Ugh, It’s That Dweeb from the AV Squad

“Hey, Stacy, I noticed you missed Civics class again; if you want, I could help you study for the mid-term because Mr. Dorfman says it’s one-third of your grade and it really won’t be any trouble because I took really good notes and it’s OK if you come over tonight even though it’s D&D night and my mom can make s’mores…” (etc.)

… and because sender-inner Marissa W. asked so nicely… TOOF-HANCE!



  1. Mary (the first) says:


  2. MEEP!

    and Beep!

  3. Hey I knew that kid!


  4. aaaaaah so cute! goats are such nerdy looking animals. prolly why i like them so much…

  5. OMG – my two front teeth were like that as a child. LOL!

  6. “derp” FTW

  7. googlie eyes says:

    D&D and smores; it’s a two-fer (get it? ‘toof-er?’ homonyms, yay!)

  8. That’s one cute nerd.

  9. Knew that kid? I was that kid. Well, not the teef, actually.

  10. freetomato says:

    What an adorably dorky looking little guy! If he had glasses and a pocket protector he’d look like Louis in Revenge of the Nerds!

  11. paranoiagirl says:

    What a dorky little kid! I can relate.

  12. Awww, it’s like the “Ugly Duckling” (Ugly Goatling?). Will probably grow up to be beautiful!!!

  13. “I’m getting braythes nextht year!”

  14. TrixandSam says:

    OK, everyone who wants to pick up this little guy and give him a long,long hug and kisses (and noms on those earses!) please raise your hand!

  15. Oh that dear little nubbin of a critter. He will grow up to be a wealthy software magnate while Stacy will marry the captain of the football team and become the prettiest stripper at the bar near her trailer park. Not that there is anything wrong with strippers or trailer parks . . . *shifty eyes*

  16. McFlyyyy!!

  17. baileysgrandmom says:

    Pardon me, but is that a flying saucer you just flew in on? (1st pic)

  18. If that was my goat, I’d name him Derp. :B

  19. Geek is the new sexy.

    [HELL YES IT IS – Ed.]

  20. resriechan says:

    @ Trix&Sam (raising my hand)

    @ all above whose comments refer to “that KID” ….are all of you aware of the irony of using the specific term “kid” ….goats…..”kid”….goat????????? Do ya see, where I’m goin’, here?????

  21. resriechan says:

    PS: “Knobby Knees” Dept, ennyone????

  22. CUTE!!!

    He/she has a sort of Lampwick look about it!

    I love goats and would love to spend some time with this little one! 😀

  23. @ Trix&Sam: My hand is up, too!

    This guy is almost exactly the same color as the dee-licious chocolate bar on which I am currently nomming. Is it possible that s/he is also made of chocolate?

  24. Choco-goat!

    Like, everyone knows the brain is the sexiest organ. Well, not the actual BRAIN, mind you. Ick.


  25. I think this is either Cindy Brady or Nellie Oleson.

  26. @skippymom: Since I, too, was that Kid (and with the teeth), I vaguely resent that comparison.

    (I never liked the Bradys. And Nellie was entirely too irritating!)

  27. resriechan- Yes, I get the double meaning.. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this goat bears a strong resemblance to my Aunt Maureen when she was a kid.. I mean child….

  28. @victoreia: I vewwy vewwy sowwies. Anyway you grew up to be gorgeous!

  29. Hah. I’d love to have s’mores with that guy.

  30. @skippymom: [mock-grudgingly] Okay. You’re forgiven.

    (Hated the braces, too. But they did the job…)

  31. This just made my heart melt into a tiny heart shaped puddle.

    And yes, I had those front teeth too. No braces for this cutie pie tho – he’s perfect 🙂

  32. eastiegirl says:

    So cute! Great, as always, NTMTOM.

    Even if he is a dweeb, he’s offering s’mores! I’d be all over it.

  33. John Walsh says:

    haha he looks so happy!

    check out this iphone app if you want more cute animals: TooCute

  34. Hey, that’s my husband when he was 12 yr old…

    I knew he was a geek
    But, I didn’t know he was a goat


  36. NTMTOM – the “etc” is my favorite part. Because we can all fill in our own version of how that would continue.

  37. Those are his bottom teefs you see, just so you know.

  38. @resriechan

    definitely KNOBBULAR !!!!!

  39. kah-nobby kah-nees!

    kah-nobby head too!

  40. sad but true fact: I too looked like that kid all the way through high school – monobrow, teeth, hair in braids that looked remarkable like this kid’s ears- the whole kid and kaboodle- in fact without the intensive intervention of beauty industry professionals I would STILL look like this kid. sadder but also true: I actually like being a science nerd and still do calculus FOR FUN (I know, I need rehab, but there you go)

    [If that’s truly true, I may need to get in touch w/you from time to time… – Ed.]

  41. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @browngrl: Major props on the Calculus. I was pretty good in math until Calculus, and it was like slamming into a wall. 😦

    [I hear that. 😐 – Ed.]

  42. Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhh… *goofy smile*

    You all can’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same when you first saw him…

  43. Courtney S. says:

    Hah! Math major here! Calculus is the awesome. But abstract algebra and non-Euclidean geometry are better, imo.

  44. paranoiagirl says:

    @resriechan: my use of “kid” was 100% intentional 😀

  45. Mrs. Dynamite says:

    Why do I get the sudden urge to say: “Tina, come get some ham!”??

  46. is that photoshopped? i mean, seriously, when have you ever seen a baybeh goateh with such nerdy teeth?

    [No it isn’t. – Ed.]

  47. resriechan says:

    In re all you peeps kleverer than moi in math topix…..
    while **I, myself AIN’T GOT NO** skillz in math topix….it did always seem to me (as I watched other peeps in skuul), that just about every student had some leaning ability or aptitude toward either the Algebra course *OR* toward the Geometry course.

    Certainly es gibt Math Genii (pl/ “Geniuses”???) who can easily do, & enjoy,
    both areas….jus’ sayin’ that it always seemed tuh me, that peeps generally leaned remarkably into one camp or the other camp.

  48. This goat looks just like one of my 3rd graders!

  49. catloveschanel says:

    That’s Tevye, the milkman in Fiddler on the Roof as a young buck Such confidence!

  50. Sigh…I wish I’d been that Kid. I was a dorky would-be science nerd in the body of Dolly Parton. I got ostracized by EVERYBODY. Too bright and socially incompetent for the pretty kids, the science kids only respected girls who they could give honorary boy status to (which wasn’t going to happen with D-cup from the age of 14), and the ‘socially incompetent and shy’ bit kept me out of the art/drama clique. Gods, I hated school.

  51. knobbly knob knobs!!!! As cute as the toofs!

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Calculus??? Pfft. I only made it through Geometry because the teacher liked me…

  53. resriechan says:


    it sounds like you & I had the exact same existence (with the slight substitution of grammar & vocab nerd here, instead of Science skillz)!!! (yup, same “body development issues” as well!)
    Ain’t it crazy, how we had to wait for Adulthood, to find a few folks suddenly who said “Glad to know ya” and find out, that these folks MEAN it????

    (high-five, across the nation, from N. Florida!!)

  54. LOL @ “Nellie Olson” . . . mean girls! Have always been around so it seems.

  55. PS really that bulbous head is startin to freak me out.

  56. Actually, Theadosia and and resriechan, you have lots of company. It happens to just about every girl who develops early and, er, ‘generously.’ It’s just the opposite for boys: reaching puberty early gets them all kinds of social rewards, and it’s the late bloomers who are seen negatively. You can thank our misogynistic society, where becoming a man is ‘good’ and becoming a woman is ‘bad.’ There has also been research that shows the late blooming boys become nicer, more sensitive guys–but it’s also thought that that research may be a bit skewed, since it was conducted by researchers who had been dweeby late bloomers themselves. 😉

  57. @resriechan

    High-five back atchya from the ends of the Earth (let’s just say I’m posting from much, much further south than Florida).

    And yes, I give thanks on a regular basis for the friends of my later years. The best and truest advice anyone ever gave me as a kid was ‘It will get better’.

  58. I love nerdy kids. 🙂 Animal and human variety.

  59. I’m suddenly reminded of singer Seal. There’s a striking resemblance.

  60. Will *no one* do us the favor of photoshopping this little guy into a pair of coke-bottle glasses and a button-down shirt w/pocket protector??? Anyone?? Come on now, CO-peopledom, don’t let me down!

    (I might actually attempt the task this weekend… too tempting…)

  61. Marissa W. says:

    Yay! My sister took this photo in Africa when she went there to volunteer. Isn’t this kid adorable?!

  62. It’s the knees that get me, really. That and the ears…just awesome.

  63. Aw… those teefs look like my older son’s B.B. (before braces)!!!

  64. @Theodosia

    You’ve piqued my curiosity. From what continent are you enjoying teh cute? Only if you don’t mind saying.

  65. @Juno

    You know that somewhat dizzying feeling when someone brings together a whole bunch of facts and patterns that you’ve observed and then describes the underlying framework connecting all of it, which you have previously been groping towards but hadn’t quite crystallized yourself yet? That.


    The depths of Middle Earth. Seriously, I live ten minutes from Rivendell and twenty minutes drive from Helm’s Deep. Bits of them anyway.

  66. I don’t come here because of the cute pics (or just), the captions, OH THE CAPTIONS!!!

  67. Queen of Dork says:

    I like to imagine this guy being best friends with Einstein Bun from a couple of posts ago. I can picture them in one or the other’s backyard playing with their Star Trek action figures.

  68. IN *LOVE*! Nobbularness and teefs, too precious!

  69. @Theodosia

    I love how we all live in our various bits of this wide earth and yet we can all enjoy CO at the same time and (cyber) place.

    I live near the Chesapeake Bay, just a wee dash to the northeast or perhaps a wee dash further to the northwest of you.

    And we’re all enjoying this little guy who hails from yet another continent. How cool is that?

  70. O.M.G. I cannot stop laughing!

  71. resriechan says:

    Has ennyone else noticed, that *nobody named “Stacey” has yet commented in this particular stream, hmmmmmmm????????

    Wonderin’ ………..

  72. Paws and Claws says:


  73. I luff heem! Luff!!! *squeezes the kid tight*

    Nerds rock. I have to admit, however, that I’d never seen an animal nerd before. This just takes the cake.

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    Wolfie: Yes! Nerds do rock! We shall take over THE WORLD!! And this nerd goat will be our mascot!

  75. I just keep coming back to see this precious little gert!!! Just so skinny — I imagine him with a touch of asthma and a runny nose that he keeps wiping on the back of one of his teeny hooves. I’m headed to Africa in two weeks and hope that I see many of these little kiddoos!

  76. Awww! The little guy reminds me of the (shorn) sheep in Pixar’s “Boundin'”


  77. pinkmariposas says:

    seriously those are some sad toofers! he is so happy getting his pic taken.
    poor wittle thing does not know some meanies will laugh at him! 😦

    actually it took me a min to realize he is a kid/goat his knobbular knees
    gave him away….
    I have seen many lil wee kids and well they didn’t quite look
    like this one…
    cute lil cocogoat….

  78. resriechan says:

    also bad: when you click on comment # 76’s “name”, the internet searcher says that’s a non-name……

  79. All he needs now are glasses and a book on relativity!!!


  80. When the kid grows up and becomes a rich software magnate like Dash suggests, the former captain of the football team just MIGHT be allowed to clean the windshield of the kid’s Mercedes. That’s if the kid ever finds himself near the trailer park where the former captain and Stacey live.

  81. Why yes, geeks are the new sexy, but speaking as a Capricorn, I’d like to put forth that GOATS are also the new sexy. 🙂

  82. who could knew that there were nerds in animal kingdom too
    he looks so duffy and happy i love the picture

  83. The nerdiness of this simply overwhelms me (extra accent on the “h” in overwhelms). He’s so cute!!!!!

  84. @janet2buns and Dash

    Exactly what I was thinking. I mean, although Schadenfreude in all forms should be frowned up, I just can’t help but feel delighted at the thought of the geeks and nerds succeeding in life while the jerks who derided them spend the rest of their lives scrubbing toilets. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  85. This may come across as random-tandem, but he reminds me of the trikey kid in The Incredibles. Dunno why……

    That or Neil from Family Guy. LOL

  86. I play DnD, and I STILL have those teeth at the age of 24! 😀

  87. Geez, it’s my high school yearbook photo. Where did you ever get it? 😥

  88. freetomato says:

    Queen of Dork: Weeee are the champions, my friend

    And weeeee’ll keep on fightin….to the end

    Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! (continued…..)

  89. I’ll tell you what, I looked up the geeky guy who wrote me love notes in eighth grade (he also used to get picked on after school), and it turns out he grew into a big handsome guy. I wouldn’t go to the dance with him when I was 13, but now we have a date next friday night and i am super duper twitterpated. Moral of the story: give geeks a chance.

    And goats, too. Goats are also cute.

  90. Annie that’s soooo exciting ! (I really mean it, no sarcasm intended.) 🙂 Keep us posted!

  91. Oh, and this has been one of my favorite comment threads evar. I can definitely relate to dweebitude, even today. And I too had those toofs and braids (+ glasses) in 5th grade.

  92. Aaaaww, nerdy animule ❤ I'll play D&D with him anytime. He'll have to teach me the rules, tho, and tolerate me nomming on his earses..

  93. Who doesn’t love those toofs?!?! The knobbular knees, the velvety ear flappage… what an adorable little package. I lubs him!

  94. Once I look past that goofy face, I just want to touch his coat – it looks so silky soft!

  95. I lof heem.

  96. I would love to come over, Derp!

  97. resriechan says:

    (Everybody, now!) “Hi, Stacey!”

  98. Awwww. I love this so much. I wasn’t the nerdy kid, but I crushed on the supernerds in school. This brought back some fond memories.

  99. So adorkable!

  100. Goats are awful things as adults. They will eat the inside of your pockets out…They will eat ANYTHING.
    The babehs, however, especially a babeh Nubian is really CUTE and when you have a babeh Nubian dipped in chocolate sauce (adorable brown babeh) that makes the kid nearly edible…At least for keeses, not lunch or dinner. Just keeses.

  101. Goats are awesome..

    Nerd boys make the best dates and pretty awesome husbands

    and IF you are dating a Bad boy… you do not know what you are missing!

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    kittyadventures: Agreed. I’ve always found nerdy boys sexiest.

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey. My daughter just pointed out that this goat kind of looks like those boys who turn into donkeys in Pinocchio.

  104. *sigh* I just don’t unnerstand it – my mama has a degree in Accounting. My oldest daughter was doing college-level math when she was in the 9th grade. My youngest is doing high school math in the 6th grade.


    I can make change and divide by twos.

  105. ButtaRumCake… if you can make change, you are doing better than me. to my “wordy” brain, it always seems like I’m counting backwards somehow, and then my mind tries to twist it forwards, and I get all confused. I usually can divide by twos, tho 🙄 not always. Sigh.

  106. #103-Queen of Dork….refer to my post, #22.

    I didn’t want to refer to the movie as those naughty boys turned into Donkeys, the subject at hand is a goat.

    The main “Jackass” is Lampwick.

  107. OMG I love this!

  108. That’s what it reminds me of! Thanks guys.

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Deb!: Oh! I had forgotten the names of the naughty Donkey Boys. Thanks!

  110. Always dated the geek-nerd men. You know that saying about never knowing what is going on with the quiet ones? Can I just say, Hot, HoT, HOT???? High school, 1976–deflowered by Latin Club president (soory about the TMI), college–lived 2 passion-blinded years with DnD enthusiast, and married a NASA rocked scientist (not even kidding!). Been married 23 years and still being naughty in the back seat! VIVA LA GEEKS!

  111. Make that ROCKET scientist (geez!)

  112. Queen of Dork says:

    Annie II: Wow! I was in Latin Club in High School, too! Hail to Geeks!

  113. Annie II-Which makes me think that there are some Geek-lets now running around, or who ran around, extending the species…niiiiiice. I have two, too.

  114. the bug man says:

    Annie II: from the sound of things, “rocked” scientist isn’t far off.

    Congratulations. Geek love is the best kind.

  115. Gotta chime in with all the geek “freaks”…. married to one… they breed true… Geeks Rule.

  116. Anonymous Coward says:

    DEAR ${deity} —

    remove the ears and {s}he looks human!
    Crap, there is such a thing as the Universal {Dweep|Nerd} look!!!!




  117. Yep–we have 2 geeklets–one with masters in European History and another in med school. The female geeklet (history nut) actually asked for a trip to visit Romania for a graduation present! Not a car, not a week in Cancun–Romania!! I will say that the male geeklet is somewhat normal–he actually got a C once……….we don’t talk about it publically………..and he does listen to metal music………must be a defective gene somewhere……..

  118. “deflowered”??


  119. NTMTOM found a geeky buck on his farm. Oh no!

  120. Explain me the hance-thing plzzz, I’m no native english-tongue 😦

  121. resriechan says:

    @ Tinus: this one’s fairly manageable!!

    This is a sometimes comical specialty at CuteOverload & its regular audience members. When numerous CuteO audience members find some detail of an animal especially charming or quirky (pattern in the fur, cute ears for example), we sometimes request a close-up on that detail from the original photo.

    Fortunately, the Editors of CuteOverload are kind & sometimes indulge our Requests for Closeup Cuteness! The term is from the verb “to enhance”. In this case, people are enjoying the puppy’s tongue & have requested a close-up or an “enhanced” image

  122. resriechan says:

    (oops — I got one detail slightly tangled: it’s about the goat’s “teeth”; but we are all deliberately being silly & mispronouncing “teeth” as “teef” !!!!)

  123. I was a popular nerd I’m high school but I wasted my time trying to date all the bad boys and the jocks. We never had anything in common. I married a nerd and I wouldn’t trade him for a million jocks. He’s the best! Nerds really are awesome.

  124. He has freaky tarantula legs!!!

  125. @resriechan : I was never super great at any math (I was more of an English/History gal myself) I was ALWAYS better at Algebra (I made As in Algebra). Geometry and I weren’t friends. In fact, I still don’t “mind” algebra so much. It definitely makes sense to me. And I never took calc because I didn’t have to. And I never want to have to.

    As for this little goateeeee, I LOVE the teef and I would be delighted to come over for smores on one condition: Can I actually join your D&D game? Kthx!

  126. Queen of Dork says:

    xandria21: Perhaps Resrie’s theory is correct? Because I’m just the opposite of you…algebra made no sense to me and I struggled with it but geometry was fun to me. As was logic later in college. hmmmmmmm. interesting.

  127. @ Queen of Dork.

    I totally think she’s on to something. Maybe she should patent it!

  128. I know this is beyond the acceptable comment period, but thanks to NTMTOM, “derp.” has been my word/theme for the entire weekend. Extremely satisfying.

  129. @ resriechan

    Thanxx a bunch!
    I can see cleary now (the rain has gone) :))

  130. This actually made my stomach flip, because I, like lots of others who’ve already commented, was a geek and a bit socially tragic. Mind you, I’m now a Dr., and the guy I had a crush on now works in a car parts department and started loosing his hair at 25…

  131. I just noticed “derp”

  132. middle school
    def.: short, flat geeky girl with glasses AND braces, oh, so much fun

  133. I LOVE nerd teeth!!!

  134. Wow, I didn’t know sylvester stalone had died. [Neither did he. – Ed.] Well at least he reincarnated well. He’s cuter than ever!

  135. The toof-hance cuts out one of the best parts of the picture, which is the knobby knees. I can just imagine this goat tripping over his own spindly legs as he tries to get the the unattainably-cool girl goat. So cute.

  136. YOu just gotta love a goat that looks like a seven year old girl with pigtails and new “permanent” toothums.

  137. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, he is precious…

  138. SarahMonster says:

    i just died

  139. Fleurdamour says:

    He does look like a big dork, doesn’t he? Poor thing, maybe he’ll grow out of it by college.

  140. Freakin’ awesome! But where are his glasses, with the tape around the bridge? The bullies must have taken them again.

  141. I need to adopt him…. seriously. Where does he live so I can pick him up?

  142. cuddlebear says:

    Mmmmm Hmmm

  143. cuddlebear says:


  144. sexy hahahahaha its the tooth fairy