The Persian Gallery

I don’t get it. What does she do? What do you mean, she just sits in there all day? Can you tap the glass or something? She has an Artist’s Statement??? Because as far as I can tell, she’s neither an artist, nor does she make any kind of statement. You know what? Here’s my statement: You come to my house tomorrow and I’ll charge you $40 to watch me sit on the couch all day. How’s that?

Purrformance Art

Heavy on the tannins, Marco B.



  1. Awww. Kitteh terrarium. That’s fine art in my house.

  2. (eyeing the Cute Universe nervously, just awaitin’ fer tha nuffin’ tuh start…..Auntie Mame, do you have your Mint Julep prepared????)

    (whistles the “Innocence” Tune, innocently, eyeing the area back & forth)

    PS: I think we should just call today “Fluffiness Day”. Or perhaps “Floofiness Day”. Any takers??

    (see, how I attempted to divert nuffers from the “Kitty in a Drinking Vessel” topic?)

  3. It’s a cute kitten although I want to know how they get in and out of there without tipping over the glass.

  4. is this a really large glass or a really tiny kitten? i want to see another everday normal object next to it for comparison’s sake.

  5. Hey, my kitten could do that!!

  6. It’s so funny how cats will sleep in ANYTHING they can fit in.

  7. Om padme vani purrrrrr…….

  8. Awww…looks like she is about to curl up in a ball and go to sleep!!

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    I’ll have a sip please. And a nibble. (very cool lamps in the background). And ear tufts. And nommable paws.

  10. pink toe beans!
    that is all.

  11. Beautiful baby!

    So if I bring a kitty baby home in a glass hurricane, do ya think I’ll be able to convince Mr. Blondie that it’s just art and not another kitty baby?

    I think I’ll try it…

  12. ButtaRumCake says:



  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey. There’s an ad right next to him in the pic. He’s kind of looking like that owl.

  14. That’s kind of a big glass for a mint julep, isn’t it? At least, at this time of day.

    If more art looked like this, I wouldn’t roll my eyes at it so much.

  15. @ Auntie Mame: true re. the size of the drinking vessel. However, when one *ALSO* considers the liquid displacement to be caused by the Fuzzy Person …..p’raps it seems more likely, hmmmm???

  16. *cries*
    Kitten want now at 110% and rising.

  17. Quick, someone provide a kitteh to Metz, in Intensive Care, Rheum # 16, STAT!!!

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: *wipes tears from cheeks with tissue*

  19. peeenk jellieees!!!!

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    Amy G: My friend Jenn uses the phrase “If I fits in it, I sits in it.”

    Gorgeous kitty, although looks more like a Burmese.

  21. Ok, QofD — if you have Metz stabilized, I’m gwine tuh go back to mah rheum, now ….!!!!

    Fuzziness to ALL (except perhaps the guy at Ft. Hood & Osama Bin L)

  22. I want a cat so bad I can taste it. I just don’t think my two dogs would allow it. I wish I could take a kitty for a “test drive” to see how my dogs would react. 😦

    On a happier note, I love the cool clock hands on the wall.

  23. paranoiagirl says:

    I’ll have the catbernet sauvignon and the cheese board, plz.

  24. Awww looks like a blue mitted ragdoll! My kitty Chloe is a blue point ragdoll….looks the same minus the white paws.

    Is there anything cuter than floof and toe beans pressed up against glass? I think not…

  25. I’ll drink to that.

  26. Look, when I my tapas plate came with cat hair on it, that was one thing, but I’m totally reporting this wine bar to the health inspector.

  27. Looks like Ceiling Cat sent down an angel for us to gawk at, as inappropriate ad ICHC references may be on this website… lol. Hopefully, the great THEOlogian and friends will forgive me. Sorry… the puns are just ROLLING today. I disgust myself =O *snicker*

  28. Yes, I must agree, it looks like a ragdoll. Persians have the smooshed face.

    So, Rag Doll Display, maybe? 😉

  29. Thanks guys. I feel a wee bit better, but man, I am so close to making a wrong turn into the local shelter on the way home.

  30. Hate the clock hands! Must have numbers! What if you’re listing 20° to starboard??

  31. Von Zeppelin says:

    Bryn, I thought the same thing, but I’m giving them a pass. Look how big the wine glasses are. (Glug)

  32. KittehMamax3 says:

    @Metz, no such thing as a wrong turn when discussing a local shelter… places on earth to end up.

    As to the pic, OMG, I want one of these as my after dinner drinks tonight. Perhaps as my apperitif, as well…..

  33. Starlinguk says:



  34. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I’m about to head there myself to see if I can find a Zorro-rabbit-kitten-tribble-hobbit-foot-angry-as-heck-disapproving-fluffy-thing. I hope my cat won’t mind too much.

  35. If we didn’t already have 4 dogs & 3 cats. I’d be there right now.
    No, I’m not a crazy pet lady, why do you ask?

  36. Trabb's Boy says:

    Prongs, you are a complete Philistine. OB-viously, the artist is making an ironic commentary on our excessive consumer culture that demands ever greater quantities of cute to the point that the artist herself, embodying all cuteness in the kitty-in-the-sunshine-loving universe does not even fill our distended brandy snifter of need. Geesh! Do I have to help you with your time tables as well? 😉

  37. Queen of Dork says:

    *putting on shoes and getting house keys to lock up on the way to the shelter*

    *cat presenting me again with the Terms and Conditions of his adoption papers which say I can’t adopt any animal execpt him. cat cussing me out*

  38. QofD – Go, go! He’ll adjust. They always do with quantities of unconditional love. TRUST ME…
    I have 11 in the house.
    No, I’m not a crazy pet lady, why do you ask?

  39. @ceejoe 😀

  40. Teeny Gozer says:

    Mmmmm, delicious kitten! I’d have to get a glass the size of an aquarium to do this with one of my three hefty bebes.

  41. ButtaRumCake says:

    (hard G) Gi-Gullz @ QoD “Zorro-rabbit-kitten-tribble-hobbit-foot-angry-as-heck-disapproving-fluffy-thing”

  42. Our cup runneth over…

    I collect big brandy snifters. So, where are my complimentary kitttehs, hmmmm? I just love the brandy snifter shape. The kitteh’s shape, is of course perfect.

    I’m pretty sure the word your are searching for is “Floofulence” Resreichan.

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    ceejoe: Ha-ha! I really would love to adopt/buy another animal. Just a quick note on this subject and I hope not to anger anybunny. I know adopting from a shelter is great. But so is buying from a pet store. I used to work in a pet store and when the animals were not purchased by the time they were not adorable babies, guess what their fate was? I also recommend buying from a pet store as well as adopting from a shelter. Pet store animals also need and deserve warm, loving, happy homes!

    *steps off soap box and kicks it aside*

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: I think that’s the scientific name for that thing. If not, it should be. 🙂

  45. Zen kitteh is meditating on its own cuteness! Awwwww! 🙂

  46. KIttehsMom says:

    I’ll take one – with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a cherry on top. What a most delicious sundae one could dream up 🙂

  47. Queen of Dork- yes I know it is easy to look at it that way, but keep in mind buying from the pet store means yet another animal is doomed to that fate. If we all were to boycott them, there would be no market and therefore no more (well, fewer) mills operating because no one would buy the ‘product’.

    I realize this makes me vaguely hypocritical as I have three pet store buns (one bought on a whim, one bought HUGELY spontaneously when I found out she was blind- at three months old no less -and one that was on the ‘chopping block’ for euthanasia if he wasn’t sold that night…). I’ve seen the light since, obv, and have boycotted that store. My future animals will come from shelters and ethical breeders.

    Mill animals (and therefore pet store animals) also usually have many health problems. it’s easy to see yourself as a savior to that one puppy, but then keep in mind that poor puppy you saved could end up costing you THOUSANDS of dollars in vet bills because the breeder inbred his parents, or bred him as a ‘teacup’, or whatever other twisted tactic breeders use to sell their ‘crop’.

    I don’t deny that pet store animals deserve loving, happy homes as well, but buying them only keeps the cycle going. =\ And not all pet stores euthanize, as an aside. Some keep the animal and just discount it until it’s bought, others will send it off to the shelter- where you should have gone in the first place anyway.

    ANYWAY, SORRY TO NUFF! *also kicks soap box aside*

  48. if we turn it over and shake it, will snow start falling down?

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Andrea: No problem. 🙂 And point well taken! I got my present cat from a co-worker who married a lady whose kid was allergic to cats. So it was going to be Off to the Shelter for SamKitty. But I took him into my house and soooooooo absolutely ADORE and Love that boy! Thanks for your post! I agree with maybe needing to do something about pet stores but I think that whenever a person can rescue an animal, from whatever situation, that’s a good thing to do.

  50. Queen of Dork- I adore my pet store bunnies to death and would absolutely be crushed if I didn’t have them, so I know how you feel. It makes me feel quite confused inside sometimes because I feel so glad I have them, but at the same time it’s like “I could have adopted all three of these…”

    The painful truth, I think, is that yes some animals will be unfairly treated/killed/etc if no one buys them from the store…but the sooner people realise pet stores are not all about cute and fluffys and the ugly truth behind them, the sooner we will only have shelters and breeders. :\ And the only way to achieve that end is to stop giving pet stores our money and encouraging them.

    My last bun I didn’t feel so bad over. He was a $10 ‘blowout’ because he’d matured to the point of attacking other buns (and god forbid they neuter him to fix that, eh?) and I knew if I left him there he was looking at death, shelter or a family that would ‘set him free’ or confine him to the garage in a pee filled cage. And when he looked up into my eyes with his ‘puppy-dog-rabbit-eyes’ that night I couldn’t leave him behind. 😦

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Andrea: Awwwwwwwwwww. Sweet, sweet story. I hope your buns are okay now as my lovely, fabulous SamKitty is! I know about the yuck of pet stores, as I said, I worked in one before. I did my very best with the sweethearts while I was employed there.

  52. That kitten is absolutely gorgeous….creamy colors. The picture is a keeper.

  53. Well one is partially blind at 6 months, one is a runt and has size issues and crooked teeth, and one bites me because he hates people (because he was kept in a ‘petting zoo style’ cage for those last few months they were trying to sell him, and the MANAGER of small pets dropped him on tile floor while I was buying him that night) so their story isn’t perfect by any means…
    …but that said, I have three (relatively) happy buns in a good, happy, loving home getting the best vet care I can possibly give them. The blind one memorized the layout of the apartment and doesn’t hit things anymore, the runt snuggles me while I wait for him to come out of his shy shell and open up to the other two (and the vet clips his teeth as needed so they don’t hurt him), and the biter gets lots of treats and snuggles (and just got neutered!) so they have IMO a pretty good life considering what they came from. 🙂 They even get the gourmet quality food when I can afford it. *lol* I spoil them greatly, and as soon as I have my own house and enough space I’ll be adopting a shelter!bun to add to my brood.

  54. Hey, that’s a display at the Birman Gallery, not Persian 🙂 Either way, this is not helping abate my kitten craving.

  55. And also, I am in no way trying to demonize pet store employees by any means- I have a close friend who worked at the very story I’ve been talking about for a few months (before she couldn’t handle the crap behind the scenes anymore and quit) and the employees and the store I shop in- which only sells small mammals in good conditions and is a placeholder for until I can find a supply-only store -are always helpful and happy to hear about my brood (and also adopt out shelter cats in-store!!). 🙂

  56. @Andrea…YAY for your bunnehs! They sound wonderful.

    Nose in the sunshine…BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

  57. Many of the finer Merlots are too bitter for some people, may I interest you in one of our Merlols instead?

    [I prefer a nice catbernet sauvmeown, myself – Ed.]

  58. I remember a “cat quote” that’s really appropriate here: “There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.”

    This sweet, content little kitten is a work of art. And I challenge anyone to disagree!

  59. My name is Chanpon, and I am a cataholic.

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    *Hi Chanpon*

  61. earlybird1 says:

    Wow, color coordinated and everything! Beige kitteh on beige table against beige walls…

  62. Love how kitty looks like she is concentrating. On what, I don’t know :p

  63. Please tell me her name is Brandy! 🙂

    [hehehe :sip: – Ed.]

  64. metzdarling says:

    @Starlinguk What a coinkydink! I just introduced my 7 yr old son to HP last night, we’re working on Chaps 3–onward 2nite. 😀

    [Well, I do like HP better than Dell, but don’t neglect to teach him how to build his own hardware. 😉 – Ed.]

  65. Love this purrrrformance art type of thing. Hope to see more of it! (well maybe not in a blender, but……. ok I’m going now *runs away*)

  66. ClearBlueSky says:

    Does anyone remember the SNL sketch with the photo retouching commercial? “You bring us a photo of anything, we’ll stuff it in a brandy snifter”. Or maybe I’m getting old 😉

  67. wait, I can’t tell if that glass is huge or that kitten is tiny! it looks more to me like the glass is huge, but that BLOWS MY MIND.

  68. Probably both, Marianne.

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: You like HP better than Dell? Hmmmmmm. How come?

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    I think you people may easily be the most fun people I’ve ever encountered and chatted with in my whole entire life.

  71. JEJEJERELYN says:

    Isn’t that a ragdoll??? Anyway its still cute 😀

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    I think that’s a furry in a glass thing. I want one.

  73. Yes, and if EVERYONE could discuss an issue as amicably and polite as QoD and Andrea just did… why, there would be no more need for a Nuff-patrol!

    Jolly good show, ladies! And kudos too. 😉

  74. BTW, exquisite artwork.

  75. Ragdoll? Nope. Doesn’t look a thing like Raggity-Ann… or Andy.

  76. Queen of Dork says:

    spb: Thanks! 🙂

  77. I think the kitten might be a Birman, since she looks a lot like my Boots did when she was a baby. Regardless of her being a Birman or a Ragdoll, she’s ADORABLE. Aww…so sleepy.

  78. BIRMAN FTW! Looks just like my Frankie boy did as a kitteh. He still falls asleep sitting up.

  79. Yes, Noelegy, her name IS Brandy, and yes, she’s a fine girl… what a good wife she would be…. ya’know, her eyes could steal a sailor from the sea… (or so they say)

  80. AWW 😀 I would just LOVE to gently tip that glass over and gently slide the kitty out 😈 BEFORE I would stuff kitty in my jacket and RUN off with it 😈 a running thing with me 😀 but I just LOVE kitties so 😀

  81. that was real?

  82. i would happily volunteer to snuggle above kitteh ALL DAY LONG to show the size-portion of said kitteh to the human scale. also, i miss the sound of purring, that’s what i miss most about my kitteh *sniff*. this dog does not purr.

  83. That kitty is “trifling” with us!


  84. That is definitely a blue mitted ragdoll kitten. I have a 5 month old one at home and this could be his twin. They are the BEST breed—-mine is the most affectionate, cuddly kitty and he loves to flop on top of me. Gosh, typing all this makes me want to run home from work and snorgle!

  85. This beautiful fluffy butt is a Birman! Note the “mittens” and “laces”. I need more and this one is purr-fect.

  86. I would tip a bartender SO MUCH for that.

  87. Wow, the preciosity! Precious kitty!

    Really enjoyed the bunny stories too.

  88. It’s a frickin rag doll, obviously.

    Evidence A: Persians: smooshed face
    Evidence B: Burmese: short haired
    Evidence C: My cat is a rag doll with the same coloring even, and looked exactly like that when she was younger.

    [Relevant linkage added, because etc. etc. 😉 – Ed.]

  89. resriechan says:

    @ Paunchie:

    might one assume successfully, that one would be allowed to use your term “preciosity” without incurring fees, tariffs or charges ???

  90. @Andrea
    Not trying to argue a point or anything, but I was reading the discussion about shelter v. pet store, and though most pet stores do buy animals from mills and may have animals in less than healthy condition, the local animal shelter in my area has “put to sleep” over 200 animals in the past three months. Including a litter german shepard puppies. Despite being listed as a “no-kill” shelter. The city has dropped their contract against them, obviously, but it has left sort of a bitter taste with animal shelters. I recommend looking up foster care groups in your region as a choice for adoption (this is how my husband and I found our baby kitten), or newspaper ads.

  91. Paws and Claws says:

    I heard the vintage of this wine is impecable.

  92. AliceV: It’s true some shelters do put animals to sleep when they don’t have the resources, which is a shame. But a lot of shelters are no-kill and very ethical with their treatment of animals- my own local shelter will never put an animal down to accommodate more, and will charge fees to the surrendering party if they don’t. I wouldn’t write off shelters entirely because of that, though; some do a very good job of caring for their animals and will get in touch with fosters to take in those that they can’t.

    I’m not a fan of newspaper ads simply because BYBs leave a bad taste in my mouth- people who breed on purpose for a quick buck, or were too stubborn to have their animals fixed and had an ‘oops’ litter. These usually don’t even get vaccinations or the proper care they need because they weren’t “meant” to come into the world, it was by accident. I fully support foster care animals, however! A foster parent can usually tell you so much more about your pet than a random BYB who wants to get rid of the kittens/puppies can, and will take steps to ensure the pet and you are a good fit. 🙂


  94. @ClearBlueSky : A picture of the kitty in a brandy snifter? HOLY CRAP! WHAT CLASS!! 🙂

  95. @Andrea
    Very few newspaper animals I’ve ever experience were ever neglected or mistreated because they were “accidents.” Most come from loving homes and families, and hence why the people put so much effort into trying to find homes for them.

    And, I’m not attacking all animals shelters, just a large number of them, such as our local shelter, which claim to be “no kill” shelters, but kill certain breeds of animals which are supposedly “high risk.”

  96. This cat is a Balinese. You can tell by the tufted ears and plumed tail and the champagne coloring. Gorgeous cats.

  97. Oh my goodness she looks just like my Danter-kitten! I love this fancy lady. ❤

  98. That sounds like a SATC quote to me!

  99. Its a really large glass. We have them where I work. Although its still very adorable and i still want to snuggle the cute kitty!