Strained Carrots? My Favorite!

(Man, this is the sweetest babysitting gig ever.  The kid smears the food on his face, and I get to lick it off.  I hope he managed to get some dessert on the other side.)

That’s got to be the cleanest baby in history, Samantha M.



  1. The beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  2. Mmmmm….. You taste like baby!

  3. Who has more skin rolls, frenchie or babie???

  4. What a cute Michelin bebe 😀

  5. Well, at least the left half of the photo is cute….

  6. birdie num num says:

    Aw. Both are super sweet!!

  7. The dog is very handsome, the baby, okay, cute, sure, whatever. But that guy trying to hide behind the dog, now that’s freaking me out.

  8. They are both EDIBLE!!!! ( , __ , )

    [Some might prefer to describe them as “Teh Noms”. 😉 – Ed.]

  9. – sits down with popcorn- this should be good.

    that doggie’s legs are so fat and precious.

  10. Can you really blame the doggy? That is the most mooshable baby ever. I’d want to put heem in mah mouf too!

  11. So sweet! I have three large dogs and a 9 month old. Every evening when we come home all three dogs gang up on me so they can get their “baby luv’n.” They don’t even care about me anymore, they want their baby!

  12. Oh man, that’s not even a real dog. It’s a puppet. Can’t you see the puppeteer imperfectly “hidden” by the couch?

  13. @skippy, you can see his fingers in the bottom of the pic, it looks like he’s holding the dog up so it can lick the baby.

    I think this picture is adorable! The baby is so happy and so is the dog.. it doesn’t get cuter than that. It’s getting tiring to see people nuff about other people being in pictures.. aren’t we all people? unless other animals have discovered how to use the internet.. cute isn’t something to complain about 🙂 /end rant

  14. *settles into her seat, twizzlers in one hand, diet coke in the other*

    Bring it.

  15. Babies are animals too!

  16. O









  17. P.S. Thanks for the hovertext, NOMTOM…

    *back to DED*

  18. The Puppeh can continue to lick the Babeh, and I’ll nom the Puppeh’s ears…See? Everyone gets what they want!

  19. Hooorayyy!! Pasickie!

    *loads spoon with strained carrot pudding and takes aim*

  20. GingerBean says:

    Tewtally a Michelin baby! Lookit those arms! What cuties! Fabu pic!

  21. Both doggie & baby belong in commercials – they are both so adorable!!!

  22. beardediris says:

    People are starting to nuff about the future nuffers who haven’t even nuffed yet, like they’re daring ’em … well, I guess Prof. Bleen did sorta nuff. Cute puppy and cute baby. By stating those opinions, which may or may not coincide with your own, I am in no way implying that you should go out and procreate, and applaud your choice of having or not having a baby now or in the future, whatever it may be. Now, move over, guy mostly out of view, so I can kiss puppy and baby! *smooch*

    [OK, I’m already lost. Oosh. 😕 – Ed.]

  23. Chief Brody says:

    Oh christ, another baby picture. It’s a sign of the apocalypse.

    [I’ll poke YOUR lips. 😛 – Ed. 😉 ]

  24. Let’s see now, I’ll just check back in a hundred or so nasty comments. Yeah, I feel burned by nuffers. But maybe they’ll 1) not comment and 2) read all that comes before them! What a happy day that would be!

    Cute bebeleh, cute dog. Serious chub rolls. It really isn’t what you’re lickin’– it is who you’re lickin’!

  25. TrixandSam says:

    I’ll bet good money that if a pic was taken after this one, the kid is licking the pup. It’s inevitable, right?

  26. The baby thing really has been nuffed enough, when you can’t find a decent, “my hair is on fire” anxiety level nuff by comment #22. I vote we all find some other equally inane topic to rant over. Perhaps: “A puppy or a kitten – which is cuter – discuss using with the caps lock on”

  27. oops I should have said “discuss Kanye West style”

    [Wait — Kanye has style? 😕 – Ed.]

  28. I do think it’s very cool that these people are laid-back enough to not just allow but encourage the dog to lick the baby.

  29. I hope that kid’s mother had a C-section, that head is gigantic!

  30. Hmmmm, needs more dog.


    Is that what you mean, browngrl? 😉

    Adorables. So cutes. …and I guess the baby is cute too.


  32. ok, I think they’re kindof……MATCHINKS

  33. Illini Jen says:

    Dear Cuteoverload,

    I don’t know what your deal is with French Bulldogs this week, but as an owner of one of those little snorters, I wholeheartedly say: MOR FRENCH BULLDOOOGZ PLZ!!!

    I would fully support CO become all Frenchies, all the time.


    Illini Jen

  34. rubber duck says:

    lol. I heard some dogs whose families have babies are actually always trying to wash the human baby…they probably think humans don’t keep their offspring sufficiently clean. 😉

  35. One Skunk Todd says:

    I like how the adult human is holding up the puppy so he has a better shot of eating the baby. 😛

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of the baby skull…

    Ah-one, ah-two….

  36. My cats wash me…does this mean they think I’m not clean enough, just because I don’t take a full bath 500 times a day?


    Also what @Chief Brody said. 😉

    And what about the video of the San Diego Zoo’s Giant Panda cub getting his name?! You people anti-panda? 😦

  38. What?! Nobody has called Matchingks yet? Look at the puppeh’s and the bebeh’s arm rolls! And their big brown eyes, plump cheeks and sweet smooshed faces!

    [I know when I’m licked. Matchingks it is! — Mike]

    [Not to mention “Chub” – Ed.]

  39. Hey! There’s a couch in this picture! What are you doing! Furniture does not belong in this site! OMG! etc.

    […and it is neither blue NOR fabulous! 👿 – Ed.]

  40. Whats not to love? I just want to *nom* them both. They both look like they need neck sugars!

  41. OMG that’s so adorable! Happy baby wit de arm chub and beeg peenchable cheeks! Smoochie smoochie smoochie! Doggeh wants to smooch heem too!!

    Seriously the owners/parents should frame this one and hang it on the wall. Cuter than cute. Which is cute.

  42. The people waiting eagerly for nuffers need to get a life, seriously. Oh, and maybe I need to get a life for noticing this. D’oh!

  43. @Mandy: Neck sugars? Huh?

  44. Soooooooo adowable. Both of them. I was allowed to be bathed by my myriad dogs and cats when I was a wee baby and I’m so glad my parents let us all snuggle. More power to awesome parents, awesome puppehs and awesome behbehs! *waves pompoms enthusiastically*

  45. Even the couch is chubbular!

    Neck sugars? Pleeeze ‘splain…

    I am sure that the baby licked the goggie after that picture- or maybe even before, that is how friendships are formed. I used to teethe on our dog’s ears. Now that was one patient dog. I loved Daisy very much, she was my pal through some really awful stuff. Thank you, Daisy (and Willy the cat, too).

  46. skippymom: You’ve heard the phrase “gimme some sugar!” right? Well, “neck sugars” would be kisses at the axis of snorgling, I think. =) I bet it’s in the Southron dictionary somewhere. ;o)

    Love this post, CU staff. Cute hooman behbee, cute pupperz. Now we just need a floofy bebeh kitteh, and we’ll have the cute trifecta!!!

    Keep up the good work! And thank you! =D

  47. Wow, NTMTOM! You managed to post a photo with a human bebe in it that I think is cute. No offense meant to parents of two-legged children. I just think they’d look better covered with fur. I thoroughly enjoy it when my friends bring their children when they visit me. I also thoroughly enjoy it when they take their kids home with them when they leave.

    My 140-lb. Great Dane utterly adores two-legged children. He washes them, naps with them, plays gently with them in the back yard and even puts up with them pulling his ears and tail. I wonder what’s wrong with him.

  48. Achem, ’nuff on…
    Thank you very much. 😉

  49. KIttehsMom says:

    Remember: “THIS” side up!

    Don’t be flippin’ that baby, you might get an unexpected flavor explosion on that cute little tongue of yours.

    “Oh mom, noms not just tasting right today…what’s up with that????”

  50. Starlinguk says:

    Hey guys, I brought nachos. Did anybody bring any Pepsi?

  51. Ugh. Dessert. HOW COULD


  53. One Skunk Todd says:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of the baby…

    Ah-one, ah-two…. 😛

  54. Trabb's Boy says:

    Awww. The strongest bonds are built with doggie slurps. We’ve had our poochie three years and while she started licking my son’s face for the noms, she now rushes to slurp him even when he’s clean.

    If this family is reading and hasn’t already tried it, I heartily recommend the peanut butter on the toes thing.

  55. Not being a dog owner I don’t know, but isn’t this a bit dangerous? Suppose the dog decided to have a chew? I wouldn’t let one that near my face.

  56. When the Reddlings are born, my shih tzus will totally do this. As it is, they greet visitors with sandals or bare feet by licking toes. Hands, feet, arms, legs, faces, walls, carpet, blanket, couches…anything within tongue range is free game for a licking!

    And yes, I have talked to my vet about this. She isn’t too concerned, because it’s not obsessive. I can get them to stop, and they don’t immediately start again.

  57. 1) Ew, a baby.
    2) Ew, how could you let that dog lick your baby, it could infect him with swine flu or CHOMP his ear off.
    3) Ew,. how could you let that baby near that dog, it could infect him with swine flu or CHOMP his ear off.
    etc. :mrgreen:

  58. Sorry to disappoint people expecting nuffs, but I’m not really outraged about the hooman baby in this one…the cuteness of the doggie helps cancel it out, I guess, but EWW on the strained carrots comment. The sight of babies (or adults) slobbering out various pureed veggies down their chins and all over everything is probably a large part of the reason I am childless and the thought of another animal eating it off of them is just yucky. Thankfully the pic did not actually show any licking of pureed food! Not nuffin, just saying.

  59. PS, STINKIN’ cute! 😛

  60. Oh…and skippymom…scientifically proven that dogs’ tongues are cleaner than people tongues. Even with the poop eating. Go figure.

  61. AuntieMame says:

    BTW, I believe “neck sugars” are just like snorgles, except you bury your nose in the neck chub, rather than the belleh.

  62. freetomato says:

    Puppy kisses are the best. I had a friend whose baby developed thrush. Her country granny told her she needed to find someone with a dog to lick the baby’s face to cure it. Owning (at the time) two big sweet chocolate labs, I obliged her. When the kidlet was laid on my carpet, by big doggies proceeded to lick her milky smelling face all over while baby giggled. She told me that the next day, the baby’s thrush was gone!

    Is there nothing puppy kisses can’t cure???!!???

  63. freetomato says:

    “my” (not by) big doggies too!

  64. I have to wonder, nuffers: do you nuff this much on cats’n’racks photos? ’cause they have humans, too. I think the behbeh is adorable and it’s “CUTE” overload not “CUTE ANIMAL” overload. Just because YOU don’t think something is cute doesn’t mean others find it repulsive. For example: I happen to think things like lizards and snakes are adorable. My momma does not. We don’t, however, leave crude and ignorant comments about it. Grow up. If you’re going to be a self-centered jerk who commands that all of CO bends to what YOU find cute, we don’t want you here.

  65. @Suzanne: I know! My outrage was of the mock variety (maybe you knew that). Comment 28 above shows my real view. I happily allow all dogs I meet to slurp my face.

  66. Cute!!! Om nom nom!

  67. paranoiagirl says:

    “Neck sugars” is my new favorite phrase. Somebody get me a puppy and baby to snuggle with at my desk, STAT!
    ::taps toe impatiently::

  68. Pffff. The human baby is just as cute as the puppy. I don’t understand why some people have a problem with human babies being shown on this site — after all, the blog title is “CUTE Overload”, not “Baby Animal Overload”. It’s for anything and everything that Meg deems cute, whatever that may be. Not just baby animals, though of course it’s great that she mostly chooses those.

  69. Brian Fowler says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting since I missed the chance to comment on the last primate post because I wanted to suggest cute pictures of old people.

    You know, Grandpas, Grandmas. Old people can be cute too, at least when they’re not Teabagging.

  70. We have a very licky puppy (dog) and our neighbors have a dog and now an almost 2 year old girl. It’s so great to have a toddler neighbor that is used to puppy kisses and LIKES them. We don’t have to have to hold Carlos back (like we do with our skittish nieces)–the neighbor girl shrieks with joy when Carlos kisses her. The more kids get to love puppies, the better the world is, I say.

  71. Yes! I agree, Brian Fowler. OLD PEOPLE!

  72. @skippymom – I was momentarily confused after an afternoon of reviewing ORCA certiciations (and no, not the good ORCA/Willy/Shamu kind).

    And Brian Fowler, why the need to put the image of the eldery Teabagging? OH MY EYES. 😛

  73. Frenchie McFrencherson looks so intent on smooching his new brother or sister. And Chubby McChubberson looks positively gleeful at being the lickee. I love the chub rolls!!!! 😀

    It’s never too early to get a kid started on a lifetime love of pets.

  74. Umm. dogs emit some pretty disgusting stuff from various orifices too. And sometimes they leave it RIGHT ON THE FLOOR WHERE YOU CAN STEP IN IT not in a diaper. But I’m quite happy to have the doggy tongues lick me. Or a baby tongue. Especially a panda baby tongue.

  75. Beautiful child! I might be tempted to give the kid a lick or 2 myself. The arm chub and the perfect cheeks remind me of the Baby Tender Love doll I had as a child. Ah, memories.

  76. @AuntieMame I certainly will not, I absolutely love this site. I just think it’s a shame but I will just ignore any future humans… After all, it’s all personal preference so if you think human babies are cute then that’s fine but there is not reason to force others to feel the same way. I just do not think human babies are cute. period.
    @Elle [quote]I have to wonder, nuffers: do you nuff this much on cats’n’racks photos? ’cause they have humans, too.[unquote] AB-SO-LU-TE-LY yes, I do not enjoy the racks part. even though adult humans are slightly less disturbing than baby humans… still.

  77. What with their big, brown eyes, rolls, round faces and stubbular limbs, I think the baby and the doggie could be twins. So cute!

  78. wow that is one seriously messed-up-cute baby! oh the arm chubs!!!

  79. This picture makes my ovaries hurt. What a freaking adorable baby and a FRENCHIE TO BOOT AGH I LOVE FRENCHIES. But I’m too afraid to get one because it gets so cold here in the winter (-20c is an average winter day, it can get up to -40c :() I don’t really want a baby either, I’ll just pressure my brother to have one. (Before ~childfree~ people jump on me, I mean this jokingly. Considering I’m childless myself, I’d never actually pressure someone to have kids. ;P)

  80. AuntieMame says:

    but I will just ignore any future humans…

    If people would just do that to start with, there wouldn’t be these stupid catfights every time.

    Don’t like what you see in this post? Move on to the next one, instead of throwing a tantrum and demanding that the website conform to YOUR preferences.

  81. Stubular. Chunkular. Chubular. Chubtastic.
    8/10 on the CuteOmetre. (metric).

  82. Starflower says:

    ….only two so far?

  83. Once upon a time, I wasn’t such a fan of the Frenchie Bullroggies, but they are really starting to grow on me (aided in large part to the loaf of bread ‘roggie from previous post).

    Bring on the cute chubbeh bebbehs and the ‘roggies.

    A non-breeder!

  84. What a cute couple… 😉