There’s A New Chef in Town

First of all,  just looking around in here, I can tell that I’m gonna need the 12-quart stock pot. It will run you about 600 bones, but I don’t want to hear it. Oh, don’t give me that look – I’ll have my sous chef wash out the pot.


Second, what’s with the beans? Don’t get me wrong, I’m brilliant, so I’ll be able to whip up something exquisite for your guests, but where’s the veg? Would something a little leafy in the pantry kill you? And don’t get me started on your electric cook top. I don’t know how you expect me to cook in these conditions.


Joan of Arc Spicy Chili Beans, Kate O.?



  1. Fact: chinchillas are DELICIOUS.

  2. resriechan says:

    aaaaaaaand: “Let’s get ready for the nuuffffffferrrrssssss!!!!”

    (puts on protective headgear & runs away like
    a skkkeeeeeeeerrrred lil’ rabbi’ ….)

    (Yes, that last bit *WAS* meant to imply the M. Python / H. Grrrrrail/ “Killer Rrrrrabit” bit)

  3. I call one of those teeny leetle feets! 🙂 What an adorable creature. Chinchillas rock.

  4. major ear to paw ratio

  5. Someone is makin’ chinchilli!

  6. Chinchill-a-touie? I smell copyright infringement brewing.

  7. I can’t stop saying Pa-sickie!!!

  8. For a moment, I thought it was Fatal Attraction re-visited. 😯

    Mmmm, chinchilli! I must be doing something terribly wrong because my chili never even approaches adorabuhls.

  9. Chinchilli recipe, serves 4….ingredients: one well grown chinchilla, 2 cans beans, 2 cans chopped tomatoes, tsp chili powder, 2 cloves garlic…

  10. Mexican chilli beans????!!! 😀

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    (L) Yes, friends, for that all-over burning sensation, try Joan of Arc spicy chili beans.

    (R) The first rule of Food Club is: You do not talk about Food Club.

  12. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed was also the oddly named beans. I am trying to figure out how Joan of Arc and beans got together…….

  13. resriechan says:

    “Hey, you GUY-UYZ!!! I jist went browsin’ in the Glossary Above & …it has an entry for “Pets in Pots”. Ed’s: Why oh why izn’t there a Tag of Such? Air ye too skeered????? I double-dog DARE ya !!!!

    (*juvenile snicker*)

    (worries about the ramifications of the juvenile snicker, then worries about whether or not to post the –oh, heck yeah.)

  14. Dude! there are never any chinchillas on here, then when I sent 2 submission emails full of adorable photos like this::

    They put up this chinchilla in a pot! Crazy. Are they not getting my submission or is Orson’s little gray nose not cute enough for you? Because my friend showed me this website and suggested I send his photos here….I’m so confused! MY CHINCHILLAS ARE CUTE TOO

  15. BeckyMonster says:

    Obviously she is making Chin-Chili

  16. Chinchilli: The breakfast of champions. The bane of bathroom cleaners everywhere.

    Tastes like chicken…

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    Joan of Arc chili? Goes good with a well-done stake.

  18. here is an album filled with 4 adorable chinchillas. Mostly they are omnomnomming on delicious strawberries. This should go on the front page~

  19. lmao… Cute, NTMTOM. Nothing like a good being burned at the stake joke to start the weekend off on a hot note. (Get it? ha)

    What a cute chinny. Makes me miss mine that I lost a few months ago. *sniffle* After over a decade. *sniffle sniffle*

    On a lighter note… did this remind anyone else of the Swedish Chef? 😀

  20. Chinchilli
    Con carne

  21. Pat Trenner says:

    @Von Zep:

    Wins Pun of the Decade.

  22. Aw. Lovely chinchilla. *looks fondly at her 4 chinnies*

    Also, Brittany, chinchillas should NEVER EVER EVER have fresh fruit or veg. It’s incredibly stressing to their digestive system and can cause bloat or even death.

    Just a high quality pellet, fresh timmy hay, water, and maybe a piece of unsweetened bite-sized shredded wheat once in a while.

  23. paranoiagirl says:

    @VZ: Joan of Arc Chili Beans also goes well with flame broiled chicken.

  24. Fact: Chinchillas are low in carbs.

  25. Joan of Arc Chili Beans, for the martyr in all of us..

  26. Entropy's Bitch says:

    I’ll take a bowl please. With a lambaby chop on the side.

  27. “And I’m going to need a step ladder, extra extra small oven mitts, and a tiny glass of wine for the cook. Two tiny glasses. Oh, just leave the bottle.”

  28. The commenters are on FAHR today! 😆

  29. I love chinchillas, but I could never have one. My cat, Sasha, has this weird habit of rubbing all over really soft things… So needless to say there would be some serious static cling going on there…

  30. @Katiedid, now I’m imagining this, only with chinchillas.

  31. bookmonstercats says:

    I would worry about the earsies adding unwanted chewy gristle…… is that a nuff I see before me?

  32. Chinchilladas are delicious, and much better tthan chinchilli. Add a side of Joan and Arc, and I’m in heaven.

  33. Oh, but what about us, vegetarians? Where’s our greens?

  34. Until reading all the comments, I was under the impression that the chinchilla was the brilliant chef of the dialogue….

    Or is he making a dish out of himself?

  35. This reminds me of a Youtube video I saw of a girl making “rabbit stew”…and by that I mean she put veggies in a pot, then set her lop rabbit in the pot, then added some Yorkie dog for flavah. Was very cute.

    (No she did not cook the rabbit stew, nuffers…)

  36. good old whatshername says:

    Joan of Arc is alive and medium well.

    [Oh LOL and EEK 😆 – Ed.]

  37. ok– how ’bout this for an earworm?

    “Chin-chiminey, chin-chiminey, chin-chin-cheroo,
    It’s chin chilitime when I’m ‘ere with youuuuuuuuu…”

    (Apologies to the Haiku syllable folks & to Dick Van Dyke, as well…)

  38. OK, you guys, somebody had to, so I Googled Joan of Arc beans. Try it! How’s about advertising copy like this: “Joan of Arc was an amazing woman–she lived and died for her beliefs.” We think Joan would have been proud of the beans that bear her name.”
    Oh yeah, she would have been so proud! Are they suggesting that their beans live and die for their beliefs?

  39. Brittany, Orson is adorabuls!

    Von Zeppelin and good old whatshername-tsk,tsk, but very funny.

  40. @Babz – That is definitely my impression. Mr/Ms chinchilla is the cook, not the cooked! (Cook-ee?)

  41. skippymom- I see I am not the only person really bored and waiting for Friday to end… 😉

  42. Katiedid–no boredom here! (whistles and looks around innocently) Just real, honest intellectual/cultural curiosity. Yep.

  43. @resriechan – Run away…run away!!! K-e-e-p r-u-n-n-i-n-g!!!!

  44. @Brittany – my kitty pics have never made it either. My kitty Emma is c-u-t-e and absolutely beautiful!!!

  45. @Brittany – Despite the huge lack of buns on CO, I keep trying with mine. I shall prevail one day!

    Personally I thought the close-up shot of his wiggly nose was adorable. XP But I shall keep trying until my runty boy gets his 15 minutes of fame.

  46. @ skippymom OMG! I couldn’t resist I went and took a look.
    They say on the website: And when it comes to Latin American and Creole cuisine, Joan of Arc is a real leader! A leader she was and a great one at that, I don’t know if I should be horrified at the lack of respect or not, I can’t stop giggling long enough to make up my mind…

  47. @dub1

    very good!

    as for Chin-chili, watch out for the sand!

  48. @Brian – Love his pirate hat and his zen picture! Kirby is really cute!

  49. @kk3 – thank you!

  50. @Kiragirl – shouldn’t you watch out for dust instead???

  51. @Brian – you are welcome. Kirby has probably the prettiest color I have ever seen! [want]

  52. If you catch a chinchilla in Chile
    and cut off its beard willy-nilly
    you can honestly say
    that you have just made
    a Chilean chinchilla’s chin chilly

  53. @ kk3

    (“It’s just a li’l ol’ rabbi’ ….wot? Scared of a li’l rabbi’????”)

    (Please feel free, to insert the term “chinchilla” for “rabbi'” . Thank you.)

  54. Ha! I love Kirby the Pirate! But what’s he wearing in the next photo? Is that his Sunday Go To Meetin’ hat?

  55. @resriechan – does this show our age???

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    Reed for the WIN!!! Hilarious!!

  57. With Joan of Arc beans and Br’er Rabbit Molasses, I am surprised they don’t also have Donald Duck Orange Juice as one of their brands.

    Maybe next year.

  58. Resrie: Okay, I admit it. I have always been afraid of rabbis. Priests, also.

  59. @SkippyMom, I suggest Savonarola Roast Beef as a main dish.

  60. he needs a little green parsley hat.

  61. Brian- OMG! O.o A PIRATE HAT!!! You have got to be kidding me!! That so reminds me of those Quiznos commercials with the sponge monkey/chinchillas

    “Any coupon works… Beware of papercutttttttttts…”

  62. Reed, that was mightily wonderful, thank you!

    Ya know, sometimes people are their own wost enemies-naming a can of beans that is made to be cooked after a Saint famous for… oh, never mind, it is just too gross.

  63. TheOriginalHappyDais says:

    I’m surprised no one’s calling ‘cat in a blender’.
    Not that I would or anything.


    Just kidding! Cute picture.

  64. *checks can of beans*
    Hmm, no need for those, I’ve already taken care of the beans.

  65. @Katiedid – he has a Santa hat too but it is harder to get him to wear it.

  66. @ skippymom:

    wheeeeeeeeeeee! LOL !!!!

    I NEVAH woulda made the connection with Britspeak Rabbit for Yiddish Official Religious Person. You ma’am, are a Wordsmith of intriguing perception!!

    and. stuff.
    (subduing a giggle)

  67. Brian- Someone needs a christmas photoshoot! *sing song*

  68. Um, Resrie? I think you’re giving me a little too much credit. I looked at the letters r-a-b-b-i and read it as “rabbi”. Pretty straightforward. But, er, thanks.

  69. @Theresa: That worst caturday ever is ZIGACKLY how I feel on a typical Friday.

    “I’m Going To Eat You” is my new favourite tag. How did I miss the braaaaains eating zombie meerkats?

  70. Well, Sk,, that just shows you, how not-straightforward my brain isn’t !!! It resembles a newly-opened pkg of Ramen, even more than the average brain does …..

    Truly — I di-unt see it (“Rabbi'”) ’til you pointed ‘er out!!

    (Relevant, other M. Python line of dialogue: “My Brain hurts !!”)

  71. And just for the record, I am not actually afraid of rabbis, or priests, either. But Joan of Arc has always terrified me.

  72. Mm mm mm, chinchilla con carne.

    Or, how to make a chinchilla fart. 😉

    [The more you fart, the better you feel. – Ed.]

  73. Now thems a’ spicy beans!

  74. There’s a new chef in town-
    I don’t wanna hear it-

    They’ll never forget you till some new chinchilla comes along…..
    (Eagles, last century)

  75. I’ve always wanted a chinchilla. Are they hard to care for in the grand scheme of pet ownership?

  76. @moog – easier than rabbits, imo. They need special food and regular dust baths but they are very inexpensive to keep. They need attention and a cool place (<75 F) to live along with a good size cage to jump around it.

  77. five minutes later I bet this lady opens a can of instant hamster.

  78. I bet he/she left a few “beans” of it’s own in that pot.

  79. I’m surprised the “cat in a blender” nuffers haven’t come out. I guess everyone is too distracted by the chinchili pun!

  80. funny you mention that samatha…

    i was thinking of the same…the cat in the blender and now the chinchilla on the stove…

  81. I am not offended by the chinchilla posing in the pot. I am, however, offended by the idea of canned chili.

  82. Chilean chinchilla’s chin chilly?! lol.

  83. I thought you guys had learned your lesson with the cat in a blender…

  84. Animals in pots and pans = Adorable !! The only problem is, chinchillas and beans give me gas !

  85. @ anyone who complimented Orson: thanks 🙂

    @Laelya I did lots of research before I gave them any fruits or vegs, and I only give them very rarely: once every two months or so. the smorgasbord of fruits was for photo effect. I promise my chins are all very healthy, no bloat or diarrhea!

  86. Kiris, that was uncalled for.

  87. I didn’t mean mine as an attack, simply as helpful information. Brittany, that petplace info is outdated and considered wrong by most of the chinchilla community. I suggest you visit for diet discussion, as it’s the most collaborative source for chinchilla information.

    As well, you said that you did lots of research, but in your photos you’re clearly feeding grapes. In the document you linked, it says ”Avoid bananas and grapes due to their high sugar content’. So even if you were following that information (which is faulty at best), you’re still not following their rules.

    I’m extremely passionate about chinchillas and proper chin care, so please don’t think that I’m picking on you personally. I just want you to have the happiest, healthiest chins possible. The easiest way? Keep it simple. Quality pellets, fresh timothy hay, clean water.

    Sorry, I just get pretty worked up about this, heh. Everyone’s gotta have something to champion.

  88. “the chinchilla community”?

  89. chinchillas are so precious!

  90. superbunnywabbit says:

    Ya know, some people really gotta chill….

  91. Completely agreed about the electric stove top and lack of fresh veg– abomination!

  92. yummy! dinner ! lol

  93. @laelya, @kiris, stop it!. Are you seriously trying to tell us that chinchillas in the wild would never eat fruit? And while it’s a quick search, the vet based, scientific based (not anecdotal based) websites I’ve looked at have all said fruits (including grapes) rarely, as a special treat, are okay. And anyway, this isn’t the forum for lectures. Now – can we all knock it off and get back to the reason why we’re here? After all, there’s a chinchilla in a soup pot up there!

  94. Heh.. they actually really wouldn’t eat fruit in the wild, as they are from the Andes mountains and wouldn’t even come across any. I have been keeping chins for about 14 years now and they absolutely should not have fruits, ask any hobbyist or vet specializing in them- they have extremely sensitive digestive tracts.

    BUT ANYWAYS!! 😉 I love when I see chinzillas on this site. And whoever said Chinchilladas up there, thanks! I have a new word to call mine! lol.

  95. Chinchillas in the wild are completely different from the domestic chinchilla. Directly from Wikipedia: “In the wild, chinchillas have been observed eating plants, fruits, seeds, and small insects, though this diet could irritate the digestive system of a domestic chinchilla whose diet should be primarily hay-based.”

    @Katrina: community- a body of people sharing a common interest.

    I’ve said my piece. I’m never ever a nuffer (and I’m not nuffing these photos at all), it just sucks when people aren’t receptive to helpful info. : /

    Also, I can never seem to get the right amount of ‘floof’ in my chinchili.

  96. @Kiris Wow, cool.

    @Laelya Thank you for the information and for not attacking me, I will check out that website.

    For everyone else’s information, Rodya has had a total of 2 grapes in his lifetime, Sonya doesn’t touch the fresh fruit, and I’ve had Mork and Orson for 12 days and haven’t had a chance to attempt to murder them, so no worries there.
    Last time I post on this b******* website.

    PS Thanks @AuntieMame and anyone else who expressly stood up for me.
    And goodbye.

  97. Laelya- yes, a chinchilla community is a reasonable thing to have, it just evoked a mental image of a very large array of chinchillas all over holding tiiiiiiny signs demanding whatever their demand is. The community is of chinchilla enthusiasts or hobbyists or fanciers or companions. I’m sorry if I offended you, but your comments were a bit too, um, worded a little too, um, took a tack of a….um, oh, I love chinchillas, too, I’m pretty sure that everyone on this thread has a pro-chinchilla stance. That’s all I’m saying before I get the chinchilla lobby after me with tiiiiny signs, as they are, apparently, organized and ready for a confrontation.

  98. Heh. Point taken.

    Apologies for being overzealous, lol.

    *goes to make tiny chinchilla signs*

  99. natalie anne says:

    oh Birdcage – that DID make me laugh – chinchilli- hhahahha LOVE!

  100. All the little fella needs now is a little chef hat and apron!

  101. Everyone’s gotta have something to champion.

    Err…how about homelessness? Global warming?

  102. natalie anne says:

    Brittany – simmer down sister nobody’s going to snatch your chins away, they are super presh btw – give em a kiss and a squeeze for me as i have two giant dogs and no room for chins although I have always very much wanted one, i’m sure you’re a good momma – love those chinny chin chins!!! 🙂

  103. @natalie anne

    giant dogs little dogs ❤ chins.
    unless you have something with a super high prey drive. I'm not encouraging you to get chins/feed them to your dogs…I'm just saying, Some dogs get along with lil animals.

  104. Yes, why are there almost NEVER chinchillas on this site? Is this “chinchilli” being made in preparation for “Chinchilli Day?”