“Walkies” Are For Amateurs

I’m going out for “runnies”!  Yep, I’m training for the big 10K run.  Right now, I’m doing my little stretching exercises, and then it’s down to the park and back.

Photo of “Bamboo” by manzbstfriend, spotted by Lori W.



  1. Look at the bright colors on that little one-who, by the way, needs two pairs of tiiiiny running shoes!

  2. ridiculously cute. I squealed! I want to see him walk in those, though!!

  3. This is insanely cute. But I think he needs to put on his running shorts, if you see what I’m getting at….

  4. HOMG *claps hands over mouth so’s not to shriek in glee @ the library*. My mom has 2 boxers & by Ceiling Cat & all His Siamese Seraphim, they are some weapons-grade cute when they are puppies!

  5. omg. (and lol, skippymom!) that face! like, “what, you don’t think i could lace these by myself??!”

  6. My equally adorable dog would bite the crap out of me if I tried to put shoes on her paws. Those are shenanigans up with which she will not put.

  7. The best part of the outfit, imho is the little paw prints on the bottom of his tennies.

  8. Is there a rule of cuteness about your ears making up 50% of your mass?? There should be!

  9. They have little *size 5’s* on the soles! Oooohhhh….. thunk (falls over from excess cuteness).

  10. omg, the peenk in the ears, on the muzzlepowsch, and bellee are stunningk!

  11. BOXIEEEEEESSS!! give me more, give me more!

  12. RE: Hovertext– reminded me of old “Far Side” cartoon– dog is drinking from garden hose, “wife” dog, paw on hips, says, “SO! Going to roam the neighborhood with a few friends, eh?”

  13. That is some Olympic quality cuteness going on. I love how his mommy tied double knots on his high tops. *thud*

  14. Bamboo has pretty neat feets but it’s the doggy track suit that just rips me!

  15. OMG!!! I can’t handle the CUTENESS—-*I’m done*

  16. so cuteeeeeeeeeeee its amazing he is not trying to get them off lol, once i had the bad idea of putting a sock in one of my boxer paws cause she had a small cut well let say that there is no more sock lol|

  17. Meant to say he should put on his boxer shorts. Of course.

  18. I want to know the secret to keeping booties on your dog.

  19. Who put the satellite dishes on the poor puppy’s head?!? At least whoever did it was smart enough to put those awesome rubber soled shoes on him so he’s grounded in case there’s a lightening strike.

    I hope the cute little bat/puppy grows into his ears! LOL!

  20. I totally agree with Grace: I think we need a video of this little cutie actually walking in those shoes. I predict some high stepping action, along with some foot shaking!

  21. Unspeakably redonk.

  22. Spots on pink belleh!!!!


  23. No product cuteness?!? But… but… those hightops are almost (almost, but not quite) as cute as the boxerless Boxer puppeh model!

    [OK, noted & agreed. – Ed.]

  24. Call RSPCA! This is torture!

  25. resriechan says:

    Somebody please contact all Cute Emergency Staff.
    We are on Overload of Cute Overload. That is all.

  26. Pssst.
    He’s a frenchie. 😛

  27. nano's mom says:

    Berg and Grace – have you seen Sweetie in her shoes? (sweetie’s housemate Cooper has been shown eating from chopsticks) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuDHeeTP7MI

  28. Illini Jen says:

    Not a boxer.

    ‘Tis a French Bulldog.

    Coloring is right for a boxer, but ears, body and face/head are all wrong. That is a very non-standard Frenchie color. Attribution link has more photos and identifies the pup as a Frenchie.

  29. This is a French bulldog, not a boxer. He just happens to have boxer-like coloring.

  30. @nano’s mom: Thanks for the link–I hadn’t seen that! I wonder what Sweetie would do if she had shoes in the front, too?

  31. Reminds me of the videos I’ve seen on youtube! “dog with boots”

  32. Getting ready for doggie triathlon:
    5 miles of chasing sqwirlz
    10 miles of running back and forth in the yard while barking at stray molecules
    5 miles of rolling through mud puddles

  33. ROFL but can you really stand up? I won’t even wear clothes! Good luck with your marathon.

  34. ROFL Too cute, but can you even stand up? I won’t even wear my clothes, so you know. I find them restricting.

  35. resriechan says:

    @ Saffron:

    ….”while barking at stray molecules”: Har. dee. Har Har.

    Not even a quark of Sarcasm.
    You are crazyfunny.
    In a good way.

  36. What’s with all the frenchbulldog posts??? Loving it!!!

  37. all baby needs is a sweatband around his head to complete the look

  38. AuntieMame says:

    Yeah, but somehow “he needs to put on his Frenchy shorts” doesn’t have the same comedic punch. 🙂

  39. I am in love!!!!

  40. resriechan says:

    @ AuntieMame:

    Ain’t it aggravatin’, when logical events don’t allow us our comedic turn???????
    Mighty inconVENient.

    Apologies to “Moms” Mably/ Mabley(sp?)

  41. Poor little doggie… dey don’t usually likes shoesies….

  42. @Inktellectual, I am afraid that you have fallen into theological error. Having been acquainted with many Siamese I can firmly state that they are definitely not among the angelic host. Birmans and Himalayans perhaps, and definitely Ragdolls, which maybe where the confusion came in. It can be difficult to verify coat length with strong backlighting from the haloes, but a glance at the faces will usually show the difference.

  43. HAHAHAHAAAA! wheeee!

  44. Those shoes are just adorable.

  45. Sled dogs wear shoes to protect their feet from ice and snow. And a company provided boots for the dogs working Ground Zero to keep their feet from getting cut up by the debris as they searched the stie.

  46. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Oh I’m glad someone else said something, I was ready comments going “boxer? That’s a frenchie!” lol 🙂 And OMG I want!

  47. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    *reading comments….
    geez I’m tired

  48. peanut's mama says:




  49. I LOVE HIM!!!

    I though French Bulldogs were as cute as they could get but he’s got the PRETTIEST colors of all!

    And I love the look on his face- like “ummm I usually trust you guys but what am I supposed to do with THESE THINGS?”

  50. What is wrong with me? I want/need EVERY puppy you post. Is there a cure for this malady?

  51. resriechan says:

    @ Elaine:

    ma’am, while we have, unfortunately, *NOT* located an actual cure for this condition, you are at the facility with the optimum care & management of these symptoms. I would like to introduce you to the Head Nurse from our Emergency Dept Nursing Department, Nurse Stef??? She has resucitated *HUNDREDS* of patients back from the *ded*, here at CuteOverload.

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    Elaine: Nurse Stef here. Dear, as Resriechan said, there is no “cure” for this mysterious condition. What you are experiencing is simply a strange and widely misunderstood side effect of viewing teh qte. There is nothing wrong with you. It often helps to snorgle some furry/fuzzy/floofy or even blorpular lovable thing.

    *squeak, squeak, squeaking of shoes as exiting room*

  53. I’m gonna take this as my b-day present from CO 😀
    I love frenchies so much… Bamboo’s adorable!


  55. I’m helpless. The puppeh can have anything he wants.

  56. QoD, what exactly is in your shoes to make them so squeaky?

  57. Flavia A. Happy, Happy Birthday, baby!

    Theresa- each one has a tiiny vole.

  58. Bamboo turned out as a gorgeous adult. It is worth looking through the picture donor’s photos on Flickr.

    I lub heem. And Now I understands why peeples whant my Bawstin Tehrier to be a Frinch BullDawg. They always Meestake her for a Frinch Bulldawg. 🙂

  59. dewicasgwent says:

    Noticed the 5 on the soles does this mean goggie had to use one of those foot measurers, and when he was trying them on hope he had a clean sock on, don’t want gogggie getting athlete’s foot

  60. resriechan says:

    @ Heather:

    what a nahse Fransch aksent you have!!

  61. More french bulldogs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  62. I have 2 French bull dogs. That is by far the cutest one I’ve ever seen. Can you tell me where you got him. Do you breed him?? I want him!!! hehe

  63. Howwww cute! I bet he was so mad at his master! haha

  64. eli.ilovecutethings.orfan says:

    omffgaahhhhh. this is SO cute. 🙂
    this is my absolute favorite website ever!!!!!!!