Return of Ninja Cat!

The steps of the ninja warrior must be as silent as the morning mist upon the ground.  To avoid detection, he must be as still as the midnight air.  He must be as fearless as — GAAAHHH NOOOOO GIANT HAND GIANT HAND RUN AWAY!!!



  1. dawnieangel76 says:

    For all their aloofness, kitties are fun as all heck to play with.

  2. happypiano says:

    Dilate! Dilate! Dilate a la Puss-in-Boots.

  3. A cat that doesn’t bite the hand that feathers it…obviously not filmed in MY house.

  4. “I’m telling my mommy, you scared me!” Cats really are the best at enteraining us humans!

  5. Sorry, guess I forgot to run “spell check” – “ENTERTAINING”

  6. Crouching Kitty, Hidden Feather

    Coming this winter. In theaters across the country.

  7. Apparently, actually having the feather is not nearly as interesting to kitty as the stalking. Well, for us, too.

    It’s like an interspecies Red Light, Green Light.

  8. I just have one question: how did these people get such spic ‘n span clean floors, and can they come clean my house?

    I guess that’s two questions.

    On another note: perfect cat stalkings and butt wriggling engagement — kitty needs a WWI ace helmet!

  9. Kitties are so wonderfully silly sometimes! This was a great way to start my day.

  10. I love how he pokes his head out for the second go-round. Good comic pause.

  11. My Master! My Master has returned! 🙂

  12. O what us hoomans do to entertain ourselves.

  13. Great directing! The camera angle was perfect for the set up…Hilarious!

  14. one, two, three RED LIGHT!
    one, two, three RED LIGHT!

    such a cute kittie!

  15. Desdemona, I’m afraid you have to start out with really nice, somewhat new floorboards to get them that way. I could scrub my beat up 75 year old hardwood floor with a stiff brush on my hands and knees and it would never ever look that way. Some genius once re-varnished the floor without cleaning it thoroughly first and sealed in the filth for all time… what can you do? At least this place isn’t as maniacally clean as Maru’s pad… that actually freaks me out a little 🙂

  16. Clearly, the stalking is funner than the prize. He looks so disappointed when it turns out to be a dopey feather held by his hooman. I’m surprised when he comes back for Round 2.

  17. That hand’s dynamite!

  18. Wow…check out that instinctive hunting behavior. Impressive.

  19. That doesn’t work with Killer-although she’ll go anywhere for the laser pointer!
    Great puddy-tat!

    ButtaRumCake- I’m sending wonderful and happy thoughts your way. I’m glad we’re friends.

  20. I always run when I see The Giant Hand, too.

  21. My Tika (RIP) used to do this too…the butt wriggling cracked me up to no end LOL
    The peek around the corner had me LOLzing very loudly!

    @Katrina – thanks again!! I’ve got my head held high :o) *hugs*

  22. Kitteh looks like it has such soooooooft kittehfur! Wanna pedda kitteh!

  23. what amazing stop-motion that kitty demonstrates!

  24. His eyes. His pretty little eyes! ^-^

  25. It’s like the kitty version of red light green light!!!

  26. lol I would almost say this video is better than the first only because we can see just how expertly the kitty creeps and stops when the feather can “see” him. love it!

  27. hehehehehehehe… sooooo cute!

  28. HEHEHHEHEHEHE Ilove this … and @ Gizmo BWahahahahahah!

  29. Love it! Especially 1:09 where he peeks his head out. Kitties just can’t ignore that ‘scratching’ sound, whether it’s a feather against furniture, or toes under sheets in bed (I wouldn’t recommend trying that last one kids).

  30. OMG that is hilarious!! Kitties are soooo cute!

  31. Excuse me…. Kittehs…

  32. I like the “blinks” he/she gives the feather. “Oh, hi! *blink* I was just looking…”

  33. Oh, a creeping kid. Hey don’t go, I want to cast you in my next film – “The Creeping Kid”.

  34. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a Luurkenschproing tag?

  35. Hmmm. I wonder if feather-rubbing-wood sounds just like mouse footsteps?

  36. I think they’ve played this game before!! Too cute! I love that kind of kitty – white and gray. I know other colors of kitty have names – marmie/tabby/calico, does white and gray have a name too?

  37. Wow, the reflection in the wood is great! And how the kitteh seems to forget all about the previous stalk when there’s an opportunity for a new one! Cool.

  38. Kristabelle: “needs-a-new-tuxedo”?

    And yeah, I totally thought of red light green light too!

  39. @wuyizidi

    Excellent reference! Best Izzard evar!

  40. @Jiffknee – thank you. That first show is still his best (“cake or death?”).

  41. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That was too cute!! 😀

  42. @Kristabelle

    In my family, we call them Dillos. It’s because the stripey back and soft white underside made me think of an armadillo’s shell. So, “Armadillo cat” got shortened to “Dillo.” Or, “Dilla” for girls.

    This Dilla look like my dear departed Steve. She enen had the smudge on her nose.

  43. I remember playing Red Light Green Light and I added Yellow Light into the mix: when someone yells ‘yellow light’ you move in slo-motion!

  44. Where’s the requisite scary stalking music, as with the terrifying stalking cat video?

  45. Awww, them’s some wackadoodle eyes, yes they is…

    [Penny for your thoughts… – Ed.]

  46. 😆 That is one brave Ninja Cat 😆

  47. Argghh.. I already saw this on EbaumsWorld[dot]com. Still good for another viewing, though.

  48. green light!

  49. I love it!!

  50. that’s so cool how cats move like that… mr. sneaky!

  51. I love it! Especially the part where kitty looked SO disappointed when he reached the feather. “Oh. It was you. Great.” And then when his little head poked around the corner for round 2.

  52. Heheh. Love that cat. He/she would probably do really well “in the wild”. 😉

  53. I love how, at around 0:49, he hears the feather scratching and his head doesn’t move but he leans toward the noise.

  54. this is adorable!

  55. that cat is PRECIOUS!!!

  56. Some music would have been great. Something suspenseful…maybe a little “jaws” music.
    The hunting instinct is wonderful to watch.

  57. This is SO cute! I laughed so hard I got a headache! But that’s a GOOD thing!

  58. hahahaha that made me laugh so much! priceless!

  59. This cat is the perfect combination of neurotic and stealthy!

  60. Is it ‘luurkensproing’ when it is elicited? Hmmmmmm…

  61. what a poker faced cat! love it!

  62. and he doesnt even blink when stalking. double love it.

  63. What a cutie! My kitty does that but she runs at you and scares you to death! hahaha! SO love kitties!

  64. wth o.o

  65. “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
    Aw, crap.

  66. The video has been taken off!

    [Um, no. Try again. – Ed.]

  67. I love the very end where he tries to act like he’s all casual after he runs away from the giant hand. *RUNRUNohwait I’m a CAT. Saunter…*