Half-Caf Quad Misto Macchiato Con Quills

Oh, and please add a moist nosicle.


Sender-Inner Mandy says that her hedge “Cronie” crawls into cups sometimes. Then, Cronie gets served to the highest bidder.



  1. janet2buns says:

    That’s one cuppa disapproving hedgie!!

  2. TrixandSam says:

    mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine..
    don’t care what anyone else bids, this cuppa hedgie is MINE.

    oh, and BEEP!!!!

  3. Barista, my mocha latte disapproves of me!

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    I like mine with strawberry syrup please. and some whipped cream. To go.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Can you imagine looking down and seeing this in your cup? Bwa ha ha!

  6. resriechan says:

    Um, could I exchange the Disapproving Hedgie, for a Disapproving Bunny, please?

    I prefer a light, fluffy beverage, over one w/ quills. Mind ya, I do admit it’s Qte & All!

  7. earlybird1 says:

    Mr. Grumpyface

  8. (Very cautiously)… Beep!

    Barista, my beverage *seems* to be looking back at me.
    “This is very disconcerting”.

  9. that’ll certainly wake you up!

  10. dewicasgwent says:

    Clearly Cronie is dissapointed you haven’t dunked your Biscottii yet

  11. Makes me thirsty for a cuppa….


  12. I love hedgies, We don’t have them here, the only time I saw one live I was in England sitting on a bench in the park of some old castle waiting for my husband who wanted to go climb up to some tower. I was relaxing when I felt a tap on my right foot, I looked down and it was a little hedgehog that ran head first in my foot. I froze so as not to scare him, he stopped, looked up at me with a Mr. Magoo look on his face and then proceeded to walk over my feet. When my husband came back he found me with the silliest smile on my face. Who cares about old ruined castle when you can have an encounter with a cute little hedgehog.

  13. is this the same hedge that was passed out? i would need a tallgrandejumbocafextralatteshotofsomething w/sprinkles too after a nite like that.

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi: What a great story!

  15. MY kind of Coffee!

  16. He looks all, “Ima make you an offa you can’d refuz.” Hedgguido! (in an homage to paranoiagirl, per the Jersey penguing post.) lol

  17. Add soap and water and you’ve got hogwash.

  18. Squinty McGrumpyquills ❤

  19. @ 260Oakley LOL 🙂 Good one!

  20. I’m sensing a pattern here.

    Can you imagine whipped cream on those quillicals?

  21. Did…did this little guy just disapprove at me?

  22. Yes, Nismo, s/he did. No, don’t look back, it only get worse.

  23. Obviously not a morning guy, that hedgie. He seems a mite prickly to me.

    Great story, Gigi. I’m so envious! 🙂

  24. ButtaRumCake says:

    Having just BARELY recovered from wee Mr. Puppy McYawnersons, I’ve come to the conclusion that Meg is a sadist. Pure and simple.
    Why else would anyone post back-to-back near-fatal qte-ness ?!? :mrgreen:

    *goes to sit on the couch as my immune system strengthens*

  25. Yowza! Bunnies are disapproval AMATEURS compared to this hedgie. He’s all “don’t tempt me…”

  26. RainbowBaby says:

    Oh the hedgie disapproval is oh so delicious! I loves heem!!
    Dear Santa,
    *points* HEEM!!!
    All I want for Christmas is THIS kyoot hedgehog! No others. THIS ONE HERE!

  27. His name is CRONIE?? That’s the best name EVER for a dissaproving hedgehog!!

  28. yum! Dunkin’ Hedgehog – I’ll take mine regular.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Is that Benson Hedges going “undercover” for a stakeout?

  30. I don’t know what I want….But I want that.

    I love disapproval in the morning…smells like high school.

  31. and *shhh… tiptoe tiptoe….BEEEEEP!*

  32. And this week guesting for Oscar the Grouch who’s on vacation from Sesame St is Hedgie the Crotchety Hermit.

  33. Hahaha your comments made my day!
    Good to know that the internet has approved of a disapproving hedgie such as Cronie herself.

  34. I’ll take a decaf latte with a dash of dissaproval and ala pricklies
    p.s. sorry if my attempt of making up a cute coffe drink fails oh well hope for the best…

  35. In Canada, we have Tim Hortons, maybe they should rename it to Tim Hedgons!

    I’ll have a double-double: Double quills and double qteness! 😉

  36. Andi from NC says:

    …. and his name is “Cronie” – double prosh!

  37. Just what I need to start the day – a steaming cup of hedgie-ccino, topped with a smidge of whip cream. Mmm…..utterly delicious and nice, crunchy quill jimmies to finish off the last drop.

  38. its like you combined my 2 favourite things

  39. Ummm, I want one.

  40. Nothing wakes you in the morning like disapproving hedghog in a cup!

  41. Joy:

    “hedgie-cinno” ???!!! NICE !!!

  42. natalie anne says:

    would you LOOK at that little super furrowed brow !! i just wanna smooooooosh his sweet sweet little bitty brow with a q-tip (er…that doesn’t sound nice but i hope you get the point) hahah LOVE!

  43. Squee! What a way to break you of your coffee addiction. Can I borrow her to help me with my chocolate addiction too?

  44. wanders in Singing… The Best Part of waking up is hedghog in your cup!!!!!

  45. I took my hedgehog, Cal to class today and my students went bonkers over him. I’ll be taking him to 2 other classes and I’m sure my students will adore him. Hedgies does have wet noses, esp. when they start nosing you.

  46. @ Joy what an awesome teacher you are!

  47. This is sooo cute!!! I can not belive this hedgie climbed into the cup!! it is to die for!! i wish i could make it my screensaver!!! CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!