Calling Shenanigans on Weird Science

It was always The Bunny’s plan. They’re not sure how he did it, but there are rumors involving test tubes, birthday wishes, cryonics, dark magic, and a complicated system of levers and pulleys.

Behold, the bunny born from equal parts of John Lennon, Groucho Marx, and Albert Einstein!

It’s all relative, Amy S.



  1. LOVE THAT BUN!!! He’s all Crazy Proffesor with his spectacles and crazy hair! LOVE!!!

  2. So he’s a Marxist AND a Lennonist?

  3. I love it!!!! He’s all crazed and goofy looking while still maintaining an appropriate level of disapproval. I love the heart-shaped patch over one eye. ❤

  4. I wonder if he is calculating linear perturbations from the Mincutesky metric?

  5. What a little hair gel and relativity will do for a disapproving bunneh. (He (or she) is quite the lovely bunneh!)

  6. You forgot part Emo Bun!

  7. Visualize whirled peas, bun!

  8. Just so we’re clear on something, you probably don’t want both corgis AND bunnies in your library, y’know, simultaneously.

  9. Sharon from Penn State says:

    Does that bunny have a mustache? Can you believe it??? Too cute!

  10. Harry ‘the Bun’ Potter?

  11. Weird Science! Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces, bits and pieces!

  12. “I quite disapprove of this “relative” theory of yours Mr. Einstein! You, sir, do not know my relatives! I have so many; I don’t even know some of them!”

  13. A) “Give peas a chance!”
    B) But I DO WANT BOTH corgis & bunnies w/ spectacles in my library simultaneously!!! REALLY, I DO !!!
    C) Katiedid’s rejoinder …

    I find myself heartily APPROVING, of many items of disapproval, in this item.

    “So THERE!!”

  14. PS: And T.U.M.: “Marxist AND a Lennonist” !! LOL LOL LOL, guffaw & etc.

  15. Applause and applesauce to T.U.M.! LOL! 😀

  16. No, Theo you REALLY don’t want bunnies and CORGIES AT THE SAME TIME, it will get icky quickly.

    Is that bunny part Rube Goldberg, with the levers and pullyies, too?

    Marxist and …Oh, it is just to good!

  17. T.U.M. beat me to the Marxist-Lennonist joke. Harrumph.

    On the bright side, OMG adorbz! Wants a bunny so badly.

  18. yikes! I just sat through a talk on Einstein a couple days ago – this keeyute bunneh probably is enjoying it more than I did!

  19. Padfoot_Lives says:

    EGADS that is one cute bunny.

  20. omg so cute, he looks so concentrated!!! and so smart einstein could be proud of that bunny

  21. The geek in me just *squee’d*

    *back to job-hunting I go*

  22. …and bunnies can have lots of relatives!

  23. Our crazy rabbit Finnegan has a secret porthole somewhere in the house where he can zap into another bunny-dimension. We look high and low but just can’t find him anywhere, and then *poof* he reappears in the room as though he were never gone. I think i need a word with this magic scientist bun about the time-space continuum..

  24. Buffy Boffin!

  25. It’s a Charlie Chaplin bunny with more modern specs!

    “What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning.”

  26. My rabbit would kill me if I tried to do this. So cute!

  27. *very curious about where someone gets bunny head-sized glasses*

  28. Juniper Jupiter says:

    T.U.M. BAD BUN!!! You belong in the bunitentiary for that one! And I shake my tiny fist at you for not thinking that MYSELF!!! 😀

  29. Obviously this bun is a proponent of Lennonist/Marxism theory!!

  30. He looks like Harry Potter!

  31. Correction: He looks like Hare E. Potter!

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Annie: LOVE, love, LOVE the story of your Finnegan’s portal to other wordly bun dimensions! 🙂

  33. Why would i want to comment on a site that would have me as a commenter?


    Hello, i must be going.

  34. I LOVE this bunny SO much. I wish I had him to hug right now. >__< Heart-shaped patch of fur over one eye, cuddly as a snowball, adorable mustache and Potter glasses– just what I need. 🙂

  35. I think I need a tutor!

  36. Here’s a link to this bun’s website:

  37. From my heart and from my hands, why can’t people understand…MY OBSESSION! WOOO!

  38. ItsReiningHorses says:

    Lil Mister you are so cuuuuuuute!! Your sister says she she is sorry your mom makes you dress up for the spotlight too.

    P.S. I have a corgi mix & lots of buns. If the buns run, she “herds” them and when they stop, she nudges them to run again. 🙂

  39. Oooo!!! Lil Mister you are so adorable! You need to come visit your sister Halo and the rest of us at MHRR again soon. We miss you!

  40. The bunny looks pretty smart 😀