Worst Caturday EVAR

Damn hamsters are always ME ME ME!


Stephanie W., I hope things improve.



  1. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG–How KEY-UTE! And kitty couldn’t look any more perturbed.

  2. neighsayer says:

    LOL!!! ❤


  4. Love the little guy hanging on the kitteh’s ear! Not hamsters, though…baby gerbils?
    Whichever…priceless picture.

  5. Them there critters are GERBILS not hamsters! U need an Extreme Cute Overload Close Up of the tailios!

  6. peanutbutter says:

    looks more like one hamster and three gerbils!
    anyway, that kitteh does not look happy! haha!

  7. Poor kitteh is never gonna agree to babysit again.

  8. Yep, the tails are way too long to be a hamster tail. Those are definitely baby gerbils.

  9. All I can say is:

    The look on his face, the leetle hammies….the irony of it all.


  10. Oh my gawww

    teeeeeny tiiiiny critters teeeeeny tiiiiny pawses!

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    These must be gerbils ’cause they have long tails. This is soooo cute!! My cat was always scared of our hamster, Lulu.

  12. Yeah, hamsters don’t have long tails

  13. That is one patient kitty! He/she just needs to shake his head and instant airborne rodents!

    That being said, there is definitely a story behind this photo and gosh darnit I wanna know what it is!

  14. Hamsters? Or gerbils?

    Those are gonna be Lunchables!

  15. SamanthaM says:

    This photo was on ICHC a long time ago, and I saved the version I saw then. The caption said something like, “Got sent home. Sez I haz mice.”

  16. misscrisp says:

    This pic has a rather funny caption on ICHC, I’m compelled to share: “Got sent home. Teacher says I have mice.”

  17. just because they have long tails doesn’t mean they HAVE to be gerbils. Gerbils are not the only rodent with long tails. See rats or mice for further information.

  18. They look like MOUSES.

  19. victoreia says:

    [splort] Dang! Now I need to get a new keyboard……[wondering if I can get the tea out….]

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    biff: lunchabuls to what? Snakes? Zoiks!

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Kitty looks horribly inconvienced and harrassed and kind of…(yuck. do you mind?)

  22. I seriously love this. Especially the uber athletic one who dares to scale the cat’s ear.

  23. this is the best pic EVAR! i am saving this for when i have a bad day….i can say “at least i don’t have RODENTS crawling on me”…..i love the colors…all grayish with that bee-you-tee-full pink nose.

  24. ditto franzi! best picture EVAR!

    Meg, u deserve some kind of award.

  25. Most. Patient. Cat. Ever.

    Srsly, that kitteh deserves some major tuna rewards for being the gerbil jungle gym.

  26. …And that’s when he realized he had taken the wrong turn and wound up in New Hamster instead of Vermont.

    That is one PO’d looking feline. Just one question: How did the hamsters wind up on the kitteh in the first place — and are they still alive? (Okay, that’s two questions.)

    Just posted a new video of my fave feline, Felix, and a couple of other short funny feline videos (including the latest from the boys who brought us “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats”) in honor of Caturday! 🙂

  27. Mice are a lot smaller and rat tails are hairless – I’ve had two gerbils who had six gerbil babies. I know what they look like.

  28. A picture of the patient Saint Cattius, patron saint of rodents.

  29. Kanadadianana says:

    they look like mice to me. Gerbils don’t come that spotted pattern. Altho the one on the ear looks very gerbil to me. Maybe 3 mice and a gerbil?
    Former gerbil breeder.

  30. Definitely Photoshopped. Shouldn’t there be a note or something? Don’t fake the cute!

  31. All I see is noms.

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    I think they may be gerbils. And they’re sooooo cute. Maybe gerbils don’t usually come in that color but whatever they are…CUTE!

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m not so sure this is ‘shopped. I only say that because my daughter and I have seen our hamster (when she was still alive) climb around on SamKitty and he would have that same resigned expression on his face

  34. they’re not gerbils! They’re mcnuggets!

  35. “This IS my happy face…”

  36. Cat is thinking: Would you please look away so I can snack on these.

  37. victoreia says:

    Get these things off of me!

  38. victoreia says:


  39. LOL That is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time. That cat soooo deserves a reward!

  40. I think this cat is actually participating in some sort of endurance-based dare. It’s like when you test a dog’s training by placing a delicious sausage a few feet in front of him and giving the command to ‘stay.’
    If it *is* ‘shopped, it’s a very good ‘shop and totally cute, so there’s no reason not to include it!

  41. @J. Felix is awesome.

  42. “You’ve got headmice. Go to the school nurse”

  43. @Theresa: We think so. 🙂 Thank you for the nice comment!

  44. Sharonearth says:

    *explosion due to cuteness

    I love seeing a cat that won’t eat the tiny babies. I’m too scared to try with my kitties -_-;

  45. nuthin’ but a rat-race ’round here

  46. Peanut,s Mama says:

    OMG! How effing cute!!!! My Peanut would’ve snacked on them in a MINUTE! I love the right eye and how the footsie is squeeshing the lid down. What an expression!

  47. fish eye no miko says:

    I’ve showed this to someone who think it’s a photoshop, cuz he doesn’t think a cat would let something hang on his ear like that. Anyone wanna comment?

    For the record, Photoshop or not, I think it’s cute. ^_^

  48. omg he looks like my Teddy!!! http://www.twitpic.com/7n5uh

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    fish eye no miko and milk and stuff. and things happening, gestapo and crap raiding my house because I’m of the Jewish persuasion and stuff and things and things and stuff…………..

  50. MissKitty says:

    Incredibly cute… Makes me kinda nervous just looking at it though. Eep.!

    I agree it looks like one hammie (the one with the white stripe on the right ear) and the rest are gerbilys.

  51. SusaninMI says:

    Definish of “annoyed” . . can’t believe he didn’t eat any of them??

  52. SusaninMI says:

    lol @ headmice!

  53. The one on the right ear (our right, kitteh’s left) is using ear as exercise equipment! The one on the left (our left, kitteh’s right) has burrowed in and is making ear a bed. Those are very smart and resourceful little mice/gerblets/hammies/rats, and one verrrrrrrrrrrrrry dear, patient kit who deserves lots of love for not making hash (literally) of the wee ones he/she is obviously babysitting for their mother/father who needed a few moments out of the cage for a mani/pedi or something.

  54. Baby gerbils with eyes still closed: “Oh what a lovely warm carpet — a bit lumpy, but overall very snuggly. snorf snorf snorf” *eyes open* “Holy C$%&!!! Bob, Irv, Louise we must flee!!!!”

  55. Could all be gerbils. Gerbils can have white spotting. Unless it’s photoshopped it’d just be *weird* for one of them to be a hamster and the rest gerbils.

  56. wildviolette says:

    I know **exactly** how poor kitty feels.

  57. 😈 For our kitty, Dooley, those gerbils would undergo the dreaded POUNDING if any DARED to get on Dooley 😈

  58. Hahaha.. those rodents are so cute! Kitty is all like, “Dewd, sooooo never babysitting for Mr. & Mrs. Hammousgerbat EVAR again!”

  59. Aw, that poor cat hates life.
    My cat would hate life too if I tried to put rodents on her.

  60. Sara Howland says:

    Definitely mice! Love the comment “headmice”!

  61. Teh kitteh might be happier if she could perfectly time a yawn with a vigorous sneeze, and, you know. She’s still a cat. I’m jus’ sayin’.

  62. OMG bebbeh gerbs!! ❤

  63. bebbeh gerbils… I had black & white spotted ones about 15 yrs ago, and they had about a billion black & white spotted babies…

    I still have nightmares about waking up and having billions of gerbils to home…

  64. Jess&Friends says:

    If I had headmice I’d rub my head everywhere so they spread.

  65. I envy this kitty’s patience and self-control.

  66. Look at the little guy on the cat’s left ear. That’s some serious EHN action.

  67. “Jess&Friends 11.07.09 at 6:50 pm —-If I had headmice I’d rub my head everywhere so they spread.”

    Headmice for everyone!!

  68. Baby on the left pushing down kitty’s eyelid!

    Kitty is totally plotting revenge (against the humans).

  69. those be gerbs!! tails.

  70. @Fritters: slightly less irksome than head pigeons?!

  71. I coulda SWORE we had 5 gerbils…

  72. They’re gerbils, people. Follow this link: http://www.animalwebguide.com/Gerbil.htm They come in different colors, so note the first picture and the picture of the baby.

  73. Munchlette Belle says:

    That kitty is so not amused… But astonishingly tolerant. Those humans are awfully brave, letting their gerbil babies use kitty’s head as a jungle gym. (The one climbing kitty’s ear? lol!!!) Very cute…

  74. Definitely gerbils, people.
    Long tails with hair +
    Big back feet for jumping +
    Big heads with small, low-set ears =
    Bebbeh gerbils.

  75. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    I think they are mice. Baby mice.

  76. Felicityanne says:


  77. darkshines says:

    For the love of cogs, they are all GERBILS. They have HAIRY, LONG tails. Mice tails are BALD, hamsters DO NOT have them!

  78. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!



  79. glad im not the only one that spotted they werent hamsters as they had tails!
    cute picture:)

  80. baby gerbils carefully staying on those places of the head that a cat cannot reach with the tongue!

  81. @Dash — baby gerbils with their eyes still shut so they don’t know they’re on a cat! Or with their eyes shut in bliss? 😎 gerbil on ear “I think cats are very narrow and upstanding and flickery” … gerbil above eye “I think cats are very slippery, my right rear foot is slipping” … (remember the blind men with the elephant?)

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    (ahem) *sing to the Mama’s and Papa’s song Monday Monday.*

    Bunday, Bunday.
    So good to me.
    Bunday, Bunday it was all hopped up for me,

    Oh, Bunday morning, carrots and vegs looking at meeee,
    That Bunday morning it was just lettuce and me.


  83. “I knew I shouldn’t have had that last beer.” 😀

  84. janet2buns says:

    Hammies do SO have tails, they are just very stubbular. It is pinny gigs that are tail-less.

  85. Jenni Wren says:

    I think they’re gerbils- the one hanging off the ear definitely is.

    Having said that, hamster babies do in fact have longish tails- we had a number of hamsterinos when I was but a lass. I always assumed that the tail remains the same length throughout life, so it just looks like it’s getting shorter as the hamster gets bigger.

    Whatever they are, them’s damn cute.

  86. Obvy it’s Dr. deSoto and his assistants, doing a little work…
    “Frank ooo berry mush”, indeed!

  87. Courtney S. says:

    @janet2buns- It warms my heart-cockles to hear you say “pinny gigs.” I call my Guinea Piglet a pinny gig, and usually get very strange and/or confused responses.

  88. frank zappa had the same problem, only it was weasels, and they weren’t so gentle

    [I wrapped a newspaper ’round my head, so it looked like I was deep; I said some weasel-jumbo then, and told him he was goin’ to sleep… – Ed.]

  89. Was this on the kitteh version of “Fear Factor”? Not sure who was the contestant, though, the kitteh or the rodents. Rodents–easier than getting into the gerbil, mouse, hamster controversy.

    [Meg kinda uses “hamster” generically, yeah. Kinda like “hey dudes” – Ed.]

  90. Working on the Trojan Cat…..

  91. Emmberrann says:

    @Meg: Could this e submitted for CATegory of Qte “Impending Doom?” I’m worried about the fate of the gerblies. I’m just going on the experience of living with Floof Factory Picky. He wouldn’t sit still long enough for this to take place and for me to find my camera to shoot the pic. I can hear him now: “Mumble rowff, durned micie-rodentulous-mini-things, mumble, get off, I’m not yer taxi! mumblemumblemumble..where’s yer mama at?!?…mumblerumble…

    Entirely off the subject, has anyone else here in the northern climes noticing especially thick floofiness on their pet? Am wondering about a bad, COLD winter coming. Picky’s brush is very full these days.

  92. Emmberrann: YES! My four cats are getting very furry. I may have to find one of those old flowbe hair-cutting things they used to sell on TV. My persian-himalyan cat looks like a huge mop crawling across the floor. ( If she didn’t shed at the same time she’d be very useful.)

  93. I think that kitty is in some kind of NASCAR type race, and teency rodents are the pit crew.

  94. Yes, Abecadabbra (Killer)is starting a whole new phthpht – pthppth shed….

  95. rubber duck says:


  96. Queen of Dork says:

    Em: (sorry. I could not at this stage of cuteness watching babies on PBS type your whole name)

    I’ll keep an eye on SamKitty. Even though I live in the southern hemisphere. (He’s my baby boy! I totally adore and love him!)

  97. Kitty, you are looking at it the wrong way. There is a delicious feast crawling around on your face. It is the BEST Caturday evar!

  98. “We are not amused.”

  99. gravyboat says:


  100. Weird. I have four children, and this is exactly what they do to me.


  101. No cats furring up here in AB., but one Extremely fluffular pup, and a VERY fuzzy horse— who last year didn’t fuz up at all.(One of the worst winters the oldsters remember on this neck of the woods- )be afraid, be very afraid.

  102. I think that poor kitty is broken… :/

  103. if that is my cat,,all the rat/hamster/gerbil (not sure) must have been eaten~ huhu
    gud kittie =)

  104. That cat will never be able to look himself in the mirror again. Never.

  105. I think he is fired! LOL

  106. Baba hanging from the ear: EHN!!!

  107. poor lil kitty whats his lunch doing on his face? But those are gerbils.. I think the brown and white one is hamster though

  108. What a pussy!

  109. I just have to say, that is one beautiful kitty.

  110. Look like rats to me. This is so cute! Only if they’re rats though…Gerbils are not as cute as rats.

  111. What the?!? Why is he putting up with that?

  112. Gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats … I don’t care WHAT they are — they are rodents and the poor kitteh should not have to be subjected to this indignity/shudderingness. Hope s/he got a good SNACK afterwards.

  113. lol@ headmice and mcnuggets and kitty is broken! Awesome photo, need to save it to look at when I need a pick me up!

  114. One good “Here, Kitty-kitty” and the head swings and everyone falls to centripetal force! Wiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng! Maybe not.

  115. Heather Moon says:

    Those rodents look like baby degus (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Qpk-NqSqEa4/SCJrlCOsZ7I/AAAAAAAACao/VFI4uvDe-K8/s400/Degu+babies.jpg ). Although, I’ve never seen a degu with a white stripe before. They’re usually all brown (except for rare instances).


  116. EW! Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew!

  117. I lurve that kitten pirate!!!

  118. He is a peaceful kitty. The youngins love him.

  119. this photo needs to go with the saying:
    for sale – one useless cat

  120. Colonel Jenna says:

    I think they are baby mice. Some mice (and rats) have colored skin on their tails. I have had waaaay too many baby mice in my day and they look just like those little guys. In fact I had one looked like the striped baby, and I’ve had dark-furred mice with dark-colored tails. But I’ll buy the gerbil-theory too. At that age they all look a lot alike. Baby mice before their eyes open are slower than gerbils of the same age. I’ve seen more than one baby gerbil decide to hop across the aquarium *before* it’s eyes were open and smacking itself against the glass. Doesn’t slow them down a bit.

  121. those are TOTALLY mice people, come on :oD

  122. Paws and Claws says:

    When I first glanced at the picture I thought those where leeches! Thank goodness they’re not… that is adorable on so many different levels.

  123. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Paws and Claws: Well, they’re not paying rent, so I suppose in a sense they are leeches…

  124. Paws and Claws says:

    LOL! Yeah, I have some friends like that… poor kitty, I know how you feel 😦

  125. “Catgon take me away”

  126. Is there something on my head?

  127. the cat probrobly sprayed everywhere after this..revenge!

  128. Lol, silliest torture devise ever!

    Bad guy torturer: HAHAHAHA! Now tell us *information here* or we will take pictures of your humiliating suffering and put it all over the internet!
    Cat:…This is degrading, but this isn’t going to get the info out of me…

  129. lastminute says:

    how does anyone not think this photo is ‘shopped? whether or not mice or gerbils or hamster or whatevers would climb on a kitty or whether a kitty would let them or not, does no one else notice that the light on the cat is waaay brighter than the light on the hams/gerbils/meeces? it’s cute, but i hafta say, tewwwtally fake

  130. @lastminute- I think they ment it would look good photo shopped with a Tokyo city behind him to add to the destruction concept.

  131. People they are gerbils.
    They are not mice as mice have no fur on their tails
    They are not rats as rats have no fur on their tails and are much bigger than these fellas at this age.
    They are not hamsters because hamsters have very short tails and are more stout
    And they are not degus, because degus are much bigger than that. Degus are chinchilla sized, which if you don’t know is small rabbit sized.

    Gerbils have hair on their tails and have that body shape and they can come as a pied colouration, infact every animal can come in pied colouration.

    I also used to breed mice and they do not look like that.