Mysterious Vision Seen in Cracker!

Meet Captain Pennywhistle, whose owners, Becky and David, discovered her talent for sculpture when they gave her an extra-large cracker for a treat.  A couple of days later, they found the partially-eaten cracker in her cage.

“I think it looks exactly like a chipmunk!” says Becky. “We’re considering selling it on eBay.”



  1. Wowza! What a cutie, and an artist to boot! ❤

  2. Adorable, but *I* think it looks like a squeerl! Do you DARE disagree with me?! lol

  3. Ah the perils of being an Ar-Teest! So misunderstood… so tragic

    so ham-pered by daily existance… I can do no more than bring beauty to ALL tha I ham surrounded by. My nuts my nest my seeded crackers.. these are the tools of my talent now
    —Ham Rodan (t)

  4. Is that a Dr. Kracker cracker?

    I see abstract squirrel all the way. Maybe they could get the Captain’s work in a gallery?

  5. It’s tewtally a West Highland terrier.

  6. georgina0912 says:

    I think it is a seahorse. And a male one that is also pregnant.
    What a gifted hammie!

  7. “Hmmmmm. Mysterious, indeed.” — Dr. Shicklegruuber,
    Art Analysis Association.

  8. Now one questions remains: Chip or Dale??

  9. Definitely a genuine Pennywhistle. The crackerlure confirms it.

  10. how precious 🙂

  11. I don’t see it? where’s the head? Is that a huge eye?

  12. Andi from NC says:

    “Captain Pennywhistle” – I don’t know which is cuter – the name or the hammie itself????

  13. Um.. the pre-eaten cracker acutally looks very nummy…

    *was a hammy in a past life methinks?*

  14. Uh, yeah…okay….

  15. Pat Trenner says:

    Breaking News: Newsweek says Shifting Eyes Can Boost Creativity

    [shifty eyes]

    I’m not kidding! Google it!

  16. Brie – That’s the first thing I wondered too. 🙂 Mmmm… Dr Kracker.

    My my… that is quite the adorable little artiste. Or maybe he’s a hammie psychiatrist and this is his Rorschach test.

    Tell me, Doctor Captain Pennywhistle…. what does it mean that I see a scotty dog sleeping curled up?

  17. The beady eyes leave me weak. *thud*

    What kind of cracker is that? It looks extremely nutty and yummy.

  18. I think it looks like China, but with a hole where the Taklimakan Desert should be.

  19. MissKitty –

    I saw a Scottie too!

  20. yes, i was going to say what an artistic cracker too! gotta love the collective consciousness.

  21. It started out as a representation of a chipmunk, but after eating 213 poppy seeds, the artist transitioned into a abstract concept symbolizing the plight of the workers that made this delicious medium possible.

  22. I’ll just have to trust you on the cracker shape, and I DO trust you!

  23. @gryt, Miss Kitty & others – TOTALLY a pooch of the terrier family. Given the floof of the tail, I would say gryt nailed it with “Westie”.

    All I can say now is – Oh Captain my Captain!

  24. @ copperbat:

    “Like, WOW, man, that’s, like, a TO-tally awesome & phenomenal analysis!
    You’re like, so DEEP, man!” 😉

  25. actually, I think it looks a bit like China!


    Make that a LOT like China. With a hole in it. Which seems to roughly correspond to Qinghai province.


  26. Give this ham an “everything” bagel and call the Guggenheim. A new masterpiece is on its way!

  27. Next thing you know, she’s moving to Williamsburg, wearing skinny jeans and getting an emo haircut.

  28. Trabb's Boy says:

    If you poor fools would only turn it RIGHT SIDE UP, you’d see that it is a baby bird just making air between itself and the nest for the first time, using its itty bitty wings, and with it’s pumpkin seed heart swelling with pride.

    *walks away grumbling “chipmonk . . . terrier . . . china! . . . squirrel . . . puh-lease’*

  29. I think it kinda looks like Pepe LaPew (sp)? in midleap.

    But no matter. Captain Pennywhistle is still an hamtist or an artster. Take yer pick.

  30. Oh, and I forgot to say, the EYEZ in the second pic absolutely make me dizzy with happiness! He’s like, whadyawant?! I’m eatin’ here!

  31. Um… I’m apparently not sophisti-cute enough to see anything besides a chewed on cracker. Or maybe the Russian hammer symbol… 8-/

  32. “Yes, I believe I have safely pouched all the best seeds stuck to this peculiar edible wall. You may consume the remains, my good servants. I must away to store these in the treasury. They should compliment the banana chip sculptures nicely.”

  33. Um… OK. A chipmunk huh? Sure, if that’s what people see. lol Cute.

  34. mmm hammy spread on a cracker nomnomnomnom

  35. @ helen #19: i thought the same thing!!!

    i still can’t quite figure out how it looks like a chipmunk. i even did the whole cross eyed thing like for those brain teasers. =P

  36. All I see is a chewed on cracker too.

  37. Looks like a colon cleansing…ewwwww

    But hamster/gerbil thingy is cute.

  38. Zombie Scottish Terrier.

  39. (insert confused smiley face here) Um, EXACTLY like a chipmunk? It doesn’t even look a little like a chipmunk. It’s doesn’t look like anything to me! oh noooooos, I’ve lost my imagination. I blame it on the internets.

    I think I might like a hamster, one day.

  40. You’re all wrong. It looks like Prince Edward Island

  41. Daphne Moss says:

    I love having a site that captures these little day-brighteners! 😉

  42. kibblenibble says:

    The cracker looks like Weenston, a bit. Captain Pennywhistle is so pretty, and an artist, to boot!

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m not sure what the heck it looks like, but I agree with others that the pre-sculptured cracker looks really deleesh. I’d like to slap a piece of swiss on that bad boy.

  44. “My name is Captain Pennywhistle, and I like to make Rorschach tests.”

  45. needapuppy says:

    “I’m Going To Eat You” tag?

    [No way I’m gonna eat THAT. C’mon. – Ed.]

  46. I agree with Helen that the cracker looks China. And let’s not forget that Chinese children learn that China looks like a rooster. So, the cracker looks like a rooster.

  47. Chuyueling says:

    Agree with Caitlin, my first thought was that is China! Maybe with a big chunk of Inner Mongolia missing…

  48. It looks more like a “Scotty Dog” to me.

  49. Why, ED, ’cause it has hamster spit all over it?

  50. It’s clearly a map of China!

  51. I think it looks like ummmmmmmmmmmm – a chewed up cracker.

  52. Woah! You know what that is? It’s a mythical Burmese bird known as a “Hintha,” or a golden duck that is sacred in Burma. Look at this photo from Burma of 2 Hinthas and tell me if I’m right:

    Temple Mural of Hintha birds, Bago, Myanmar / Burma

    It could be a miracle in Burma!

  53. darkshines says:

    Its China, with Bangaldesh and Bhutan added on.