Top sellers at Etsy

Ooh, this looks nice: “Multi-color blanket, perfect for snuggling during those winter nights. 100 percent hand-crocheted with acrylic yarns. Includes genuine dog noses.  Fits queen bed. Allow 2 weeks delivery; no shipping to PO boxes.”

Well, that seems like a very nice deal, and … DOG NOSES?!


I don’t even wanna know what’s in the matching throw rugs, Sarah A.



  1. jthewonderllama says:

    I want one with kitty noses. Knit one, purrrrrrrrrrl…………….oh nevermind!

  2. mervtheflamingo says:

    Eek. I commented as my husband (I’m not jthewonderllama)

  3. BEEP

    What kind of noses are thoses? My guess is Sausage noses?

    and as there are 2 – BEEP

  4. They might well be snausage noses. I think I’ll crawl under that blankie and find out. If I’m not out in like a day… well, just leave me there.

  5. Nosevember!!!!

  6. I’ve been saying this to my coworker everyday when she tells me the tales of her cat Jumbo. If you have four legs and can tuck yourself in, it’s cute!

    *goes off to see what number rule it is*

  7. Sausage noses are more often black, aren’t they? I was thinking mebbe vizsla nosicles myself – they are usually pink.

  8. BEEP X 2.

  9. Dog noses! Monday couldn’t have started on a better note! Or nose!

  10. Irish setter nosicles, maybe?

  11. Looking like a Weimaraner nose 🙂 hesitant because of the color, super cute!

  12. Alex, I’ll take “Name that Nosicle” for $800.

  13. I’ll order 2 please! Instant delivery required 😉 Plese send extran noses.

  14. Answer: Is it the Dachshund?

  15. @Rachel – Ha!!
    Seems like minimal under-coverlet volume displacement, so I’m going with snausage dogs.

  16. Definitely Dachshund. In fact I have one underneath a blankie with just a nose and a paw sticking out on the couch next to me right now, so it was easy to confirm.

  17. Don’t tell ME this isn’t Nosevember!

  18. it’s a wiener cozy

    but then, what isn’t

  19. Snorglefest!!!

  20. dachshund for sure, maybe even dapple?

  21. Happy Nosevember.

  22. Weenies love their blankies. Mine will sometimes accidentally kick hers off in the middle of the night and will just sit there and whine pitifully until I wake up and cover her up again. A comfortable night’s sleep is VERY important, you know.

  23. Those are definitely Vizsla noses!!! My sister has one of those dogs. They don’t have an undercoat so they like to burrow under blankets, mattresses, couch cushions, etc. to keep warm. This is adorable!!

  24. These are obviously afghan hounds.

  25. Trabb's Boy says:

    Hand wash with schmears of peanut butter.

  26. Trabb's Boy says:

    260Oakley, I wish I’d said that.

  27. Vizslas, without a doubt. I knew when I read the caption, before I even saw the picture.

  28. OMG this is as cute as the pic of the Irish greyhound Rufus that had just his feet sticking out from under a duvet! :

    (hope the linky works! ;-))

  29. ok. What/Where IS Etsy?

  30. Yepsy.
    (very crafty, Gravyboat)

  31. IT is Schnoozages.

  32. Whew, it’s rule 26, thanks Teho!

  33. Vizslas (correctly Vizslak), paws down. And be prepared, if you’re brave enough to lift up that afghan, for an overpowering cloud of eau de cheese popcorn.

  34. NOSEvember rocks!

    260Oakley FTW, as usual!!! Afghan hounds…but of course!!! 😆

  35. @260Oakley – Excellent. 🙂

  36. Whoa, I read this in Google Reader and I thought it was for Regretsy at first!

  37. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    YES, those are weiner noses, I don’t even have to look twice. That would be 2 chocolate dachshunds which tend to have chocolate noses 🙂 *sigh*

  38. Hmmmm…..I wonder how those would work with my throw-pillows-with-kitty-butts…..

  39. @gravyboat – Thanks!

  40. Rabbit season.

  41. lexipuppymommy says:

    I say they are Viszla nosicles. My BFFs hubby has a viszla and her nosicle looks just like that.

  42. lexipuppymommy says: is very funny

    260oakley, you’re funny.

  43. Dachs-schnouts!

  44. If the dogs like it, that’s proof positive that it’s totally snuggy …

  45. I spy a sausage dog…..
    Hehehe, my little doxi loves to do this.

  46. Those are doxie noses! I have one, and this is pretty much all I see of him from November until March.

  47. What a wonderful Nose-vember pic, double snout kisses.

  48. kibblenibble says:

    I vote weenie dog. *Beep Boop*

  49. Name that breed!

  50. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I don’t want the afgan unless the doggie noses are included.. 🙂

  51. Those are ice-cold DOXIE NOSICLES!

    I nose it! I NOSE IT.

    Mini story time:
    I was talking to my hubby about how I almost bought a Dog Snuggie for our dapple doxie girl because she is very lean and I fear she is cold walking around the house let alone outside where it’s in the 50s. He insisted that it was a waste of money because they have their own built-in coats! At that moment we heard a little whine outside (our windows are open) and it was our girl whining after only being let out for potties 5 minutes prior. He ran to the back door, scooped her up in a blankie and warmed her cold ears and paws with his hands. So now, I will be getting TWO Snuggies for both of our girls tomorrow. 😀

    the end!

  52. I think you mean “Top Smellers at Etsy.”

  53. Duck season.

    [Wabbit season. – E.F.]

  54. Vizsla.

  55. Doxie noses. We have a red dilute with the fawn colored nose, and it looks just like that. They *love* burrowing in blankets (especially fleece ones from Ikea).

  56. Chocolate dachies for sure. My grannie breeds ’em.

  57. Life is a bed of noses…

  58. They are just sooooooooooooo cute!!! It makes me want to reach through my computer screen and hug them!!!