Every Thanksgiving, It’s the Same Thing

Aunt Leticia drinks all the cooking sherry, Grandpa and Cousin Harold argue politics, Cousin Wendell tells us about the latest cult he just joined, and I get stuck babysitting Aunt Brunhilde’s kids, Rollo and Yappo.  That’s it, man; I’m outta here.

Just read this leaflet, Marilyn T. — it’ll totally change your life.



  1. That little loaf of bread doing the splits just sucked my soul out.


  3. the belly flop at :24 and stomping paws at :46 killed me. ded.

    the splayed leggage also contributed to my departure.

  4. come on cat, lets fight
    lets fight, come on
    OOOO! VCR!
    hey cat, fight fight fight
    hey cat wanna fight?
    come on, think your tough?

  5. gettin’ down with the splits

  6. those splayed back legs are killer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a golden frenchie. They’re golden delicious!

  7. Oh, and obligatory “the Japanese are kicking our tocks again!”

  8. Note the look the cat gives at :28! Hilarious! “You’re kidding, right?”

  9. OMG – loved the splits; loved that “Mommy” was to busy worrying with other pup to even notice her little one gettin’ schooled by Kitty. Kitty did put the little pup in its place, tho. This was great!

  10. I can’t find the hovertext!! It feels like I’m in some distorted unforgiving alternate universe AHHHHHHH

  11. Zomg it’s the same puppeh that couldn’t roll over!!! Well, it’s from the same litter at least.

    So cute!! :3

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Mina: We don’t always include one with videos. I couldn’t think of one this time, but maybe Theo can add one later.

  13. Adorable! Puppy splits, who knew?

  14. lol… the annoyed look on that cat’s face is priceless.

    “ungh… really? Are you kidding me? What exactly do you think you are gonna do to me? You can’t even STAND.”


  15. Tock splayage is AWESOME.
    Love the little squeaks too from the puppeh.

    @MissKitty…YES! The cat annoyed look is great. You just know the cat is thinking if it would take one swipe or two with its’ mighty paw, to knock out the squeaking pup.

  16. Adorable! At first I thought he was peeing at :11, but I think he was just trying to get up….and couldn’t.

  17. valiantmtb says:

    Love the 180 degree splayage!!

  18. puppy splitsssssssss

  19. That is some daaaangerous splayage, there! Tubular, tubbular, almost blorpular! And the cat, calm, cool and collected-having none of it. The “Katie Winters” of kittehs. OK, old people- who was Katie Winters?

    Does that mean that those people have three tubular, tubbular, blorpular dogs now? Oh, one can only hope. And a cat, too, of course.

  20. I hope that splayage on puppeh #1 gets fixed.

  21. Illini Jen says:

    Frenchies rule.

    My Frenchie pup puts his ears back, gets his butt in the air and barks at the kitties. Only when they turn their back does he dare chase. If they jump on the couch with him, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He turns into a spazz.

  22. Kitty is all like “what is that thing.. it kinda looks like a dog.. but it kinda looks like a bunny….”

    Love the momma dog **PLOP**

  23. @Katrina – Ms. Winters used to sell Ice-Blue Secret (before it was strong enough for a man).

  24. Does knowing about Ms. Winters mean I win a Frenchie pup? *crosses fingers*

  25. Oooh, the puppy’s Extreme Backleg Splayage is a perfect immitation of Maru! What a chubby little cutie pie! So fierce. Haha. Love this video.

  26. I want to go there.

  27. Frenchies are absolutely without a doubt THE cutest puppies EVER. I hope we can get another one down the road 🙂

  28. MAYJAH lol’s at 0:27 when the cat glances up at the camera and back to the dog in disgust… hahahah I cannot get over it!

  29. The sideways back leg splits/stomping combo. Yes, I’ll order one of those.

  30. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Oh, maaaaan! They’ll probably make me sit at the kids’ table with these little monsters for Thanksgiving dinner.”

  31. Omg why doesn’t it stand up?! It’s tummy makes a base and it just scoots. so cute >_<

    Also I love the name Brunhilde

  32. Remember that famous scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when Indiana Jones has been fighting and one more bad guy comes along twirling his swords and Indiana just pulls out a gun and shoots him?

    That’s what I expected the cat to do.

  33. Noellle – “That little loaf of bread doing the splits just sucked my soul out.” – Couldn’t have said it better myself! The splayage is awesome (as everyone else seems to have noted, too).

  34. Here we go again….just when I get my immune system right…a golden Frenchie!!
    With SPLAYED TOCKAGE no less!!!!

    *DED*DED*DED yet again*

  35. “availabuhls”! Yeah!

  36. Ah-Fuzz-It! says:

    @BenPanced: Just noticed it! Hilarious!!

  37. Sooo vereh vish-oss!

  38. Rafael Delivery says:

    Van Dame`s legg moves!


  39. Such a beautiful colour on these cute little Frenchies! 🙂

  40. Oh my goooness, look at that splayage! I’ve never seen such a splay oh a puppeh before!

  41. doesn’t that baybeh puppeh sound like the tasmanian devil?

    i didn’t know dogs could do splits.

  42. Damn. My want for a french bulldog has turned into a NEED for a french bulldog. I desperately NEED a french bulldog in my life. =/

  43. Kitteh looks just like my dear departed Yevgeny.

  44. Unamused Kitteh is unamused.

  45. Puppeh is like the Cowardly Lion:

    Put ’em up, put ’em up! Which one of you first? I can fight you both together if you want. I can fight you with one paw tied behind my back. I can fight you standing on one foot. I can fight you with my eyes closed. Oh, pull an axe on me, eh? Sneaking up on me, eh? Why, I’ll… Ruff!

  46. cutiepatootie says:

    Is anyone else concerned that pup #1 has real hip and/or leg issues? It looked as though she was not able to stand or walk very well…

    They are cute as heck, though! The EARS OMG!!!

  47. It’s the Japanese version of Garfield, with a French bulldog in the role of Odie. (Also reminds me of those Sylvia cartoons.) Cute puppy, but I’m with the cat on this one. (The things felines have to put up with.)

  48. Illini Jen says:

    @ cutiepatootie: My Frenchie Tater was like that when I got him at 8 weeks. Tons of splayage and slipping and sliding. It took him about a month to grow into figuring out how legs work, and now he’s bunny hoping and running about sure-footed.

    The thing with Frenchies is they seem to utterly ignore their back legs at times. Tater will be standing around and then just lower his back end and “sit,” his back legs extended behind him. He’ll also hang halfway out of his doggie bed, belly on the floor, front paws extended in front of him, back legs splayed out behind him on the bed. Frenchies make no damn sense at times. I’m convinced they do it on purpose to be even cuter than they already are.

  49. I would much rather spend Thanksgiving with Rollo and Yappo and the rest than with my usual holiday cast of characters.

    Ded, indeed.

  50. cutiepatootie says:

    Thank you, lllini Jen! I will now stop worrying about these adorable pups and go back to admiring their adorableness.

  51. OMG, I am DYING a DEATH of CUTENESS! AAAAGGGHHH! Want to jump into movie and squeeze them ALL! TEWALLY anerable!

  52. @Illini: I LOVE that you have a dog named “Tater.” That is awesome.

  53. When I was a kid I loved big dogs, Irish wolfhounds and Rottweiler were my favorites. Then I fell in love with Corgis but this little Frenchie is winning me over.

  54. Love how the cat Batmans outta there at the end.

  55. That’s the cutest!

  56. The splayage, the cute little ‘tocks, the cat’s utter disdain for the little puppy…can it get any more adorable?

  57. I wanna Frenchie.

  58. Love the look on the cat’s face….*ho hum* “Bring it on, van Damme”

  59. OMG those plump beige ‘tocks, the unbelievable splits action, too much for me,*dies from Cuteoverload*

  60. i think that dog has a problem, his tocks are too heavy lol
    lovely video andf the cat is like whatever

  61. all the leg splayage in the world is not going to save that pup from an Important Life Lesson. Better he learn it now…

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    That is SO CUTE! I love the pup yapping and doing gymnastics on his flower blankie. (10!) And the cat is all: “well, this bloody well sucks.”

  63. That is just too cute! Thank you for this site. Your photos/videos always make me smile. 8-D

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Pup: Come play! I’m Nadia Pupaneci!!!
    Cat: Talk to the claws, loser.

  65. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a dis-splay.

    Ya know… cats do just about as good an utter disdain as buns do their disapproval.

  66. ^^^loves them all!

  67. Daphne Moss says:

    Instant classic!! It has it all! Love “little loaf of bread” comment, and couldn’t believe the cuteness of the tocks…But it was the disapproving kitteh, the surprise arrival of mom and a sibling that made this a 10 on the 10 “Meter of Cuteness.”

  68. needapuppy says:

    Disdainful cat also knows *exactly* where the floor becomes too slippery for the pup to stand.

  69. haha..so cute! I love them!

  70. those vicious bebes. snap snap snap- plunk!

  71. Aunt Brunnhilde looks just as bad as the kids.

  72. PS Make that Brünnhilde.

  73. o my f that was the cutest thing evar! the kitty was so disgusted, the splits, the yapping, i love it all

  74. patient kitty, though disapproving…reminds me of this!


  75. I can’t get enough of this!

    Maybe a new rule of cute for horizontal haunch-splayage?

    [Rule #477: Squashy Butt™ 😉 – Ed.]

  76. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    That Lavender2003 has a lot of cute clips of her/his French bulldog pups.

    Personal favourite is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9e8piB2oKM … seventeen seconds of pure bliss.

  77. Omg.. the *flop* at 0:24. Watch eet again and again.

  78. Totally agree with second 24 folks. That is ultimate cute right there.

  79. Eeeee! So cute! He’s co chubby, he can’t even stand! ahn! and the mommy playing with the other pup! Eeeeeeee!! ^.^

  80. bulldog puppies are SO cute!

  81. The splits. Ur doin it rite.
    SpeckTOCKular splayage.
    10/10 on the CuteOmetre. (metric)

  82. The cat does a dictionary definition of “unflappable.” There’s one point where I’m seriously convinced he thinks the puppy is a toy brought out for his entertainment… he’s just waiting for the wind-up motor to propel it over the invisible “whack it” line.

  83. LOL The cat rolling his(her?) eyes about at 00:26 is just PRICELESS
    can’t get better. totally made my day

  84. Urban Tapestry says:

    love 0:28

    wait for it…
    wait for it…
    *bitch slap*

  85. OMG, the ´tocks on the puppy on the right from 0:42 onwards are adorable. 😀

  86. OMG! Baby puppeh ‘tocks!
    And funny mommy!

  87. Starlinguk says:

    I immediately thought “hip dysplasia” too, cutiepatootie!

    Oh well, it can be fixed pretty well.

    And that cat is thinking “what IS it?!” We had a situation like that once with a really fat tomcat and a very small papillon dog.

  88. Awesome display of ‘tock splayage from which I may never recover. But with my last dying breath you’ll hear me whisper, “Must. Have. Frenchie.” *thud*

  89. The mom is packing some serious milk. Is it strange that I got a little thirsty?

  90. very cute but those back legs are wrong?

  91. Those kids are outta control!!! Love the split action tho.

  92. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    OMG the chubby baby doing the splits & his wee stump of a tail. I LUFF HIM.

  93. Oh man, that cat is brilliant!! LMAO!! And I LOVE that they have their own Winnie The Pooh blankie!!!

  94. Jenn in IL says:

    The look that kitteh gives the camera at :28 is one of such disdain and contempt, it’s amazing the cameraman didn’t keel over and die right then.

    Frenchies are the cuuuuuuuuuuuutest.

  95. What kind of puppy is that?

  96. OMG. I am dying from the cute.

  97. Hmm, the legs are worrisome. It may be true that Frenchies do the the splaying things, but given the way a lot of purebred dogs are bred in Asia, it wouldn’t surprise me if its hips are defective 😦

  98. KIttehsMom says:

    Me thinks the kitteh is gonna do a WWF smack down on that little doggie. Take no prisoners!!

  99. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ NTMTOM #12: Just explain that your hovertext was full of eels.

  100. kitteh: Give it your worst PIGMY!

    Pup: shut up! =P

    Kitteh: mwaahahahahahaha!

  101. Is this the same puppeh that couldn’t roll over? This Lavender person is killing me with these videos. Frenchie-tocks = diez

  102. I want to hold a squiggely wiggely blorpular puppeh — but not with kitteh looking on with distain & bun with disapproval!

  103. Those splayed puppeh haunches & ‘tocks just killed me. That kitteh is very patient! LOL!

  104. Kitteh is not impressed with puppeh’s X-29 impression.

  105. I tell you, I have had the most horrible day today. I get up and check my e-mail and my mother-in-law has accidentally sent me an e-mail meant for someone else. In it, she tells these people I don’t even know that my husband has to come home after work and do everything, which just is not true, and he has a painful back because of me. She has always been mean and made my cry all morning.

    However, after watching this video, I started to smile and am feeling better. Thank you Cute Overload for cheering me up today.

  106. Oooh my god I love French Bulldogs. I want to squoosh him. I will watch this a dozen times.

    Also, to those thinking hip dysplasia, a lot of babies have pretty much no muscle tone, which makes them significantly more flexible. See very young kittens, infants, etc. I wouldn’t worry.

  107. Hmm, the legs are worrisome. It may be true that Frenchies do the the splaying things, but given the way a lot of purebred dogs are bred in Asia, it wouldn’t surprise me if its hips are defective

    Agree totally
    this is what you get when you mess with breeding 😦

  108. I’m glad we’re being optimistic about this.

    [Hehe 🙄 – Ed.]

  109. DeAnna- yes, that was very hurtful but you know what? You can take the moral high road. Stick with us, the animals and the idea of “fair play” and splayage. And Blorpitude. And other CO topics. You are a Peep, and because of that, you can spend time with us and not with (nasty) people who have nothing positive to say to or about you. They are not your whole world, nor should they be. I have a firm rule- “I do not play with people who don’t want to play with me”. Hard and fast rule that is, too. Choose Fluff, DeAnna, choose fluff. Your friend, K.

    [Hear HEAR. Motion carries! – Ed.]

  110. i missed the look the kitty gave the camera because it was kind of dark, but whoever commented on it is right – major disdain! the puppy’s buttocks are also ridiculous. i want to squeeze them.

  111. Katrina, I’m with you, well said, well said!

    I often think when visiting here that there’s no way to actually decide “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on CO,” but you know what? I was wrong. This video: Teh Qte-est thing EVER.

  112. Thank you Ed and Wendy. DeAnna- chime in!

  113. SpecTOCKular!

  114. fat little behiinddd -squish- i think if i ever get another dog, this will be the kind

  115. EvilStepQueen says:

    chubby little buns…splits…omg…little tough guy….(girl…whatev LOL) adorable…

  116. I can’t stop watching this video! The look on the kitty’s face @ the :27 mark is priceless, kitty looks so disgusted

  117. Thanks, Jen. I was alternating between, oooooomg how adorable!!!butwhat’swrong withim????Can he walk?…OMG HOW ADORABLE!

  118. Sweet cracker sammiches. That just about did me in. Stheriously, CO…you can turn off the lights and go home now. It’s never going to get cuter than this.

  119. Queen of Dork says:

    DeAnna: I’m hoping you’re feeling better. And…Yeah! What Katrina said!!

    Lisa: Sweet cracker sammiches? Cool! I love that!

  120. that pup does a mean jean claude van damme.

  121. My biggest smile of the week – I’ve watched it several times and it gets me EVERY time. I don’t know what’s funnier: the chubbular puppeh dragging himself around going: “Enh, enh, come play with me, kitteh!”, the disgusted kitteh (and the b–tch slapping!) or the mom, who is just rolling around in the background playing with the other pup. Bleen!

  122. Look…. at those…. TOCKS.

  123. hahaha the look on the cat’s face is indeed priceless… “What in the world are you doing, child?!” then on 0:29 sec “You see what I have to put up with? *sigh*”

    What a sweet babeh! Wanna squeeze those tocks…

  124. I watched this video like a million times and never noticed the double bitch slap at the end until now.. ahahhahahahahah!
    Kitty totally looks at the camera before the first slap and is all like.. “You ganna do something about this thing??”

  125. Aww the puppy made a split. ^_^

  126. Haha they’re like a live action Garfield and Odie !

    Too cute

  127. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m so glad I came across this post. Just had to include this on my puppies pictures photoblog. My favorite part of the video is when mum and the other little puppy appeared!

  128. Why oh why am I getting a blank video screen with no cuteness??????????????

  129. OMG, I need help. Frenchie Overload.

    HEEEEELP. I think I am in love and it’s not with my husband. Damn.


    Smelling salts pleez

  131. Oh my GAWD, THE TOCKS. *Dies and is ded*

    And kitty’s all “dude…just give it up already.”

  132. Spacatti – The dog knows it

  133. OMG, it just gets cuter and cuter! It’s eeeevil!!!

  134. The part at 0:28 is the best – the cat gives this looks at the camera as if to say,”really? you’ve got to be kidding me.”

  135. doforanimals says:

    This is way too much cuteness for me to handle right now. Will check back later… *thud*


  137. aww omg thats a mean cat poor little puppy o.o and what was the mom doing? (shes a meanie to)

  138. kiki willow says:



    “Ok I’m done”

  139. I went to Lavender’s YouTube page and checked out the other vids. You wanna laugh until you pass out? Watch this one:


    Oh, what’s this? AAAAAA GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! … Hey, what this thing? (repeat)

  140. haha!….what’s up with the puppy’s legs??? LOL!

  141. CadillacDude says:

    I wonder if it’s hurt, being funny, or just plain lazy. Anyway LOL 🙂

  142. Fran in L.A. says:

    @M – AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! You gotta warn a person that some prehistoric tyrannosaur bug is going to be on the puppy!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate Those Bugs! I was once trapped in the ladies room at work when One of Those Bugs got between me and the door. My co-workers were no help. WHen I started screaming, they opened the door to see what was wrong and when they saw The Bug, they laughed and closed the door. Argh, flashback, *THUD*

  143. OMG, BenPanced, you are so right about that little look the cat gives whoever is behind the camera.

  144. what a killer split! lol….

  145. @Illini: I named my parent’s Schiperkee/Pom mix Tater. He’s such a goober.

  146. I think there is something wrong with the little guys legs. They should have a vet check the sweet little darling out. Love how the mom is playing with her other pup.

  147. lol-that was so cute 🙂

  148. that was funny + that video show that a cat can beat a dog.

    p.s I own three cats that can destroy a dog they are awsome.

  149. How am I supposed to get ANY work done when there is this on the internetz? It’s hopeless.

  150. OMG, that should be forbidden, it’s agains nature! I’m sorry but that’s gross!

    [Honey if you wanna see gross, please, this is the internet… – Ed.]

  151. cuddlebear says:

    that wittle cutie should be a cheerleader


  152. I love how the mom stops, looks at one puppeh, then the other puppeh, and then collapses.

  153. thats so stupid!!!