Mabel’s Birthday Conundrum

… and so, Mabel settled down in the straw and enjoyed the new scarf her older brother had given her.  But still, her brother’s knowing smirk filled Mabel’s mind with troubling questions.  For instance, why was she dressed just like a baby?  And why was there a baby dressed just like a lamb earlier that week?  But these doubts paled next to the most worrisome question of all…


Was this scarf knitted from someone I know?


Spotted at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival in Victoria Australia by kelebek.  More here.



  1. Nicely played, NTMTOM!

  2. I second snorgler’s comment. And add a “very” before the “nicely”.

  3. paranoiagirl says:

    “Honey, alpaca suitcase full of scarves for the festival!”

  4. Well played, Clarice…

  5. @paranoiagirl: *groan*

  6. oooh look at de eyelashes… /plink, plink/
    and de widdle round foreheads

    ahem. scuze me. was i talking baby talk to a lamb?

  7. Looks like someone took one of those leg warmers from the 80’s and put it on that thing’s neck!

  8. Damn, Mike, you’re spittin’ diamonds lately.

  9. An alpaca on a sheep farm. Why not? Can I cuddle them too?

    Reminds me of a book I had when I was a kid. Basically this kid has a seven-eight foot long stocking cap of different colored yarn but the tip gets cut off. On a school trip he hears that the giraffe has a sore throat. When they get back on the bus, the teacher notices that his hat is gone.

    And the Giraffe was wearing a new multi-colored neck-dickey.

  10. Punk Brewster Fashionista

  11. At NTMTOM (Shakes head while whiping tears from laughter) you are Awesome!

  12. LOL actually LMAF. Like I said you rock NTMTOM!

  13. paranoiagirl says:

    @Blondie: ::ducks head to avoid rotten vegetables being thrown:: 😉

  14. Great alpacahance! Eyelashes, backwards glance and smirk…WIN!

  15. Hey, I’ve BEEN in Bendigo! And I didn’t see ANYTHING this cute!!!

  16. Nicely played, indeed, NTMTOM! Thumbs up!

  17. Oh noes, I sent you back to my doggy friend. HERE is the knitting sheepie:

  18. wait but… no sheeps were harmed in the making of the scarf/legwarmer/neckup! ’cause they shear th… oh nevermind.

  19. Shadrack, Meschak,maybe, but not Bendigo.

    Wonderful enhancement of the cutie patooties!

  20. BTW, remember that conversation about a Knitted/Sweater tag? Between the trees, apples, kittens, penguins & now alpaca in a scarf (somehow redunk) I’m just saying…

  21. So sad! Another baby succumbs to species confusion. Peolple! Do not dress your babies as animals…look at what can happen! What a travesty.

  22. @ Jezebel (Snerk)

  23. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Jezebel: Meh, most kids go through a species-confusion phase. It happened to me when I was in high school, and I didn’t turn out so ba-a-a-a-a-ad.

  24. Kar, there was a apple sweater?? I must have missed this… care to share?

  25. @Jezebel: (Like Willie Nelson) *ahem* “Mamas don’t let yer bebehs dress up like little lambies…”

  26. Meh, NTMTOM? Meh-eehhhhh? You must have been a wild Kid! (as in Goat? Yes? yes?)

  27. Alpacas or yamas?

  28. Wow, that’s a whole lot of plinking going on..

  29. NTMTOM is full of win – again!

  30. *snerk* NTMTOM, you do have a way with stirring the you-know-what. Gold stars for you.

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    I was reasonably composed up until I scrolled enough to see the “most worrisome question of all” .. then I lost it it .. laughing at work is seriously frowned upon around here (and seldom occurs) so I had to guffaw under my breath, which is not easy.

  32. such cute! it hurts!

  33. Paws and Claws says:

    I want a stuffed animal that looks just like that! I would name him Arnold.

  34. @Katrina, Bendigo is are real place, in Victoria, Australia. My ex is from thar part of the world, and we visited his brother there. It is one of several towns that were founded in the Australian gold rush, and it is very pretty, but again, I never saw anything that cute there. And Australia has a lot of cute animals.

  35. NOMTOM–good job on keepin’ up the pressure. You rock!

  36. The three above-mentioned names were the names of the Three Wise Guys at the Manger of the Christmas Baby-except the other one was Abendigo. Why do I know that? Why do we know anything. Sorry for the obscurity.

    Thanks for the geography lesson, though-ya learn somethin’ every day….

  37. ButtaRumCake says:

    What??? No one noticed…….

    THA LEEEEPS!!! OMG!!!!

    *gasps for last breath before ^ded^* “Nuuuurse!”


  38. ButtaRumCake says:

    Katrina – I begs to differ…

    The three wise men weren’t named Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego…those guys (S, M & A) were in the Ol’ Testament proving King Nebuchadnezzar wrong about who God was (the whole firey furnace thing..)

    The three wiseguys were named DeVito, Piscopo and Keitel :mrgreen:

    Sorry LOL The three wise men who brought gifts to bebeh Jesus were named Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior.

  39. I always heard it Caspar, but Gaspar is fine by me too! 🙂 Nice job BRC!

  40. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego” was also a 1930s song written by Robert MacGimsey. Here’s a great version by Louis Armstrong:

    Little known fun fact: The Gospel according to Matthew does not name the Wise Men, or even state how many there were. The traditional number three is based on the three gifts (gold, frankincense, myrrh) which are mentioned. Other tradtions say there were twelve or seven.

    (This has been today’s edition of Useless Information Theater)

  41. (Grooving to VonZep’s link)

  42. PS The Three Wise Guys were named Paulie, Joey and Mikey, of course. :mrgreen:

  43. earlybird1 says:

    I love that the llama’s sweater says, “Pooch Parka.” LOL! XD

  44. again, have to say i love it when the animals are dressed up.
    too. much. fun.

  45. Folks…..please. Three wise men?


  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Victoreia–SOME men are wise (said in whiny, defensive voice). I mean. . . what about Aristotle? Einstein? And. . . some other guys. (wanders away to get another beer)

  47. baileysgrandmom says:

    Oy. The “3 wise men” were actually astrologers (“magi” in the Greek), practicers of the occult.
    But could we have the back story on why one little alpaca-lambie is all wrapped up, and the other one isn’t? Did he have a sore throat? Does he need just ONE more snorgle? I am available!

  48. Erm, I hate to be that person, but I don’t get the last line. Why would it be bad to wear a scarf knitted from someone you know? It’s not like it hurts the animal to shear them.

  49. I have long awaited the day one of my pictures received the glory of being in cuteoverload. And now the moment is here, and I don’t know what to say! Oh I know, “ZOMG BABY ALPACA WITH A SCARF!”

  50. So cute!

  51. kibblenibble says:

    This reminds me of the Wallace and Gromit where the lamb gets shaved and then gets a sweater made from his own wool to wear.

  52. Oh my GOODNESS. Alpacas. Cutest things ever. And the yarn spun from them is so lusciously sooooooofffffttt….

  53. Alpacas are such cutties they have such a sweet face
    and the fact that is wearing a scarf lol a wool scarf so cuteee i think the lamb baby after the whole situation with the hatters transformed into a baby alpaca

  54. Catsquatch says:

    “Was this scarf knitted from someone I know?”




  55. MY apologies- thank you for the corrections- yes, yes, I remember now (it has been a very long time). It is so nice to have friends who won’t let you make a donkey of yourself twice!

    Abednego- ha, what a great name for cat. No disrespect intended I assure you. It just has such a great set of sounds to it.

    Those little alpaca punums are delightful!

  56. Just when you thought the cute couldn’t get any cuter… a lamb with a scarf appears. i mean come on people.

  57. Finnish nut says:

    In sweden we call these kebab-animals

  58. Ah!!! I loves me some alpaca!! My secret dream is to quit my job, buy a farm somewhere and raise these little guys. They are supposed to be relatively easy (compared to other livestock) and fun to work with. Of course, they are super expensive in this country to get started, just like everything else the yuppies have ruined. Maybe they are cheaper since the recession…

  59. I love alpacas…babies are adorable. Can I have one? I love they look like they have attitudes. Reminds me of:Emperors new groove.

  60. Gives a new twist to the question “Who are you wearing?”

  61. MyLittlePonyTales says:

    I Agree with KatieDid.