THIS JUST IN: Bebeh Rhino

Rule of Cuteness #10-b:  If you haven’t grown into your feet yet and/or your mom can impale people, you’re cute.  So let’s keep a safe distance and welcome the newest baby white rhino born at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

Photo by Matt Marriott/Thanks to sender-inner Nick G.


  1. I can’t believe something that little becomes something THAT big. Mom’s face is like 8 times as big!!!

    ❤ the feetsies

  2. he’ll grow in to those shoes.

  3. Awww, look at the wee perfect bebeh! And check out the feets on that kid. 😀

  4. *puts on library glasses*
    Did you know that the rhino’s horn is actually made of a hair like material, not bone!
    *takes off library glasses*
    STUBBY TOES!!!!!!!!

  5. Luv how the little one is trying to be cheek to cheek with mom.

  6. And we thought our longhaired six-toed kitten had big feet– ear hair, feet, and floof he was. I hope this little one grows to be as happy and healthy, but has lots and lots of offspring, because we need more white rhinos.

  7. nubby toesies!!!!!

  8. woah check out the knee action on the back left leg! Its like a dog’s leg! I always assumed rhinos had 4 knees like elephants. also, awwww!

  9. The word “availabuhls” (which is misaligned from an ad on the left side bar) keeps finding its way into the middle of these cute animal pictures today as if tempting me that the bebe is, itself availabuhl to ME! This bebe rhyme-o is “availabuhls” and earlier today there was a cute hamster that was “availabuhls” as well! I’ll take ’em! Though I don’t know whether my yard will hold that rhymosaurus for very long when he starts growing into his toes……

  10. Baby rhino toes! So cute . . .

  11. Omg, how sweet are they, cheek to cheek, looking all serious. Also… hocks!!!!1!!

  12. That is adorable!

    I never thought about it, but it looks like bebeh rhinos are born without horns on their noses. I suppose it would be far more painful for Mama Rhino to give birth if the horns were there at birth…

  13. *SNERK* *If your mom can impale people, you’re cute”. I LOVE that new rule! And the bebeh’s pretty adorable in a giant, beady-eyed, cartoon-feets kinda way.

  14. Look at the wee little tuffs of hair on the tops of his ears?!? Qte!!!!

    And bad Momma for making wee little one wear shoes that are too big for him!! Sheesh Mom, can’t you find a pair that fits??? *giggle*

  15. Thank heavens they grow into the horn and the shoes.

    Very cute cuddling.

  16. new rule of cute… it is cute when your mom’s head is bigger than you..

    and Toe cicles.

  17. Respectful correction: No Busch Gardens is located in a body of water. The one you mean is in the city of Tampa.

    You got confused because of the ‘Neers – the first sports team named after a body of water.

  18. Well blow me down, matey, even Busch Gardens got it wrong. I now see from their own website they put Bay in their name. Nevermind. I’ll go back to being QUIETLY unhelpful.

  19. Love the knobby knubbular knees on the front legs….

  20. This little piggy went to market, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy…wait how many piggies do you have???

  21. @Ray – did you ever hear the story of when the Buccaneers were a new team playing at Green Bay for the first time, the Green Bay scoreboard had them listed as the “Tampa Buccaneers” so when it came time for Green Bay to play Tampa Bay at home, the Tampa Bay scoreboard had them listed as the “Green Packers.” HAhahaha!

    Sorry for that sport-related diversion. I LOVE THE EAR FRINGIES.

  22. no kzgz i didn’t know that. but note, green bay is the name of a city. tampa bay is not.

    okay what do i love besides rippin on the ‘neers. yes the ear fringies. probably most,
    just the gentle nuzzle action that seems to me to say, ‘you don’t be GOIN’ nowhere now,
    y’hear, ma?’

  23. Oh, goody, another white rhino! What the world needs now is Rhino, sweet Rhino!
    YAY Momma Rhino!

  24. [melt]

  25. @katiedid: thank you for saving me from myself by giving that little factoid before i could. i bow down to your obviously greater nerdiness.

    @kzgz: GREEN PACKERS, ha ha! now that’s funny, i don’t care who you are. i won’t go near the obvious comparison to the bad-taste-but-still-or-maybe-because-of-funny epithet this reminds me of. tawk amongst yaselves…..

  26. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Ray: Actually, your comment was very helpful, and I’ve updated the post. Thank you!

  27. Precious little hoof nubbins.

  28. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Are they by any chance auctioning off the little nubbular stubby-footed rhinosicle from Tampa? If so, I’ll bid a buck an ear.

  29. @Aquamarine: “factoid”, widely believed to mean “small fact”, actually refers to something that has become accepted as fact, but is likely not true. (So you could, in fact, say that the belief that “factoid” means “small fact” is in fact a factoid.) The word was invented by Norman Mailer. ***takes off obnoxious nitpicking glasses***

    But yes, rhino horns are made of hairlike stuff, not bone, and isn’t that cool!

  30. Size 4EEEEEEEE please !

  31. Sleestak snowshoes ftw! Not to mention bonus square moufs.

  32. He’s highly anticipating his hornsicle!

  33. Wow, cute little guy! Those feet are cool looking.

  34. “You’re cute if your mom can impale people” might need some work to make it more universally applicable. After all, baby grizzly and polar bears are extremely cute, but their mothers are less into the impaling and more into the ‘disembowelling with a single paw swipe’.

  35. I suggest that the new rule be, “You’re cute if you haven’t grown into your feet and your Mom can impale, disembowel, stomp, crush or otherwise annihilate you.” It’s the contrast between cute baby (those feets! Those ears!) and a big, scary Mommy that makes the qte even qter.

  36. So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so cute!

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    GREEN PACKERS???!! You may not mock the Gods of Football, lest St. Lombardi smite you.

    On baby rhino-related matters, I didn’t know they were born with no horn (which is actually hair-like material). I am sure this makes the birth process much more comfortable for Mama Rhino.

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I can’t stand it cuz his feets too big!!! 😀

    It’s a song, don’t worry, peepuhls!!

  39. resriechan says:

    @ Jennifer Jupiter:

    That would be an earworm very similar to THIS one; some help, editors?

    (This is how it came up in; there’s another version performed by F. Waller, but that particular version, was not his best performance of it…This address/link includes the question terms in the link. I’m not skilled with separating out the performance link from the search term…)

    [Well, this is the version I know. (audio only) – Ed.]

  40. So cute, love the ears

  41. Thank you, VZ. We all must stand up and support our beloved kings of the pigskin, the Green BAY Packers.

    BEEP! ouch… BEEP!!!

  42. resriechan says:

    YAY! Thanks, Editors! THAT’s the cover of the song, that I was tryin’ to find! The F Waller one that I had found was a pretty lame one. YAY again !!

  43. Not just a bebeh rhino, a cuddling bebeh rhino. Top that!!

  44. Ok… so… how come baby “white” rhino is made of the exact same material as the black dates from Palm Springs? And the same color?? Hmm?

  45. Dr. Science says:

    The horn is made of keratin, which is the same protein found not only in hair, but also in nails! :O

  46. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL!! That MIGHT be the one, resriechan! 😉

  47. This is reaching dangerously cute levels.

  48. I live 10 mins from bush gardens in tampa. i think ill go see that adorable baby rhino later this week! seeing it in person is way better then just one photo!

  49. Starlinguk says:

    I always have “vvvvvvooooom” (vacuum cleaner) noises in my head when I watch white rhinos graze.

    But maybe that’s just me.

  50. nuzzle action (bebeh to mum rhino) So sweet.

  51. Awww, what a cutie! Love the honking great foot pads, reminds me of a certain scene from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’?! 😉

  52. …your mom can impale people….hahahahahhahaha! love the new rule.

  53. I am wondering what the footprint looks like- I bet it would make a great rubber stamp!

  54. rihnos are one of those animals I wish we could miniature-rize and keep as pets.

  55. Does anyone know the name of this little rhino?

    I’m curious, and the zoo’s website doesn’t help…

    On topic:
    Wow I never really looked at rhino’s knees! I guess they do bend like dog legs.
    – big feet
    – no horn yet
    – square mouth
    – gigantic mom
    – cheek press
    *DED* -____-

  56. essacee-that is a very nice cutelogical assessment-have you gone ‘pro’ on us or somthin’?