Break Out the Pitchforks and Torches!

Washington, D.C. — Outraged legislators renewed calls for banning human-animal hybrids after researchers at the Frankenstein Institute for Extremely Scary Science announced the creation of a “lambaby.”  According to a spokesperson for an angry mob that stormed the Institute, “arghle grumble blaarphle rhubarb rhubarb!”


I have just one word for you, Brynne M.: PASICKIE!



  1. pugletsrule says:

    OMG – NOMTOM you sir are one brave dude!

  2. so cute!!

  3. Hammana hammana hammana

  4. Mmmm, leg of lamb for the big Nomvember meal?

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I’m ready with my puddin’! 🙂

  6. stupid babies. boo.

  7. You *like* baiting the pudding-flingers, don’t you NTMTOM?

  8. “lambasted”


  9. hahahahhahhah theresa #3!!!

    Oh, NOMTOM. ….. =D

  10. I am thoroughly disappointed with the decision to put a HUMAN BABY on Cute Overload. I come here to see kitties,doggies,bunnies,horseys,ducks,pocket pets,squirrels,heepos, and even cute insects! But I DO NOT want to see loathsome human spawn here. Babies are teh Anti-qte.

  11. C’mon, it’s better then a kitty in a blender, right?

  12. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Uh-oh. People coming to the site to see naminals are going to wind up feeling like they’ve been fleeced.

    [*snrk* – Ed.]

  13. resriechan says:

    (*snicker* *snerk*)

    LAMB-asted !!! Guffaw !! Har-dee-har-har !!!

    & furthermore, tee and hee.

    An Official Official.

  14. temperance says:

    tsk, tsk…..displaying a baby, one that does not even have an animal next to it, AND labeling it ‘primate’…..well, we all know you’re askin’ for it. and i do hope you get it, i could use some good entertainment today.

  15. babies are gross and creepy. moar kitties and puppies plz.

  16. That lamb coat would look really qte on a puppy.

  17. Maybe it’s a sheep in baby’s clothing???

  18. Wheeeeee!!! Pasickie! 😀 😀 😀

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Temperance–I would think this baby would be honored to be designated a primate. His Grace, the Most Reverend and Right Honorable Lord Archbishop of Canterbury doesn’t seem to mind. And he’s the Primate of All England. This kid is just a primate on CO (not that that isn’t a great honor in its own way, of course)

  20. I’d suggest an “impending doom” tag for the potential comments . . .
    All in favor???

  21. Very cute! And I knew the human child-haters would be out early! All life is beautiful and should be treasured and enjoyed!

  22. I wish you wouldn’t have done this. I might have to go elsewhere if baby pics continue. I get enough of that crap from my coworkers, no more human babies pls! kthxbye.

  23. That is the cutest thing, EVER! Think they make that coat in adult sizes? 😉

  24. She’s adorable and I want to nom her chubby cheeks.

    Nuts to you, nuffers!

  25. pasickie!

  26. @vonZep– The Primate of all England– snerk!

  27. Noooooooo!! Not a baby! I come to this site for puppies and kitties!

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s a really cute baby. Jeez people. Maybe that’s NTMTOM’s child or niece or nephew or something. Gosh.

  29. I can’t stand babies. I go to this site every day to see cute animals, not some slobber faced brat.

  30. Babies are only cute when they are yours or belonging to someone you need to impress. The rest of the time they’re just boring. If only you had a Chihuahua in a tuxedo, now that would be cute.

  31. Dear whiners,

    Babies are adorable, especially when they’re dressed up as adorable lambs.

    If you want to dictate the content of a site, start your own website.

    I’d rather see a cute baby than a disgusting rat any day, imo.

  32. Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and chime in on the “Ugh, human babies” bandwagon. I come here for the furry and fuzzy (and even scaley or prickly!) but never for the humans, not even when they’re in a lamb suit. Now, take that lamb costume and put it on a goat or something, and we’re in business.

  33. Cute baby! NTMTOM, your bravery and wit inspires me… I bet you were getting bored with kind, normal comments and wanted to bring out the nuffers. I applaud you! *insert picture of clapping bunneh here*

  34. boo babies on C.O. start chipping away at the foundation and the house of C.O. will collapse.

    [ 😆 they’re not TERMITES! 😆 – Ed.]

  35. paranoiagirl says:


    or not. seriously, why do posts like this bring all the pa-sickie hating nuffers out of the woodwork? you were all babies once too, stop the self loathing already!

    and I’m spent. 😀

  36. puppies slobber and poo too you know.

  37. at least it wasn’t a slave baby.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Here’s a cool bug!

  39. Ooooh, NOMTOM, you are a brave one, inciting commentroversy with a human baby! Cute is cute, I say. And that’s a cute baby. Geez, people, an occasional baby human, and a cute one at that, is QTE. Lighten up! And thanks for the “Awwww”.

  40. _I_ think the kid is cute. And I am one of those weird Childfree people.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    I think CO needs occasional posts like this…in hopes that one of these days some of the griping morons really WILL leave.

    This baby is adorable.

    But NOMTOM, I spent a good 7.632 seconds trying to get FIESS to spell something! I’m thinking about this too hard. 😀

  42. agree, Paunchie. and we clean up both, right? and we talk to the puppies in that baby talk too….well…i do anyway.

  43. BeckyMonster says:


    What exactly is a “slave baby”? Now if you put that kid in handcuffs, THAT would be cute!

  44. Awww! It’s too cute! I love the sheepish expression!

  45. Dear People,
    Nobody cares why you come here. Spare us your rants. Get cute (in all its formats) or get out.
    A Primate

  46. I’m not a big human baby fan, but I gotta give it up to this baby. She is pretty freaking cute, even for a human.

  47. Cute kid. Cute outfit. I too vote for one in adult size.

    P.S. When we all start payin’ for our daily CO, that’s when it makes sense to tell the folks in charge what we want. Until then, it’s their sandbox they’re sharing with us — for free! Yay CO!

  48. Time to shake things up, right? hahaha I see the URL: “oh-we-are-b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ad!!” Do I win a price for noticing it?
    Oh my, the comments are already amusing, except for the human haters, and I love the lambie baby! Dr. Frankenstein must be getting soft.

    Hey people, this is not “Cute Animal Overload” – and to you nuffers: ruhbarb! ruhbarb!
    (take that!)

    [Heck, you can NAME your price for noticing it. Dunno who’ll pay… – Ed.]

  49. Prize — I want a Prize, not a price!


  50. I really don’t care for pictures of babies. I care for them even less when they are on websites that are supposed to be for things that are cute like bunnies and puppy tocks. But the introductory paragraph totally made up for it. Human Animal Hybrids FTW!

  51. yeah, don’t take a pee in someone else’s sandbox!

  52. What a Cutie!!!! .
    That is a fancy-vintage-camouflage-coat for rural babies , this way the lambs will never try to nom her … Weee , is handy!.

    P.S: cmom people, baby-human hate?. Creepy, trolls are epic. fail. Creeeepy.

  53. earlybird1 says:

    AUUGHH!! Cutest little baby butt ever – especially with a lamb’s tailio attached! *ded*

  54. No babies, please, even dressed up as animals.

  55. cute kid. now get it off of this site.

    [Right, sure, OK. 🙄 – Ed.]

  56. Cute baby. Love the expression. It’s all, “I think I just pooped.”

  57. I must say I am really surprised at the ugly attitude of those that come here to enjoy the cute and then turn on a dime about ONE baby picture…??!!! Cute is cute, sheeple! (get it?) I don’t care if the cute thing is an adorable baby/lambsicle or a butter duck. sheesh!

    Long live the cute!

  58. the bug man says:

    Queen of Dork: my hat is off to you. And to Vinnie.

    Who’s got adorable little pedipalps?? Yes, you do! Yes, you do!

  59. @ Vicki *snerk*

    may i interject by saying since we are “technically” talking about humans, “Happy Veterans Day” and thank you all !

  60. 1. The baby is cute. I’m not disagreeing.
    2. I thought there’s a rule that human babies cannot be on here?!? Am I right?

    [re: #3 — Of course! You think we’d do otherwise? – Ed.]

  61. Here, I’m going to do an impression of a random person who is SO ANGRY that NOTMTOM *DARED* to put a HUMAN BABY on the site:

    OH MAH GAWD seeing human babies are my “trigger”, you’ve just ruined my entire day, I’m sooooo upset, I AM NEVER COMING TO THIS SITE AGAIN.*


    *A generalization not intended to characterize any specific individual.

    My point being: if you seriously take the time to post your hatred/dislike/unhappiness about this picture, you are far, far too obsessed. You just took time out of your day to express your disapproval of something on someone else’s website. Time to take a step back and face reality and LET IT GO.

    BTW, this ain’t your website, so why do you care what gets posted on it?

  62. The “no babies” rule is one of the reasons I even follow this blog.

    I’m not anti-baby, I just don’t happen to think they’re very cute, unless I’ve got some personal emotional attachment to them, like they’re my friends’ kids, and well-behaved.

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    the bug man: Thanks! Someone said they would rather look at a picture of a bug than a cute human baby so I thought I would help out. 🙂

    *whistle to self while innocently polishing halo*

  64. so let me get this right:
    if you went to and saw a picture of a sunrise, you would be upset..?

    *lemme see the rule book again*

  65. AuntieMame says:

    The only rule is that this isn’t your site, and the site owners can post whatever they want.

  66. Frankly, I am sick of all this anti-scientific sentiment that permeates the internet. Oh, sure, you take one look at a lamb-baby hybrid and you’re all “oh no, it’s so wrong,” but did you ever stop to consider the benefits to humanity? Lamb-baby wool is some of the softest known to man, though admittedly, it does get harder to harvest as they grow older. But I assure you that we are working to address this problem, as well as the unforeseeable incidents of with headbutting.


    (Also: I actually am having some trouble telling the people who are being outraged apart from the people who are being sarcastic about the people who are being outraged. Progress?)

    [“Captain, I am sensing much win here.” – Spock]

  67. Ah ha ha ha ha! Made my day, I’m home sick and feeling sorry for myself and as soon as I saw the lil lamby tocks appear I knew a good nuffathon would cheer me up. Thanks NTMTOM for brightening my corner of the bed (the ferrets are too warm and are spreading out!)

  68. Self-loathing humans make me barf! This baby is the cutest thing since sliced bread with a funny face drawn on it.

  69. So yeah, I guess the lamb comes with a complimentary glass of whine.

  70. thank you so much for bringing me back to the pah-sickie video! All we need now is to get this babeh lambersons a pah-sickie.

  71. oh the tail!! loving the cute in all it’s anerable forms.

    gotta say though … all the baby hate is kinda creepy??

  72. Phalanges, phalanges, dancing phalanges! /Bones

    Not really thinking the babies are all that cute, but lots of people do, so I guess it works. Not sure why I don’t think they are cute, but I never have. Never played with dolls when I was a little girl, either.

  73. [sarcasm] I cant believe you posted a picture of a baby. I come here to see kittens and puppies. The pictures you post should be determined soley by what *I* want to see. This is clearly a sign of the end times. If you don’t stop posting a baby in every single post I’m going to take my service to Dominoes instead…… I mean Daily Kitten instead.
    I wait your apology which I’m sure you will deliver promptly as your blog will not survive without all important me visiting daily

    Honestly, don’t you nuffers know how silly you sound?

  74. I am not a baby fan, but even I cannot deny the sheer *kyoot* coming from this picture. Get the stick out, nuffers, yeesh!

  75. Pasickie – YES. Baby in animal costume – NO!

  76. dude seriously wth is with all the whiners??? i don’t like cats but i don’t complain every time there’s a cat on the website. good grief, grow up people.

  77. paranoiagirl says:

    @#72 Megan Yay Bones! I love that episode, Brennan is so cute with the bebeh.
    ::waggles phalanges at all the grumps here today::

  78. Von Zeppelin says:

    Oy, gevalt! (slow, patient voice) Here’s an idea, folks. If you don’t like this picture, look at something else! There’s only about a trillion puppies, kitties, mousies, giraffies, piggies, lemuries, chimpanzee-ies, and every other kind of -ies in the CO archives. Then you can come back tomorrow and there will be other stuff to look at. Understand the concept?

  79. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Awww… what a cutie. I just want to give her a big kiss on the cheek. My own kids are old enough that “You’re sooo cute” and a big kiss would get nothing more than “Mom? Are you okay?” as they slowly backed away LOL.

  80. resriechan says:

    @ Dash:

    I second your nomination of I.D. Tag.



  81. I’m not a baby fan, but how could I possibly bleat about a post with so many delicious lamb puns? Not baaaaad, NTMTOM.

  82. @ Queen of Dork Here I was having a great time reading all the idiotic nuffer anti baby comments and I get to yours and click on the link and….AAAAAHHHHH an UGLY BUG!
    You could warn a person. I have a phobia of bugs and now I itch all over. You are a bad Queen, worse than Marie-Antoinette. You’re just lucky my guillotine is in the repair shop. Me singing: Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de goire est arrivé….
    (of course I’m just kidding about the guillotine) 🙂

  83. Cute! And thanks for the entertainment, commentroversers – so reliable, SO reliable! Ah, good times.

    Baby-nuffers, just remember, it’s one picture. Is the entire site really ruined for you? Really? One photo? Well, bye then!

  84. Oups for anybody who knows french, it’s le jour de gloire…sorry 😦

  85. Oh yeah – QofD – awesome bug!!!

  86. This website is “Cute Overload” not “Cute Animal Overload”. If there’s even a minor quotient of cute I think the image should be permitted.

    Personally I went “awwww” as soon as I saw this. I come to this site for that feeling. This picture is fabulous!

  87. Soo cute 🙂 I agree, its very strange that people get so upset about babies–weird!

  88. “Beep”
    (I’m an equal opportunity beeper)

  89. Babies are not cute – please don’t post human babies, I get enough of the little twerps once a year at Christmas, thanks 😦

  90. Break out the pitchforks of strained carrots and light the torch of my heart!
    This lambebeh is a beauty! Thnx CO!

  91. lol

  92. The maturity level of the nuffers is equivalent to that of the baby in this picture. It’s funny how they say that they don’t want to see a screaming brat, when they are acting like the brat themselves. It’s one baby picture out of thousands. Now go put on your big kid britches and grow the fuck up. Learn how to deal with something called life and know that the world doesn’t revolve around you. It isn’t tailor suited to your every specific wish and whim. Sometimes you will have to see or deal with something that you don’t necessarily like but part of being an adult is knowing to how deal with it.

  93. Tee hee! This made me giggle. Great work, NTMTOM.
    How do all the baby haters reconcile the fact that they were once babies? Do they hate life so much that it pains them to know their parents were so selfish to have brought a *gasp* BABY into this world, even if it was them? Oh, the self-loathing! Oh, the inability to get over themselves and just have fun!

  94. Peter Tork says:

    Misanthropy at it’s best.

  95. Oh NTMTOM, pitchforks and torches indeed! BTW, cute pic!

  96. “Babies are not cute – please don’t post human babies, I get enough of the little twerps once a year at Christmas, thanks”

    ____ tried to get a “lol” {sarcasm} in there right after this post but someone beat me to #89 so I get lucky #????___

    Seriously though I found it LOL that people are wasting their time dissing the people wasting (apparently – according to said poster) their time to post that they don’t like the picture…ummm, isn’t that sort of like the pot calling the kettle, er, brown?

    A thread is a thread, let it be, it’s still a free country and expressions of speech are free – like it or not.

  97. LOL My sheeps would be amused… BTW that BAAAAA- by is adora baaaa—le

  98. To all animal clone /stem cell conspiracists: this is the *real* Dolly.
    Mwa ha ha ha hah!
    Dr. Frankennuffer of F.I.E.S.S.
    Frankenstein Institute for Extremely Scary Science

  99. Geez, Mary – did you really HAVE to use the F bomb – we are all adults here (??) enough with the potty mouth.

  100. The child haters are pretty creepy. I myself am partial to the kittehs and puppehs and ratty-rats and hams, but I love me a cute baby too.

  101. Pulls out puddings and diet coke for COers and a cookie for the little lambypie.

  102. Ohhh I forgot Beep!!!! I am an equal opportunity beeper too. 😉

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi: 🙂 I’m sorry! I hope you will feel better soon! Very Soon! But I can’t help but kind of laugh at the same time. I did say, “here’s a cool bug” on the post! But Gosh! sorry! Everybody…If you don’t like huge creepy bugs, don’t look at the link I posted! 🙂

    Gigi, please be well and not itchy anymore!!!!!

  104. And yet, if it was a photo displaying anything that could be remotely considered anti-child, you people who are attacking those of us who are not infatuated with children would be throwing a FIT.

  105. That was joke…or a bad pun


  106. bucketgirl says:

    Does anyone know where this jacket came from?

  107. Ewww. puked

  108. Oh my! I want to pinch her cheeks, what an adorable baby!

    I almost wish for more baby pictures to annoy the nuffers =)

  109. That was joke…or a bad pun


    potty (diaper) mouth

  110. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi has totally cracked me up! Marie Antoinette indeed! I would give everybody lots of food other than cake! 🙂

    Hahahahahahah! I’m really cracking up over here!

  111. Dang – I am a slow typer!!

  112. To CO for all you do – this toke’s for you 🙂

  113. Daffer's hooman says:

    Agree with Rowan.

    I too thought that Meg once said that she usually avoided posting human babies on here (cute as they may be?).

    Bring back the animabulhs!

  114. The really scary part is that SF write John Scalzi wrote a book about this exact situation…anyway, there really is a sheep/person hybrid involved, and the aliens want her!

  115. metzdarling says:

    Awwww! Babewe!


  116. Has anyone investigated possible ties between F.I.E.S.S. and CuteLabs in Japan?

  117. LOL @ the “unusual animals” tag. I just love the way posts like this gets so many folkses panties in a wad. I’m not a child person but eh, I don’t see this place suddenly becoming Babies R Us just because of one post for every thousand or so. People really need to get a grip XD

  118. Rowan –

    I didn’t say a thing about trying to justify my own “time-wasting” reply, you’ll notice – I’m not being self-righteous, but thanks for trying to keep me “honest”. I’m aware of what I did and said.

  119. No – not self-righteous – just self-absorbed, since, that comment was not directed anywhere specifically and can and does apply to many, many, many threads throughout CO.
    But “thanks” for trying to “set me straight”.

  120. Please…? I can has one, too? Can has a lambaby? I will feed it rhubarb pie until it grows big and strong.

  121. Serena_Malfoy says:

    Que fofo! Parece até os antigos mascotes da parmalat! Muito Kawai!!!!!!!! *____*
    Quero um desse para mim! XD

  122. isabelleadjani says:

    Sometimes reading these message boards makes me lose faith in people. Theo, Meg, NTMTOM & Prongs go out of their way to strive to bring the cute to people every day, and for what? People complain about what’s posted, only to turn around and insult the mods, and top it off by posting hateful and rude comments. Really? You take something beautiful, and that’s what you do with it? Some people just make me sick.

  123. Hm. Normally I don’t find babies that cute (at least, when I don’t know them personally), but this one looks really cute. Sweet little pea!
    That being said, I’m voting against posting pictures of babies on the internet.
    In general (there are too many weird people out their for me) as well as on CO.

    Not, that they’re not really sweet and cute, but it just doesn’t fit with the other pictures in my opinion. It’s like an anime-picture on CO. It IS cute and yet it has a different target audience.
    Also I wouldn’t tag it “animal”, but that’s just a detail.
    Still: not a complaint or anything, just my opinion.


  125. baaaaaaaaaaaaa. beebee anipal.

  126. Entropy's Bitch says:

    If lambabies spit up, is it cheese?

    I’m child free, but I can see the qte and irony in a hooman in animule clothing.

  127. Is that a hoooman? Looks like a lamb to me 😉

  128. Ahn. This is sho qte! I love babies…. and that expression is hilarious. *nom*

  129. Baaa-sickie!

    Wow one picture with a little human in it every year maybe, and people lose their damn minds.

  130. I’m not a huge fan of babies in general, but a picture of a baby IN A LAMB SUIT??!? Genius!!

    How can you deny the cuteness of that? Just look at the picture. You can absorb the visual cuteness without hearing the high-pitched cries or smelling the poopy diaper. What could be better?

  131. To all you people who are saying babies are “ugly” and “evil” and other such nonsense: I really, sincerely hope that you do not have children.

    And come on, this was obviously posted to be funny! Read the hover-text, people!

    I think it’s cute, and I’m all about the fuzzy animals too!

  132. I personally dont understand all the hate, this is one of the cuttest baby pics i have seen, we saw a doggie dressed as a person a few days or weeks ago why not the other way 😛 love the picture dont mind seeing a baby here
    i could have select a little more fluffy coat and the baby could have looked even more cute

  133. @ Queen of Dork…So glad you took it as intended and found it funny. I’m going to cross the Channel now and say Long live the Queen!

  134. where does one buy such a lamb coat? (want)

  135. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi! How cool and lovely you are! Yes, I did find it quite funny. 🙂 It really IS an exceptionally creepy bug!

  136. geez at least the pasickie video was somewhat *amusing*…this photo’s not interesting at all. come on!!!

  137. QofD and Gigi – I’m with you, love the bug!

    Also childless by choice, but still, every time I look at that photo of the lambaby, I smile – that works for me!

  138. Mary, why’d you have to go and insult the cute baby like that? 😉

    The baby hate in this posts always gets me. It’s gross. You’re gross. I am partial to kittens myself but I love a cute baby now and then, too. Suddenly it has become cool to dislike children. I don’t get it.

  139. Paws and Claws says:

    I’d take the “ugliest” (I think even the ugly ones are cute in their own comical way) animal or insect over the cutest baby any day. Yeah, the babies cute, but human babies all do the same stuff. Animals are more unique and interesting, but that’s just me. I’m not hatin’ on the baby, but would rather have seen a praying mantis or rat or something. I have to see baby’s all day long and get dirty looks when I don’t melt and coo over them. Plus what’s ironic is that in a few years that kids parents will probably feed in lamb…. how wrong is that?

  140. Paws and Claws says:

    Feed *it lamb… sorry, typo

  141. Very adorable photo 😀
    And all of you haters can go suck it. Post more human baby photos just to tick them off CO! MUAHAHAHAHA

  142. It’s a very cute chubby cheeked baby in an adorable lamb outfit. Very cute chubby cheeked babies do not elicit the squee response in me. More like ‘meh’.

  143. Yea, for it has been prophesied:

    “The blameless Lamb of Qte shall descend from the Overload to redeem us, and to cover our nakedness! Verily, we shall be as animals, with fur, and tocks, and ears of anerable nomminess; and we shall love one another, and be as one with teh Qte.”

    – Apocrypha of St. NTMTOM

  144. Dear Internet,

    it stopped being cool and edgy to hate babies ages ago. It does not make special or different.

  145. It’s a cute baby and all, but I beg of you, please don’t have too many babies on this blog. Babies are everywhere. I can’t go to a store without one screaming, or even read my Facebook pages or Yahoo email without advertisements for baby products. Who knows why, since I won’t be having kids and don’t visit parenting sites, but it gets a little, well…excessive.

    I just like the furbabies. Can’t help myself, but those little cuddly faces are what make this blog one of my very favorites (and the reason I am counting the days until 2010 so I can crack open my new CO calendar!).

  146. *cackles madly* you guys are truly evil

    nom nom nom pasickie!!!

  147. This is not just about Cute Overload. The point is that some of us are sick and tired of seeing children included in EVERYTHING. I don’t get why some people think everyone has to go gaga over children and that there must be something wrong with them if they don’t.

  148. Finally, a solution to my problem: I find infants of my own species repulsive, yet want to have kids. Voila! I can dress them up as ani-pals! Now, if I can just find a baby suit for my dog, they’ll be an artistic statement like that kitten in the snifter.

    Also, seriously… who are these people who visit often enough to whine about one baby picture, yet do not anticipate the amused ‘pasickie’ response of the regulars? Why is one larval human so upsetting? Are they allergic?

  149. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Is this like a baby wolf in sheep’s clothing?


  150. ButtaRumCake says:

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* @ the cute little chubbikins in the lamby costume – frakkin’ ADORABUHLS!!

    Reading all these posts just convinces me more & more that certain people should *NEVAR* procreate…SHEEESH!

  151. I agree with Bridget. Why must everyone *love* children and babies?

    I love this blog! And I really do hate human babies. Bleh…

    But it’s not my blog, and I could just stop coming here. But 99.9% of the time, it’s a cute animal so I just wrinkle up my nose and think yuck when its not, just like I do anytime I see a baby. LOL

  152. GEEZE What is with all the baby-hater hatred. We are allowed to not particularly care for little children, you know. And yes, I believe most of us are aware at one time we were babies. All you baby-nuffer-nuffers should realize that we aren’t in literal outrage about a baby being on this website. So calm down guys, and don’t call us creepy just because we don’t dote all over your offspring!

  153. It’s a cute little baby on Cute Overload. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, folks.

  154. lurkingsmirk says:

    “The point is that some of us are sick and tired of seeing children included in EVERYTHING”

    Everything? I spend a fair amount of time surfing the interwebs and I can’t think of another site where children and babies pop up except for icanhazcheesburger, in which the effect is usually hilarious (much like CO).

    Anyways, I don’t see why kids should be excluded from CO, it’s not like it’s some fancy 5-star french restaurant.

  155. Stir that pot, NTMTOM. Stir that pot. I think this little dish will be ready in, oh,150 more comments or so. That sound about right? 😉

  156. I have to say, I’m in my 40s and I’m trying to figure out how I might get away with wearing that coat. I think if I could dress up a child like that every day, I might have had one!

  157. So cute! Love it!

    As for the baby-haters…you realize you were one at some point, right? As were all your loved ones. Get over yourselves.

  158. …and when I say “you were one” I mean that you were a baby, not a baby-hater. That’s something you’ve become.

  159. Paws and Claws says:

    You go Angela! People are just scared of people that think for themselves. ButtaRumCake, yes ALOT of people shouldn’t breed, most of them already have and that’s why the world is the way it is. That’s why we get people like Michael Vick. Just because you have a uterus doesn’t mean you are obligated to fill it with a fetus. The world is overpopulated!!!!! That’s why I’m against breeding of people and animals, let’s get all the ones that are already here homes and jobs….. but that will never happen… *getting off soap box now* ………..

  160. Daffer's hooman says:

    Can anyone else find a category on CO titled human babies? I see “puppies”, “kittens”, “cats ‘n racks” but no “human babies”. I think many of us visit CO because we have come to expect cute ANIMAL pictures. Throwing a baby pic in there changes what CO is to us, or to at least to me anyway.

  161. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ DaisyJ, #66, who’s having a tough time telling the real nuffers from the people who are nuffing the nuffers sardonically: The difference between the two is called sarchasm. 🙂

  162. Stephanie, thanks! That’s what I was trying to say but since I think the picture is cute it doesn’t sound so convincing coming from me!

  163. It’s called CUTE OVERLOAD… not ONLY ANIMAL CUTE OVERLOAD…… time to face the facts people…. sometimes human babies are cute and *gasp* they’re gonna get posted.
    Don’t like it? Tough crap…. time to scroll over the post to look at the other posts then.

  164. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Welcome to the 9:00 news. We’re going back now to Cute Labs, where CO staff are busy clearing debris, restarting mobbed servers, and piecing together their egos after Babygate 2009. I spoke earlier with NTMTOM, the chief architect of Babygate, who gave no explanation for posting the lamb/primate on the site, but did laugh diabolically, open a beer, and put his feet on his desk to spectate as the mayhem unfolded.

  165. AmyH and Kage are very wise. And did I just see someone suggest that because of overpopulation we should get animals jobs? The unions will have something to say about that, sir. No furry labor!

    This baby is not only cute, but cuter than Winston, who has always looked to me like an old apple that rolled into the lint under the fridge.

  166. Babies are always cute. ^_^

  167. Uh, no, of course this isn’t mint jelly. It’s, er, diaper rash cream. Mint diaper rash cream.

  168. In my mind, it’s a lot more appropriate than other CO posts like the popsicle one because this baby is smart enough to disguise itself as an ungulate. Crafty little so and so…..thinking we won’t notice that her behind seems to be covered in a cotton blend and not regulation wool…. But we noticed. Oh yes.
    Strike one, Baby.

  169. Teeheehee… personally, I think babies are adorable… and when toddlers and preschoolers are whiny– it’s usually because the adults/parents have taught them that it works. As for dirty/ drooly… Llamas spit, nasty smelly stuff… makes babies burp-up look like ambrosia ;), and I have been drooled on by dogs, cats, and yes, horses. All you who think piggies are adorable should be around when they defecate–talk about nasty. And does anyone else have memories of walking into the chicken coup in the middle of winter– the amonia stench makes your eyes water (painfuly); but should that cause me to nuff on a post of a cute little chickie? 😆

  170. Ahahahahahahahahahaha… Long live pasickie!!!

    This is why I ❤ this site 🙂

  171. Humans of any age, in any type of clothing, do not qualify as cute, for any reason whatsoevah. Not fuzzy enough.

  172. Dear nuffers,

    I suppose you all started out life as kittens or puppies? I’ll bet you were cute as babies, as much as you probably hate the thought.

    Hmm…does the fact that nuffers hate human babies mean that they won’t be reproducing, and that Homo nuffus will cease to exist in one generation?

    Pasickie pasickie pasickie, I say.

  173. P.S. I can understand the feeling that some of us are subjected to pictures of coworkers’ babies, etc., too much, but that does not negate the fact that babies are cute, and this is not Animal Overload. If you don’t like it, move on to the closest animal posting – there’s bound to be one just above and just below this one.

  174. I think NTMTOM’s comments make up for the fact that it’s a human. 🙂 I really don’t think this site is headed toward being an Anne Geddes fansite. Now THOSE photos bug me…

  175. I love it when you shake the hornet’s nest once in a while, NTMTOM! Here you’ve put up a human baby picture in very, very clear jest (the whole post is just brimming with sarcasm and self-mockery)… and it still receives a slew of whiny visitors spouting vitriol. XD

    I absolutely fail to understand where such vehement hatred comes from… I myself am not the most fond of kids, but apparently nowhere near the level several of these people are! O_o

    Seriously, could y’all perhaps direct that intensity toward some issue that actually matters?

  176. Theo, do they consult you before they post something that’s gonna be commentroversial, seeing as you’re the gatekeeper an’ all? Do you get danger pay?
    [Let’s just say, not yet. – Ed.]

    This baby is cute. Animal costumes are cute. Lambs are cute.

    An babies are generally kinda cute. But I’m glad they’re used sparingly here. Too many babies spoil the broth, or something like that.

  177. Uhm, why is everyone that’s pro-animal anti-human? I like babies! I think they are cute! You know what I think isn’t cute? Monkeys. But do you see me making angry posts on every picture I don’t think is cute? Nay. You know what is also not cute? Thinking a member of your own species is “disgusting”.

    If the baby bugs you, go look at something else.

  178. *does not like babies, generally*

    *thinks this picture is hilarious and entirely cute*

    I can’t say I’d be thrilled if babies were every second posting here, but honestly, once in awhile I can enjoy a baby photo. Especially one with a look like that on its face. Too freaking funny.

  179. What a sweet baby! I love her little apple cheeks. And hey, I’m glad you didn’t put up another picture of the BUG-EYED MONSTROSITIES known as PUGS. Why, I hate those posts so much that I . . . scroll right past them and waste no time thinking of them. Darn it, I’ll never make a good troll.

    Seriously, people. 1. CO has never had a “no human babies” rule; 2. the scroll bar is only a mouse click away; and 3. your cute isn’t my cute and my cute isn’t your cute, and that’s okay.

  180. Daffer’s hooman : while i’m not one for human babies, there is a category for them here: it’s “primates”. humans are animals. deal with it

    Queen of Dork: thank you for the pic of vinnie! whip tail scorpions FTW! is it weird for me to find an arachnid sorta cut? 😛

  181. *cute…damn it. I need to go to bed

  182. Paws and Claws says:

    Wow, Emily, guess it didn’t occur to you that I was talking about people getting jobs… but animals have jobs too, ever seen a police car with a K-9 sticker? Search and rescue? … I didn’t say “because of overpopulation” animals shoudl get jobs, I was talking about stopping the breeding until all animals and orphan children have homes. If people would just cease with the breeding (of themselves and of animals..not endangered animals ofcoure) for a little bit it would be of great benefit to the planet.

  183. I’m with NTMTOM. Sitting here with my feet up and a little drinkie and watching all you nice folks throw things at each other over nothing at all is a hoot! The baby in the lamb skin is cute, and I think she’s the first in at least a couple hundred posts at CO, which doesn’t amount to an invasion in my book. But flame away! It’s fun to watch!

  184. choochoo –

    1) It’s cute to a majority.
    2) That’s your opinion not fact. You don’t get to decide what’s posted.
    3) No one is asking you to give birth to one. It’s ONE post. Relax.
    4) Nuffety nuff nuff nuf.

  185. I had my lamb baby for dinner, with a side of mint jelly, fava beans, and a nice chianti.

  186. Dorothy – Can I has a beer too? Anything but Bud Light. I can bring the chips.

  187. Blondie – Hahahaha awesome.

  188. BEEP! I too am an equal opportunity beeper.

  189. Soooo I was looking to buy this coat for my niece (yea right … like I’d ever give it up once I got it I’d start shopping for some shrink-serum) and I found this! Lambs IN coats!

    Also: If anyone is like me and wants to turn babes they know into lambsies! I found this one…

  190. nufffeeder says:

    I double lamb dare you guys to put this pic in the next calendar. And I have to say…I’m not a big fan of kids, but this one is pretty darn cute! No objections here! ::sits back with some popcorn::

    Are we using the pitchforks to feed the little lamb some hay?

  191. “Humans of any age, in any type of clothing, do not qualify as cute, for any reason whatsoevah. Not fuzzy enough.”

    Some humans are fuzzy. Take Robin Williams.

  192. nufffeeder says:

    I double lamb dare you guys to put this pic in the next calendar. And I have to say…I’m not a big fan of kids, but this one is pretty darn cute! No objections here (except to how big the health care reform ads at the top of the page are)! ::sits back with some popcorn::

    Are we using the pitchforks to feed the little lamb some hay?

  193. “Some humans are fuzzy. Take Robin Williams. ”
    No thanks, you can keep him. Even he’s not fuzzy enough to be cute. 😉

  194. 😆 My mom would CUDDLE that little “lamb” 😆

  195. “Reading all these posts just convinces me more & more that certain people should *NEVAR* procreate…SHEEESH!”

    That’s great because I don’t WANT to pro-create. I have made the choice to be childfree because I don’t care for children and I don’t want any.

    And yes, Eastie, I am aware of the fact that I was once a baby. Your point?

  196. Cute, yes.

    But the rat was cuter.

  197. Dear Anti-nuffers,

    You DO realize that your rebuttals to the nuffage just adds to the commentraversy, right? Right?…………. Right?

    What’s almost as annoying as the nuffage is the anti-nuff comments like, “It’s not your website! It’s Meg’s site and she can post anything she wants to!” or “If you don’t like it then just move on!” Sheesh! You’re just adding flame to the fire.

    Besides… I suspect that most of the so-called “anti baby” nuffers were just pullin your various legs.

  198. Paws and Claws says:

    Just thought of something funny…. to prove animals are cuter…. people dress up their human children to make them look cuter… we don’t dress the animals in human baby outfits to make them look cuter, we dress them as other animals to make them XXXX cute! :p

  199. p.s. NTMTOM, you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

  200. paranoiagirl says:

    “What’s almost as annoying as the nuffage is the anti-nuff comments like, “It’s not your website! It’s Meg’s site and she can post anything she wants to!” or “If you don’t like it then just move on!” Sheesh! You’re just adding flame to the fire.”

    Actually, those are merely statements of fact. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s tailio if a person loves or hates babies. I do, however, find it thoroughly annoying that people feel the need to try and dictate the content of this site to the clever people who run it and choose to share it with us.

    Just remember Thumper: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”

  201. Baby-cuteness only recently began appealing to me, but i think that’s mostly just because I hit 30 and my ovaries are playing tricks on me. This one is admittedly cute, and i like it’s little outfit. However, i much prefer bunnies and puppies and guinea pigs, thanks.


    A lambie-pie and a pa-sickie! Om nom nom!

    I want to nom the cheekies of the Lambie baby…

    Nuffers: STFU please. I’m busy nom-ing.

  203. nufffeeder: It would be brilliant to have this in the calendar.
    *passes cocktails to those watching the feeding frenzy, and gives NTMTOM a bowl of brownie mix to put his pot stirring talents to use.*

  204. @Lillith: Baaa-sickie


    Oh I love it when CO posts a baby every six months or so… just to see if the nuffers are still here, or if they really did move to Canada like they promised when they lost the election.

    Carry on, Pasickie-gate!

  205. P.S. I have a terrific idea for April Fools Day…. ed., can you guess what I’m thinking? Oh my, I think we would actually see heads explode that day.

  206. I’m generally one of the baby-haters – I think at least 99% of them are not cute even when they’re NOT screaming and stinking, and the opinion of our culture that because I am female I MUST want to get pregnant with one makes me want to scream. And I don’t think the baby itself is all that cute.

    But the little lamb outfit? is freaking adorable.

  207. NTMTOM, you are a caution.

  208. I don’t mind the lil baybeh! Babies are adorable…it’s all downhill when they start being all autonomous and talking stuff….and then I don’t want to deal with them until they’re adults…and maybe not even then…

  209. Meow, meow, meeeoow. says:

    Human babies are FAIL

  210. mmmm, stewed baby
    *licking lips*

  211. I’m just going to go ahead and say this. If you actually, seriously HATE babies? There is something wrong with you.

    If you don’t think they’re cute? Fine. If they annoy you in the supermarket? Fine. Think their natural, universal bodily functions are disgusting? You don’t want to have one and you resent society’s pressure on you? Fine. I’m not planning to have kids either. I’m not planning to spend a lot of time around kids. But I’m not going to hate on another human just because he or she hasn’t grown up yet. I think maybe a lot of you are conflating your frustration as child-free individuals with an actual hatred of small, innocent humans. At least I hope so.

    Everything poops, dude. Everything throws up and gets messy, and even tiny precious kittens cry loudly for their mothers. They may not get red and wrinkly and scrunched up like a human baby, but they are still the same bone-filled flesh-covered bags of water that we are. You don’t have to coo and make silly noises at a picture of a cute baby, but for you to stomp and get angry and declare that this cute baby upsets you is a SERIOUS BUZZKILL, and you need to quit.

    The fact that something about babies and their place in our culture really annoys you doesn’t make it cool to be so ugly and hateful. Babies are harmless. Babies are innocent. Babies do not deserve your hate. Babies are not going to make your eyes melt out of your face.

    Please, for the sake of my sanity and your own human decency, go pet a kitten and don’t hate the babies.

  212. how is it possible that people who sit around talking baby talk in cute overload comments all day are so offended by.. a baby? chill out.

  213. It’s not the intarwebz without humourless blowhards who don’t know how to scroll. Keep occasionally poking the crazy! LOL. I love commentroversies.

  214. “but they are still the same bone-filled flesh-covered bags of water that we are.”

    haha and I bet you eat meat and wear leather.
    hypocritcal mucchh???

  215. I don’t understand. Were you under the impression that I’m advocating for veganism, or is this just a random attempt to push your agenda?

    Either way, hell of an assumption to make.

  216. Whether babies are actually cute or not is not the point…
    This is a website about cute ANIMALS.
    this is the equivalent to Lolcats posting baby pictures!

  217. WOW FAIL
    I thought you would understand your own writing.
    You are implying that animals and humans are equal, and I am sure you eat meat and wear animal skin. This makes you a hypocrite. You know what that word means, right?

  218. Human babies generally annoy me. But this one is pretty cute and it is dressed up like an animal. As long as she (he?) isn’t speaking or whining or crying or drooling, I think it’s all just fine. Enough with the nuffers.

  219. Your attempt to patronize me is very silly.

    I was not implying that animals and humans are equal, no. I am saying that it is rather strange to act as if human babies and animal babies are so terribly different on a basic physical level–which, after all, is what chiefly determines whether something is “cute.” People who adore animals and scorn children because children have biological functions seem to forget that animals have them, too–that animals are born red and wet and crying, that they get sick, that they make messes, that they do all those things human babies do which people seem to find so unattractive. Cute animals don’t stop existing after they have their picture taken in a basket full of sunflowers.

    Beyond that, I’m not quite sure why you’re trying to bait and insult me so viciously. Neither is going to have any affect on me.

    “I am sure you eat meat and wear animal skin.”

    No, you’re not. But it doesn’t matter, anyway, because your opinion of me is as important as a gust of wind on the tail of a newborn lamb. Go in peace, my child.


  220. PA-SICKIE indeed!

    Freaking adorable. Looks like the baby knows she’s a lamb and tries to act like it. 🙂

    I think this picture is very appropriate for CO. I bet this is the way majority of peeps dress (or want to dress) their children… I know I do.

  221. @ Cindy: I really hope you’re being sarcastic…if not, please point out to me where on the web site it says it’s only about cute animals?

    @Summer: “Babies are not going to make your eyes melt out of your face.” Love it. 🙂

  222. I don’t think human babies are all that cute, but I don’t care that much if there’s an occasional picture of a baby (or other human) on CO.

    But, to Bridget and like-minders, why the chip on the shoulder? I have chosen not to have children, but I certainly don’t think people “expect” me to go gaga over babies. And should society condone the concept and word “child-free”? I don’t describe myself and my family group as “elderly-free” or “black-free”. And yes, I would – and should – take offense at anything that seems anti-child, as I would at anything that is anti-(insert any other life stage or condition here). The anger of people who so vigorously assert that their decision to be “child-free” should be applauded seems to be a self-indulgent, defensive anger, rather than the kind of righteous anger that we justly should feel to help ourselves and others when their human or civil rights are compromised.

    Anyway, other people going “gaga” over a baby on CO – or anywhere else – doesn’t affect anybody’s right to not have children or even to not go gaga over them.

  223. darkshines says:

    Its called Cute Overload, not Animal Overload. If the Powers That Be think we will find a baby in a lamby fleece cute, then they will post it. There are lots of blogs dedicated soley to animals, go there instead.

    I think this liddle puddum is gawgeous, and I am usually very much anti poop factory!

  224. darkshines says:

    P.S. “At Cute Overload, we scour the Web for only the finest in cute imagery. Imagery that is worth your Internet browsing time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in, People!” Straight from the About Us section.

  225. Speaking as someone who has a *ton* of embarrassing baby photos, I can only feel sympathy for this poor child. She will undoubtedly be subjected to this photo over and over and over again- usually in the presence of someone she’s trying to impress. I can see her now at her 50th birthday party, groaning yet again that “that damn lamb costume” will follow her to her grave.

    Super cute!

  226. Summer, I adore you, and I just thought you should know that. Rah, rah, rah.

  227. Also, I wish there was still the thumbs-up/thumbs-down buttons, because I would give this comment:

    “mathaeis 11.11.09 at 6:38 pm

    A hundred-billions thumbs-up. I laughed way too hard at that.

  228. For those of you who are looking for the jacket, I found one of many sites that have it. Ebay has one too! Here’s a link:

    As you can see they have many styles 🙂 This particular site is out of stock. Many of them are, but knowing the name you should be able to find the garment somewhere! 🙂

    PS: This making it into the Calendar would probably prompt me to BUY a calendar.

  229. I like Summer.
    And this baby is cute.

  230. please post nothing but babies until all the baby haters leave, so the rest of us can enjoy this site.

  231. Starlinguk says:

    Thanks for the preemptive PA-SICKIE, NOMTOM!

  232. Oh please Meg,

    No children on your site! Disgusting!!

  233. Rocky is back suckahs!!! says:

    The grundels really came out of the wordwork for this one. LAURA, I anoint you Queen Chode. You’re welcome.

  234. Dash – Yea, I hear pot and brownies go well together.

    For the next post, could we have a pic of NTMTOM’s mischief-plotting face?
    Please put on spotlight below him for extra maniacalness. I would suggest the “hand-rub-together” pose.

    Scratch that idea, get him to dress up as Lambaby.

  235. I find babies utterly repulsive, but the lamb costume makes this one just about tolerable.

    And it’s news to me that it has ever been “edgy or cool” to dislike children. Like most childfree-by-choice women I’ve had to put up with years of being told I’m selfish, unnatural, weird or generally sick because I don’t want to breed.

  236. @ Queen of Dork – what kind of bug is that? Amazing! And where is it from? I will admit that it is cool, but I wouldn’t want it to accidentally get into my sleeping bag while I was sleeping!!!

    As for the baby, I just glaze past it and look at the kitty staring at the 3 bird houses instead. That made me smile. Don’t nuff, just move on to the next picture!

  237. omg… makes me wonder about the state of society that if they can’t handle a human baby on the site here once in a while and can’t just let the image (or video in the case of the pasickie) pass without spouting such vitriol… then again, the nuffers are hopefully a small percentage of the population.

  238. You know what kind of humans actually are cute, OLD PEOPLE!!! I know I can’t be the only one out there but seriously, I would rather adopt an octogenarian than a baby any day! I wouldn’t mind some old-person action on C.O. Anyone with me?

  239. Kyuuuuuuute baby primate!!!

    The stink about it is so amusing, too… Particularly since, as surrogate mom and willing servant of two grown-up kittens and three former puppies, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to clean up drool-soaked toys, half eaten bird and/or hairball barf, pee and/or diarreah on carpets and floors, poop-encrusted fur, etc. There’s also the ocassional leg-humping, wild barking (and meowing), broken figurine (cats have a knack for re-decorating shelves, you know; and a happy Golden Retriever will wreak havoc with her tail) and destroyed favorite shoes…

    And I wouldn’t change it for a million bucks. You see, I love my fur-babies.

    ALL babies – human and non – drool, poop, pee, scream, destroy things and oftentimes make nuisances of themselves. Some continue to do so well into aduthood. The difference is, a few homo sapiens primates learn to type, and do it on the internet.

    Thank you, Meg and NTMTOM, for recognizing Teh Qte in all its wonderful manifestations!

  240. I don’t have kids and I don’t want kids… but c’mon peeps, this is one cute baby! 🙂

    @Angela: I thought you said you’d rather adopt an orangutan than a baby. I was with you until I realized it was really “octogenarian.” 😀


    At Cute Overload, we scour the Web for only the finest in cute imagery.

    Nowhere in there does it specify that human cuteness is excluded.

    The baby is adorable.

  242. Now a baby in a blender …. that might have been something to nuff about.


  243. TheOriginalHappyDais says:

    Dang, people get so worked up over the 2% of DNA we don’t share with monkeys. This is an adorable picture. I’m asking for this baby for Christmas! XD

  244. I got a “D’aw” from the baby, and a five minute squeel/laugh fest from the website lila_may_qt posted >.>

    And, yes, babies dressed as animals are adorable, as well as animals dressed as babies!

  245. hate

  246. Cute.

  247. Cute baby.

    Poor CO, how’s your flame singed butt?
    My mom always told me kids can be cruel.

  248. OMG, she is too precious. I love this site for the animals, also, but she is just too darling in her little lamb coat. Why be so harsh!

  249. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    a hooman baby!

    get a grip peoples. Its cute!

  250. Wow, I go to bed (usually to sleep, but more to wait in a dormant state so my kittehs can barf somehwere where I am sure to step in it upon waking) and there are over 200 commmments!!!
    Although I was interested in one comment that stated ‘everything poops’ which at my age, trust me, does not always happen 😀

    WHEN will there be euqal time for Ro-man????

    Great One: Earth Ro-Man, you violate the laws of plans. To think for yourself is to be like the hu-man.
    Ro-Man: Yes! To be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan?
    Great One: You are an extension of the Ro-Man, and a Ro-Man you will remain. Now, I set you into motion. One: destroy the girl. Two: destroy the family. Fail, and I will destroy you!


  251. Not cute. I’m not one to complain, but babies are gross. I’d rather see a “cute” spider over this crap. *shudder*.

  252. Well that is it. I won’t stand for this. I go out for one evening and return to find >200 comments AND all the good puns/witty comments have been used up. I am left to say “pasickie”. Hmmph! *goes to sit in corner and pout*

  253. I want a jacket like that!

  254. I’m still hungry. Think I’ll have the nuffers for dinner and a box of pa-sickie’s for dessert. Hold the fava beans this time. Bring more chianti.

  255. Wow. I think the occasional human here is fine. To the baby-haters: Don’t have one yourself – please, don’t have one – but the fact remains that babies are kind of essential to the continuation of the human race. So stop whining, or I’ll put you in a time-out.

  256. Lambaby is extremely cute. Pasikie forever!

  257. I don’t particularly care for hamsters or bunnies, but I come here anyway. Kind of like the weather–if you don’t like it, wait awhile and it’ll change (usually). Something will come along that you like. Skip the ones you don’t find appealing and qwitcherbellyachin’!

  258. One Skunk Todd says:

    @Jack, I’m with you. Maybe a whole month of babies. Fe-babe-ruary or something. 🙂

    [or just Baberuary! Nice ring to that, only it might make folks expect the Cute Overload Swimsuit Edition or something. 😐 – Ed.]

  259. SO CUTE! If all y’all haters can’t recognize adorable in all its forms then poo on you. And if you really can’t stand the sight of a nomable baby, then DON’T LOOK! simple as that.

  260. Starlinguk says:

    Dear Cuteoverload,

    Pleeze 2 b posting moah behbehs. Kthxbai.

  261. I agree that babies are incredibly boring. I’ll take a picture of a rat over a baby any day.

    [Others might say they’d take a picture of a brat over rabies any day. 😉 – Ed.]

  262. *inhales*

    Ok, guys, wait. I think I figured something out.

    *inhales some more. exhales a little*

    This is not a human baby. It’s a PICTURE of a human baby.

    Human babies (and, as some have noted, other types of babies) drool, scream, make messes, sick up, deprive people of sleep, hog the limelight (not necessarily on purpose), and sometimes impart a sense of smugness/entitlement to their grownups. Then, some of these human babies grow up into imperfect people, all of whom use up the world’s limited resources, and most of whom do bad things (although most of them also do good things). If you’re so inclined, any of these traits may be used to justify resenting human babies and/or their parents and/or the people you perceive as wanting you to make a human baby.

    But picutres of babies…. pictures of babies do none of these things. They just sit there looking cute. Kind of like how a real polar bear will eat you for breakfast, but a picture of a polar bear will make you go awwww.

    So chill out. Enjoy the picture. Or don’t. If you prefer, think about your all-encompassing resentment of babies/parents/baby-culture. And please, take a moment to share it with us here. It’s funny 😀

    *exhales deeply and stares at her hand for a while*

  263. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree…I do not come here to see babies. I come here to see cute ANIMALS.

  264. Darn, apparently my short-term memory is impaired by… something. I forgot to close my italics tag.

  265. [dangling a stuffed Mickey Mouse over the crib as Junior gurgles happily] – “Oh honey, come look, and bring the camera!”

    [absently glancing over shoulder while rolling a pie crust] – “Not right now, dear; I’ll take a picture of a rat over a baby any day.”

  266. A lot of socially dysfunctional people spend a lot of time on the internet, where they don’t have to actually interact with real people. It’s my theory that the baby-haters who feel so comfortable spewing on the internet are some of these socially dysfunctional people. I’ve noticed them on various boards. You just have to realize they never developed normally, and then give up on them. Chances are you won’t have to deal with them in real life — for all the online spouting, they’d rather die than have to look you in the eye and confront you about anything.

    This is not to say that if you don’t want children, you must be abnormal. That is not true at all. I’m referring to the people who are so outraged by the existence of other people’s children, and the fact that other people do recognize the humanity and value of said children. In fact, that other people care more about children than they do about emotionally stunted misfits.

  267. *ahem* I have a confession to make. That child is my love child with NTMTOM. Yes. It’s true. So all you nuffers can stick it sideways where the sun don’t shine. Let’s just hope she’s inheirited her father’s wit.

    Okay..kidding…not really my child, nor have I had any sort of relations with NTMTOM. Although I am seriously contemplating setting up a rival site to

  268. holy CROW! I just found another vid of Kai that keeeeeeels me! what a smart little boy!!

  269. Lamb chops in Nomvember? Unusual and delightful, indeed!

  270. Ugh…

  271. All you nuffers simmer down now. Cute is cute. When it really really really bothers you to the point of making you angry that there’s a picture of a human baby on CuteOverload maybe it’s time to reevaluate your life…just a thought. Just going out on a lamb here. HA!! Lamb instead of limb…get it? No? Ok fine. =( It was a baaa-d joke.

  272. shadowexistence says:

    Oh, Nomtom, you silly man — really? A peoplepuppy picture? Do you poke wasp’s nests with sticks, too?

  273. Oh my GOD kai is so cute. What amazing parents, too. I hope I can be as patient as them someday!

  274. On the other side of the computer sits some one spewing baby hate as they type while hoding a baby going aww goochie goo isn’t you a cutie pie . 😉

  275. It’s all bald and gross.

  276. Meriweather says:

    Thanks for the Persecution Complexes On Display, NTMTOM!

    I love all the people who you’ve tied to chairs and FORCED I SAY FORCED to look at EW A HUMAN. (Bonus points because these are the same people who would be jumping down other poster’s throats because they don’t find other animal species cute. ‘Ew, a snake? I don’t like those.’)

    The baby/kitten ratio is slowly approaching .01%! BABIES ARE TAKING OVER THE EVERYTHING! OH GOD. BREATHING BABIES.

  277. NTMTOM, you rock! Some of the comments are disturbing though, kind of scary, makes me afraid for little children with all the child haters and their comments. Peace people. And I’ve got to say it “can’t we all just get along?” 🙂

  278. WHEEEEEEEE! There must be one heck of a commentroversy going on, based on the number of comments.

  279. All of the people bashing this picture are probably the same ones that dress up their dog and push them around in a stroller…… yuck..

    get a life people. Think of it this way. Be glad your parents didn’t hate babies as much as you do, because you wouldn’t be here if they did.

    That is all.

  280. screw the haters. she’s adorable!!!

  281. The same people who nuff about human babies not being cute are probably the types who scream “Stop the seal hunt!” and then dig into an un-ethically farmed, raised and butchered steak from the grocery store. (What do I call those? Why, yes, a hypocrite)

    Babies are occasionally cute, though I myself have no desire for children and don’t coo over human babies in general. This one is adorable in the lamb outfit. Sure, I’d rather see more bunny or puppy pics, but the world won’t end because CO put up one picture of a human child.

    Get off your soapboxes, nuffers, and go to for a day if this pisses you off so much. Sigh sigh.

  282. I want one!!!

  283. Ummm…when exactly did being childless start being called childfree? That’s a bloody stupid title for it. As is the utter irrational reaction to even a hint of anyone under the age of 20 being presented to those who refer to their lifestyle as childfree. Not to mention their superior attitude and total dissing of a woman who does bear and rear a kid or two. I’ve seen the websites and the comments. Disgusting and blatently incorrect generalizations that are nothing more than childish attempts to rationalize one’s choice.

    I and my husband are childless. We made the choice to not have children simply because we freely acknowledge the fact that we are too selfish to make the major life changes and the HEAVY responsibility to carry, birth and raise a child. We like kids. Other people’s kids. We think they’re cute and funny, especially when they are just discovering some brand new aspect of the world around them. Neither of us freak out when presented with an image of or the actual presence of a child. Because we are rational, logical human adults who realize that such is not a demand or an order to conceive, bear and raise a child.

    And a picture of a child of any age is NOT a demand that those of us who do not have children by our own choice go have a few. It’s just a damn picture. Of a toddler in a lamb jacket. Deal with it like the grown ups you claim to be instead of reacting like a kid presented with brussel sprouts, liver and onions on their dinner plate.

  284. Blah-blah-blah. No babies on the cute.

  285. ” And a picture of a child of any age is NOT a demand that those of us who do not have children by our own choice go have a few. It’s just a damn picture. Of a toddler in a lamb jacket. Deal with it like the grown ups you claim to be instead of reacting like a kid presented with brussel sprouts, liver and onions on their dinner plate.”

    Amen, @Vampy!

    p.s. Dont ever change, C.O.!

  286. so freaking cute!! I wish all hybrids were this adorable!!

  287. Is the puppy model of this hybrid ready yet? If not may I will settle for the tiger model!

  288. KatieZientek says:

    I think the anti-nuffers are more entertaining than the actual nuffers, in this case.

    Nuffer example: “Ugh, a baby”

    Anti-nuffer example: “OMFGBBQWTFBRB you child-hating devil!!! Leave this site forever if you can’t look at babies!! Just go back into whatever hole you crawled out of and leave us alone!! [huff puff] …”

    Me: “Harr harr hardy harr”

  289. Padfoot_Lives says:

    That be one very cute rugrat.

    I’m not surprised at the “not cute” comments but I am a little shocked at the nasty, hateful, and vile tone in which they have been expressed.

    You people need professional help. I’m not kidding. Anyone who harbors that much animosity toward a fellow human being is more than a little scary.

  290. For people who want spiders and rats, there’s always

    I don’t think they ever have babies, either! Doubleplusgood!

  291. first comes the photo of the kid and then comes the video of another kid. what’s next?


  292. Vampy, “childfree” is just a shorter way of saying “childless-by-choice forever”. Since “childless” can also mean “doesn’t have kids yet” (or even “wanted kids but can’t have them and isn’t adopting”), many of us who don’t want to have kids wanted a new term. It’s not stupid; it’s convenient. No one’s demanding you use it.

    And yeah, a lot of the childfree folk you meet on the internet are deeply irritating. So are a lot of the people with kids, the people who really want kids, and the people who will probably just have kids because ‘that’s what people do.’ The internet brings out the crazy d-bag in a lot of people. Witness, for example, how equally obnoxious and self-righteous many of the anti-childfree replies have become.

    As a childfree woman, I understand the irritation at having babies get all up in everything, especially if you’ve just had your friends or relatives treat you to another dose of “Oh, surely you’ll change your mind and want babies!” As a sensible woman, I also understand that this website wasn’t billed as a No Baby Zone and the childfree frothing upthread is irrational, obnoxious, and entirely uncalled for, especially when there’s that nice little scroll bar right on the side of the page. But that alone doesn’t excuse the implications by multiple commenters that people who dislike children are fundamentally broken, or even a danger to kids. Bad behavior on all sides, y’all.

  293. Well, it’s official, I’m FULL of popcorn. Here, take it away. urgh

  294. I am one who generally doesn’t like to see baby pictures at CO (they remind me of my personal pain of being barren, something no animal photo will ever do). However, I’m making a concession for this one, because it’s a vehicle for jokes about human-animal hybrids, which I find to be an amusingly misunderstood and controversial subject.

    Moreover, it calls for rakes and torches. My husband and I were just talking the other day about what we would do in the case of a peasant uprising, we have neither a rake nor a torch, nor a pitchfork! We decided that within the year we would procure a pitchfork and torch and set them in the basement for future contingencies. People, check your basements and utility closets- WHERE are your pitchforks and torches?! Don’t be caught without one! When a mob passes your house chanting “burn the (outrage of choice)!”, you want to be part of the mob, not the victim!

  295. Zanna, torches are easily managed, but pitchforks are tougher. (There’s a farm not too far away, but I expect there’ll be a run on their pitchforks when the mob forms, and that’s not a scene I want to be a part of.) Am I allowed to substitute a shovel?

  296. A lot of you people are bitter and weird.

  297. Daww! Tis a mammal nammamal behbeh in sheeps underthings.

    Dorable’ You nuffnuffs can sit on it and spin till your nuffs are content.

  298. Lilitu, I think anything implement like with a long handle will probably do, especially if you’re also carrying something that’s on fire. The point is that you want to look like a member of the mob, not the target!

  299. hey… people are people too… don’t discriminate!

  300. Lilitu- Well said. Though I don’t label myself as childfree (mostly due to the obnoxious internet folk who give that label a horrible name), I have no desire for children and get annoyed when people give me the patronising “Oh, you willllll” line. But there’s no reason to hate on babies- how would any of these nuffers feel if someone went “OMG GROSS GTFO” to their baby pictures? How do they know the parents aren’t reading this thread right now, seeing them imply that their child is disgusting?

    Anyway, in conclusion, people need to grow up. Childfree, childless and parents INCLUDED equally. Come on guys. It’s not worth the animosity.

  301. Lilitu;

    Gee, and here I was assuming that simply calling myself childless was enough. Considering that no one has ever questioned my ‘status’ or tried to convince me to be otherwise. Nor have I ever been irritated by babies getting all up in my everything.

    I’m lucky I suppose. Or logical. Or simply generally grasping the concept that in order for the species to perpetuate, someone has to pop out a few and raise them up.

    I still think the title ‘childfree’ is stupid and irritating, plain and simple. It’s somehow, insulting. And yes, some who fall under the irritating umbrella of ‘childfree’ ARE broken…but not because they chose not to procreate. They were broken long before they made that decision. All you have to do is take a look at what they spout and how they spout it. They are broken somewhere inside and are using ‘childfree’ as their general soapbox. If they didn’t use ‘childfree’, they’d use something else to lash out about. You find these types in every kind of social movement. THEY are the ones who give people like myself a bad name.

    I like kids. I’m not having any. I find kids cute and I find this picture cute. I don’t equate it with a demand to fill my womb nor a fundamental change in the content of one single website.

  302. I agree that “childfree” is a dumb coinage. I feel the same way about pet owners who style themselves “pet parents.” It’s your right to call yourself that, and it’s my right to laugh and laugh.

    Not sure where these women are encountering this oppressive, crushing you-must-have-children-for-you-are-a-woman sentiment. I’ve never experienced it. Okay, your mother may pressure you to have children, because that’s almost a biological imperative… but who else cares?

  303. ugh I can’t believe you are FORCING me to look at this baby! Babies are worse than Hitler.

  304. I agree with the person who said to keep posting up human baby photos and videos. Get rid of all the baby-haters so the rest of us can enjoy the website 😀

  305. normal: not being a baby person. not loving pictures of babies. not wanting to have, hold, make a face at or particularly acknowledge random general babies.

    not normal: HATING babies.

  306. Throws more popcorn at Theo… and shoots a soda straw!

  307. Can’t we just categorize this as Product Cuteness and call it a day? The product this baby is wearing is undeniably cute, so the post is totally justified, methinks.

  308. HAHA.. people get soooo fussy over the stupidest things.. WHO CARES if someone doesn’t like to look at a strangers baby pictures! WHO CARES what people choose to call themselves? Why get worked up over it?? What kind of a person bashes someone for not wanting to look at a picture and then calls that person a “baby-hater”.. Geezzz Get a grip… It’s only a picture and it’s only a comment! Not the end of the world!!! Can’t we all just agree to disagree???

  309. Vampy,

    May I refer you back to the part where I said that no one is demanding you use the term “childfree”? If “childless” cuts it for you, then that’s great. Some of us wanted a new term to help get the point across when we’re being pressured about when we’re going to have kids. It’s not an insult, just a convenient label. We use it. You don’t have to. Okay? Okay.

    And thank you for rephrasing the rest of my post because, hi, I’m not contradicting you on any of the rest of that.

    Friends, relatives, coworkers, and random strangers when the conversation has turned to their kids and do-I-have-any-well-you-just-have-to-meet-the-right-guy-and-you’ll-want-babies-you’re-too-young-to-know-your-own-mind. (Not that I got that one yesterday or anything. Argh.)

    Burning cricket bats for everyone! Pitchforks are out! Down with the hidebound mob traditionalists! Improvised weapons are the New (Dis)Order!

  310. There’s definitely pictures that get posted on CO that don’t fit within my personal definishe of “teh qte”, like bugs and some dogs, and I’m gonna admit, I’m not as into Scottish Folds as most other people seem to be. But I also don’t go out of my way to comment, nay-say, whine and complain in the comments when there’s a picture that I don’t personally find cute! I scroll past it to find pictures of kitties, puppies, lambies, llamas, fishes, lizards, turtles, and assorted other creatures.

    Grow up, people! Just ignore it and move on, like us grown-ups do.

  311. NTMTOM, you are just loving this, aren’t you!

  312. Lambaby looks torn between concern and amusement at the commentroversy she has spawned.

  313. [picking soda-straw paper out of collar]

    All right. Which one of you did this? [eyebrow hoist]

  314. Andi from NC says:

    Wow, only a day away from CO and it appears the sky is falling – and over a baby? Anyway, I think she’s cute. I don’t have kids and don’t plan to, I don’t have any hammies, kittehs, foals, etc., but still appreciate their cuteness.

    Peace and love, people

  315. Another Jenn,
    I think the baby has a very appropriate level of “WTF?!” on her face.

    You know, I think we may have missed the real controversy here, people. Allow me:

    How dare you dress up that baby as an animal! Don’t you realize that leads to species confusion? How is she supposed to learn to walk on 2 legs and talk like a human when you’re forcing her to pretend to be a lamb? CHILD ABUSE!!

  316. I’ll take some popcorn over here ******* thanks

    By the way, that dude in the video – Kai’s daddy – totally sounds like Mr. Rogers!

  317. (Throws out distraction )

    In case any of you missed it two new posts….. a adorable hooch dog and alpacas…. Baby alpacas, one wearing a scarf.

  318. Marianne from GA says:

    Um, hello, Theo? Might you want to close comments on this one? Aren’t we done yet? You did say, earlier, that you’d had enough popcorn. I really think the movie is over now and we can go home…or go look at miserable & cute jowly dogs in bathtubs while we wait for next week’s commentroversy.

    [No, I was just full. Of popcorn. Who knew it was even possible? – Ed.]

  319. @lilitu…couldn’t agree with you more! Give ’em something to really nuff about! Reckless child endangerment!

  320. Want to blow raspberries on this baby’s tummy. What a little cutie.
    Now, back to the goggies and kittehs please. 🙂

  321. HEheheh Hoists Diet Coke Meeee!.Hands RooAnne a bowl of Kettle corn….. Did you see the baby on the chair movie too Roo?

  322. KittyAdventures – Correction: Leg warmer!!!

  323. I think someday, when those who come after us are pondering the downfall of our society, they’ll be able to pinpoint the beginning of the end at the exact point that someone said, “Hey, why don’t we let people COMMENT on things??”

  324. Katiedid…. SHhhh don’t tell anyone! 😉

  325. I don’t understand why the nuffers rationalize their hatred with the fact that they feel pressured by so many people in their lives telling them to have babies, so therefore they hate babies. That’s a pretty ridiculous excuse for hatred of babies in general. Why take it out on them?

    You’ve clearly chosen to ignore their unwarranted and annoying pleas for procreation. So it can’t mean that much to you…it’s not like it affected your decision. Brush it off and hate one less thing in life. It will probably make you happier. =)

  326. Yeah KittyAdventures, I saw that one. I think it was “PaaaSickle Part I”

  327. Both of those babies are adorable and timeless in their innocence and charm.

    NOMTOM, you are gentleman and a procurer.

    Nothing can dim my love of CO. If I don’t like a thread, I don’t comment on it. That’s right, I skip past it. Isn’t that just an amazing strategy? Feel free to adopt it.

    Pasickie forever!

  328. “The same people who nuff about human babies not being cute are probably the types who scream “Stop the seal hunt!” and then dig into an un-ethically farmed, raised and butchered steak from the grocery store.”

    Because not thinking children are cute is totally the same as wanting to kill and eat them. Seriously, how is that a valid analogy?

  329. Yea about that... says:

    To all the nuffers:
    In the great words of Cheri Oteri:

  330. LOL a baby furry

  331. melissadesa; i think you are the one who should consider relaxing with all of that post for my simple comment. but if you like breaking things down;

    -i never claimed it was a fact. even though yes, it is.
    -one post is too many,

  332. Ugh…no babies. Not cute, not cute at all.

    Also, I agree that saying you “hate” babies is extreme, but I think the reason people who don’t like/don’t want kids cross over that line and say they “hate” kids is probably because we start out by just saying something like, “I don’t really want kids of my own.” Then everyone around you says stuff like, “Oh, you are just too young, you’ll change your mind when you get older.” or “You’ll be so sorry when you are old and their is nobody to take care of you.” Always with the same condescending tone and facial expression, of course.
    Spend a couple of decades listening to that crap and being surrounded by people’s screaming brats that behave like drunken monkeys in public while their parents either ignore the behavior or smile and say, “Oh, aren’t they cute at that age?” and all of a sudden you just get fed up with the whole thing and become quite allergic to the sight of yet another rugrat being paraded in front of you with the expectation that you’ll fall all over yourself over how adorable it is. Yuck.

  333. What baby controversy! And NTMTOM knew it was coming. I am no baby fan, but this is really cute. Seriously!

  334. Cyanne, when I hear stories like yours, my reaction is–you need to surround yourself with different people. I don’t know why but none of my friends or family are that rude to me about not having any kids. Perhaps I just live in an unusual “mind our own business” zone.

  335. I bet that kid has a huge load in its pants.

  336. summerfuzzehpants says:

    Angela – I agree, old people are adorable. And I hope that does not sound patronizing or infantilizing since, after all, they have lived longer than me and whatnot. But seriously. I had the grumpiest, meanest choir director who just passed away after several decades of making his students’ life hell if they didn’t meet his expectations. His memorial was full of people lovingly remembering how sweet and adorable he was, and not just in the “it’s a funeral so we can only say nice things” way, but in a “he made me cry a few times but I loved him” way.

    Okay, tangent. I don’t know where that came from.

  337. Lambaby, I’m really happy for you and all, but Pa-Sickie is the CUTEST BABY THING OF ALL TIME!

  338. This baby looks pretty chill. I like him/her.
    I think that saying you love babies or hate babies, as if they were all the same, is pretty dumb.

  339. Tres cute.

    Bring on more babies….cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies,cat babies, dog babies, bunny babies, human babies

  340. WTF?
    Comments are still open on this???
    people who run this are dumb.

    And this website is full of hate and anger.
    Every time I look at comments, all it is is people being horrible to each other.
    that’s why I rarely look. And every time, I promise myself I won’t look again, but I seem to forget.
    I thought a site with the name of “Cute Overload” would be more of a fun and loving place to be. Apparently not?
    It almost seems like the posters on this site enjoy stirring people up… I think it is pretty obvious that putting a photo of a human baby is going to get people panties in a bunch ESPECIALLY after looking at the comments left on the video that was linked…. and the fact that comments are not turned off yet here shows they are enjoying it. I don’t think this is very nice, and I think it is a good way to lose readers which, at this point, kind of seems like it’s what you want, CO.

    previous commenters are right. There ARE a lot of websites dedicated to cute that we can all move on to. Considering what competition you have I would probably start being a little more careful. And I would be working harder to try and make my website a happy place. Not a war zone, especially since it seems to be the only one of its type that is so full of hate and anger. you don’t see comment boards like this on any of the other sites!

    Just a thought.

    [Oh, this is a giggle. 😆 – Ed.]

  341. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Cyanne.

  342. Amby. Overeact much?

    There ARE a lot of websites dedicated to cute that we can all move on to. Considering what competition you have I would probably start being a little more careful.

    The site gets over half a million visitors a month. Give or take the odd flounce. I suspect it will do fine. And whatever it wants.

    And I would be working harder to try and make my website a happy place. Not a war zone, especially since it seems to be the only one of its type that is so full of hate and anger. you don’t see comment boards like this on any of the other sites!

    You don’t look at that many sites online, do you.

    And Dobermama, I agree with you about socially disfunctional people online. Somewhat ironic that the ones stomping their feet, sulking and behaving like children are so anti-children.

  343. Wow.

  344. EWWW baby

  345. Babies! The other white meat! Get in mah belleh drunken monkey!!


    Anyway, 346? Yes, time to end this commenting section peeps.

  346. oh – and I do think this baby bears a striking resemblance to susan doyle!

  347. Eeeee! Adorable! I don’t understand how people who like cute pups and kittens don’t like cute babies, but whatever.

    I guess I can try to compare this whole thing to webcomics. If I’m reading a webcomic I really like and one day it’s not very funny I’m not going to go “GRRRR, YOU GUYS BETTER START BEING FUNNY OR TAKE THIS DOWN” because I know they will continue to be funny and if they aren’t, I’ll stop reading. Sure, the pictures on Cute Overload may not ALWAYS be cute to each person, but surely later on there will be cute pictures and if not… stop checking the site.

  348. pugletsrule says:

    @Amby – “people who run this are dumb”?? Just how long have you been enjoying this awesome site? Well I’m one of those lucky ones who have gotten so much joy and laughter from those “people” for the last several years. Why don’t you really check out a site and what it’s really all about before posting such comments. Teho – you show such restraint 🙂

    [Sometimes it’s nice just to let the fish keep swimming ’round that barrel. They’re kind of soothing to watch. – Ed.]

  349. Last time I looked this blog belonged to Meg. Also, Theo and Nomtom. And they can put anything they want on it. Don’t like it? Bye-bye, don’t let the door hit you. Bet you’ll miss us more than we miss you. I agree that not all babies are cute. But that one, imho, is. And my own personal grandbabies, to me at least. But you don’t have to love them. Just be polite, thanks in advance.

  350. Not a fan of baby humans.

  351. One of the cutest pictures I ever saw was on I Can Has Cheezburger around Halloween last year: A baby was dressed in a tiny red devil’s costume, complete with little black horns, and was crawling happily toward a cat lying on the floor: kitteh was looking at the camera with a long-suffering look. The picture was captioned: “Oooooh noes; I’ze in hell”. Let’s face it and reluctantly admit it: both babbehs and aminules are Teh Qute!!!!!!

  352. eastiegirl says:

    Bridget 11.11.09 at 9:53 pm
    “Reading all these posts just convinces me more & more that certain people should *NEVAR* procreate…SHEEESH!”

    That’s great because I don’t WANT to pro-create. I have made the choice to be childfree because I don’t care for children and I don’t want any.

    And yes, Eastie, I am aware of the fact that I was once a baby. Your point?

    Maybe the person you quoted was stating that your parents shouldn’t have pro-created?

    And my point is: How can you hate something you once were? I have lots of friends who don’t want kids. Heck, I don’t know if I want kids, but I’m certainly not going to go around saying they’re gross and not cute and that I hate them. But, hey, that’s just me. To each their own.

  353. @ClaireZ It’s not even just friends or family, I get that kind of stuff from all sorts of random people:
    “You’ll change your mind when you are older, one day you’ll look at one and just want it so bad you’ll have to have one of your own.”
    “But, my kids are the most important thing that’s ever happened to me, why wouldn’t you want that?”
    Believe it or not, I have had multiple people tell me (after I told them I don’t want kids because I don’t like kids) that I should just have them anyway because, if I did, I would love them because they were mine. Am I the only person who thinks it’s a bad idea to pop out a kid, knowing you don’t like kids, and just hope that some miracle of biology will make you love it?
    I’ve also gotten the attitude from Doctors, since I started asking about getting my tubes tied when I was about 21. I’m 32 now and the answer I’ve gotten from every Dr is that they won’t do it because I am too young and/or I have not had kids yet and I’ve often gotten the “You’ll change your mind when you are older” speech accompanied by the patented knowing smirk.

  354. Cyanne can I ask where you live, generally?

  355. …. sounds like there’s some nuffers out there about to blow this pasickie stand ……

  356. Dear Amby, jam a sock in it.

  357. I’d rather have a cute animal, but maybe I wouldn’t mind this so much if that baby was actually, you know, cute.

    And about the whole ‘you were once a baby, too’ schtick, I don’t give a damn. I would have disliked myself too had I been forced to deal with baby me.

  358. eastiegirl says:

    Okay then.

  359. The thought occurs to me that if the people who think they are “anti-nuffers” would practice what they preach (just scroll on past the posts they don’t like) these things wouldn’t go on and on.

  360. martha in mobile says:

    Well, Cyanne, unfortunately all those knowing smirks come along because lots of people DO change their minds. You won’t, of course, but other child-haters who came before you, caved, procreated and then loved their children have made your child-free path harder. Hate the cavers! (And yes, that would be me…).

    I love how parents feel the need to dress their children as little animals. What is this deep-seated need? Is it to deny we have actually made this life-altering decision and pretend that we got a pet, instead?

  361. @Birdcage, LOL “blow this pasikie stand”!

  362. ana banana says:

    I can’t believe the human haters! Is this a joke??…The webpage is cuteoverload, everything cute should be here, like pandas, kitties, carrots hugging and babies in animal costumes…jeeezzz

  363. janet2buns says:

    Behbehs are cute, no matter if they’re human or otherwise. And holy smoke, little Kai is REALLY smart!!

  364. Ok, who pooped in y’all’s shoes this morning? It’s an adorable baby dressed up like an animal. If you don’t like babies or are OMG OFFENDED by its presence here…
    Look. Right over there. —————–>
    It’s a scroll bar. Scroll on past it and get on with yer dang lives. Not like they changed the site to Taxidermy Overload or Road Kill Overload. Chill, peeps.

  365. @ Amanda 325: I think someday, when those who come after us are pondering the downfall of our society, they’ll be able to pinpoint the beginning of the end at the exact point that someone said, “Hey, why don’t we let people COMMENT on things??”

    This is one of the most genius things I’ve ever read on the interwebbies. Seriously.

  366. pugletsrule says:

    “Taxidermy Overload” Hahahahahaha!

    @gravyboat: quite succint – I like it. 🙂

  367. Only a sad sad person. Turns a picture of a cute baby into a “to have kids or not” argument. If you don’t like the picture move on, don’t inundate us with your personal choices. No one really cares if you want to procreate or not.

  368. Carrots hugging? Wha?

  369. Tastes like chicken says:

    I must complain. I come here for Cute not liver and sprouts (no 284 & 286). My life is liver and sprout free and I do not come here to have them shoved down my throat. This site should be banned and I am never coming here again.
    Yours disgustedly etc etc

  370. @Cyanne, I have the perfect response to all child-related badgering. I look the individual straight in the eye and say “Oh, I decided not to have kids after finding out about the hereditary insanity in the family”.

  371. THE CUTE!! This is very dear. Go Meg!

  372. stirrin’ the pot

    stiiiirrrrrin’ the pot


  373. 374 comments! God, how I love it when CO posts a photo of a larval human. It’s endlessly entertaining to watch the crazies come out of the woodwork and reveal their personal neuroses for my amusement.

    I realize you guys can’t do this all the time, but it’s awesome when you do.

    Now I’m gonna go get me a pa-sickie…

  374. This sucks.

  375. holy angry comment overload!!

    I think it’s an adorable picture….give the kid credit, it’s trying to be a baby animal anyhow! Those cheeks, and the tail and the ears….freakin cute.

  376. @ Cyanne: I feel your pain. I’ve been feeling it for most of my adult life. And I’m sick half to death of people I hardly know thinking they have a God-given right to inflict their ill-behaved broods on us.

  377. Think about all of your favorite TV shows that added the obligatory baby, and then promptly jumped the shark. Please don’t let this happen to Cute Overload.

  378. Since when were pictures of babies dressed as cute animals so awful? This little one is adorable! And the comments were just hilarious to read. All that over a photo…thank you for the laughs NTMTOM!

    @Queen of Dork – awesome bug!

  379. Aww. This thread simultaneously entertained me and reminded me why I don’t read comments anymore. (I just dropped in for the dose of reminder. Good times.) I’m really having trouble resisting the temptation to condescend to the Childfree-ers, though. It would be so…EASY.

  380. to MM, i once saw a post here, if a remember well, with a picture similar to this one

  381. Paws and Claws says:

    Yes, that’s right, close minded breeder’s, anyone who doesn’t just FREAK OUT over a baby and want to breed themselves like a broodmare have a “personal neuroses”. Or we automatically “hate” children, yes some do, but some just are stating the fact that we’d rather see a cute animal than a baby. You guys make just a big stink over them saying that as they make on going a little overboard with the distaste for babies. …. Did you ever think that maybe they have to put up with the majority of the world and their friends having baby batter on the brain all the time. Maybe this is a place they can go and look at cute little animals without being bombarded with something that causes them much discontent and irratation in their lives? I’m not one saying they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” put up pictures of babies or humans, but maybe it’s just a reminder of a thorn in their side and react in a way that is different?

  382. i don’t get why so many child haters here (as someone said above i should just keep not reading the comments).

    but CUTE BABY i couldn’t resist, i don’t want to have one myself but i don’t hate them either, it’s just weird that people it’s said to love animals but can’t love they own kind…bleh nevermind. Just have to remember myself to not read any comments here anymore 😛

  383. Paws and Claws says:

    Maybe they look at that picture and are reminded of the cool friend they used to have that actually had goals, dreams, and interesting conversation, that is now a boring shadow of her once great self.

    Maybe they look at that picture and see the money sucking, selfish, nutjob octomom.

    Maybe they look at that picture and see the brat that disrupted their dinner, their flight, their friendships, their lives.

  384. georgia peach says:

    So cute! nice to see a varied selection of the cuteness, all creatures are beautiful!

  385. ok, can we all stop being so butthurt now? as they say on 30 rock: shut it down!

  386. @ Paws and Claws: I think you’re overstating the objections of some of the posters here; certainly my objections. I don’t particularly care about babies or pictures of babies one way or the other, and therefore certainly don’t think the obligatory reaction should be to “FREAK OUT” over them. Also, I suspect the reason people think certain posters in this thread hate babies is that they’ve flat out SAID they hate babies.

    And I certainly never said the crazy was confined to only one side of this thread. All I said was I love it when CO posts the occasional baby pic, because everyone gets out the boxing gloves and I reach for the popcorn.

  387. Great. Now I want popcorn.

  388. I think it’s a cute picture, and after all, it’s not like it’s a subscription-only website…no one has some inalienable right to demand what they want to see more or less of here. But I also have many friends who hate kids (it’s not a sin or unnatural) but love animals all the more. So I could understand people feeling like they just went to Daily Puppy and got a Daily Angry Wet Cat photo instead.
    I don’t see why both sides are getting all angry at each other (anonymous strangers whose views don’t affect your life at all)? It’s just one photo of a lamb baby…?

  389. ~sings~ humans are animals tooooo

  390. Paws and Claws, this is a baby. in a lamb coat. Not the death of the modern woman, the symbol of unfulfilled potential, an oppressive and intrusive burden, etc. It’s a baby. In a lamb coat. If you’re projecting your personal negative baby experiences onto this particular picture of a baby (wearing a lamb coat), I think you’re taking the Internets too seriously.

  391. QAAAAAAAAAAA says:

    haha I think it is so funny how people get so upset about babies
    but I think it is even funnier how upset people are getting about people getting upset about babies. bahahahaha!
    You all must have a small world if stuff this trivial upsets yoouuu. teehhee. I wish I had such concerns!

  392. QAAAAAAAAAAA says:

    My cat stepped on my keyboard and typed my name for me, btw.
    THAT’S cute at least, right? ^_^ squee!

  393. @Kim: I want someone to start Daily Angry Wet Cat.

  394. Cute baby. Cute coat. Awesome nuffing.
    Really, though, how old are some people who are posting here? Younger than 10 years old, surely. “I hate babies,” they say. What exactly is it that you hate? The sweet little chubby cheeks?
    We need a psychologist here, to figure out this irrational hate of cute babies.

  395. Seriously what the hell. I hope this won’t inspire people to post their supposedly cute offsprings.

  396. Once upon a time there was a man an a woman, and the hated children. Oh yeah they hated them so, but they love sex. Oh yeah they love sex so. And sex produced….children. That was when child abuse began.. the end.

  397. Just doing my part to get to 400 comments.

    No need to thank me.

  398. Someone said it, but I have to agree:


  399. I am 400! Whoo Hoo! Seriously, what is with all of the hating? Truly frightening. That little lamby is so adorable. I almost wish she could be in a picture with her Alpaca cousin above!

    NMTOM, my hat is off to you sir. Your wit and outrageous social experiments of posting adorable babies on the site makes you a “Real Man of Genius” as the radio ad goes…

  400. Wha!!!I thought I was 400!!! My claim to fame — Gone! (Goes home to pout.)

  401. ““I hate babies,” they say. What exactly is it that you hate? The sweet little chubby cheeks?”

    Since you asked…
    -the shrieking
    -the crying
    -the pooping
    -the spitting up
    -the lack of sleep
    -the lack of free time
    -the lack of disposable income
    -the fact that they will go through a period where they completely resent you
    -the yelling
    -the tantrums
    -the slobbering
    -the booger eating
    -the runny noses
    -the whining

    …and I could go on. Some people can look at that photo and see the cute baby in the rockin’ coat. A lot of people look at that baby as the embodiment of that list. I think the coat would be more adorable on a baby panda.

  402. This photo DOES NOT belong here.
    I would have much rather seen a cute puppy in that lamb outfit than a baby! Is this what this site has come to? Ugh.

  403. resriechan says:

    @ MadameX:

    Thank you, ma’am!.

  404. Hmmmm…. I wonder what would happen if you tried to shave him…

  405. Oh, but that’s all part of the JOY OF RAISING CHILDREN, gravyboat!

    I subscribe to Dog Fancy, and there is a gallery where you can submit photos of your dog. Of course, some people just have to submit a photo of their dog with their kid. I’ve also seen photos of pets available for adoption on Petfinder, and a child is in the photo with the pet. My sister has sent pictures of the Halloween decorations her son made to her co-workers, even those without children, and she has also brought a video of his awards ceremony to work to show everyone. My co-worker often brings her kids to work. They interrupt meetings, run screaming around the office, and disrupt people from their jobs, but no one else seems to mind.

    People, I don’t HATE this baby or any baby, really. What I don’t like is parents who must constantly have the focus on their child, and now it looks like CO is starting to cater to that. Many of us visit this site to escape from attention-loving parents and to see cute animals. It’s annoying to see a baby, however adorable you think it might be, when I pull up this website.

  406. Meowcarrot says:

    Yikes! Cute Overload, you should totally post more baby pictures. Send these angry people away to the Daily Kitty/Puppy/etc! She’s a little lump of cute and I approve!

    Also: have you considered posting a baby picture and then disabling the comments? Not to stop commentroversies, but rather just to annoy all the crazy people who can’t freak out in the comments?

    Come oooon. It’d be fuuu-uuun~~

  407. I wonder how we have made it to 10,000 years on this planet (or 4,000, or 100,000. Take your pick.)

  408. No. I correct myself. I wonder if we will make it to the next, oh, 100 years…

  409. (fingers in ears) La, la, laaaaa!
    Adorable baby! I want to pinch her chubby little cheeks!

  410. Now I’m not the most mathological person in the room, but as far as I can tell… for every anti-baby comment there are at least 40 anti-anti-baby comments. And I’m sure there is a variable for anti-anti-anti-baby comments. Cuteoverload Algebra 101, and me without my homework.

    As fun as this commentroversy was to read, did anybody actually comment on the lambaby picture? I can’t admit to loving babies, but I do think I would love a lambaby wool scarf and hat set this winter.

  411. To everyone calling this cute child a “human baby”….you are aware that you are all humans too? I have never seen more odd messages in my life. Unreal.

  412. lol@everyone says:

    to everyone who has replied with a “no more human babiez plz”-type comment.

    i have to ask: do you ever read those comments aloud before you post them? if not, you should try it. it might help you realize that you sound like an idiot.

  413. softie1974 says:

    Boooooooooo!!!!! I don’t come to Cute Overload to look at people. Blech!

  414. softie1974 says:

    PS Pasickie isn’t cute either.

  415. @softie, softie, softie….how DID you decide on THAT nickname…

  416. Mabel Leane says:

    LOLz at all the comments but I gotta admit I don’t like babies either. I dunno, it just looks like it’s about to start slobbering…

  417. softie1974 says:

    @Marthava: I am a softie…when it comes to critters. You don’t even *KNOW* what a softie I am when it comes to critters. Cute critters bring me to tears. Not babies (which I don’t come to C.O. to see). I am not suggesting that Cute Overload change anything, but I will voice my opinion on what I see. Got it?

  418. softie1974 says:

    Also, Marthava, see Bridget’s comment above.

  419. Thank you for breaking the “no baby” rule to post this! I’ve come back to this site at least five times today to look at this!

  420. Man, the comments have *really* made this post. I’m still laughing at how bent out of shape people are getting. NTMTOM, you rascal, you. Extra points for the “lambasted” crack.

  421. Holy Nellie!!!!! This is amazinglee incredubuhl!!!! The commentroversy is totally oaverwhelmyng!!!! “Aaaaaaaaack!!” and “Blarghhhh!”…………..
    (from my bowled over, completely prone position on the floor, I feebly raise my hand and croak softly: “In any shape or form, Teh Qute always rules……….”

  422. I usually prefer to look at cute baby animal pictures online over human babies, in that I seek out pictures of puppies and bunnies to ooh and ahh over and never look for pictures of babies, but this baby is very cute, chubby and in a cute costume, so I like. Thumbs up! BUT I do agree that CO should stay 99.999999% about cute ANIMALS.

    I don’t come on to the internet expecting to find such low-brow content, especially a baby . Sickening. Just sickening. I bet you people don’t ever call your mothers, too. Terrible

  424. This is still going on? any popcorn left?

    [I can probably shake some out of my collar if you really need it. – Ed.]

  425. No thanks — I think I better go call my mother.

  426. to all the “why I hate babies and think you should know” essays:

    cool story, bro.

  427. CuteOverload:

    Side effects include..
    Outrageous comments, nuffing, anti-nuffing, anti-anti-nuffing, upset stomach or nausea caused by overly cute imagery, and death. People who are oversensitive, or cannot accept a different opinion from their own should not view CuteOverload. Please talk to your doctor about CuteOverload. It can help, but not really.

  428. I just came back here to see if anyone left anymore snarky comments and alls I can say is

    I seriously need another beer to read all this…too frakkin’ funny!

  429. If anyone is “freaking out” or being dramatic, it’s the anti-nuffers. Simple comments such as “ugh, a baby” or “I prefer cute animals” turns into “OMG YOU CRAZY BABY HATER! THAT MEANS YOU HATE YOURSELF, AND IT ALSO MEANS YOU HATE YOUR MOTHER!”

    Seriously. WTF.

    [So like, if I complain about this comment, that’ll make me, lemme see here… (counting on fingers while typing) …the anti-anti-anti-über-nuffmaster, yes? 🙄 – Ed.]

  430. I’m not too keen on *endless* baby pictures. But, if I recall, CO has posted a grand total to TWO pictures of babies since I started visiting about two years ago (that’s this one and the rather endearing pa-sick-ie post). That’s an average of once a year. Chill out, folks, it’s not like there’s a sound bite of a screaming child attached to it. If you don’t like it, scroll PAST it.

    To make up for it… here’s a pic of my two brand new kittens snuggling with each other… and a pound puppy –

  431. mom2twinzz says:

    The thing that kills me is this is a cute outfit. I want it in my size. Although that may scare small children and adults as I am a nearly 230 pound woman.

    For those who can not read or understand:
    There is NO NO Human rule. Yes that is a double negative meaning that humans are allowed. See Cats and Racks. See Rescute. Pictures of human babies can be cute as well, and I notice that only a few show up. Grow a pair and learn to stop typing before you insult people.

  432. You know what’s great about Cute Overload? We don’t worry about war, poverty, disease, or environmental catastrophe. Our biggest concerns are:

    1) Photos of human babies.
    2) Photos of cleavage.
    3) A story about a B&B that had cats running about.

    My goodness, what a perfect world! 🙂

    [I do appreciate your long memory, D. 😀 – Ed.]

  433. got to say: don’t have kids, don’t want kids, would rather look at baby animals rather than baby humans but oh my my there are some pretty harsh comments posted

  434. Prairieprof says:

    Not as cute as a greyhound sheepdog, if you ask me . . . .

  435. Can’t say I’m a huge baby fan either… but… I would be a lot more enthused about procreating if I could actually have a lambaby hybrid.

    {mutter mutter…. off to the lab to research this fascinating proposal…}

  436. lol @ the nuffer overload tantrums.

    Awesome work, Nomtom. 😀

  437. I can always tell when it is almost time to renegotiate the ad rates.

    that’ll do, nuffers, that’ll do

  438. Not a huge fan of babies myself, but C’MON – the kid has a TAIL!!!! The people who don’t think this is cute must have missed it. Take another peak… a TAIL!!! A floofy tail! On a human! A CUTE human at that… Also… commentroversies are fun. Weeeee!!!

  439. Urgh, I HATE commenting on the nuffs but geeeeez.

    DO NOT call me a breeder, EVER. I might want to have children one day, when I feel I am old enough, responsible enough and financially stable. If no-one had children, society would end. We would just all get old, and die, and then the cockroaches would take over.

    I agree that overpopulation is raping the earth, there are FAR too many human beings on this planet.

    But hang on, if the human purpose is to contribute to society, and procreate, and try and make the world a better place, but yet YOU don’t want to do those things, then maybe there isn’t a place for YOU in this world!

    This baby, who is GORGEOUS and ADORABLE, could grow up to cure cancer, or do any number of amazing things.

    Plus you were a baby once too, you didn’t come into this world fuly grown and full of hate, once you were tiny, and cute, and vunerable too.

    You are expecting us to listen to and respect your opinion, but are not granting others the same. In posting a picture of a baby, your human rights have not been infringed, no-one posted any views that contradict your right not to have children, and you easily could have scrolled past and ignored the picture.

    Some people are very very silly indeed!

  440. I didn’t really like the pah-sickie video because it was a video and it was jarring to watch it, expect an animal, and not be disappointed.

    But I absolutely loved this post b/c in my opinion it was cuter, and NTMTOM had one really great buildup.

    And I found that reading NTMTOM’s post made me feel a lot more amused at having witnessed the pah-sickie incident, because it made me feel like I could read a lot more humor than the first few “baby hate” posts – that these people were deliberately being either sarcastic, or just being silly.

    This is mostly irrelevant, but there are two xkcd comics that I think about on this incident:

    Cat Proximity (which was posted on CO some months ago):
    – People become really really silly the more exposed they are to cute things. Maybe the “baby haters” are just suffering from overexposure.

    The other, more relevant, is called troll slayer:

    I also feel like cornutt’s post brought up some valid points. But hey, I’m glad NTMTOM, Meg, and Teho are having fun at everyone’s expense. I’m sure they deserve a good night of popcorn after all the hard work they do to bring us this site. =)

    (P.S. no sarcasm in those last two sentences. Given how dark the comments turned after the first hundred or so, it might be worth saying that explicitly)

  441. I wonder what percentage of nuffers in this thread are actually serious? They all seem so insane…

  442. I don’t want to see babies on here for many reasons others have already touched on–my co-workers/friends are constantly talking about babies or showing me photo after photo, I’m not interested in having any, etc.

    But I think maybe one concern is that the powers-that-be will also be bitten by the baby bug that seems to be sweeping the nation and Cute Overload will go from being 99% cute animals to a way higher percentage of babies, and we don’t want that. I don’t care for the picture but I’m not going to say I HATE it. I just don’t want to see babies on this site any more frequently.

  443. People who don’t want children and don’t have them don’t worry me in the least.

    People who want children and are SO INCREDIBLY NASTY (calling others mentally ill, idiots, etc.just for expressing an opinion) worry me a lot. Their poor kids are going to have a long tough row to hoe.

    At least my friends still in the therapy biz will have job security.

  444. “But hang on, if the human purpose is to contribute to society, and procreate, and try and make the world a better place, but yet YOU don’t want to do those things, then maybe there isn’t a place for YOU in this world!”

    So we can’t contribute to society or make the world a better place without having babies?

    This whole thing has escalated into something it probably was never intended to be. I doubt the first people to post the “nuffer” comments really believe all the things you people claim they do.

  445. Kitteh Toez says:

    Since this isn’t my blog, I think I’m just going to scroll up and enjoy the next kitty picture.
    Aww, kitties 🙂

  446. Babies are animals. So, CO administrators are actually adhering to their “rules”.

  447. Awwwe…that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! omg…just died from the cuteness^^

    […and on that refreshingly positive note, I think we’re done here. Moving on! – Ed.]