and thus introduced me to CO!!

  38. AHHH!!!!!!!! -falls out of chair ded-

  39. @Katrina, a NEKKID pug????!!!!!!

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    cath: Yeah! Thank you! Wow. 2006? Where has the time gone? I’m glad you found that. I figured something that redonk MUST have been posted here! 🙂

  41. Poor puppy he looks so embarrased

  42. @Resriechan, don’t underestimate the power of Bureaucratic Toejam. mrgreen

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post but…I’m watching a program on PBS that’s featuring hummingbirds. Their nests are the size of golf balls and their eggs (two to a nest) are the size of jelly beans. JELLY BEANS, peeps! (I love nature). 🙂

    Sorry to get off subject. Sometimes I get carried away. Back to the pug!

  44. She’s pugalicious and her muzzlepouche is perfection. But the juicy eyeballs have destroyed me! *thud*

  45. resriechan says:


    If you will indulge me, in a moment of reflection, it seems that you are experiencing a day of Marvelous Maturity (comments # 24 & 26); (not to mention) one of Profound Philosophy (# 43) !! (Affectionate winky)

    @ QoD (re your Arrival Onscene): “Whew! It’s such a relief, when the specialists arrive!”

  46. resriechan says:

    (PS @ QoD:
    have you applied your skillz to Raiu9 & Rachael? Or should we page additional staff for assistance?)

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Good Heavens! *rushes to the aid of Raiu9 & Rachael. smelling salts immediately administered. ice chips place between lips. Cold compresses to foreheads*
    *squeaks off for more ice chips* (squeak, squeak, squeak)

    Resrie: Take a quick break to check your mail. 😉

  48. resriechan says:

    (@ QoD:
    okeydokey 🙂 !!!Wuz elsewhere for awhile!!)

  49. Once A Fish says:

    Dear Cute Overload people,

    You just made a semi-muscular, multi-tattooed, leather-wearing, often rather threatening-looking man leap from his computer and shout “Guys, it’s another one with a sweateuw! Ya gotta come see this!”

    Wish I had gotten that on camera. Seriously.

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Once A Fish: Yay! I wish you had video-taped that moment! Your comment about it caused my face to be in a smile formation!!!

  51. dewicasgwent says:
  52. Words fail me at this point, melting into a pile of love.

  53. dewicasgwent says:

    Queen of Dork as you like hummingbirds

  54. O.M.G. The.ear.triangles. That is all.

  55. @Resrie, thanks, I get a lot of those. :mrgreen:

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Dewi: I know! I’ve seen this before here and thank you! I do love hummingbirds. Along with all birds! If I could be a bird I would certainly be one that lives in trees rather than a water bird. I’ve always wanted to live in a tree and pretty much did during the summer days as a child.

  57. That’s it, I have officially died from an overload of cute.

  58. resriechan says:

    (uh-oh; it’s a case for QOD!!!!!!! — oops, perhaps she’s on her govt-required Breaktime????)

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Luvsapgug. Come back to us. Come back to us. (Follow the light…the pretty magical lights…brought to you by lightening bugs). *medical staff applies electric shock paddles. (CLEAR!)*

  60. 5^^now8ing says:

    I declare this li’l guy THUDilicious*

    *potentially dangerous Overload of Teh QTE, often requiring aQTE medical care.

    Thanks for the new vocab addition, dewicasgwent!

  61. SO cute. I want one.

    …what’s going on with its right eye? Is poor pup bloodshot?

  62. pugletsrule says:

    @Queen of Dork – these are for you:
    Hummingbird feeding babies


    Hope I did that right 🙂

    Hey you guys – I have NEKKID pugs running through my house as I type this!!!

  63. Heavens . . . I think the Qte Nursing Staff is going to be requesting significant overtime pay and perhaps some comp time for administering to all of the faints and deds from one meager pug and one small sweateuw. *scribbles on pad on clip board, pushes up glasses*
    Theo, you might want to let Meg know that these posts are running up quite a bill on the personnel line. *rummages through papers* And also first aid supplies. QoD keeps using yards of gauze to make bows on the head bandages.

    [The management cannot be held responsible for individuals who etc. etc. etc. and ta very much 😉 – Ed.]

  64. *clears throat in preparation*
    *pushes up glasses again*
    *straightens lab coat*
    The only recommendation I have to end the Qte carnage from this post . . .
    is to post . . .
    *shifty eyes*
    A BABY.

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    pugletsrule: Thank you for that wonderful gift!!! How happy!! How beautiful!!

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    Dash: *peers through cat-eye glasses on silver chain at you with raised eyebrows*

  67. Pugs are awesome! I use mine on my website – he is great! This probably looks like a plug for my site but he’s in this picture with me here and it’s the only site I have him and I posted on together. LOL

  68. I’m Koo-Koo for Cocoa Pugs! Koo-Koo for Cocoa Pugs!

    P.S. nobody mentioned that da lil’ one is a *chocolate* pug, is this some way of mistreating us way before Easter with all those chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps?

  69. A small dog + a Blythe doll= this little guy.

  70. That is so cute! My dogs would never wear a sweater. We have tried one on my dog Skittles. Her eyes are SO huge!

  71. pugletsrule says:

    @Rick – Wow – awesome pug & stuff – now if I could snorgle him and burn some fat – that would be outstanding!! The new work out!

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    Love the pug but…

    Ahem..(clears throat) (pulls microphone close to mouth) Ahem. (Sing to Pete Seeger song, Where have all the flowers gone).

    Where have all the kitties gone?
    Bunday’s coming.
    Where have all the kitties gone?
    No Caturday 😦
    *strumming guitar*
    Where have all the kitties gone?
    Have we shunned them, every one?
    When will we ever purr?
    When will we eeeevvveeerrr purrrr?

  73. Queen of Dork says:

    PS – (sing with lit lighter waving over head)

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    In all seriousness, major props to our troops. And to my dad, the Major.

  75. resriechan says:

    (“aaaaaaaaand the crowd goes wild in the Cute Ampitheater….”)

  76. *ded*

  77. Yes, a nekkid pug. Everyone keeps dressing the poor little things. Me, I like “pug au naturale”, like the Good Lord created them. Rabbits now, on the other hand you can dress them up to the hilt- LOVE the rabbit in the Scottish Tartan. Classy stuff that is.

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: You can’t be ded! You’re such a tremendous amount of help around here!

  79. Squid Girl says:

    A dark chocolate cupcake in a lilac tissue cup with a sprinkling of bug eyes and flop ears. Nom nom nom.

  80. OMG. He looks like he’s about to cry unless you pick him up RIGHT NOW and snorgle him. Geez, only weeks old and already shamelssly manipulatinks the humans. HA.

  81. @ Nurse Stef aka QoD:

    Perhaps we could install an internal defibrillator in BRC’s chest????

    [And spawn another Cheney? 😯 Let’s not, and say we did. – Ed.]

  82. dewicasgwent says:

    @Resriechan Nurse Stef

    But that would have to be kept plugged in doubt theres a defibrilator wityh enough battery power for CO

  83. Queen of Dork says:

    dewicasgwent: Not to worry, dear. Our defibrilator is powered completely by the wind, the sun and lightening bugs.

  84. OATE: Dewicasgwent? Yesidewindeed. 😉

  85. dewicasgwent says:

    Queen of Dork you mean your not using Hamster power

  86. @ Dewi(etc): Now THOSE are some dedicated WheelWatchers — Not to mention (but I will, o’ course…) they do good cooperative Teamwork!!!! 🙂 🙂

  87. dewicasgwent says:


    OATE, ?


  88. Queen of Dork says:

    Dewi: Fabulous idea. Why didn’t I come up with that one? Yes, we will from now on also utilize hamster power. It’s like having an adorable, fast-feet-wheel-spinning little back-up generator. Brilliant!

  89. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: What is OATE?

  90. Nurse Steph- you are my heroine. The brave/important person, not the chemical.

    You can use all the gauze you wish to use, you know best how to bind up teh cute.

  91. being owned by one of these puglets I can say they make you smile every time you look at them

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: whew! I’m glad I’m not the chemical stuff people inject into their veins! 🙂 That would be yucky.

  93. Dewi & QoD: On Another Topic Entirely

  94. So can we get a link to the pattern?