You Could’ve Listened, But Nooooooo

I warned you I was allergic to that shampoo, but did you believe me?  Oh no, not you, think you know everything, don’t you?  Well, now my face is melting, so let’s hear your clever idea for fixing that, Vidal Buffoon!

Gary 054

Your “Gary” has the (echo effect) Jowls of DESSS-tiny, Heather Y.



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    “Gary” *swoon*. My first love (aged 6) was a gary.

  2. georgina0912 says:

    Oh noes!!!! The non hy-pup-allergenic shampoo is melting Gary!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gee, and I thought that I had an award winning pout!

  4. Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.

  5. So disapproving! And yet, I still want to smoosh him with kisses.

  6. And the winner for the disapproving face of the year is…. Mr melting face in the bath!!.

    LOL!. Poor bun-buns , this doggie give them a run for their money.

  7. I’m thinkin my dog could give him a run for his money.

  8. Ok, what kind of dog is Gary? I thought at first he was a mastiff, but that doesn’t seem quite right…

  9. Gary is a French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux.

    Gary brings back memories. I had many, many mastiffs growing up. We had Old English Mastiffs, though. They are quite different than these. Still gorgeous!!!

    [Relevant Linkage Added 😉 – Ed.]

  10. How can anything be so jowly and so cute at the same time! Only possible in animals, not people! (Think Richard Nixon)

    @Stunbunny…I love the “Office Space” reference!

  11. OH NOES!! I think some of that shampoo got on the walls and now they are melting!!
    As for the pup, I recommend starch… lots of it!

  12. Also, I can’t tell if that is a look of disapproval or distain…. hummm

  13. Ohhhh man. Sitting here giggling my fluffy arse off, reading the comments under the lambaby (EPIC LOL) and now? “Vidal Buffoon” ?? 😆

    Rikki is eyeing me with what can only be described as feline concern. 😆

  14. Puppy does not seem to approve! However I look forward to wrapping him up in a towel and snorgling till he’s warm and dry.

  15. Looks to me like disapproval on a bunnular scale, but tinged with disappointment – “I tried to tell you…”

  16. What a world…what a world…what a world… :mrgreen:

    [“I HATE yogurt!!” – Ed.]

  17. That is not mere disapproval, peeps – that is mind-numbing mortification, with a healthy dollop of saint-like resignation thrown in to up the guilt ante on the foolhardy hooman who visited such indignity upon him.

    [And also melty-ness. That too. – Ed.]

  18. (Thanks, Ed!)

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  19. Next person who tells me to “turn that frown upside down” loses an arm. I’m just sayin’.

  20. w00t, back to the puppehs!

  21. And “Jowls of Destiny” is a great description, but I was thinking more Dewlaps of Doom.

  22. He can melt into me any time! I will hug him and snorgle him and rub his flopular ears all over my face.

    There’s no real way to measure that level of disapproval. Maybe Scovill units?

    [That’s hawt. – Ed.]

  23. The humiliation of it all…….

  24. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Awe.He has such a patient expression on his face… 🙂

    Ya, definitely at least part Dogue de Bordeaux

  25. IT is not Gary it is Hooch!

  26. *humming in teh shower later*
    Hmmm, where’s my shampoo?
    *sees menacing shape behind curtain*
    Gary? Is that you? Have you seen my shampoo? Gary? Gary?
    Gary what are you—-aiieeeee!!!!! Oh Gary You gave me such a fright! Have you seen my shamp–oh thank you! *begins washing hair**cue dramatic reveal music*
    AIEEEEE! GARY! You put Nair in my Shampoo? AIEEEEE!!!

  27. Von Zeppelin says:

    (peers around cautiously) Are all those people who hate human babies gone?

    He’s a Dogue de Bordeaux? Perhaps the glorious Chateau Mutt-on Rothschild 1984, with it’s famously rich terroire?

    [Jacques Rousseau Terroire, to be precise. (Not shown.) And I’ll forgive your apostrophic faux paw THIS time. – Ed.]

  28. paranoiagirl says:

    I saw a baby that looked just like mr. melty pup face the other day.

    ….kidding! >:D

  29. @ Metz LOLOL

  30. lol so dissaproving

  31. OOOH I LURVE the wrinkles.

    I wanna KEES HIM!


  32. Oh noes! Not only is the shampoo melting his face… but it also managed to bleach his belly. 😉 Heehee… What a cutie.

  33. KIttehsMom says:

    Poor puppeth. As to endure bath time without a RUBBER DUCKY. The nerve of it all. No wonder he’s not sporting a super smile 🙂

  34. You must have misunderstood.
    I wanted a cookie, not a bath.

  35. Beauregard says:

    Gary? GARY?!!? That is the most hilarious and best name possible for this gigantic, adorable thing.

  36. Do you think that when dogs are being serious and we are laughing it makes them sad? Me neither.

  37. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    “Jowels of Despair”. Looks like a “Nip and Tuck” reject. Adorable!

  38. LOL, VZ. That’s kind of what I was thinking but you said it so much better than I could have!

  39. Sorry,, I always have to ask the quintessential question:

    Why, if people are going to have a picture of their bathroom pasted on the internet for all the world to see, do they not either clean the mildew off the caulking or paint over the spackling?

    Otherwise, smoooochies for the poor pupparoo..

  40. I agree with Kitty Adventure , It’s a “HOOCH” PUPPY !!!!
    Quick ! Somebody get him a hubcap & a beer !!!

  41. He is the same kind of Dogue as my sweet, adorable neighbor!!!

  42. I wonder if it will shrink back when dry?

  43. Hey, Katrina, how’s the orchestra? What’s the program?

  44. Do I hear the ominous strains of music- the theme for Emperor Palpatine in the background? (The dog reminds me of “the Emperor”!)

  45. I’m in love. Where can I write a fan letter to him?

  46. “I AM smiling.”

  47. It’s a Hooch Pooch!

  48. Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Garrison Keillor?

    [Oh he’s not THAT melty… 😛 – Ed.]

  49. That Dogue had an almost perfect map of Australia on his chest!!!!!!!

    I should know, I live in Aus!

  50. @Shazzoir, OMG I was going to post the exact same thing, and I don’t live in Australia. LOL
    Great minds! Great minds! 😀

  51. The captions for these photos are the only thing that makes me smile in the morning! This is hysterical!

  52. Gary is my baby, and yes he is a Dogue de Bordeax. Check out more pictures of his melting face at his blog!

  53. Theresa- thanks for asking– Beethoven, Bach, Anderson, Grieg, Offenbach, Moussorgsky, a couple of traditional pieces and a couple of musicians will do solos! Things are going well, although the census is down a bit. But as we have two ensembles now, we’ll just have to keep telling people about us and enjoying the young musicians that we have, as we try to grow bigger. We worked out the math last night- there are five young musicians who have been with us for the whole seven years- and they have given 560 hours to the orchestra-each- over the seven years. I am so proud of all of them!

    How is the choir?

  54. I did some searching for Gary, Bordeaux, & Heather Y and found what looks to be his blog! There’s some more squishy faced goodness on there. Here’s the link:

    My sister has a Bordeaux, and they’re so sweet and huggable.

  55. Eek, looks like Gary’s mum beat me to the punch. I should have known someone with a blog like that would check this place religiously. 🙂

  56. “Vidal Buffoon” – bwahahahaha! I am rolling.