I Am Not Disorganized!

Seriously, I’m so organized, it’s scary:

  • I always wash myself in a set pattern (right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm);
  • I sort my dead mousies by length, then by color, then by tail-to-torso ratio;
  • I sleep in the same sunbeam every day, using a weighted algorithm factoring seasonal solar variance against known shade points to determine each day’s optimum floor position and angle of exposure.

So why do people keep saying I’m disorganized?


I dunno, Pam W., just a feeling.



  1. mervtheflamingo says:

    Spooky Kitty! with electric whiskers!

  2. good old whatshername says:

    No worries, everybody has a Bad Whisker Day now and then.

  3. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    OMG. Such beautiful eyes and, yes, the whiskers may be a little out of order, but that’s okay. Does anyone know why?

  4. VentureSister says:

    Wow wow wow! Those eyes are… amazing! Stunning! I have no words. I am not usually effusive, but man!

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    I have the same problem with my whiskers. Maybe if I had glowing orange eyes to distract people from them. . .

  6. The Whisker Crimper© from Ronco will take care of those unruly whiskers!

  7. This baby is GORGEOUS! Love the eyes…love the whiskers….

  8. That’s not cute, that’s terrifying!

  9. Hallowe’en never left! Frightening.

  10. Ugh. NOT CUTE. Please stick to human babies. As a “catfree / catless” individual, I hate having cats constantly shoved in my face like this. There are cats everywhere on the internet. And you grow up surrounded by people constantly harping at you: “Get a cat….you must want a cat….you’ll regret it when you’re older …..marmie this, mcwhiskersons that …..oh look, Maru in a box ….. blah blah blah “. Enuff. 😉

  11. It’s like kitty!Cthulu come to life… Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cat-thulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  12. Is this like kitteh’s version of grandpa’s out-of-control ear hair?

  13. nicefrenchgurl says:

    oh my goodness
    reminds of that game where u are not allowed to touch the wire lol

    @got old: u made my day 🙂

  14. That’s okay, my whiskers have life of their own too.

  15. How in the world did her whiskers get that way, anyway? Poor thing… She must get awfully confused trying to walk into something small… Talk about mixed signals!!

  16. I actually feel bad for that kitty… Can’t be normal for it to have whiskers like that? How will she know whether she can fit in a box??

  17. I feel as befuddled as that cat looks. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as adorabuhls. 😀

  18. ntmtom’s dead on (again) with the einstein like whisker-do.

  19. nano's mom says:

    Hee! and I though my Rani (himmy) had some outrageous whiskers. Hers are nothing compared to that!

  20. resriechan says:

    NTM: this is prob one of my faves of your story/ pic combos !! The description of the kitteh’s organizational strategies, & the hovertext about the presentation being in bulletpoints ….& then the *ELECTRIFIED* kitteh. Every time I see one of your thinggies, I read all the text first, *THEN* look at the pic. This time that strategy gave such fun results.

    Yay for fuzziness & “nappy whiskers” !! Yay for NTM’s storytelling !!!

  21. shahinrani says:

    Wow! How common are orange eyes on kittehs? I have never seen it before!

    I would totally, and with affection, name any such kitteh Sauron.


  23. Dude, your whiskers are gnarly! @Birdcage: funny!

  24. @ Birdcage: Um, why exactly do you come to cuteoverload?

  25. those are the eyes of sauron.


  26. One Eyed Daruma says:
  27. I think Birdcage was doing the tongue-in-cheek thing. 🙂

  28. One Eyed Daruma says:

    @ Aquamarine: I suspect it’s to use emoticons to show sarcasm, thereby indicating humor…

  29. Well, hello Dali!

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  30. ButtaRumCake says:

    @Birdcage: *GUFFAWS*

    Thanks for the giggle on this gloomy, windy, rainy, wet, raw Friday!

  31. “How did her whiskers get that way ” everyone is asking…

    Well, maybe it happened when her face got smooshed. Animals with smooshed (aka deformed) faces often have all kinds of extra-bonus problems that come along with their fancy ‘look.’ Sometimes these problems are ‘cute’ like these wirey whiskers, and sometimes they cause health problems, like the 8,000 things that can go wrong with Pugs.

  32. Love the eyes.

  33. @maureen, I was coming here to say the same thing: I HAVE SEEN THE EYE! I never knew that Sauron was a cat…

  34. Bagginsssssss
    I sssssee you!!!

  35. @ Birdcage: Okay, my bad, your sarcasm was too subtle for me! So it’s Friday, so I’m sleepy, so I haven’t had any pickles yet today, what other excuse can I come up with? 🙂

  36. That’s a Tim Burtonesque, Friday the 13th kitteh if ever I saw one!

  37. It looks like it might have a genetic mutation, or maybe has a cat in its lineage that was a curl-whiskered breed.

    Those eyes, on the other hand, woooow. Spooky.

  38. THANK YOU Cuteoverload.com. My 13 month old looked at this photo and CRACKED up laughing ! Not sure how she knew that it was funny but it was a wonderful moment we experienced together.

  39. Woah! (Keanu voice) Someone woke up with a serious case of Bed Whiskers.
    I tried to come up with a sleeping place rhyme for whiskers but the best I’ve got is that if
    kitteh sleeps in a wicker basket, it’d be Wicker Whiskers. 😳

  40. This must be what it’s like to be the Don King of cats.

  41. Of COURSE Sauron was a cat. Intent on world domination, likes to be on top of tall objects, constantly seeking a shiny round bauble that he lost somewhere.

  42. That is one COOL looking cat!!! Love it! 🙂

  43. Luvs the kitty! Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this little guy/gal? WOW! “I needs food, and I needs it now or I will hypnotize you with my electric orange eyes and you will do what I say.”

  44. Yes, folks, tongue very firmly inside cheek, no worries. Love cats. If they didn’t make me sneeze, I’d have one. Incidentally, love babies too. If they didn’t make me sneeze, I’d……oh, never mind. :-p

    [Well *I* got it. 🙄 – Ed.]

  45. Poor kitty must have been sleeping on her face!

  46. ❤ Birdcage's comment!

    @ Katey. Yes, you are right. Meg et al, please refrain from posting smooshed-face kittehs, scottish folds, pugs, Labs, Golden Retrievers (heck, every canine other than mutts, coyotes and wolves) and any animal bred in captivity, as they naught but manifestations of mankind’s cruelty to more deserving living creatures. While you’re at it, please don’t post human babies, or bats, rats and bugs (some of us find them creepy and not cute at all!) [sarcasm off]

  47. resriechan says:

    @ Chanpon: “The Don King of cats” LOL good one
    (Of course, I have only the UTMOST of admiration for Mr. King when I say this)……

  48. What timing for a good laugh today!! Poor baby, just so out of control whiskers need some straigthening gel or a flat iron or something….any suggestions?

    Good laugh 😉

  49. Omigosh, not just one Eye but TWO!!! I’m with the LotR fans. Yikes! {Perfect Friday the 13th posting, Meg and Co. And I’m listening to The Two Towers on CD. Excellent timing!}

    The floof redeems the eyes, though. And you gotta love the laser-light-rave-dance-inspired whiskerses.

  50. @MadameX I’m not saying that at all… I’m just pointing out to people that deformed animals look deformed. People can breed em and look at em as much as they want. Messing with nature has its costs. It’s one thing to breed an animal for it’s personality traits or coat, but when you start messing with physical structure problems are sure to arise.

    But I’m probably a bit of a hypocrite as I have known and loved several Corgis.

    can we just stop being cuteoverload and become nuffingoverload? it’s the bleeding edge, folks! :-0


  52. They need to sign this cat up to star in the new “V” series. From what planet does this cat originate?

  53. That silly Birdcage made me giggle,
    Then Aqua made me crave a pickle.

    mmm, pickles…

    That cat is making me smile. What a funny-lookin’ little dude.

  54. Sigh… sometimes I leave cupboard doors open, too…

  55. Wow…that’s just really…those eyes! They see right through my SOUL!!!
    probably this kitty functions just fine with his/her curly whiskers. After all, they’ve always been that way.
    Maybe he’s got some rex in his lineage – they sometimes have curly whiskers.

  56. Psycho eyed kitty
    Found electrical outlet
    Whiskers scarred for life

  57. Yikes. Please tell me this isn’t real.

  58. OMG! Electro-kitteh!!! Awesome! I don’t know why, but I just LOVE this picture!

  59. Von Zeppelin says:

    Madame X, you have caused me to realize what the the perfect CO post would be: a completely blank screen. Then, like the denizens of Plato’s Cave, we could imagine whatever images we like. Cute kitties. Cute puppies. Cute human babies. Cute hermit crabs. Cute amoebas. Cute Denizens of the Horrors of our Most Twisted Imaginations.

    Of course, Meg, NTMTOM and Prongs would have to put up fresh blank screens several time a day. And Theo would moderate our squabbles about how what I am imagining is not cute, and it’s your fault, and I’m never coming back here, and these comments used to be fun, and why would anybody do that to this poor innocent blank screen.

    [Rhubarb! RHUBARB!! 😛 – Ed.]

  60. GORGES!! we have zombi cats in the backyard again!

  61. Kitty gives me the heebie jeebies! I fear I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  62. i’m a-scareds!

  63. Birdcage ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Good thing I read this before going to work I Laughed so hard. I am still snickering.

  64. paranoiagirl says:

    In your eyes
    the light the heat
    in your eyes
    I am complete
    in your eyes
    I see the doorway to a thousand groomers
    in your eyes
    the resolution of all the tangled whiskers

  65. Mr. Fourpaws- on the internet, no on knows you’re a cat….

    Electric whiskers- very, very funny! Static Cling! Get the condtioner and hair straighter, stat!

    Von Zeppelin-oh, just that you’re great, that’s all…

    Yes, a haiku, pretty please?

  66. orange eyes in head
    curly whiskers from the bed
    fill quters with dread

  67. @ Von Zep: your #59 reminds me of the episode of south park when they tried to stage a holiday play that would offend no one…..gray shapes writhing to music by philip glass…..

  68. @Aquamarine..you are right; it is haiku Friday!!!

    Qat with red eyeses,
    What is in your pocketses?
    Want ring now! Gollum!!!

    Whiskers protruding
    Get noms stuck in them often.
    Needs trim with Flowbee.

  69. Graceofbass says:

    Those are the freakiest eyes I have ever seen. I never knew a cat could have orange eyes.

  70. I’m not usually a fan of Himmys or Persians, but with bee-yoo-ti-ful eyes and crazy, twisty whiskas like that . . . I could certainly be persuaded.

  71. Mr. McWhiskers is marvelous. Those wild and wiry tentacles must be a bit ticklish when he does figure eights around his owners legs. The orange eyes must be new Bausch and Lomb colored contacts for kittehs. One gorgeously unique cat. Is he a Himalayan?

  72. Von Zep, were I not (1) a-scareds (thank you, Jen!!!) of being labeled a “breeder” (gasp!), and (2) well past my child-bearing years, I would want to bear your child.

    You, sir, rock.

  73. Gaahh! Cthulhu kitty! Those eyes do *not* look natural!

  74. What? Som’fin on my face?

  75. I once had a cat that looked just like this guy, including the eye color. He had the wacko wiskers as well, but not to the extent this guy has. These wiskers are insane.

  76. softie1974 says:

    Oh my goodness gracious! What wild whiskers we have!! May I pull them? 😉

  77. omg eyes of sauron!!! i can feel the ring burning!!!

  78. Wow… that’s really all I can say about this picture.
    His flat little persian face just makes those stick out even more!

  79. I didn’t realize it was Haiku Friday…

    Wow crazy kitty,
    don’t dry whiskers in bath tub
    … I think it’s too late.


    First, the sight of Sauron McElectrowhiskers, now the Peter Gabriel send up.

    It’s a good day.

  81. Have you met Electric McWhiskers,
    The craziest Cat on the block?
    You’ll know him the minute you see him,
    He’s the one who is in an advanced state of shock.

    I feel stunning, and entrancing,
    It’s alarming how charming I feel!
    And I pity,
    Any kitty who isn’t me, tonight.

  82. ANDY ROONEY!!!!

  83. Blondie: Very very nice connection & lyrics, there !!

    (esp the bit about “advanced state of shock” — actual lyrics which are GLOR-iously adapted to this pic !)

  84. I’ve heard of unibrow, but… whiskerbrow? Must be hella annoying to have all that in one’s vision… Maybe they could wait until kitty is sleepies, then bring out the straitening iron? Seriously. Is there such a thing as a tiny (smooshieface-)cat-sized straitening iron on the market? Maybe there should be.

  85. Wow, that’s a creepy kitty! Slightly ugly, too (in an ‘I-want-to-squish-you’) sort of way. Completely opposite of babies. Dem’s just ugly in an ‘ew-don’t-let-it-touch-me’ sort of way.

  86. I don’t think I would categorize this cat as “deformed” per say.. Frazzled, yes.. Deformed.. No…

  87. reminds me of an argentinian comic lol
    poor kittie has a crazy wisker problem lol

  88. And I thought my girl Trouble had crazy whiskers! She doesn’t have the smooshed face thing going…she is just old and the older she gets the more crazy her whiskers get….love it! Love the eyes as well!

  89. For some reason the movie “Labyrinth” comes to mind when I see this photo.

  90. I am in love with those eyes! What a beautiful color!

    And it sure looks like this poor kitty slept on his whiskers wrong. Or needs a bottle – a really big one – of Static Guard.

  91. bookmonstercats says:

    Von Zep #5 – No!!

    I would lof that kitty to wake me up every morning with ze orahnge eyes.

    I have only ever owned one pedigree dog (Chow) and cat (Siamese). Neither of them had particular breed problems but I’ve tended to stay away from pedigrees in case I exacerbate breed problems, but the thing is, I love pugs. Never mind.

  92. catloveschanel says:

    Louis Armstrong
    puffed from disorganized cheeks
    he blew joy all day.

  93. Do they make teen, tiny straightening iron? Maybe someone should invent it! Crazy picture

  94. good old whatshername says:

    Haiku Friday?

    Electrician kitty
    Thinks he has grounded wire–nope,
    Definitely hot.

  95. NTMTOM, you consistently crack me up. Thank you for that. And this kitty…is hilarious.

  96. What IS that? Seriously, how does a cat get its whiskers in a twist like that? And have the eyes been altered with Photoshop? I’m fascinated, I tell you–FASCINATED! 😀

    Seriously. Dewds. I wanna know.

  97. Mary (the first) says:

    Kitteh at groomer’s:
    “Something new, and funky, please!”
    Groomer obliges.

  98. hahaahhahahahahha ❤

  99. Mabel Leane says:

    sweet kitty!

  100. @resriechan: Thank you (bowing) I’ll be here til Sunday.

    One more weekend of West Side Story! I’m going into the theater tonight singing “Well hello, Dali…” or “Chin-chiminey, chin-chiminey, chin-chin-cheroo…”

  101. those eyes CAN NOT be real. Human who belongs to this kitteh must come forward and ‘splain.


  102. This was even better because I read all the text then scrolled to see the picture, resulting in a very pronounced SNRKK (actual sound) in a quiet library.

  103. Lol those whiskers are too funny, but it’s the eyes that have mesmerized me. Never saw a cat with that eyecolor before. Quite beautiful.

  104. Is this shopped maybe? I don’t really find the eyes beautiful. Just eerie and unnatural looking. Is it possible for a cat’s eyes to be like this? If anyone can figure it out, lemme know! =)

  105. Munchlette Belle says:

    The Sauron eyes definitely freak me out more than the crazy whiskers… I wants to know how kitties get eyes like that without possession of the One Ring…

  106. lol, love the reference munchlette belle.

    anywho, edit: i started looking at other cat pics, seems like eyes definitely possible. I think it’s just the striking color that throws me off.

  107. inkedeskimo says:

    My mom endlessly reminds me of the time when I trimmed my blind kitty’s whiskers at the age of 5- they’d grown long (for obvious reasons) and I thought they need a trim. Poor kitty ran into walls for weeks… and now the urge has returned…. just a snip…

  108. I am going to have nightmares…. forever… !

  109. Space Cowgirl says:

    Holly, that’s pretty much what I thought. Also looks like a bloodsucker from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. *shiver*

  110. Twilight -Vampire Kitty! SOOOO PRETTY!

  111. am I the only one wondering what the owner of this cat did to his whiskers?
    Was this heat-induced? Since whiskers serve the purpose of corresponding with the width of the body for the cat to sense his size in space, being bent they serve no purpose anymore……
    either this cat was bred that way – what warped person would ( could??) so that – kinda like the bred furless cat
    or- the owner heated them and they curled.


  112. one more possibility – they’re photoshopped -as are the eyes

    ?? any comment, Alpha Cat Owner?

    [It’s just the color saturation, and you can’t argue with the results. – Ed.]

  113. @ mary the first and good old whatshername:

    AWESOME haiku!!! kudos to you both.

  114. loeilalice- Or it could be a “roll” of the genetic dice! Stuff happens..

  115. i cannot possibly be the only one that is terrified of this kitteh D:

  116. Is it Salvador Kitti or Kittador Dali?

  117. @ding: Yes, my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately one cannot destroy the Evil Kitteh merely by tossing his shiny bauble into a pit of lava.

    If I had this hyeah kitteh around, I would constantly be tempted to braid them thar whiskees.

  118. darkshines says:

    Love the Sauron eyes and the Cthulu whiskers, I think this is what Basement Cat really looks like!

  119. Merv the Flamingo- Hey! Long time no see (so to speak).

    It looks like two huge Daddy Longs Legs are kissing the kitteh!

  120. mad scientist kitty!

  121. Argyle Donkeypants says:


  122. LOL! This reminds me of my business cat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/supah/4090941632/in/photostream/ LOL!!! INSANE Whisker action!!!

  123. I am a cat person and have owned Persians. However, those whiskers and eyes are distracting to the point of making me uncomfortable. I want to comb them, clip them, whatever. How can that poor thing see anything, much less get around a room without hitting something. Plus, the eyes…Like the Ray Bradbury story “Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed.” Perhaps a cat from Mars?

  124. She’s with the band “Twisted Whiskers”

  125. darkelement says:

    oh no! spidermans arch nemesis! HalloKitty! with the ability to use her whiskers to defend herself against all of spidey’s web slinging prowess.. and with the eyes to entrance him into jumping off a building.

  126. darkelement says:

    the only way to stop HalloKitty: stuff her in a carved pumpkin

  127. Mary (the first) says:

    I”m sure the eye color is real and all you nuffers about the whiskers, if you look you will see that the whiskers do actually extend past the width if the kitteh’s shoulders.. at least enough to give a feeling of where she is and so on. She’s fine. And interesting. We don’t all have to look alike, do we? (sob)

  128. I would have named it Tesla.

  129. Peanut's Mama says:

    The eyes are super! But the whiskers?!?! Looks like it has a few dead daddy long legs on its face! That can’t possibly be good for poor kittykitty! How does he sense/feel witht hose things!?!? Comb them, trim them….SOMETHING!

  130. I’m with Golden… someone (i.e. said human who belongs to this kitteh) has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  131. WOW 😀 I never knew kitties could have such orange colored eyes 😀 and such twisted whiskers 😀

  132. I have never seen eyes that color before! They are beautiful- the color of autumn leaves or a sunset!

  133. kibblenibble says:

    NOMTOM you MUST stop saying things like ” using a weighted algorithm factoring seasonal solar variance against known shade points to determine each day’s optimum floor position and angle of exposure.” These are the things that get the ladies all proposin’ marriage and stuff. I mean c’mon! That’s hot stuff! *pant pant*

    That said, I don’t think the kitty’s wheeskers are THAT messy, they are just bright white, and therefore in stark contrast to the dark face fur. And they curve forward a bit. But typically. the wheeskers are closer to the face color, so we don’t notice that they aren’t really all perfectly arranged. That’s my theory, anyhoo. And I’m not into all the crazy things breeders do to get these smooshy faced breeds, either. Yet I have Isabella. But she was a rescue and a gift. And she remains the best gift I’ve ever received.

  134. resriechan says:


    yours is prob. the most appealing description of this feline’s eyes ….to me, ennyhow ….

  135. resriechan says:

    @ kibblnibble: re NTM & your
    description of the ramifications of his wordsmithing:LOL LOL & furthermore, LOL!!!

    and yay for you & Isabella. And “Isabella” is a lovely name fur a Kat !!

  136. Very apropos for a Friday the 13th posting, IMHO……..

  137. Photoshop, anyone?

  138. kibblenibble says:

    Thank you, res! I can’t take credit for her “main” name, Isabella. She arrived with that name. But as I’m a bit overboard with the nicknames, I kept adding more. Now her COMPLETE name is:

    Princess Isabella Daisy Vanilla Kibblenibble Tootlepie

    Okay, now you know I’m a bit mad…for my cat, anyway.

  139. jubileeblot says:

    MMMMKKAAAYY, Tootlepie? You must tell me why the Kibblenibbler now has this moniker? Me LOVES Isabella, you were the bestest one to get her specialness and love. She could not go to anyone else. I love the kitty and her Autumn eyes and crazy whiskers. I wonder if she knows she is special? She is stunning, gorgeous. Could the eyes have been enhanced?

  140. kibblenibble says:

    jubileeblot: ‘Cause of the tooting noises she makes when she breathes, of course! 🙂

  141. Copper Storage Disease is what makes kitty eyes look like that…its not a good thing! But those whiskers are too much! I hope she isn’t too sick.

  142. thank you cute overload….i am this kitten’s mom!!!!! i’m so excited to have my photo on your site!!!!

    to all who asked….she is a perfectly healthy, happy, sweet, funny persian cat with no diseases or mutations and she breathes perfectly. her eyes are really that colour (i took the photo with existing sunlight), and they are “supposed” to be that way. (almost all bi-colour persian cats have copper coloured eyes…hers just happen to be outstanding).

    as far as her whiskers…they, in no way, get in the way of anything she does (including getting into tiny boxes, as one guest suggested). they are super crazy and LONG (her breeder used to call her “whisker princess” when she was a tiny kitten because she said she had never seen any kitten with crazier whiskers), and as far as i’m concerned, her whiskers just add to her charm….i love her!

  143. wow!!!!
    This big fellow has what it takes to conquare every heart in this world!
    He looks like a zen master, very wise, very unloyal to rules 🙂

    Thank you for introducing him to me! Now I have a new role model :)))

  144. …and one more thing…no….there is NO photoshop involved. “)

  145. Pam, your cat is awesome, please tell me what she is called!

  146. thank you, darkshines!

    her name is “kismet”. she’s 4 years old, and she is a total huggabuhl furry love!

  147. …and i swear….she plays CONSTANTLY….her whiskers have never, ever gotten in her way! 😉

  148. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMG!!! 😀

    Diabeetus cat: The early years…and with permed whiskers!!! 😛

  149. Pam w- do you ever get the urge to trim her wiskers.. I know that you arent suppose to.. but dang! everytime I look at this photo it reminds me of when my bangs got too long and started poking me in the eye!!! 😀

  150. LOL! And I thought my persian was bad….

  151. Katiedid…..noooooo…..i never get the urge to trim her whiskers…i LOVE them!

  152. pam w- a beautiful kitteh with a loving momma-who could ask for anything more?
    Best wishes to you and Kismet!

  153. Those are some spooky kitty eyes. Ditto to everyone upthread who mentioned Sauron…

  154. Isn’t it obvious???
    That cat is painfully hung-over after an all night bender at the Cat Nip Lounge!

  155. Kitteh Toez says:

    I imagine this cat to have an unreasonably gruff “Meow” ^_^

  156. no….she has a tiny little meow…believe it or not, she only weighs about 7.5 lbs.

  157. AWWWW!!!! I wish I could meet her!

  158. Queen of Dork says:

    pam w: she’s absolutely charming. I had a cat (Tuco) once who had super curly whiskers. Although his eyebrow (?) whiskers were not as curly as that. But he was adorable as well and never bumped into things. The cat who owns me now has whiskers that kind of curl down reminding me for some reason of a walrus and he walks around just fine as well. A little tiny meow, huh? How sweet! Mine has a great, bit huge meow when he wants treats that shakes the windows. (MEEEOOOWWWWWW!!!!)

  159. the eyes remind me of the flashing demon face in the exorcist

  160. AHAHAHAhahahahaha this is hilarious! I love the captions on this site.

  161. wow….halloween cat!!

  162. Wow! Those EYES are stunning!! I want a cat with eyes like this or the other green-eyed beauty!

  163. I don’t like this pix. It looks photo shopped.

  164. i took the photo, brandy….there’s no photoshop involved at all.

  165. …and Brandy, here’s a P.S. for you.

  166. lol!!! i had no idea my little furry angel would spur such controversy, but i think she’s the definition of “cute overload”, which is why i submitted her photo.

  167. Queen of Dork says:

    pam w: Your little furry angel is just that…a little furry angel! She is very, very cute! She has the most lovely eyes and her whiskers are curly and unique. You’re quite lucky and blessed to have one another! I hope that the two of you have many happy years together on this happy, pretty, smurfy and wonderully exciting journey!

  168. Well, Pam W, I think she’s a whole lot of awesome!!!!

  169. AWW 😀 You are one lucky cat owner, pam w 😀 That is one nice name for a kitty “Kismet” 😀 I totally agree with you that she is one big cuddle puss 😀 Makes me want to pick her up and SNORGLE, SNORGLE, SNORGLE that kitty all over her fluffy body 😈

  170. Queen of Dork says:

    Theo: psssst? could you please put the f in my mispelling of the word “wonderfully” in that last one? *I’ll give you a dollar…you could buy a yo-yo with that*

  171. i snorgle her all the time!!

  172. OMG, you’re been staring at the microwave again, haven’t you?

  173. Pam, what a cat! Those eyes!

  174. Em (The Original) says:

    awesome story, awesome hovertext and aweseome kitteh! 🙂

  175. rubber duck says:

    Don’t look in the eyes. Don’t look. Don’t. Turn away. Away. Don’t look. Don’t. Don’t don’t don’tdon’tdon’t d-GGHAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!!!

  176. There are some breeds of cats – not many, but some – with curly hair, and sure enough, some of them have curly whiskers. Which look a lot like these. Apparently it’s a separate curly hair gene that does it. But that’s all it is, curly hair.

    Even if he does sort of have a ‘I am the cat Salvador Dali!” thing going.

  177. yes, ornith…there are some breeds with the curly gene, but she doesn’t carry that gene. she just got real lucky and got an overabundance of long, crazy whiskers. (the salvadore dali reference, however, is great!)

  178. @Caroline #124: Brilliant.

  179. @pam w 😈 Kismet must be one SPOILED ROTTEN kitty 😈

  180. she is!

  181. @pam w 😆 I thought as much 😆 as well as being well LOVED 😆

  182. loved to pieces!!! 😀

  183. Incredible orange eyes!!!

  184. Does he get feed back from those bent wires?

  185. @pam w 🙂 Is there any other way but to love kitties to pieces? 🙂

  186. It looks like a kitteh version of the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!!