Thanks, People Pets!

Picture 3 copy THIS JUST IN! The fine folks over at People have recommended the Cute Overload calendar.

It’s a “Must Have”! they say. Natch! But you already knew that.

Check out the Cute Overload calendar here. The wall calendar won’t fit in a stocking, but the Page-a-Day might!



  1. yay ! i would recommend the CO Calendar to any kind of People!

  2. The cute calendar is very very very cute!!! I love AUGUST 😀 cute piggy!

  3. I can’t wait the 2010 page a day one, thanks! M

  4. kibblenibble says:


  5. Can’t say it too many times, though….niiiice endorsement! Congrats!

  6. Oooh, I gotta make sure I ask for this for Xmas. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. here is what I did with last year’s calender (and it worked out great), at the end of each day I would rip out the picture and write something nice or something I appreciated to my husband on the back. First he sees the cutie pie on the front and then there is something sweet to read on the back. Recycling at its best if I do say so myself

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Very cool recommendation! I want to get one of these!

  9. I really hope I get this for Christmas!

  10. I read people pets! I really want the page a day calender for my room. @ browngirl, great ideer! i’ll do that about my grandma’s 20 year old beagle mix. So when his time comes we’ll have theses nice things that everyone wrote about him :, )

  11. I just bought mine (page-a-day) on the weekend. To fellow Canadians out there, found it at Winner/HomeSense for $11.99!

  12. There’s a People Pets??? Well good for them, for putting CO Calendar as number One. I will order one soon — can anyone tell me if you can buy them in a store? Deliveries sometime myteriously disappear in my building : (