Good Eeeeeevening…

Tonight’s gripping tale of terror weaves a sinister web of mistaken identity, espionage, greed, double-parking … and murder.  An innocent bed of lettuce becomes a deathbed in a little story entitled… Ham Sandwich.


Submitted for your approval*, Sabrina C.  (* Yeah, I know — that was the other guy.)



  1. Creeeepy!

  2. Love the fuzzy little feets. Like she’s wearing wee woolly socks.

  3. KIttehsMom says:

    It’s was the butler that did it! I swear the butler did it! I know he did it! I swear…

  4. Hand Tenting and evil laughing ensue


  5. Andi from NC says:

    The leetle paws and leetle feetsies and chipmunkian cheekies…. *swoon*…. *thud*

    PS – as usual, NTMTOM’s hovertext is inspired….

  6. He should be leaning on a wee cane.

  7. Ok, what did you do NOW?

  8. No, the housewife did it. With a frozen leg of lamb.

  9. (Count Floyd voice) Ooooooh, scary, kids!

  10. he could be the new mascot of dr evil lol
    lovely pic

  11. CO is on a creepy theme!!! Me likes! MUAHAHHAHAHHA

  12. That shadow is creeep-yy.

    Beautiful silvery coat though.

  13. Leg of lamb FTW! That was my favorite episode ever!

    [Relevant (?) linkage added. 😉 – Ed.]

  14. I see no evils there. I see only adorabuhls.

  15. C’mon!!! The BUTLER did it :& Who else?

  16. That is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen…love it! Was a definite “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” moment. (smile)

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, a Count Floyd voice might be appropriate. I thought maybe NTMTOM was going for an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” effect:

  18. May I rub noses with this little guy? sooo cute!

  19. Alfred Twitchcock…

    *struggles to suppress disturbing mental image*


  20. A Winter White! She is so cute.

  21. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    “I’m innocent, I tell you, innocent. I wasn’t anywhere near the place at the time. Now turn that damned light out.”

  22. georgina0912 says:

    No evil laugh from Mr. Hammie Twitchcock?

    I doubt i would ever be scared of the little guy, he is so darn adorable that i will *bep* his nosie like every few seconds while he is telling me the double-parking-lettuce-horror story. What a cute, precious baby!

  23. Sabrina even got the shadow profile down! Awesomeness!

  24. georgina —

    we will assume that you intended to *beep* his nosie, rather than
    to *bep* his nosie …… ( 😉 )

  25. IMO, the clever posishe of his/ her little handsies, and the wordsmithing of Mr. NTM are the two best cherries at the tip-top of this ice cream Sundae ….

  26. That Ham has plans. Evil plans. Count on it.

  27. Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

  28. Paws are so nommable!

    Dial H for Hammie

  29. @Alice Shortcake… HEheheheheh!

  30. Jess&Friends says:

    I have the urge to startle that hamster. BOO!

  31. eeeek!! *peeks between the fingers covering face* … think benson hedges might be able to take this guy?? mr. twitchcock … lol
    anyone else for the impending doom tag?

  32. he looks more scared than scary

  33. Was that still from “Dial Ham for Murder” or “The Third Ham”?

  34. “An innocent bed of lettuce…” slayed me. The rest was gratuitous violence.

  35. I have a confession to make – I used to be scared to death of Alfred Hitchcock. Not of his show – of HIM (and according to Bill Mumy, I wasn’t alone in that). When the show came on, I would hide in the next room until he was gone, and then watch the rest of the show (I’m talking pre-school age here).

    But I do like the hammie!

  36. Get a cat!

  37. good old whatshername says:

    @Blondie: I think so, Brain, but Costco doesn’t carry detcord in bulk anymore. Not after our last plan with the squid, the glitter and the Rice-a-Roni.

  38. LOL @ “Alfred Twitchcock”. Sounds a trifle obscene.

  39. Hammy looks like the evil C. Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.


  40. I think Hammie might be a Transporter…

  41. It’s Mr. (Hammie) Burns!


  42. drat, too late. gizmo beat me to the punchline.

  43. I know it’s a “rodent,” but it’s SO CUTE!

  44. *snicker* “Alfred Twitchcock”!!!

  45. I’ve been avoiding eating ham for a while now, but this post has me really craving a nice ham samwich.

  46. Padfoot_Lives says:

    He looks like Peter Lorre! (I think it’s the eyes.)

  47. Look for Twitchcock’s cameo carrying a newspaper in the train station.

  48. I think he looks more lire Peter Lorre

  49. A tiny, tiny newspaper. The HAMSTER Gazette!

  50. Well, I was going to go with Dial H for Hamster, but that got taken so- and he does look like Peter Lorre- “Mr. Reeeeeek, where are the letters of transport?”

  51. Such a sweet little hamster !
    Really reminds me of mine ❤
    Looks healthy, good job.

  52. resriechan says:

    @ BB/VA:
    “Thanks for sharing!!”

    FWIW — & in case it’s of any reassurance, I had a very similar, & consistent response….but mine was in response to the Dread Flying Monkeys Brigade, from the Wicked Witch/ West in the Wizard of Oz.

  53. RUM-pa-da-da-da-dum-da-dum, RUM-pa-da-da-da-dum-da-dum… <—attempt at Hitchcock theme song

  54. Tiniest “critter digits” ever, so adorables.

  55. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, no, now I’m gonna obssessing…be waiting for the rest of the movie… just like that one with the Ham-n-cheese detective when we had a day without cats!
    I think Alfred Twitchcock would like italics.

  56. awwwww hi there little hammie, you don’t scare me, you are TOO. CUTE.
    p.s. nice shadow effect, picture taker.

  57. LOL!
    The look he has reminds me of the squirrel on Ice Age when he twitches and then gives that little “hehe” after he caused a volcano to erupt b/c of attempting to bury an acorn in the ground.

  58. catloveschanel says:

    say, where have all the kitties gone?

  59. Looks scared! But really cute

  60. Nice dialogue. He looks afraid to go to bed. Poor little fella. Needs a candle and sleep hat.

  61. dewicasgwent says:


    Leg of lamb? wasn’t that Roald Dahl?


    Think you link is broken?


  63. Oh no you don’t you little son of a bitch – that cute BS isn’t gonna work on me!

    Actually, it is 😦

  64. My beloved male sapphire dwarf, Pouch, looked exactly like that. He died on Monday and I miss him so much. :’-( He leaves behind his brother, whom I’m spending lots of time with now…

  65. @ Elanor:

    our sympathies, truly & deeply. Also/ by the way: “Pouch” is a gr8t name, for a hammie!!!

  66. resriechan, thank you! That is very kind of you. Elanor x