Because It’s There

Day 17:  I have established base camp at the foot of the treacherous south face, whose sheer, forbidding vertical surface has claimed many an explorer before me.  With the monsoon storms just days away, I must make every precious minute count as I inch my way to the fabled Ceiling of Coyolxauhuiehecatl — and history.


I claim this post in the name of Erin C.!



  1. Tenzing Norcat?

  2. Aw! Does that happen to be a bengal kitty? Looks like one of my bengal boys 🙂

  3. CoconutCheez says:

    OMG tailless?! ❤

  4. Alarm kitty 3000; now with more sounds like : prffff MEOOOOOOWW.
    Quick instalation.

  5. Awsome adventurekitty! I wish the kittens I knew were that aware of the impact they could make on the history of climbing! Out of the three, two just want to be cheeky (“Hi! I’m over here! Come and pet me! Ha, sucker!” *runs*) and the third wants to get food with as little effort as possible. (“I’ll just lay my head in the foodbowl and go to sleep. Eventually they’ll fill it.”)

  6. No pane, no gain

  7. I can see the top ledge now…. This will be one for the record books.

  8. Wow, I’ll bet THAT kitty started out as a pants climber…

  9. NOMTOM have you been watching Everest Beyond the limits

  10. @260Oakley: *groan* but good pun nonetheless.

    My Izzy does this every time we go to the vet’s. Cracks the nurses & technicians up.

  11. That’s not a kitty, it’s leopard.

  12. oops, I meant “it’s *a* leopard”

  13. Climb every doorway, barf high and low
    Shed on every by way, every pillow you know

    Climb every doorway, nap all day long
    Follow every insect, till you find your noms

    The noms that will need, all the digesting you can give
    Everyday of your life, may you purr for as long as you live

    Climb every doorway, sit on ev’ry human’s face
    Follow every canopener, till… you…. find… yoooour NOMS!!!!

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    This is an especially courageous summit attempt, without a tail to provide balance.


    We used to have one that climbed up the screen door with her claws. Meowing furiously the whole time to be let in. Just like Simon’s cat.

  16. “Hisssssssssssss-to-reeeeeeeeeeeee”!???

    It’s the Cat of DESSSSSSSSSSSSS-tin-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  17. Dammit. chanpon beat me to it. Nicely done chanpon!

  18. Wow – other than the apparent lack of a tail, this could be my little bengal girl, Tiger Lily!

  19. @Saffron: LoL! Exccccellent lyrics!
    I see a tail on this kitty; if you look by the back foot there’s a little tuft of fur. Looks like he’s tucked tail.
    I have a black part Bengal cat. They do indeed climb things just because they’re there. And knock things over in the process of trying to figure out how to get DOWN!

  20. Nice spots!!! A daring ceiling lepard – looks like you decided against the ice axe and crampons.

  21. Cholmondeley says:

    ::Gasps in awe at Saffron::

    I thought perhaps Sir Edmund Cattery had lost his tail to frostbite in a previous attempt to reach the fabled Ceiling of Whatsit.

  22. Look at those nails! Someone needs a kitticure.

  23. Wow, beautiful kitty with a very snorglable looking belly! I will reward him with kisses and tuna for his brave ascent.

  24. I see some *serious* looking claws on those front footsies!

  25. Cholmondeley stole my Sir Edmund Cattery line. 🙂

    Cats must enjoy giving their moms and dads heart attacks. 😀

  26. Beautiful cat! What kind is it??

  27. Just remember kitteh, getting all the way to the top is optional, getting back down safely is not.

  28. HunnyBunny says:

    Awww! His nature spots hurt my heart.

  29. BeckyMonster says:

    It’s got to be either a Bengal or one of those Savannah cats. Savannahs aren’t legal in Georgia, they are afraid of them getting loose and mixing with the native population. They are so spotted and gorgeous!!!

  30. My Maxie (a/k/a “Mad Max”) does this to our windows and our screens. I think Max like to do this to the sliding door screen just to agitate our Umbrella Cockatoo – because it drives her insane! (We have a sliding glass door that separates our sunroom from the rest of the house, our Cockatoo is located in the sunroom

  31. Captain Kitty is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?

    Because he’s in love.

  32. why? because he can!

  33. Another bengal-owner here, it has to be a bengal. 😀

  34. because it’s there.

  35. Lookit them clawsies! Dawww!

  36. @Saffron That is a stirring ballad, an anthem worthy of those who will only stop at nomthing.

  37. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Uh-oh. Looks like that kitteh’s in a jamb.

  38. heh. Probably should have looked at the post title. It’s been a loooong day.

  39. BeckyMonster says:

    William Shatner needs to win a Nobel Peace Price or something. Seriously people.

  40. Wow, kittie looks so much like our torbie Riff Raff, even the racing stripes on top of his/her head. She also loves to climb high places.

  41. In my best Homer Simpson voice:

    Spider Cat, Spider Cat!
    Does whatever a Spider Cat does!

    And “Har!” to Oakley and Donkeypants. Wish I’d thought of those.

  42. kat (thats really my name) says:

    I agree with those that believe its a bengal. Thats definitely a bengal.

  43. @Oakley and Argyle: Arrrrrgh! *groans and holds nose while running from room*

  44. @Shari: good work!

  45. cute cute kitteh. i didn’t know Bengals were known for climbing….maybe i should get one for cleaning the top of the refridgerator……? hmmmm

  46. Not that Mike the other mike: Are these the rules that you’ve just made up? 😉

  47. Why… you say? Because he’s in luv……… with himself.

    Kitty or Kirky you ask? Mmmm… could go either way. I’ll get back to you.

  48. JohnnieCanuck says:

    None of you seems to have noticed that the picture was taken by ceiling cat.

    So many of these documentaries feature the star’s head popping up over the edge and being acclaimed as the first to the summit. What about the photographer who had to have been there first while carrying all the camera equipment?

    In this case, without even having opposable thumbs.

  49. im on ur door
    and yur lettng me in

  50. By the way, NTMTOM… the ceiling of WHAT?????????

  51. needapuppy says:

    Oh, Theo — this reminds me… can we have an update on Rikki?

    [He’s getting separate food from the older cats these days, so obesity has been averted. He’s a total lovebug to me & his people, and a total pest to Spot (and even sometimes to Bounce). Him is teh Moosh. – Ed.]

  52. GIGGLE 😆 That is one BRAVE kitty 😆

  53. Ceiling cat was an Aztec???

  54. thanks, Theo…. it was great to watch him grow up.

  55. spider-cat, spider-cat, does what a spider-cat can, spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like mice. Look out! Here comes the spider-cat!

  56. saffron…. you just gave me the ultimate sound of music earworm!! aaaaaahhhh! hahhahahaha

    kitteh is definitely climbing a mountain! ❤

  57. spidercat spider cat

  58. Just have to say I love everyones comments on this site….If Im having a bad day instantly makes me laugh!

  59. saffron: way to deface my least favorite musical! You rock.

    Sandra: Brilliant.

    I have been lucky – none of my cats have ever done anything like this. I had one baby who tried climbing the drapes – when the drapes came down while she was hanging on them, she decided it wasn’t much fun and never went back. (knocking on wood)

  60. I’d say that’s definitely a bengal. It looks just like a younger, skinnier version of my Chloe. I live with two bengals who prefer jumping to climbing. The smaller one, Dr.Acula, can jump to the top of the refrigerator (a full sized one), but she just knocks things to the floor once she’s up there instead of cleaning.

  61. Knowing how Mr. Sleepy-pie Picky-pants is more of an Everset Catopard, this must be an Everest Feline Climber, or if it’s a Bengal, maybe its a Kit-2 (K-2)? P.S. Picky is now 18 going on 19! I bless his little floofy head every day I have him around.

  62. val- that is what we are here for, my fellow Peep!

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    I just looked at my cat sleeping on the rug and marveled at how much I love him.

  64. Coyolxauhuiehecatl???

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    sheri: It’s the capitol city of Frixioaxloxiticitybuaxolorgorrfaraxaioumogoos.
    The food is really good there.

  66. It’s a Bengal! Typical Bengal cattitude. Search… Destroy…

    Nothing is unattainable for a Bengal!

  67. I’ve got two manxies and they have the same patterning on their fur – stripes and spots… He’s got the little “m” on his forhead 🙂 Could very well be a Manx…