Dog Bless Us, Every One

Behold, the power of Teh Qte:  When we featured the custom pet portraits of Valerie Leonard, cuteologists swarmed her site — but many wanted a more affordable way to enjoy her creations.  And Valerie delivered, with a series of “Animal Ancestor Portraits” note cards, including a set of four holiday cards (sample below).  They’re historical — and hysterical, so check ’em out.

Keep the milk and cookies, kid, just leave the liquor cabinet unlocked.



  1. How nice!

  2. Well…that’s it. I’ll take two of each please.

  3. Man, how is he holding that glass?!

  4. That’s…creepy.

  5. a bit creepy and unwarranted

  6. Nicely executed commercial art product for some who may want to buy these, but not cute, not warm, not fuzzy.


  8. Er, the German Shepherd dog is sporting a rather masterful codspiece.

  9. ummmmm-kay….. :/

  10. This one reminds me of ET!


  11. This one is great too

  12. I’m confused – she Photoshops pics of your pets onto real paintings by master painters?

    The paintings might not be “copyrighted” any more, but that just seems… not very respectful to me.

  13. dewicasgwent says:

    Gets ready for the Nuffing when people realise the source oif the Christmas paintings.

    Seeing what the Chapman Bros do to great works of art this is homage
    And that is one of the few pieces I’d be prepared to post publicly

  14. So cool, think I’ve seen different versions before, and such a CUTE site:D

  15. This is freaking me out. It’s like drunk Pope Santa-dog wants to eat all of our souls. Can you imagine the damage you could do to some little brat by making it sit in Rover’s lap?

  16. so very much awesome!

  17. Oh no this isn’t creepy.. what could be creepy about a santa dog that likes to drink wine… nah…

  18. Yeah, I too get creeped out by images of human/other species hybrids. But I still have a poster on my office door of cats with human hands (or are they humans with cat heads?). One of them is playing a bassoon–so I had to have it.

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    I find this picture and the other animal portraits slightly disturbing. Dogs in paintings should be doing something normal, like playing poker.

  20. Merry Tacky Christmas!!!

    Gone to the dogs…hang it in the garage!

    Its creepier for humans not to like pictures of babies one site….refering to closed sheep baby photo. Which is adorabe. Had to say it somewhere.

  21. ant man bee says:

    hmmm, Cardinal Fang, perhaps?

  22. As always, the dog sets FAR outnumber the cat sets. WAAAAAHHHHHHmbulance time!

  23. @Trixie: Velcro.

  24. ntmtom’s into the esty scene – did you find the seller with the hamster undercoat handspun yarn yet? Next you’ll be on Ravelry, checking out the projects in the Lingeree Knit from Hamster Undercoat Handspun Group. I swear, between esty and ravelry, I barely have time for CO these days!!!

  25. Massively tacky, but love the hovertext!

  26. I just finished putting up mt christmas tree too !

  27. What happened to this site? It used to have very cute photos that were either “awwww” or just plain hilarious. I don’t really find the photos that cute anymore.