Come Out With Your Wings Up!

Schwenksville, PA — Police today ended a reign of terror as they apprehended notorious crime lord “Feathers” McGinty, suspected of masterminding KFC and Chick-Fil-A robberies across five states.

chicken surprise

I’ll have the “chicken surprise,” Anthea M.



  1. that is one crazy cute chick

  2. paranoiagirl says:


  3. Hahaha! Very cute!!

  4. Queen of Dork says:


  5. Who’s from Schwenksville, besides McGinty?!? I’m originally from Collegeville, and I’m astounded to hear of such an historical arrest going down right down route 29! I’m glad we’re finally safe.

  6. “Chicken surprise”?!?


  7. Queen of Dork says:

    He’s trying to play Twister!

  8. “Feathers” McGinty: I’m practicing my crane kick, Mr. Miyagi.

    Mr. Miyagi: If do right, no can defense.

  9. Looks like the little chick who ran all over town yelling “the sky is falling, the sky is falling…” I’d believe him.

  10. Queen of Dork says:

    Chicken Little! Yes! of course!

  11. Feathers McGinty? Related to Feathers McGraw??

    [ HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHICKEN? (Ooh, and W&G celebrated an anniversary recently, too!) — Mike ]

  12. Feathers just won the Pullet Surprise!

  13. More cheese, Gromit?

  14. @Juno *groan* LOL!

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Juno just won a Brazillianty Internetses!

  16. I’ve had it up to here, and I’m not gonna’ take it anymore!!!

  17. Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
    I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.
    Music loud and women warm.
    I’ve been kicked around since I was born.

    Oh, oh. Looks like Tony’s taking over the dance floor again.

  18. I’m surprised no commenters have cried fowl.

  19. OMG!!

    rofl. how the heck did they take this pic?! lol

  20. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @jen: According to the sender-inner, the chick was startled by the camera flash itself. That wasn’t her intent, but it produced this interesting shot.

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Gizmo: You did NOT just go there singing that Bee Gees song. Saturday Night Fever is really one of my favorite songs/movies!

    And now it’s all right, it’s O.K.
    And you may look the other way.
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times’ effect on man.
    Whether you’re a brother
    Or whether you’re a mother,
    You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Feel the city breakin’
    And ev’rybody shakin’
    And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha,
    Stayin’ alive.
    Stayin’ alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha,
    Stayin’ aliiiivvvve.

    (Young John Travolta looking like eye candy.

  22. (Travolta voice): Wouldja just watch my hair? You know, I work on my hair a long time, and you hit it. He hits my hair.

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: And only ONE PORK CHOP! JUST ONE! I’m so going to go watch that movie now. I have it on DVD.

  24. Juno = WIN

  25. I’m a chicken hawk and you’re a chicken!

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Night fever, night fever,
    You know how to do it!
    Night fever, night fever,
    You know how to show it!!!!!!!!!!

  27. ButtaRumCake says:

    (whispers to QoD & Resrie onna counta they’ll unnerstand)
    Um…Juno’s post – I don’t get it…I wanna say FTW but….I don’t get the “Pullet Surprise”. Whutzit mean?

    *blank stare*blink*blank stare*

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: shhhhhhhh. I don’t really get that either. Sometimes, there’s lots of stuff I don’t get. (I don’t really even know what FTW means). But I do get:

    Night fever, night fever,
    You know how to do it!!!
    Night fever, night fever,
    You know how to show it!!!!! 🙂

  29. Poor baby looks pretty scared. You might even say he looks a little chicken. Sorry – I couldn’t resist!

  30. On the other hand, he may just be demonstrating the PROPER form of the chicken dance.

  31. ButtaRumCake says:

    QoD: I *do* know that FTW means “for the win” – kinda like we’re sports announcers….
    *dances with QoD* to Night Fever

    *wonders what the qualifications are to become Princess of Dork?* :mrgreen:

  32. OH I am the duck with the guts I am ready to fly so… BRING IT

  33. this little fellow is SOOOO cute he is like the duck of the year

  34. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ButtaRumCake: “Pullet Surprise” = “Pulitzer Prize” (“Pullet” is a term for young female chicken)

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: Oh! Thanks for that explanation. Princess of Dork is my daughter. Care to be Countess or Other Queen or something?

    *Dancing with BRC to Night Fever*

  36. I know FTW is “For The Win,” but I always think “Fhat The Wuck.” :mrgreen:

  37. ButtaRumCake says:

    oh NOMTOM….oh dear…. *sigh*

    I never woulda got it….not in a meeelyun yearz (SMH) I offer you my most humble thanx *low curtsy*head bowed*

    Having said that…

    @JUNO – For. The. Mutha. Flippin’. WIN!!!!! *standing ovation*

    Um….Mike – wouldja mind helping me up offa tha flo’…my knees ain’t what they use’ta be!

    *looks around for th’Nurse*

  38. Y’all are in rare form in this thread. 😀

  39. ButtaRumCake says:

    QoD: I’d most humbly accept the title of Countess VonQuirk if it’s available *bats eyelashes*

    Teho: I prefer medium well with a garlic mashed potatoe myself *gig-gullz*

  40. ButtaRumCake says:

    Oh, and Theresa? “Fhat The Wuck”? HAAAA!!!!!! Love that.

  41. Wasn’t this little guy/girl an extra in the new “Where The Wild Things Are” film?

  42. This is such an awesome photo. Thank you for sharing.

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    BRC: Take a knee. *touches shoulders with sword* So humbly named Countess VonQuirk. yum. Dancing. Loving the batting lashes.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Nurse Stef here: Does somebody need me? *looking to and fro with most furiousness. waving medications and wake up smelling salts around*

  45. gretchen feeser says:

    AHHH! The model for the Louvre’s “Winged Victory”!!!

  46. I mean, he’s doing the Wild Rumpus if I ever saw it.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    How deep is your love,
    How deep is your love?
    I really mean to learn,
    ‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools
    Breaking us down,
    When the all should let us be,
    They belong to you and me
    (La-la-la-la la)….

  48. puppies&kitties says:

    I adore this little chick, and I adore Juno’s comment especially, and many others. I love music and dancing. Do not adore Saturday Night Fever. Not at all. Would be happy to hear there are other disco haters in Cute world.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    puppies&kitties: How about the Mighty Led Zeppelin?

  50. puppies&kitties says:

    Much much better, Queen of Dork. Sing and be happy.

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Love me the Lemon Song. But also as someone who has danced professional ballet in NYC I also really, really love and appeciate the dance scenes in Saturday Night Fever. Also really dig West Side Story as well as Mary Poppins. But Led Zeppelin also rocks my world!

  52. Chick is mad ’cause he’s the victim of a shake ‘n’ bake down. (And I helped.)

  53. Da da da da da da DUM da da da da da da DUM
    da da da da da da DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM

    Chicken dance

  54. puppies&kitties says:

    I’ve possibly never watched the movie, but the sound track (and most other disco tunes) set my teeth on edge. This is probably because I lived at college in the seventies, and involuntarily listened to disco nearly constantly. I love music and dance: jazz, blues, opera, broadway, folk, indie rock, classic rock, classical, country, world music. . . everything but disco. And maybe Barney. Vogerltanz!

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s just the way JT LOOKS at his partner and holds her as they’re dancing together in the last scene. It’s just really groovy and pretty. Okay. That’s all I’m saying about it. I’m going to go to bed now.

  56. He must have been hiding out with all those Folk Festers in Schwenksville… : )

  57. @ all you folks… I’m getting strange looks from everyone in my house (hubby, son, dog, birds, prob even the hamster) at the snerts, snorts, giggles and guffaws-type noises I’ve been making.

  58. Did someone say “Chicken Dance”?
    Did you know it dates from the Protestant Reformation? Take a look!

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Yum! John T. Yummy. Nice dancing. Nice dancing. I’d dance with him anyday of the week.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    @Theresa: LOL for the Lutheran chicken dance and the FTW! (That’s exactly what I say in my head, too.)

  61. PS “Pullet Surprise” — Snerkalicious!

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! But puppies&kitties, perhaps you should give the Bee Gees a chance. I know they’re kind of disco but they’re so good! I even like them and I adore, ADORE music such as Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley,Jimi Hendrix, all kinds of things! And I really love the Bee Gees too, even though they’re kind of disco-ish.

  63. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Theresa, I’ll see your Lutheran Chicken Dance and raise you the video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” set to the “Chicken Dance.” Cleeeek! (SFW but a tad sexy, so I’m linking to it instead of posting it.)

  64. ButtaRumCake says:

    Nurse Stef t’was I – between curtsying to NOMTOM & bowing to QoD during my historic (albeit brief) Countess’ing, my knees were screamin’.
    I’m relegating myself to the couch with the remote…my boyfriend-in-my-head is on (Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs) & he ALWAYS makes me feel better

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    ButtaRumCake: *Nurse Stef here. I think I love you*

    Eds: don’t mean this in anyway yucky. Just really, really nice.


  67. BabyOpossum says:

    Touchdooooown! B’gok!

  68. Top O’ the world ma !!!

  69. She didn’t do eet. She was framed…yeah framed!

  70. Anthea Miller says:

    ZOMG!!! My picture made it on here! I need to tell y’all that the photo won me 1st prize (a years’ worth of feed) in a poultry photo contest…but this is the best honor of all!!!

  71. he kind of reminds me of the chicken dude on The Family Guy that peter beats up forever. just his expression!

  72. Laughing too hard from all the silliness on this page to even THINK about all the work I’m supposed to be doing… THANK YOU!!

  73. AWW 🙂 The little chickie got the scare of its little life 🙂

  74. googlie eyes says:

    Mmmm yup! Juno definitely wins this thread. Bravo!

  75. After leaving the clink, feathers is expected to be appointed the new head of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  76. Starlinguk says:

    The Ministry of Silly Squawks, actually.

  77. “Let’s get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let’s get into physical
    Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk”

    Juno (pullet surprise) a clear winner with 260Oakley (shake & bake down) running a close second!

  78. @Anthea – congrats on your win! great photo!

  79. CHIKKIN!

  80. Juno – that was terrific!!!

    260Oakley – I have now said “Shayke and bayke, and ah helped!” like 100 times in my head. 😀

    Chickie is quite surprised!!

  81. Partay in the Schwenk! Hello from the Perk.

    @Juno…best joke EVAR

    @Theresa: You owe me medical and vet bills. First, medical bills since I laughed so hard I coughed up a lung, my pancreas, and 3cm of intestine. Ouchies and otchka! That stings. Second, vet bills, because my orange tabbeh heard me laughing/coughing and came over, distressed about the noise. Although he then wandered away and licked his b*tt, so I guess not on the vet bills.

  82. Courtney S. says:

    @ Saffron: I don’t know which is more disturbing- that you coughed up part of your intestine, or that you tok the time and effort to MEASURE how much came up.
    Just sayin’.

  83. Courtney S. says:

    That is, *took.

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron: Ha-ha! 🙂

  85. This is what I look like when I leave work sometimes. “THAT’S IT! I’ve had it! I wash my hands of all of you!!!!” ::Dramatic exit::

  86. Has a guilty look on his face!

    Or practicin take off…..nneeeeeooooowwww!

  87. @Racheal: Olivia ROCKS! My husband does not understand my fascination with Xanadu…

    Congrats Anthea! Awesome pic!

  88. Tooooo many things to comment about!! The photo is ubelievable! I just love it.

    But Theresa, you are in RARE FORM tonight–“fhat the wuck” and the Lutheran Chicken Dance have me collapsed in laughter…

    And NTMTOM, the Beyonce Chicken is just hilarious.

    Thanks for the chuckles (or clucks, I guess.) 🙂

  89. I love this picture Anthea! Congrats from your sister!

  90. @ Theresa:
    So that’s what *really* happened at the Diet of Worms…

  91. just love love this picture……….sssoooooooooooo cute

  92. @Courtney…it is all part of my new science (SCIENCE!) initiative to write more grants. I am currently composing a proposal to study the hazard ratio of time of visual contact with winged peep to length of intestines coughed up. Of course there will be substudies on “large vs small intestinal exit: got guts?”, “pinkish pancreas passing prevalence”, also “the volume of accompanying guffaws impact on the length of intestinal egress”, and maybe a study on determining if the same phenomena occurs upon ocular recognition of sugar peeps.

  93. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

  94. Come out with your wings up!!

  95. Hysterical! Good one Anthea!

  96. dub1 – WIN2

  97. The cuteness – it hurts!!!!!

  98. Eyeliner!!! (O_O) extremely adorable!!

  99. it’s obscene how cute this is. *facekeyboard*

  100. SUPASTAR!

  101. here’s a “pullet surprise” joke i found on the interwebz:

    My uncle was in the fertilized egg business when I was young. He had several hundred young layers, called pullets, and 8 or 10 roosters whose job was to fertilize the eggs. My uncle kept records and any rooster or pullet that didn’t perform well went into the pot and was replaced. Now this took an awful lot of time. So when my uncle saw a set of eight tiny bells that each rang a different tone he promptly bought them.
    He glued a piece of foam rubber to each clapper shaft so the bell wouldn’t ring except when violently shaken. He hung a bell on each rooster’s neck and went and mixed a Mint Julep. Now he could sit on the porch and sip while filling out an efficiency report on the roosters by listening to the different tones of the bells and marking down each encounter.

    My uncle’s favorite rooster was old Brewster. Brewster was a fine specimen, but his bell didn’t ring all morning. Uncle went to investigate.

    Several roosters were chasing pullets, bells a-ringing. Brewster had his bell in his beak so it couldn’t ring. He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one. Chagrined at first, Uncle was soon so proud of Brewster he entered him in the county fair.

    Brewster was an overnight sensation. They not only awarded him the No Bell prize but also the Pullet Surprise.

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    He kind of looks like a chicklet cheerleader.

  103. Anthea, bravo for the photo!

    Kellie, that joke is so bad, whoever wrote it deserves a good Monty Python style trout slap!

  104. Kathy Beach says:

    Too cute Anthea!!

  105. I belieeeeve I can flyyy
    I believe I can touuuuch the sky…

    [Well I *could* add a relevant link here, but… a little too obvious at this point, y’know? 😉 – Ed.]

  106. Courtney S. says:

    @Saffron: Perhaps after you have completed this particular study, you could move on to other specimens of Teh Qte and the various vital organ regurgitation that they cause. For example, I am fairly certain that my gallbladder made it into the sunlight at the sight of the infamous “Slow Loris Loves Being Tickled” vid posted a while back (a little help here, Teho? My linking skillz are lacking here).

    “A Cross-Examination of Intestinal Regurgitation: Cute Mammalia vs. Cute Marsupialia.”

    That’s right, I said “marsupialia.”

  107. @Dub1, that’s why you shouldn’t nail your 95 theses to the church door.

  108. It’s a very funny chicken, it’s all “I’m Godzilla Chicken! I will stomp your coop!”

  109. Paws and Claws says:

    He looks angry… but cute.

  110. Oh God, that’s cute. I won’t be eating chicken for a while.

  111. The poor little thing saw Ham and Swiss and said “no way, I m not your courdon Bleu!!”

  112. Instructions for take off…
    1)flap wings
    2)get a runnin start
    3)smile at camera(for instructors only)
    uh ok…we can try again tomorrow!

  113. I think this is the best pic and comments ever.
    Really and I already sent the Beyoncé vid onward.

  114. Aww come on! thats so fricken cute

  115. Is it wrong to look at this picture everyday for the last 3 days?
    Could be practicing for marching band too. I imagine is voice and everything…I need help*

  116. want to tickle his belly…must fight urge

  117. Woaaaaa crazy bird I like it !

  118. lol “we got u surronded!”

  119. Super chicken

  120. love it. got two more growing up at the mo….

  121. Photoshop in a background of Tokyo and you’ll have the very definition of KAIJU!

  122. Paws up!

  123. TiannaBanana says:

    I love this photo – but for some reason, as I scrolled down to this picture, when I saw the top half it looked at first like a bunny head with odd-looking ears! @Jess: “This is what I look like when I leave work sometimes. ‘THAT’S IT! I’ve had it! I wash my hands of all of you!!!!'” – certainly disapproving enough for the most discriminating bunny! XD

  124. @tiannabanana I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that at first…

  125. Can’t believe the comments are still open for this one. The best ones are taken, though, heheheh.
    Perhaps a failed audition for “Happy Feet” ?
    Either that, or while “Feathers” McGinty was fleeing the coppers, he was running across a subway grate. You really should be heavier than one eighth of a pound to do that.

  126. Seeing a chicklet’s armpits was awesome. Seeing the word(s?) “B’ gok” spelled out just make it even better.

  127. kthomasitec says:

    Hilarious……would be fantastic as a screen saver, sure would cheer me each time I saw it.

  128. COME ON REF THAT WASNT A TUCHDOWN.WAT GAME U WATCHEN. let me guss that will b the same look u use for the extra point LOL LOL LOL so cute litle chicken

  129. squee! really? in little ol’ schwensville? that’s great. and super cute. where was I?