Mind Your Manors

This week, on “Lifestyles of the Prosh and Redonkulous,” we visit Monteigh Hall, home of toenail-clipper heiress Lady Propecia Monteigh Phipps-Gargle.

Suzie in house and Alton Towers 013

The stately mansion overlooking the Floofitania River, home to generations of her ancestors, is currently under the exacting watch and care of this dynamic doyenne.

Suzie in house and Alton Towers 027

From hosting gala balls, to her designer shoelace empire, to romantic getaways with princes and movie stars, this jet-setter is always on the move and in the know.

Suzie in house and Alton Towers 022

But her most important role is doting mother.  Here we join Lady Propecia during her weekly visit with daughter Phoebe, cared for by her faithful nanny Hannah.

Suzie in house and Alton Towers 014

And finally, we bid farewell to Lady Propecia in her boudoir.  “This is where my heart is,” she explains, “where I unwind from the stress of my impossibly perfect life.”

Suzie in house and Alton Towers 019

Absolutely fabulous, Melanie H.



  1. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Or would celery be better?

  2. Adorable !
    I just love syrian hamsters, but I only have dwarf hamsters.

  3. I covet those copper pots. And that elegant mantelpiece. And the rugs. And the wall sconces. Oh, alright I’ll just say it: I want her life, damn it!

  4. resriechan says:

    That chandelier looks rather a smidge better, than acrylique !

    BUT NTM!!!! I’m on the edge of me (rather shabby) seat !!!
    We must bring in Benson …..DID she evah find her TIARA????

    Enquiring Mind

  5. That is a rather furry hamster to have the name Propecia.

  6. Absolutely Fabulous is right!! “Prosh & Rendonulous”! Oh my, but when will we know if she found the tiara. And why was she looking for it in the kitchen anyway? And who is that person in blue – in her budoir??? Tune in next time…….

  7. I like the tin ceiling in her kitchen, but where did she stash the servants for that shot?

  8. resriechan says:

    (And, BY THE WAY, NTM…I noticed, even if nobunny else does, the familiar SOUND of the name of the manor.

    “Monty Hall”, inDEED.)

    Unreasonably Indignant
    and Offended


  9. HAHA! It was the butler this time!

  10. I’m guessing the tiara is behind door #3

  11. Oh, Laaaady Propeeeeeciaaa–my kitties found your tiara! They say come over here and get it. Come on, don’t be shy! Thaaat’s a nice little rodent, now….
    (slaps self for extreme naughtiness)

  12. ‘Tocks in pic three made me ded.

    I believe the housemaid for Lord Monteigh Hall is Miss Carol Merrill.

  13. Anybody see a theme going on here? First we have a downhome, jus us folks old country home, followed by a prosh city-life home. What’s next?

  14. I know this is a hamster, but these scenes remind me of that Beatrix Potter story “The Two Bad Mice”. In the story, Tom Thumb and Hunca-munca wreak havoc in a doll house, much to the dolls’ dismay!

  15. The whole story is FABULOUS!
    Toenail clipper heiress- I can’t stop smiling.

  16. Sammy, you beat me to it! I was going to ask the Lady Phipps-Gargle if Hunca-Munca was in there!

  17. AuntieMame says:

    The hamster is hilarious, but I love the dollhouse. If I had one like it, I’d still be playing with dolls. And I’m 44. 😀

  18. So cute, good thing you took the pictures now. I couldn’t image what condition Lady Propecia would be in the next day. 🙂

  19. Kinda has a Grey Gardens thing going on. Lady Propecia squeaks: “i really think this is the best costume for the day. i have to think these things up, you know?”

  20. I’m sorry, the “Floofitania River” thing made me do a spit-take with my tea. Hilarious.

  21. does this give anybody else nightmares? like, if this were a REAL house….imagine the size of the monster creeping around your kitchen!!! ZOIKS! i’m all about some cute hamsters ‘n’ all, but….the scale is sorta freakin me out. :-0

  22. Once A Fish says:

    Picture #3 is my very favorite, gotta tell you.

    …Everything’s normal here, turkey’s roasting on the fire, got the food all laid out, and OH MY GOD THERE’S A BEAR IN THE HOUSE HE’S HEADING UPSTAIRS AAAAARRRGGGHH!!!

  23. I had no idea hammies could do stairs. Love it!

  24. @Aquamarine: How right you are!

  25. he’s so cute; surely he’d only take a *tiny* nibble of the baby, right….?

  26. hehehehe! love it!!

  27. oh! i just noticed! can we have a tail-nubbins-hance (pic 2)??? her wee wittle naked nubby!

  28. too funny

    pic #3 is precious

  29. @Annie: I just came here to say the same thing—it’s like a real life Hunca Munca! LOVE IT.

  30. I spy
    I spy with my little eye
    a little tabbycat in a basket
    in pictures
    1 and 2

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    My living room rug is very similar to the one in the boudoir.. . but I have no tiara or fancy sconces or any of that other stuff. If I may say it, Lady Propecia appears to living rather high on the hog…. (speaking of which, I second the motion to hire Benson to come and solve the mystery.)

  32. tesstricks says:

    Nothing says “titled” quite like using a fireplace to spit roast dinner in the kitchen.

  33. Looks like a Charles dickens novel come to life, bless him !

  34. Hehe I chuckled at the stuff that was ‘swept under the rug,’ as they say–especially the tiny kitten in a basket.

  35. Kirsten D. says:

    Eeee! I’m not the only one who remembers Tom Thumb and Hunca-Munca and thought of them when I saw this? That was one of my favorite Beatrix Potter tales. Oh, nostalgia. ❤

    Now, if we can just locate Ms. Propecia's tiara…*dons spectacles*

  36. I wish my house was this elegant. The rugs, the chandalier, the wallpaper… the hammy! So cute!

  37. janet2buns says:

    @Vicki #5: I THOUGHT that word seemed familiar: “A trademark for the drug finasteride, used to treat male pattern baldness”. Just had to Google it.

  38. It makes me so happy that someone else was reminded of the Beatrix Potter story. When I saw these pictures, my first thought was “omg it’s hunca munca”!

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Every time I see these “Small Animules in a Doll House” photosets C.O. posts, I always think of this:

    You’ll…hafta copypasta! 😛

  40. Hamustua San says:

    AW! I want to make a hammy house for my hammy!!
    He would just pee all over it though… D=
    He pees on everything!

  41. @Hamustua San
    Too true! I made my hamster a little house out of cardboard and Popsicle sticks once. Soon after, I found it soaked in pee.

  42. Buttacular action in #3!

    I’ve been waiting patiently for an invitation to her next soiree but I don’t know if she actually consorts with us commoners. *anxious*

  43. Andi from NC says:

    So many wonderful things about all the pics but my favorite is the “kitty in the basket” in the foreground – knowing that the hammy has a pet kitty just tickles me for some reason….

  44. The house is awesome, the whole post rocks, but the kitty in the basket takes the cake!!

  45. papercut awareness week! hahahahhahahaha

  46. @tesstricks #33–*SNORT*!!!!!

  47. The person in blue in the boudoir is obviously milady’s chess opponent.

  48. Check out the plastic chicken in the fireplace.

  49. Insidious Twinkle says:

    I was going to make a Two Bad Mice comment. Glad to see so many people beat me to it! Luvs!

  50. Damn, I wasn’t the first person to notice the kitteh in the basket.


  51. The hammy tocks disappearing up the stairs just kills me!

  52. haha, I was going to make a “two bad mice” comment, too! The doll looks just one of the two in the story (the taller one)

  53. As I am a huuuuge Beatrix Potter fan, and also own outright my own dollhouse ( I has alreddy satisfied the mortgage onnit) this lol is now one of my favorite favs……..
    The only thing left to do would to be able to shrink down, liek Alyss in Wunnerland, to the size of the hammie; wut funs it wud be to play wif him in his howse all day………….!!!!

  54. @Juniper Jupiter OMG I was thinking the same exact thing. ❤ ❤ ❤ That lil' movie from Sesame Street!

  55. For all you “Tale of Two Bad Mice” fans, here’s where ballet goes redonkulous:

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Sweetie, Darling. I do hope you find your tiara. Life is soooo blah without one.

  57. Unfortunately, hamsters have those little pathetic tail stubs. They are otherwise cute perfection.

  58. I’ve done this! There were sunflower seeds all over the dollhouse.