Friday Haiku: Dewey Love Ya!

We’re in a bind, here:
File under “C” for “cuddle”
Or “S” for “snorgle”?

Anastasia K. wrote the book on cuteness!



  1. Looloobelle says:

    ❤ those ears. So snorfleable.

  2. I wish there was a corgi puppy in the stacks at my library!!

  3. I love how they placed that cute puppeh, in the doggie section of the library.

  4. wildviolette says:

    It’s very important to read to your kids when they are young. This corgi will score high on her ACTs and SATs in a few years!!

  5. Meet the future Doc Dog :]

  6. His lil face matches the lil face on “How dogs think”. :3

  7. meybe chewed up a few books to get his spot on the shelf…nom nom nom

  8. OMG, Corgies!1!

  9. Andi from NC says:

    Stubbular – gimmee!!!

  10. The bookend pup says:
    If you return your late books
    I return your soul

  11. georgina0912 says:

    Hmmmm, i have seen those books at the library, yes siree. The ones where you have to pull a leg and then the tongue sticks out, or push the nose and then the doggie makes shifty eyes. Yes, i remember those. But this one looks very real….where can i get one of these…hmmm….books?

    By the way, nicely stacked bookcase 🙂

  12. looks like my bookshelves
    only books on cats cats cats
    and lots of cat hair

    oh – and cute puppeh!!!

  13. OMG pink inner earsies matchingks to pink collar!!!! *ded*

  14. I don’t think I have any haiku in me today but I sure have a boatload of adorabuhls on my plate. Heavens to Betsy! I’ve come to believe that corgi pups are just about the cutest things on earth. ❤

  15. OMG! *ded* What a great way to start the morning!

  16. I give this post an “A” — for Arf-ul cute!

    What a great picture! And very cleverly styled.

  17. Decadent Prince says:

    Where is the highres image of the Library Corgi that desktops can be made from?

  18. How about “D” for “delightfully dog-eared” Considering puppeh is on a bookshelf.

  19. Hmmm, that book looks a bit dog earred to me.

  20. Courtney S. says:

    Please file under “C”
    For Cuddle-able Corgi:
    Best bookends ever.

  21. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, he’s adorable !!!

  22. Yeah!!! my two favorite things in the world, books and Corgis!!!!

  23. I think this is Ruby of Herbie and Ruby…

    She’s been on CO before!

  24. Reading “How Dogs Think?”
    Two hundres pages of this:

  25. *hundred
    not hundres :}

  26. Non-focusing eyes
    Pretty pink doggy collar
    Stubby puppy legs!

  27. checked out puppy eyes
    eighty kabillion dollars
    in overdue fines

  28. omg puppy
    on a library bookshelf
    can i borrow him?

  29. Mis-filed Corgi Pup
    Dewey Decimal Delight
    Angel in the Stacks

  30. There’s nothing better
    Than curling up with a good
    Pup. Oops, I mean, book.

    (Actually, both, but I couldn’t make that part fit.)

  31. Those eyes are REDONK. I’ve never even used that word before, but I cannot find another one better.

  32. no need to study
    all i need is love and food
    you will do just fine!

  33. Instead, just use the
    Library of Congress sys-
    tem. Problem solved now!

  34. Perfectly Prosh Pup
    Filed under P see also
    Beep Boop and Kronch Kronch

  35. Library is closed
    No staff are available
    Corg-pup stole our souls

  36. ACK.
    Total stubbular action.

  37. Resriechan says:

    (Got nothin’ of my own Haiku)

    1 Vote for KittyAdventures for tha WIN

    (But one vote ea to everyone else for tha LUV for Corgi Pups & esp for Corgi Eeeeerrrzzzzzz!!!)

  38. Oh, he is a darlin’, and looks like my Corgi did when he was liddle!!!

  39. Resriechan says:

    (PS: I’m just a bit worried about the slightly anxious expreshe in the pup’s eyes…)

  40. fabricpile says:

    That’s “R” for RUBY!

    Thanks for the Cute Overload love!

  41. OMG *dead*

    New bestseller in town
    Fluffy cover, soft inside
    One warm copy left

    Best haiku so far, IMO = kittyadventures
    you inspired me to write my first haiku on CO!

  42. where is this redonkulous place that allows dogs in the library?? MUST GO NOW

  43. fabricpile says:

    Ruby’s mom used to be the library director. It’s a small town library in Indiana.

  44. Ahhhhhhhh, so niiiice. Now, if anyone is seeking information on how Corgi’s think, it won’t be found in any one dog or cat book; Corgies are a hybrid of dog and cat.

    “Killer” says hello, woof and meow!

    Thanks for teh Corgula pup! Chop, nom, nom, chew, chew chew…etc.

  45. Ahhhhhhhh, so niiiice. Now, if anyone is seeking information on how Corgi’s think, it won’t be found in any one dog or cat book; Corgies are a hybrid of dog and cat.

    “Killer” says hello, woof and meow!

    Thanks for teh Corgula pup! Chop, nom, nom, chew, chew chew…etc. They are just as cute growed up, btw.

  46. I’m been having trials and tribblelations first accessing CO and then commentsing- sorry for the double post, but I thought you should know about the problemski, it may be happening to other Peeps!

  47. Corgi puppy! Corgi puppy! Corgi puppy! *thud* (i am ded)

  48. DaytimeDeb says:

    Palin’s book on shelves
    Apocalypse averted
    Corgi saves the day

  49. DaytimeDeb says:

    Forgot to add:


    Ok calm again.

  50. Library Lady says:

    People, people.


    *pushes up libearian glasses*
    *shushes pile of rowdy kittens in the corner*

    You’d file this puppeh under 636.737.

  51. I know that not even Killer would chew that book-I can’t even say it… she got a book contract and Berthaservant, Von Zep,Theresa, Tony James, Saffron, T.U.M. and so many others could do sooo much more for society should they have a book, it just isn’t fair. Feh.

  52. @LibraryLady: Excellent! When I was in library school, one of our final assignments in cataloguing class was to catalog a Shih Tzu. mrgreen:

  53. CUTE!!!!!! Redonkulously cute! The eeny little legs and those EARS!!! Seriously, I want THAT for Christmas!!!

    @ Deb: haha! I agree (with both comments).

  54. DaytimeDeb says:

    Fabricpile, Thank you for the link to Herbie and Ruby! I love all the pics, especially the one of Herbie as a pup, upside down in the girl’s lap. Oh, precious-ness at it’s peak!

  55. freetomato says:

    fuzzy puppy book
    in the soft cover version
    find in “short stories”

  56. freetomato says:

    btw – Recently finished “Merle’s Door” (pictured in post). Excellent dog-lover book (as is “The Art of Racing in the Rain”)

  57. Still, I sit and wait
    Who will choose me? I’m the one!
    But just for 5 days.

    –They never let you borrow the special things for long enough. Darn!

  58. OMG Cute!

    How about N for Nubz? All Corgi should have the name (or nickname) Nubz because of their nubbular feets and tail.

  59. bark bark bark bark bark
    woof woof woof woof woof woof woof
    brain dead from teh cute!

  60. Clean up on aisle five
    Too many books on the shelf
    Not enough puppehs

  61. BEEEEP!!!!

  62. I just got Merle’s Door from my library this week!

  63. Outside of a dog
    A book can be man’s best friend.
    Inside of a dog
    [it’s too dark to read anyway.]

    (Who knew Groucho Marx expressed himself in haiku?)

  64. Modern times require
    More interactive versions
    Of the classic tails.

  65. Stumpy Corgi legs!

  66. Winter MUST-HAVE

  67. @ Librarylady (comment #50):

    1) Nice spectacles, there!!
    2) Other solution, common to Librariology: “Cross-Reference”. Ya puts a little comment tag or card at BOTH “C”/ cuddle AND at “S”/ snorgle.

    (“It’s tres amusant, watching these neophyte CO librariologists on their first assignments, eh, Librarylady?”)

  68. in love….again!

  69. How about S for SWEET!!!? Who knew libraries could be so much fun? (I did ’cause I work in one 🙂

  70. The look is not of anxiety – it is Corgi curiosity! Killer does that at sounds unfamiliar and displays no doggie (nor kitteh) anxiety symptoms and she’s a neurotic mess!
    NO, this is a curious Corgi, probably wondering what the camera and camera person were doing. All is well, all is bright. And really, really cute! And if there is a tail involved, it is a Cardigan and if there isn’t it is a Pembroke. Killer is a Cardigan, (the one with the buttons), and a very long, thick, muscular tail of swwwwwwish!

  71. @freetomato (#56) – “The Art of Racing in the Rain” yes! awesome book!
    so I guess not all my books are about cats. I also have When Elephants Weep, The Good Good Pig, … but I am sensing a theme here…

  72. catloveschanel says:

    Books, Corgis, Chanel

  73. catloveschanel says:

    These are a few of my fav -or
    ite things. When the dog

  74. Where can I get a set or two of that bookend!

  75. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    To heck with the books. I wanna check out the Corgi pup! But I might return him overdue… I’ll be too busy snorgling 🙂

  76. Cute Doggie Howser
    Studies up on medicine.
    Soon: lick and make well.

  77. Look it’s the same dog as on the spine of “How Dogs Think” next to him… he must be doing book signings today.

  78. Such a cutie!

  79. C is for Cuddles
    O is for cute Overload
    R is for Rubbing bellies
    G is for puppy Grrrrr
    I is for I will make you mine

  80. those eyes!!! i have every book on that shelf but one! and yet, i just checked, and no redonkulously cute corgi pup!!! how is that fair??? is there a corgi kindle?

  81. Hmmm, I wonder if I can download that onto my Kindle.

  82. Oops, I just noticed that cheryl mentioned the kindle. I wasn’t copying – I was just momentarily dazed and confuzzled. 😀

  83. BEEP!

  84. For some reason, I thought of this old Far Side cartoon. Not totally topical, but maybe a little.

  85. resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom:

    Do you keep your Nobel prize, beside the Pulitzer Prize, on your shelving unit?
    Or do you have things in separate categories; philosophy awards on one shelf & literary prizes on another shelf?

  86. Library puppy
    Knows how to re-file itself
    Beware drool damage.

  87. Resrie, actually they’re all in a box in the storage closet. Too many of ’em to efficiently organize and display, don’t you know. Each new one that comes in, I just toss it in the box. One of these days I hope to get on top of that project.

  88. can’t beat a corgi
    stubbular cuteness factor
    chanpon beat me to the punch(line)!

  89. Corgi cuteness!!!

  90. “Fierce wolf, stack prowler!
    Five nine nine seven seven!
    No ear nomming! Rawwrr!”

    I don monocle:
    Five nine one dot three nine squee:
    Bebbeh annimules!

    Nom ear, file Corgi:
    Zero seven six one one
    Five five three two five.

    { 0761155325 is the International Standard Book Number for the 2010 CO Calendar } 😀

    [Um, actually, it’s 978-0-7611-5310-8 on my copy. For real. Now, that’s for the desk calendar; the wall calendar is 978-0-7611-5532-4 😉 – Ed.]

  91. Perhaps “c” for “corgle?” a corgi snorgle?

    [Works for me! – Ed.]

  92. resriechan says:

    @ Skippymom:

    I might have some time available, in my Organizational Consultation Schedule. Let’s see — How does Wednesday afternoon Dec. 9th look, in your Agenda? I see a little downtime that day, after picking up my groceries at the Fuud Bank.

  93. Dammit!
    Thanks, whoever’s Ed’ing, and curse you, Amazon, who told me:
    Product Details
    Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (July 30, 2009)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0761155325

    Takes deep breath, shakes it off, warms up counting fingers, and:


    five/seven/five with ABA ‘rhymes’: Jazz hands!

    [I wonder if “ISBN-10” is different from the regular ISBN? Anyhow, good show. 😀 – Ed. (Theo!)]

  94. ISBN haiku! This is the coolest thing I’ve seen lately! dub1, you are WICKED clever!

  95. Library Lady says:

    *tucks kleenex into sleeve of Northern Reflections ‘kittens in a winter scene’ sweater*
    *adjusts fimo theme earrings*

    ISBN 10 was developed in the 1970s, and was based on the 9-digit UK standard. Since about 2007, ISBNs contain 13 numbers and are generally considered universal.

    *returns to shelf of badly disorganized corgis*

  96. And Theo, ISBNs used to have ten digits, now they have thirteen for newer items.

  97. The best bookend I have evar seen!

  98. Oops, Library Lady got there first, and gave a more thorough explanation. (steps out of the way)

    [Hehe 🙂 – Ed.]

  99. resriechan says:

    (I’m just relieved, to find that all these uber-Cuteness Librariologists managed *NOT* to step across my personal — & most probably irrational — line in the Acronym Dust by saying/ writing “ISBN NUMBER” ……akin to ATM “Machine” or VIN “Number” ….)

  100. OMG…that puppy dog is so cute!!!!

  101. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, somebody write a haiku in binary, please!

    And it’s filed under “A,” of course!

    (“I file most things under ‘A’–A letter, A sales report, A customer’s complaint.”)

  102. resriechan says:

    (*affectionate snerk to Auntie Mame’s logic !!*)

  103. Sigh, I knew the binary request would come.

    OK, folks: pre-nuff-tive strike: there are eight digits per binary alphabet letter, so for a five-seven-five haiku, we wouldn’t get to two letters, so I’m throwing out the first two digits, which are all the same. So I’m squeeeezing two six-digits and five that ends in a dot for a period, so we get three letters.
    [has nurse swab my sweating forehead like a surgeon in ‘Fantastic Voyage’].
    I’m going in!

    Dot one dot dot dot
    Dot Dot one dot one dot one
    Dot one dot dot dot .

    5/75/ ABA ! Boo ya!

  104. Checked out but never returned to the library!!!! Kisses.

  105. Kitty Lady says:

    I want to check out a puppy at the library!

  106. File S for snorgling???
    What about N for nomming?
    I think that’s better

  107. I just realized I’m abnormal because I tend to say ‘file’ with two syllables, and I sat here going, ‘THAT’S ONE EXTRA SYLLABLE.’ Then I realized I’m just weird.

  108. resriechan says:

    @ Alice:

    probably, either you’re actually *from the South* or you love someone deeply, who is from the South. In either of those cases, ANY syllable or word can be subdivided into many, many more syllables, than a written dictionary shows …..

    When I was in H.S. (in Virginia), there were two French professors. One of them was from a French-speaking area of Canada & he was constantly playfully prodding the other lady, who had attended college in the South. He used to claim, that she came from the South of France (not at all true).
    She herself *ALWAYS* referred to her college in the following manner, all pronounced *AS ONE* very drippy, molasses-y syllable:


    (which can be transliterated into standard English as:
    “University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill”.)

  109. The Corgi Book Club
    Meets every Caturday night
    At O’bark thirty.

    No cats ‘n racks here
    It’s Corgi pups on bookshelves
    Corgis own teh cute!

    The book on Corgis
    Is supposed to be right here.
    I’ll wait here for it.

  110. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  111. AWWW! i want one! corgi puppy!

  112. Puppy on the shelf
    I want to borrow you now
    And no late fee please

  113. PS: BEEP!

  114. I wonder if here is a Corgi cam of a litter of Corgis anywhere? Awesome.

  115. @Emerson: Brilliant. Best Haiku I’ve read in this thread.

  116. I can’t wait to get my Corgi puppy!!!