Sea lion pup INVAYSHONS

They Ornk! They sleep! They flop! It’s a mini-eared, blorp-tacular sea lion pup invasion!


How did this happen in Monterey!? Watch:

After Eric P. directed the video, he barricaded City Hall.




    [Blorp it is! – Ed.]

  2. Sound of sea lion baby going up beach: blorpitty blorpitty blorpitty!

  3. PS That music is from Mendelssohn’s “Italian” symphony. Those sea lions have rhythm!

  4. Sssssssshhhhhhhhh! They’re sleeping!

  5. Good blorpular tourist attraction. No way. Not JUST for blorpular tourists. I meant that the sea lions were blorpular. Oh never mind.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    I love the aristocratic attitude they have when they point their leetle snoots in the air and close their eyes…Qte!

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    *spinning around in apron amongst sea lions*

    Thheeeeee beeeach is alive,
    With the sound of blorpage
    With blub and whiskers,
    For a brand new day..

    My heart longs to be….
    On that beach of blorpage
    And eat fish….alll…daaayyyyy!

  8. Mollymouser says:

    We love going to Monterey and we love the blorparrific sights! Two blorps up for this shameless plug for more otters n’ sea lions! BLORP!

    signed, a blorpy tourist

  9. Environmentalist policies like this often backfire. Yeah, they’re cute until they run you out of town.

  10. resriechan says:

    (looks in both directions … we’re unanimous, on The Blorpiness??)

    (@ QoD: very …..nice, dear!!)

  11. Sea lions are among the awesome-est of animals, and I would like to be reincarnated as one if I had a chance to pick.

  12. *Snort.* The idea of glancing into a public shower stall and finding a whiskery sea lion enjoying a cool rinse-off…

    I wouldn’t know whether to beep its little black nose or run away. Those guys have some serious heft.

  13. Oh, the Blorpitude!

  14. Ehn! Ehn! Mr. McScratchersons has an itch at 1:21

  15. @Kibblenibble, I refer you to this classic, snooty li’l LOL-pinniped:

  16. kibblenibble says:

    Theresa, thank you very moishe! That picture captures the very essence of snootiness. He’s so cute with his large front flippers and tiny body, too! 🙂

  17. dewicasgwent says:

    We have Sealion pups!

    Rushes to help shift the M*A*S*H tent (worries about lack of supplies after the pup yawn post)

  18. Paws and Claws says:

    They are so sweet! How could people kill those precious little things?

  19. This post has the CuteOverload seal of approval.

  20. Lol @ J.

  21. Reminds me of my trip to San Francisco 15 yeas ago and the sea-lions at pier. Boy are those guys noisy! My brother kept – singing sitting on the dock of “The Bay” – (inside joke for Canadians) and the sea-lions would drown him out for witch we were very grateful.

  22. Well, they certainly qualify for C.O. on the OVERLOAD criteria. I hate to think what would happen if one of them suddenly had, some, uh *gas* to expel….

  23. I live in San Francisco and this area is Blorpsville for sure. Occasionally, a few will wind up on the beach and, inevitably, someone will try to pet them. Don’t be fooled by the cyoot, people! Sea lions have sharp teefs and can get pretty ornery! That said, I’d love to snorgle some blorpy, babeh sea lions.

  24. @ Katie they are a constant source of Gas LOL… my husband and I visit both Monterey and Moss landing to enjoy their antics.. Once when we went kayaking in Moss landing, they followed us all around in the bay there… obviously curious… it was a bit daunting as they are big enough to tip you over if they decide you are a threat.

  25. @Katie, you think small. What if ALL of them suddenly had some gas to expel? 😯

  26. Peanut's Mama says:

    Itchy bum at 1:21.

  27. All I could think about was the danger of hand-eating sea lions, brought to the nation’s attention by the dear, departed “Arrested Development.”

    “I’m a monster!”

  28. I was concerned for the animals after seeing what little space they have to work with, and wonder what Monterey can do to help on that front.

    Please update if there is a positive development later from this story! Thanks!

  29. Fantabulous!

  30. rubber duck says:


    This made me kind of sad. And yet they’re wonderful.

    Calliope 11.15.09 at 1:08 pm”. “*Snort.* The idea of glancing into a public shower stall and finding a whiskery sea lion enjoying a cool rinse-off…I wouldn’t know whether to beep its little black nose or run away.”

    My thoughts exactly. BEEP! And run!

  31. Yikes, the two little smiley guys just to the left of center in the pic!! I could just hang out in the public rest room and hope for a chance meeting. Ummm, maybe not. 😀

  32. *Runs to Monterray with a bucket of fish*

  33. LMAO did you see that one rubbing it s belly? SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE

  34. ButtaRumCake says:

    Two words. SKA. WEEE.

  35. looks warm and cozy, as long as you don’t get crushed. Get’s my vote for best place to spend a blizzard.

  36. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:


  37. Tractatus– in the house~!

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    They’re so funny. I love the little spotted blorpular one at the beginning of the video. They’ve got this funny, dignified expression. Like you could put a tuxedo on them and they could be English butlers or something. Also, I like the word “blorp” very much.

  39. They are so very cute. But I would be remiss in not telling people who’ve never had the luck to be near them- they smell awful. Just rank.

    Of course, they’re so cute- who cares!

    (and for Cerebral Wasabi they have tons of space- I think they just feel safer when all together like that. Not to mention warmer.

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    *blorp. blorp. blorp*

  41. seal pupillows rock!

  42. I live in Monterey, and they are cute–and even louder than they seem here! I live two miles from the wharf, and when I leave for work at 5 AM, I can hear them barking from my apartment.

  43. Oh the Blorpitude !!!
    O.k. , who else remembers feeding the sea loins at the zoo or
    marine park as a kid ???

  44. I want to roll around on the pile of them and say “wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  45. SnuggleBunny says:

    I do, I do! I grew up in Orlando & 1 of my all time favs was 2 feed the sea lions & watch the “Clyde & Seamore” Show…..Otters AND Sea lions! Sqeeeee!

  46. Argh! That´s like Waterloo Station on a Monday morning rush hour!!!

  47. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep Beep BEEP!

    I wanna lay in the pile with them. Blorp.

  48. Blorp. Blorp blorp blorp. Blorp blorp blorpitty blorp. Blorptastic. Blorpittude. The Big Blorper. All About Blorp. Gone With The Blorp. Young Blorpenstein. Blorping Saddles. The Princess Blorp. Blorp and Blorper. The Big Blorpowski. The Wizard of Blorp. The Sound of Blorp. A Blorp Runs Through It. The Three Faces of Blorp. It’s a Wonderful Blorp.

    Please, somebody, stop me before I blorp again. (We’re gonna blorp you, sheriff, and we’re gonna blorp you slow.)

  49. @I wanna lay in the pile with them. Blorp.

    except for the smell of fish breath 😛

  50. @Me
    Its not just their breath that smells fishy. If you know what I mean and I think you do. Lets just say what comes out of sealions smells worse than what goes in.

  51. Hey, Queen of Dork — did you know that today is the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music‘s debut on Broadway?

  52. Adorable. It is my goal in life to one day bottle-feed a baby sea otter.

  53. Wow. Time to cue the orcas.

  54. @ Alexis – It was a loose seal. :mrgreen:

    Wish they were as docile as they look!!! That would be some first class snuggling.


  55. I lived in Monterey for a couple of years; lemme tell you, these guys are cute till you get woken up by their barking at 4 in the morning!

  56. These animals clearly pass the Ultimate Test of Cuteness:

    If it’s big, potentially vicious, awakens the citizenry by barking at 4 am, stinks of fish at both ends but still makes otherwise rational people go “Awwwwwwwwww!” and compare it to a snooty English butler – it’s OFFICIALLY CUTE.

  57. Blorptacular!!

  58. This is the blorpiest vid I’ve ever seen.

  59. Exsqueeze me! Coming through! Baking powder!

    Hee hee, Mr. Butt-Scratcher made me LOL.

  60. @Kim – oooooohhhhh, I’m jealous. Lucky U. ^-^

    “blorp, blorp, blorp eck! move over, that’s my spot! I was here first! blorp, blorp, blorp”

  61. Those darn hoodlums, lazing around on the beach all day. My goodness!

  62. They’re obviously there for the Monterey Pup Festival. Duh!

  63. Good lord. That looks like Best Buy on Black Friday.