Pachyderm Don’t Play that Way

It happened so fast that he barely heard the massive snorf or felt the violent whoosh of air. But when he looked down, Paul realized that his entire forearm had been sucked up her trunk, and the look in her eyes said, “I don’t have to give it back, you know.” It was the first and last time Paul would play “I got your nose!” with Ellafante.

Oh honey, you best let go of that peanut if you want to keep your dignity.

That’s a risky little game, Christoph G.



  1. I just snarfed my morning tea. Awesome.

  2. resriechan says:

    Nosebember rolls along beautifully !!

  3. Snort!

  4. Better his hand should be snorfed in than *something* snorted out!

  5. Yet another trunkated post.

    (Hope that dude was packin’ Purell.)

  6. Beeping an elephant trunk! Oh, I must put this on my life list of things to do!

  7. This is sooo the definition of SNORF!

  8. ButtaRumCake says:

    @Amy – so did I! LOL

    The main text was funny enough….till I read the hover text… *on the floor I go*

  9. oh! want! want pet elephant!!! now!

  10. The Elephant is all like ” You didn’t REALLY want to keep that hand, did you? Apparently not, else you wouldn’t be trying to grab my nose and keep the peanut from me”…

    Get em, Elephant!!! Sniff!! Go head! Inhale!!! Tee hee

  11. Hmm, this picture shows the end result of plugging up the front of an elephant. Clean up on aisle 4.

  12. JackieRose says:

    In my youth, I worked a Renaissance Festival and there were elephants about. (Elephant and camel rides for the kiddies, dontcha know.) One of the wenches had a leftover banana from her lunch and tucked it in her cleavage. The elephant decided to grab it. The elephant had a runny nose. (eyeew!)

  13. BTW, did anyone see this last week?

  14. I love petting calves, because they’ll suck your whole hand into their mouths with their widdle rough tongue-tongues. (Not elephant calves, mind you; bovine calves.)

  15. Heffalump!

  16. TrixandSam says:

    Check it out: that hand is holding an apple wedge and the elephant has her trunk tip wrapped over it (top and bottom)!

    OOOO!!!!! Nosular Flexibility!

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    Thanks, TrixandSam, for pointing that out. These critters could probably do neurosurgery with that schnozz if they wanted to.

  18. Talk about a schnozola!

  19. BEEP that schnozzle! Yay for Nosevember!

  20. ANOTHER real-life NooNoo!

  21. yea! T.U.M!
    thanks for bringing back fond memories of feeding calves on the farm when I was little. They sure do suck your fingers and hand in their mouth, but they drool like the dickens, and occasionally step on your foot.

  22. Prehensile nosicles for the win!

  23. @chanpon:

    it’s a win by a nose….

  24. Nose!!!! ❤

  25. How the heck can you tell it’s an apple wedge? I c’ain’t see that!

    big hoover action comin’ atcha…..

  26. I am having the worst luck linking stuff this week. 😥

  27. BEEP!

  28. I enjoyed reading this post, so thanks… I’m glad I stopped by!

  29. TrixandSam says:

    @Paunchie: it’s barely discernible, but if you look at the right side of the hand, you can see a sliver of the red apple skin.

  30. This one comes out okay but I’m surprised the visitor is that close to the elephant. Although normally placid animals, elephants can go from 0 to Terror very, very fast. The elephant could actually grab the visitor’s wrist — and no, she wouldn’t have to give it back. Not intact, anyway.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Beep! (oops. schloop and schnoof and sucked up and things)

    *ouch. that hurt*

  32. i’m gonna pass on the beeping of this nose….afraid it might be more like BEE–SNORF before i got to pull my finger back….i am always amazed however that they can do so much with that kind of schnozzle.

  33. Best hovertext ever.

  34. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    The zoo, it had these two elephants, and they were siamese, joined at the trunk. One would sneeze, the other’s eyes would get REAL BIG….they couldn’t do that trumpeting, they’d just go ff-nort.