Before & After: Couch Swallowing




Norman! 022




  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Marmie snacks !!! I’ll take a dozen to go please !

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    My couch just has spare Cheetos and stuff like that between the cushions. Bummmer

  3. Queen of Dork says:

    CO has killed me ded.


  4. MARMIELICIOUS!!!!!! Meg, PLEASE put this on every page of my 2011 CO Calendar!!

  5. *looks between couch cushions*
    darn.. only a quarter and an old frito.. how i wanted a marmie 😦

  6. How cute is the second picture?

    With the paws scattered with such gloriously haphazard abandon, the not-quite-private privacy tail, those beautiful beautiful eyes, ears and nose – and that gorgeous forehead!

    How marvellously coquettish. I lub him/her.

  7. Queen of Dork says:

    Amy: I just looked between my couch cushions. I found a penny, a paper clip, the electric bill, some lint and a piece of crap. No cute kitteh. And I’ve never found a cute animal in my in-box at work either. *slumps down and pouts*

  8. I thought Marmies were sticky-I guess not this marmalde! So cute!

  9. Marmalade, (sheesh).

  10. kibblenibble says:

    Nothing more sweetly innocent than a sleeping kitty…*sigh*

  11. omnomnom!

  12. I love that the kitty appears to have slept through the entire ordeal…

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: I hope you’re feeling better.

  14. victoreia says:

    OMG! A carnivorous sofa! Somebody save the poor marmie baby!

  15. HALP!

  16. Like QofD, I looked through my sofas, loveseat, club chairs, underneath the dining table, in drawers, underneath counters…no kittens, marmies or otherwise. Nuthin’ even resembling one.

    I’m pouting, too.

  17. Queen of Dork says:


    My stupid couch would devour me, my daughter and our cat if left to it’s own devices.


  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Shari: Pout fest. *frump*

  19. victoreia says:

    [sniff] No marmie kitteh in my couch. (Marmie monster under my bed, but no teeny cute babies…)

    Also, still no pupsters in my in-box…..

    Hello, Complaint Department?

  20. Necrostump says:

    Nufferz 😦 that poor stuck nommable kitkit.

  21. DaytimeDeb says:

    My Marmie is so big now, it is he who would devour the couch, not the other way around.

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    victoreia: Hi. It’s Stef here. Complaint Central. What? No puppers in your in-box? WTF?!! We must resolve that situation right away. (Not sure how but pretending to know what the heck I’m talking about).

  23. “The horror…the horror…”

  24. victoreia says:

    QofD: Not even a whisker! Just bloody stupid reports….Uh, did my boss hear that? (Or worse, my boss’s boss?)

  25. Oh! So sweet! I look forward to having to rescue my two new kittens from teh cowshe soon! I just got approved to adopt a brother-and-sister pair of 3-month old kittens!

  26. The couch and its voracious appetite MUST be stopped! How many more poor marmies will be sacrificed to this terrible beast??

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    victoreia and Michael: I get the most STUPID crap and stank crud in my in-box on a daily basis! No kittens. No puppies. No hedgehogs. No hamsters.

    Just boring stuff. *sobs*

  28. noramaria says:

    Why is it that I have the urge to put those paws in my mouth? They’re just so… fluffy. And floppy. And small.


  30. Queen of Dork says:

    noramaria: And delectable. And deelish. And yum.
    (nomnom…nom nom nom. nomomnom nom. nom. yum. nom)

  31. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Not a nuff-exactly-but I’m just picturing what those little claws are gonna do to that delicate upholstery! Especially as kitty grows up….

  32. Did this baby Marmie happen to wake up at all during this couch consumption?

  33. Ahahah! I love how he is still sleeping even after sinking into the couch! What a cutie!

  34. 260Oakley says:

    New category: Cats ‘n’ Cracks

  35. Or, Michael Claymore- the howwoh, the howwoh! (Elmer Fudd)

    Queen of Dork-we all needed a little Cole Porter this evening, thanks!

  36. Q of D: YES! I am absolutley giddy with newly-found oxygen! Thanks very much, Q o D!-still can’t type worth a damn, but breathing? I got it sooo covered!

  37. ROFL @ 260Oakley

    I feel for Mr. McCouchersons – I’m tempted to nom bebeh marmehs whenever I see ’em.

  38. Want!!

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: You’ll feel soooo better in a day or two! I’m happy that it’s happening already. Good for you! Here’s a stuffed animal to help. Please beep his nose as often as possible. I just saw some horrible stuff on TV on the news and had to come to the qte to make me feel better. It Worked!!

  40. a sleepy marmie kitteh always makes my day! too all of you peeps that are under the weather, stare at this kitteh, take a deep breath, imagine nomming various parts of kitteh (ears, toesies, belly-that-i’m-sure-is-stripey)…..see? don’t you feel better already..?

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    DogEared: Yep. That did it. I feel dandy!

  42. Look at that delicious marmie in the first pic. I just want to INHALE that little baby.

  43. super duper SQUEE!!

  44. Head’s up! (Though I have a sneaking suspeeshon that Marissa have have aided and abetted the couch.)

    Alas, soon this post will likewise slip between the cracks. 😦

  45. I can’t believe that little bitty kitty hasn’t even woken up!

    PS, is that from Rooms to Go Sarlacc line?

  46. AWW 🙂 I would gently move the sofa cushion and gently pick up the little orange tabby:) and then 😈 STUFF kitty inside my jacket and RUN away 😈 to give that kitty a loving home 🙂

  47. Resriechan says:

    Hey QoD — I”m online but only for about 5 minnits so checkout yer poisonal email — the inbox IS occupied !!! See ya there — unless your notes here are from “long, long ago”????

    Cute kitten. I”VE been swallowed by sofas very often. Nice thing is, they AREN’T painful !!!!

  48. Awwwww! Maybe marmiekitty is a cave kitty like mine – likes to find small dark warm spaces to snooze in.

  49. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    This reminds me of the Far Side cartoon about the La Brea Carpets.

  50. AWWW, Far Side!! I was DEVOTED to the Far Side!!!

    Favorite panel– whale swims up to microphone suspended from scientific-oceanographics type vessel, and sings “Ah Louie Louie, ohhhhhhhh, we gotta go!”

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Far Side was cool. What was that one with the dorky nerd girl who loved Jesus? She went to “One Way” meetings. (no, I’m not referring to myself)

  52. LOL, cats and cracks! No other kinds, pls.

  53. *snicker* couch-cleavage!
    Might be a stretch for “cats & couch-racks,” but I’ll play along for a laugh.

  54. bluemenro says:

    OMG!!!! That almost killed me. Sheesh, CO should put warning labels on stuff like this!

  55. berthaservant says:

    I love how the photog was prescient enough to get the “before” picture.

    I also want a calender that has this EVERY DAY.

    I worship our marmie gods.

  56. She looks just like my kitty! Well, when Kitty was little.

  57. All you have to do is view the photos in the opposite order, then it becomes a scene of a kitten-giving couch bearing fruit!

  58. Nothing between my couch cushions but fur and old doggie treats. *sulk*

    RoseyPosey: Much loves to your two new utterly adorabuhl kittehs!! Garbanzo and Soya. 😀

  59. omg what an adorable fuzzball!!!!!

  60. RosyPosey – your new kittehs are beautiful! And bless your heart for adopting FeLV-positive kittehs! Wishing you and them long happy lives together!

  61. Garbanzo and Soya??? KITTY BEANS!! Congratulations, RoseyPosey!

  62. @RoseyPosey…sending you beams of love and joy! Your new kittens are ADORABLE and you are FANTASTIC or adopting them!! They will have sooo much fun romping and playing on your cowche. Hooray for good people like you taking in kittehs. Makes a person feel good about the world.

    So I looked in between my couch cushions and found 298 cat toys, the doorway to Narnia, a 1979 Datsun 210, some (unfortunately not all) of my marbles, Christopher Walken, and
    seven swans a swimming.
    I really need to clean more often….

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    Saffron: You found the doorway to Narnia under your couch cushion?! Can I come over to your house?

  64. My kitties use to play in between the cushions. Was funny to watch. One would get down the other would jump at his head. Loved to watch them wrestle.

  65. Berthaservant in da house!!!

  66. Oh, I want to rescue eet! It clearly is a neglectimacated kitty and it needs to be saved from that cavalierly carnivorous couch!

  67. nuttin cuter than a wee kitty sleepering ~ look at his bitty pawsies

  68. marmie is a nomnomable potatuh! is why coush swallow!

  69. Shoomp!

  70. Rosey Posey’s kitties are cute! The boy kitty has a little bit more brown in his eye liner, otherwise they look a lot alike.

  71. LOVE that the kitty slept through the swallowing.

  72. Resriechan says:

    @ Saffron — Wait, Rewind !!

    That was MY 1979 Datsun 210!! No kiddin’ — It were kinda (ironically) a saffron color (kind of a dusty yellow) — Does it have a Florida license tag on it?

  73. AWW 🙂 I am so glad that you are able to adopt those kitties, Garganzon and Soya, RoseyPosey 🙂 Those two are going to be very badly spoiled rotten kitties, but don’t we all spoil our kitties rotten 🙂

  74. RoseyPosey says:

    My purpose in LIFE is to spoil kitties!

  75. Congrats Rosey! I recently adopted 2 brother and sister tabbies as well (though they’re definitely not shorthairs, ’cause their fur is getting floofier every day). It’s painfully adorable to have 2 kittens together so they can wrestle, wash each other and of course snuggle.

  76. couch potatoe

  77. quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. My cat used to do the first picture all the time when he was a kitten. He never made it ALL the way in to the cushion though. haha.

  78. Bat-Snake says:

    This reminds me of when I accidentally put my hand under my boyfriend’s butt XD ! I had a nasty headache and had barely eaten all day and I was looking for the space between the cushion of the couch where we were sitting on (cuz it’s warm and comfy). Well, my boyfriend’s mom comes to us and says “It must be warm there.”
    Me: Yeah…
    And then I realized what I was doing! Lolzy apologies follow.

  79. couch nom!

  80. gretchen feeser says:

    Isn’t this how Brad Pitt got his start?


    nape sleep nape sleep its a schedule

  82. GIGGLE 😆 I totally AGREE with you, RoseyPosey 😆 All of us have the ultimate goal in LIFE of SPOILING ROTTEN our kitties and other pets we have 😆

  83. cute and headless

  84. catloveschanel says:

    This has been happening to me ever since Daylight Savings Time kicked in. This kitten is way cuter though! Thanks Zoe for the send.