Toast Ghost Coast-to-Coast!

“My mom was really craving a BLT one night,” says sender-inner Sharon S., “and squirted this mayo man on her toast!”

“She ran upstairs to show me and we laughed SO hard.  We have it frozen in our fridge.”



  1. words fail me . . . .

  2. o.O

  3. Slimer!

    Well, kinda…

  4. Where are the nuffers when you really need them?

    I’m kidding! 😀

  5. Wow, peeps are reaching here, seriously! Wow, i’m at a loss.

  6. catloveschanel says:

    Who ya gonna call?

  7. when you think you’ve seen everything here in CO…

  8. Butter ducks and mayo ghosts!

    Perhaps we need a CO Deli in addition to the CO office. 😀

  9. is it the toast of Turin?

  10. i think people today at co quarters are hungry lol

  11. catloveschanel – I would call Toast Busters.

    And now the song will always be toast busters in my head.

  12. Andi from NC says:

    ok, NTMTOM, is Sharon S really hot or something?? At least then I could chalk this up to flirting, but I know you can bring better cute to the table than this. “We have it frozen it frozen in our fridge.” Really, NTMTOM?? C’mon, man…. Fembots are allowed to cook their own food, you know that… It’s dangerous for all of us…

  13. JohnnieCanuck says:

    First Jesus, then Mary, now it’s the Whole wheat Ghost.

    [ :groan: 😆 – Ed.]

  14. Andi from NC says:

    @JohnnieCanuck – nice!!!

  15. I have an idea for a new tag!!!! Stuff on my stuff!! Seems we are having a theme of finding images in food today… hummm

  16. I guess you had to be there….

  17. And thus a new religion was born! Mayoism!

  18. What a crumby picture

  19. Oh, JohnnieCanuck-well done, the joke, not the toast.

    Toast Busters and the Toast of Turin- niiiiiiiice!

    Very funny, Peeppeople!

  20. Holy Oleo! It’s BATMAN!

  21. Toasty Ghosty! 😉

  22. but is he covering his left eye or picking his nose? The butter ghost, not Mike.

  23. Personally I see that Plankton guy from Spongebob. He’s trying to steal the krabbypatty recipe again.

  24. BabyOpossum says:

    Ahem, I think this post needs a NSFPWGATSOLMB* warning.

    * Not safe for people who gag at the sight of large mayo blobbules.

  25. It looks like Totoro.

  26. Ummmm, guys, every time I look away from that picture and then back again, the ghost keeps getting closer….

  27. 1. It looks like butter.
    2. Dang it. Now I want toast.

  28. hahaha, the best part is keeping it in the freezer

  29. thatonegirlannie says:

    @ possum… i thought i was the only one who gagged at large amounts of mayo!

  30. Ooh… more Rorschach tests. ;P

    I say its Batman, inexplicably wearing a carrot nose.

    [You mean, like, Batman and the Penguin’s bastard offspring? – Ed.]

  31. hee hee, kudos to the person who first called it a batman!

  32. Cool not cute…

  33. I love Sharon S. and her mom.

  34. i must be having a blonde day cause I didn’t see it – didn’t see the “chipmunk” in the last one either. Makes me sad – maybe I need new glasses Rx??

  35. Definitely Batman.

  36. Slow cute day…

  37. MediocreDeity says:

    Well, *I* think it’s cute. It’s not fuzzy kitteh belleh cute, but it’s cute. Also, JohnnieCanuck.. you RULE.

  38. elledoubleyou says:

    Anyone else thinking “why the hell do you use that much mayo?” Yuck. I need the NSF warning on this one that someone else suggested! I have mayophobia.

  39. Is there a Zorak toast? Or maybe a Brak toast?


  40. @ Teya then it makes two of us having a blonde day cause i cant see it neither lol

  41. That mayo ghost would be delicious on a zombie scottish terrier shaped cracker.

  42. I think Hellmann’s need a new mascot!

  43. OMG, they could even call him “The Hell Man” because of his devil ears. but they probably wouldn’t.

  44. ACHOO! Oh look! It’s Mona Lisa in a hankie.

  45. @Alexis I’m glad someone else watched Space Ghost. My favorite was Brak’s I Love Beans song.

  46. Today is pareidoila overload day on CO!

  47. @Wvaden, I used to watch it in college with a group of friends. We would sit around with some drinks and just laugh our a**es off. It was great.

  48. OHHHH Space Ghost for sure.. I used to watch this with my daughters when they were teenagers


    the girls named one of the feral cats that hung around Zorak… she looked nothing like Zorak 😉

  49. This is precisely why I love CO more than other cute animal websites – you guys aren’t afraid to step outside of the bread box!

  50. All that I could think of was:

    “Mayo, Mayo Man,
    I’ve got to be a Mayo Man!”

    Take that, Jeebus Tortilla!!

  51. @Wvaden, Alexis: A friend brought a tape over one night, with a season or two’s worth of episodes (back in the “Yeah! I upgraded to a 56.6K modem!” days). I had a numb, slack expression, and then *click!!* I could not stop laughing. I think it was “Bat-Mantis” that did it. I still giggle every time I hear the tupperware sound of his eyes.

    @Jae: My favourite new word of the day!

  52. @Jae: Had to look up “pareidoila”… thanks for expanding my vocabulary thus! 🙂

  53. 2 post about food today? Do you guys have the munchies? Hummm, can I see the white of your eyes?

  54. Let’s make a whole flock of mayomen and dress them up in LED lights and have them prance around on a Scottish hillside in cute formations.

  55. Oh JohnnieCanuck, you must have been toasted when you came up with that one.

  56. women laugh about the most stupid shit.

  57. I don’t come to this site to see mayonaise!!

    /fake nuff

    [Who does? Anybody? – Ed.]

  58. Never thought I’d say this to a CO entry, but: ew, gross! I mean, amusing, but mayo is blechy.

    [ 😆 It has its uses. – Ed.]

  59. And burly, I’m so sorry women have been laughing at you. Must be humiliating.

  60. DaytimeDeb says:

    When I was little I used to come home from school and watch “Casper the Friendly Ghost” while my mom would make me a sandwich on toast. ‘Casper’ is no longer on TV… OMG did I eat Casper accidentally?

  61. DaytimeDeb says:

    New poll: Is mayo cuter than a baby? Y/N

  62. Or, how much would that doggie lick the baby if he had mayo on his face?

  63. Is it salad dressing, mayonnaise…or BACONNAISE?????

  64. very cute

  65. If food can be Cute, then I’ll have to send in the photo I took of the three eggs that I broke into a bowl and formed a perfect smiley face. Two unbroken yolks plus a third that stretched obligingly into a smile.

  66. P.S. I see Man Ray from Spongebob.

  67. HAHA!! Too funny.

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Elledoubleyou: Maybe it’s so much mayo on the bread because she was using one of those plastic squeeze bottles. Sometimes when you squeeze those, too much mayonnaise will blop out.

    Jae: I love learning! Thanks for the interesting word. I had never seen that word before.

  69. Now that Noelegy mentions it, I, too, see Man Ray.

  70. It looks to me like the mayo man is saluting with his left hand. Also, I think this post calls for a “Blorp” tag. ^_^

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Raemie: Hahahahaha! He DOES look like he’s saluting with his left “hand.” Hahahahahahaha! The comments on this site are so funny!

  72. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who sees faces in food. At a restaurant in Buffalo, I had a little broiled cherry tomato on my plate. I started laughing. The thing had a smiley face on it, and I was the only one who could “see” the darn thing. And me with no camera.

  73. WHAT ???? Not a single “BLORP” before now ????
    (walking away shaking my head )

  74. Jennofluff says:


    PS –

  75. Yo Claudius says:

    If the commercials are to be believed, this dude would be much more young, hip, and awesome if it were made from Miracle Whip.

    It would be both tangier and more Miraculous.

    [It would be both a misnomer and the work of the very Devil. 👿 – Ed.]

    [Oh, and it would taste bad. 😛 – Ed.]

  76. I can’t see it! I don’t get it! What’s wrong with me????

  77. Dammit! I was out- blorped!

  78. OK – Johnnie Canuck was gonna get it, but after scrolling down…..

    HONORH #59 FTMuthaFlippinW!!!

  79. When did this site become Totally Looks Like? Luckily, I just discovered Daily Squee. =)

  80. Teehee! I certainly hope to see a mayo ghosto the next time I squeeze the bottle. I see faces in a lot of things too, especially in the fronts and backs of cars. Smiling bumpers or angry lights. Certainly makes for an interesting drive.

  81. It’s Batman! on toast….on a stick…. with cheese

  82. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Thanks ButtaRumCake, for the honourable mention. I agree with you. HonorH is the current thread winner.

  83. hahaha i hate ghosts and don’t really like mayo either – but somehow, with their powers combined – i loff eet!! it’s so cute! and the title and hovertext – perfect 😀

  84. Reminds me of the Freakazoid cartoon.. that one episode where they had Fatman and Boy Blubber! lol

  85. JannieWolf says:

    Because no one else has:



  86. I can see the tabloids now: “Satan miraculously appears on slice of toast.”

  87. Lol… that’s a cute little blob of mayo. Like a happy little horny ghost.

  88. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No, JohnnyCanuck!

    It’s the HOLY Wheat Ghost…

    (Okay, that might be a stretch!) 😛

  89. What?!?!?!? This is considered cute, but my little siamese kitten couldn’t make an appearance on CO? I don’t mean to be harsh but epic fail………

  90. Meesha: Yes this is considered cute over your kitten. The reason is that cuteoverload gets about 2023895023 squillion kittens just as cute as your kitten every day. They can’t post them all. So, they post things that are cute AND have something unique/funny/odd/interesting about them. It’s not all about kitten, kitten, puppy, kitten, hamster.. You need to spice it up a little with a little bit of silly.

  91. googlie eyes says:

    I just made the obligatory trip over to the Daily Squee to check it out. No contest. CO knows captions. DS? Not so much.

  92. dude. seriously. this is not silly. this is under “needs a hobby.”

  93. this made me laugh, ALOT. that ghosty mayo face has so much personality!

  94. rebasemannu says:

    Omg, it’s the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken

  95. Oh, this is sooo much fun.

    HonorH- harsh, but oh, so well pointed!

    Stop harshing the mayo glob- things happen in life that are humorous and just plain silly. But, seriously, the other white globby stuff that can go on sandwheeches and on salads, ugghhhgh. [[[[Shiver]]]]

    I really love Cow and Chicken- aall rescate! Yes this is the pantsless guy, imho.

    Whatever company that made the goo really should adopt him/her/it as a spokesglob.

  96. superbunnywabbit says:

    OMG, it’s the devil! Or a Pacman with dog ears.

  97. Ah… yes. A mayonnaise man. Right. So… you did take your meds today, yes?

  98. Yes, doomchild, and if you are a good doomchild I’ll share! Come on, you DO see it, right? (cue ferrets in the fireplace and really freak out doomchild for shock treatment into Peephood. You are kidding, right? Even Rachel Maddow sees these things- come on, now- and she does incredibly serious things for a living! I’ll sit down and shut up now.

  99. Uh…yeah….

    It would be okay if these things really, truly looked a LOT like something; but this really doesn’t. I mean, it might extremely loosely resemble something if you concede a big stretch, like cloud-gazing; but it’s really not “there”.

  100. Bye, Hap…

  101. mighty mini-mayo-man to the rescue!

  102. “Stop harshing the mayo glob” needs to be on a t-shirt.

  103. lol i thought of Man Ray from Spongebob too!!

  104. I vote for Batman! He’s covering his left eye with hand (got mayo in it?)
    Funny! 🙂

    [How about Fatman? Let’s face it, this ain’t lentil spread. 😉 – Ed.]

  105. Well, thank you T.U.M., I agree. Six XLs, please, any color except blue, thanks!

    I haven’t watched SpongeBob for a while now, there is really a character named Man Ray? How fabulous! Hey, Sesame Street-you’re gettin’ out classed!

    Thread Nab: CCCYO Concert on Sunday! 4:00! Be there!

    Thread release.

  106. I’ll take a couple of those T-shirts, too, please.
    Hope the concert goes well, Katrina, sorry I won’t be able to be there. What are they playing?

  107. I love the MayoMan. He looks like a slimy little ghost caught in the act.
    For those who are puzzled:
    There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    MayoBlog, your doin it rite.
    7/10 on the CuteOmetre.

  108. I bet you guys feel awful silly about nuffin the baby now…..hahaha

  109. Beethoven, Moussorgsky, Offenbach, Grieg, Bach, Leroy Anderson and one little guy is playing “Amazing Grace” on a saxophone as a solo. I would have said no, but it is his fourth instrument and, ya know? To play four instruments well at the age of 10- well, that gets rewards in my book! We offer solo performances to those who wish it, with the Music Director’s say-so. We’ll have a trumpet soloist and a harp soloist, too, (not together). I’ll report back-I suspect that the Amazing Grace will be the most memorable piece, but all of them sound just wonderful, thanks for asking, skippymom.

    InAwwe- good point, there!

  110. darkshines says:

    I can see him doing the dance contest dance from Pulp Fiction. Hes doing the V fingers over the eye thing with his left hand. Say I’m wrong. Go, go check.

  111. Toast Ghost is WAY cuter than the baby.

  112. mervtheflamingo says:

    holy pareidolia!

  113. The toast ghost looks seriously amused!

  114. Well that’s it! I’m submitting my photo (snapshot really) of the perfect swan that dropped into my hand from the lotion bottle.

    It was quite a chore, actually… finding my camera, getting it out of the case, putting in new batteries, trying to focus it on the hand which held the swan, holding the camera closer, changing the zoom, getting better light, changing to close-up mode, and holding the camera still enough to get a clear shot — all this with one hand! Needless to say, the swan wasn’t quite as pristene as it had originally been. But, dog-gone-it, I GOT THE PHOTO!

  115. Queen of Dork says:

    I wish I could have a blop of something come out of a bottle and look like an animal.
    That’s never happened to me.

    *smooshes down and pouts*

  116. Batman in Mayo on Toast, oh my!
    looks like butter, but it’s -s not

  117. resriechan says:

    Hey guys citing Spongebob & Man Ray ….

    whilst I must admit to only being *aware* that Spongebob exists as a cartoon character & has created legions of *happy peeps* ….I can add to the Blob Blog (hey, mebbe I should use THAT???) …the following:
    B(efore)S(pongebob)….there was a prominent if avant-garde photog. fellow hominid whose name (at least the name he chose for his occupational materials) actually WAS Man Ray. Very likely, that’s the source whence the Creatorz uv Spongebob chose their character’s name Man Ray.

    And that’s the Way it Was.
    Really. I promise.
    (circa 1930s/40s)

  118. resriechan says:

    PS: @ QoD:

    Just let it be a Life Objective for the Futecha!! (aka “Future”!!!!)
    Smooches to you, from me.

  119. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Yes! I could have an animal/ghost/batman blop from a bottle in my very near future!

  120. very funny, my son will enjoy the mayo man.

  121. Love it!!! ALMOST as cute as a certain cheese guy I know you have floating around your submissions… ;o)

  122. I say whole-heartedly, “NUFF!”

  123. They should take this to the Mayo Clinic to have it looked at.

  124. This is very obviously the face of Satan…

    [OM NOM NOM 😈 – Ed.]

  125. “…and then I went with my mom cuz she wanted to bring offerings to the shrine of the mayo ghost blob and she didn’t want to go alone and stuff so then I get all into it cuz it seemed not so scary and it’s trapped on the toast anyway so it can’t hurt you…anyway my mom and I are both like crying and stuff and when we left I knew that I would find the perfect dress and cute shoes for the Christmas dance and you know what I did and now I really do think the ghost was real…go ahead and laugh and stuff but if you saw my outfit you would totally change your mind.”

  126. It looks like the baby totoro.

  127. It looks like batman.

  128. Ok… that can NOT possibly be real. It is creeeeeppyyyy. How… And why is it on CUTE overload?!