We’re Not Even Touching This One

Sometimes, truth is funnier than fiction, so here’s sender-inner Kimberley H.:

This is little baby Rufi, our four-month-old chihuahua. He loves a bit of warmth, so when Nick my boyfriend called me from the bathroom to “show me something cute” I was initially a bit unsure… then lo and behold what do I see but Rufi nestled in the warm underwear nook!



[Can't touch this MCHammer clip]



  1. “I have something for you inside my underpants. You’ll like it. In fact, I can guarantee you’ll squee with delight…”


  2. Okay.

  3. So hilarious, and so so wrong.

  4. What’s scary – I have a cat that does that.

  5. I hate to repeat a comment but… Ay chihuahua!

    He really does keep it tucked in his shorts.

  6. All of my cats have done this. I’ve just never had the wherewithal to have a picture taken XD

  7. ButtaRumCake says:

    Well, um…..at least dude has nice looking feet *uneasy smile*

  8. ButtaRumCake says:

    *snerk* @ hovertext!!!!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Poor pup was caught short.

  10. HEHEHE.. my kitties used to do this when they were little too.. So cute.. plus they keep your feets warm and snuggly… now Misha just comes running when she hears the toilet flush.. she likes to watch the water go down.. weird.. and gross.. 🙂

  11. Jess&Friends says:

    I love the look on the pup’s face, he’s all like, “Don’t judge me!” I’m not judging you lil’ pup!
    I wish I could find a Chihuahua in my boyfriends underwear once in awhile : (

  12. Jess&Friends says:

    Ay. Love the Halloween party! I wish I could have been there!

  13. My family had a cat that did that with my dad. I miss her.

  14. Hahahahaha!! Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

    Awww, love that little pup looking all “aah, so nice and warm!”

  15. Chihuahua? Looks more like a Boxer.

  16. @jess & friends:


    i am worried about you!! (and i say that with all love!)

    if you don’t get help at charter…..please, get help somewhere…..

  17. oops, sorry–didn’t know you couldn’t C&P….jess, your comment about wishing you could find a chihuahua in your boyfriend’s underwear…..but maybe that was obvious…..

  18. Ah yes, NOW it’s Friday. Carry on.

  19. @TUM: choking and spluttering!!!! cough, cough, i have my morning OJ coming out my nose.

    haiku, anyone?

  20. My God! What did that man eat?!

    Our cats come and lay down in the tub when we’re “in there.” I guess it’s not a big deal to an animal that smells it’s friends’ butts all day!


  21. lol this picture just made my day, little chihuahua had luck the guy realized he was on his underwear before pull it up lol

  22. Tony James says:

    For those who are still looking for that perfect present for the holidays, The Guardian newspaper in England has some recommendations…

  23. Keep it brief, people! 😉

  24. writtenwyrdd says:

    A different take on “Nose-vember”!

  25. KIttehsMom says:

    Is that a Chihuahua in your pocket or are you just happy to see me???

  26. I love my puppy
    We sit and read together
    Careful, don’t flush him

  27. I agree with Blondie. I have a cat that does that. He is always trying to get into my pants when I am in the bathroom. We constantly have discussions about gentlemen getting in ladies pants :d

  28. I understand putting a ferret down one’s pants is all the rage in England but they got nothing on us, baby!

    USA! USA! USA!

  29. @Blondie: good!!!!! 😀

    is that a puppy or a poopy in his pants?

  30. Wow, it must be really warm down there. -shot-

    Yes, NOW it’s Friday.

  31. Jess&Friends says:

    Aquamarine, what else shoukd I be looking for in my boyfriends underpants?
    It’s only natural…

  32. doggabone says:

    My cats do this too
    They come running at these times
    How long did they wait?

  33. Rufi, do NOT look up!
    Don’t do it!

  34. Wahwahs always know the warm spots.

  35. @Katiedid…my cat also runs to look at the toilet when it flushes. For some reason he finds it fascinating! (My Newfies also come in the bathroom to hang out in the tub, even for a pee… way too big to try the pants thing! When you have pets… you never pee alone!) Gross… and cute.

  36. MissKitty says:

    lmao at so many of the comments. My kitty does this too. As someone else mentioned, though, I would never be brave enough to share the experience with the interweb. 😉

  37. SweetPandaLove says:

    I’m just like Katiedid , one of my cats Gypsy does then whenever I use the bathroom…and she likes to watch the water flush. Cats are cute…but weird sometimes, lol

  38. My kitty likes to sit on my lap when I am on the toilet – awkward!

  39. honeypants says:

    We had some dachshund puppies that did that to my dad when I was growing up 🙂

  40. Is it a Shih Tzu?

    Get it?

    GET IT!? 😉

    [Spelling corrected. Har. – Ed.]

  41. Rufi looks all flush with excitement. 😀

    Wow, what a pant load! *snicker*

  42. Von Zeppelin says:

    Don’t you people have DOORS on your bathrooms?

    [Yeah, I’ve kinda been wondering… – Ed.]

  43. Trabb's Boy says:

    I always buy the kind with wings. I didn’t know you could buy them with ears!

  44. lol – okay, this completely made my day!

  45. Funny, my full grown cat does the EXACT same thing to both my husband and me. . .animals are strage sometimes. Weirder still is the fact that she took this pick while her BF was on the pot. It definitely reduces the ‘cute’ factor!!

  46. Elisha B. says:

    Ummm, not sure how to say it, but the situation is NOT cute. The doggie is, maybe send pics of “appropriate” times of cuteness? (If there are any) but not when your pants are down 😦

  47. @ Jess & Friends: heh heh, um…well, er…… (shuffles from foot to foot, nervously avoiding eye contact) isn’t this lovely weather we’re having??? (brightly)

    @kasia: thanks for getting down on my level!

  48. @VonZep, doors are no protection from the Pet Chaperone. Dante does exactly this, too, except Dante weighs about twenty pounds. 😯

  49. @Cindy: Mine does too.

  50. Elisha, I beg to differ – the situation is hilarious, nothing gross is shown (except for those who take umbrage at find the sight of a toilet bowl, a sliver of men’s underwear and/or a man’s hairy calves) the puppeh is a cutie (I bet the BF is, too!) and there is something sweet about a couple so comfortable with themselves and each other that they can share the humor in the situation with each other and the interworld.

    Or maybe I’m just weird.

  51. My dachsie doesn’t quite go this far … but it HAS been almost five years since I’ve been able to pee without supervision.

    And, oddly enough, I’m fine with it.

  52. VZ – I’m not fast enough to get the door closed. Ie, with 11 kittehs in the house, someone is always nearby. Thank god the guinea piggehs are in a cage.

  53. LOVING all the puns!

  54. Heehee! My dog likes to waltz in when I’m, ah, ‘preoccupied’ and sit right in front of my knees until I shoo her out. It’s distracting to have big puppy eyes staring up at you at awkward times.

  55. Elise and Cindy – mine too! 🙂

    Elisha B., I was going to comment on the excellent job they did cropping the photo. Quite tasteful, IMHO!

  56. doggabone says:

    @Von Zeppelin: If I had concerns about the critters following me into the ‘loo, it wouldn’t matter if I closed the door anyway. They’re stubborn and desperate! They scratch, mewl, howl, body-check the door, thrust their reaching paws underneath … Oh yes, it’s all hilarious but eventually you submit. It seems to be important to them, and it’s not something I’m going to get my panties in a bunch about. 😉

  57. resriechan says:

    @ T.U.M.:
    My gift to you, to celebrate a weekend of punchlines & rimshots (I prefer the non-alcoholic kind of BOTH of those !)


    (credits: — I see no details at the webpage; & here at CO I’ve gleefully used it with such abandon since some brilllliante CO’er pointed it out, to me, that I’ve forgotten. But my guess, would be, that prob. have been Theresa or ArgyleD or skippymom …)

  58. resriechan says:

    ( I shoulda listed the following steps above, for full enjoyment)

    1) Activate/ press on the link
    2) WHEN THE PAGE fully lands, press your Mouse button on the
    GIANT RED BUTTON in the center of the screen.
    3) Enjoy.

    4) Repeat.

  59. doggabone says:

    @resriechan: He “signed” the webpage in the code: Scott Carver (http://scottcarver.info)

  60. charliewabba says:

    How come I never find one of those in my husband’s pants?

  61. I’m glad I’m not the only one here that has a cat that er…sits in my pants at “awkward”
    times. Being a bit twisted it always makes me laugh when I think about the obvious question I ask myself …. “How many other gals do I know that has TWO (insert proper word) in her underwear ” ????
    I guess this post answers THAT question. You all are the BEST support group !

  62. Aww, I had a Japanese Chin who would do that. I’d chase him out, but he’d do it again next time 🙂

  63. @VZ & Ed.: what doggabone said. (And if you’ve got something preventing the door from closing enough to latch, well…they know how to push the door open.)

    This kinda reminds me of a phrase from a book–one of the characters reflects on the facts of a two-female, two-feline household, and the open-door reality…..

  64. catloveschanel says:

    “Called me to the bathroom to look at something cute. Initially, I was unsure” lol

  65. @VonZep (and everyone else), these LOLcats kind of sum up the issue:

  66. KatieZientek says:

    Putting a chihuahua in your underwear is illegal in most parts of Mexico.

  67. @ Theresa – TOOOOOOO True !!!!!! What else could they possibly think after watching where the water goes ???

  68. Von Zeppelin-The door to my bathroom is hard to shut you have to use some force to get it to “click” shut. So my cats have learned to stand on two legs and push the door open.. and even when I do shut the door all the way.. she is there… waiting for me.. very creepy…. :-/

  69. what? those little doggies get cold!

    we used to call them feet warmers, but in this case I think they’re something-else-warmers…. 😉

  70. To the peeps who were asking about doors on your bathrooms – I *do* have a door, and I *did* try to close it once or twice. But my kitties caterwaul to get in. They can’t bear to have me in there all by myself! I think they feel like they have to supervise. Maybe they hope one day we’ll use the catbox, like normal people…

  71. I just hope the little guy doesn’t leave skid marks … 😉

  72. i have a 21/2 year old cat who, when he was young, loved to jump in my pants everytime i sat down on th toilet. it was the cutest thing to look down and see him looking up at me from my pant leg.

    Well, now he is a very big boy at 18lbs, and still tries to get down my pant leg. now not so cute, but kinda funny.

  73. Lol @ Trabb’s Boy.
    Von Zep- it’s just easier this way. Really. Repainting the door from all the scratching and gnawing… well, it adds up, you know.
    Yes, our “monster” Yorkie does this too, especially if everyone’s been out all day. He’s like”, Oh, no, you don’t. You’re not getting away on me that easy!!”

  74. Von Zeppelin says:

    The Schloss Von Zeppelin is no longer the home of cats (we are ruled here by Sam and Max, Freelance Dogs). Back in the day, I would occasionally enter the bathroom and, after locking the door securely, find one of our now-departed felines, Captain or Tash, lurking in a cupboard on the freshly-laundered towels. Usually, very little cuteness would ensue. I would be fixed with a gold-eyed glare and an expression that said, “Oh, great. Here’s one of the primates doing some disgusting act of personal hygiene. Hurry up. Begone. You disturb my serenity.”
    The dogs, thankfully, are noisy and visible enough so I can kick them out. And close the door.

  75. Am I the only one laughing because the dog’s name is Rufi?!

  76. I guess you had to be there. Ditto the *uneasy smile.*

  77. Mary (the first) says:

    I also have had cats that liked to be on my lap when I was ..sitting.. for any length of time in the bathroom. But none in my pants, that I recall… This is very cute though.

    Pup in underpants..
    Is this an “ankle biter”?
    Hope he doesn’t miss.

  78. Absolutely hysterical! I’m laughing so hard!

  79. resriechan says:

    Amelia: Right there, with ya !!! several hours ago …. only just got access to the terminal, tho’ ….

  80. Kind of icky–but actually, this is one of NTOMS’ classier postings!

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    Sometimes I sit on the toilet without closing the door. Well, my cat’s litter box is next to the throne (kind of nowhere else in my small house to put it) and every now and then, he’ll come in there and pee-pee in his litter box at the same time as I’m doing the same in the toilet. He’s like, “Oh, is it time to pee, mommy?” The weird thing about my cat though is that he won’t always be polite and cover his wet spot in the box with litter. He’ll just bound out of the box like demons are chasing him which is gross because he kicks up a bunch of litter onto the floor which I have to clean up.

    (I know…waaaaayyy too much info).

  82. My Philo ran into the bathroom one morning when I was using the facilities, horked up a hairball, and then glared at me. I felt so judged.

  83. Justahannah says:

    My ferrets love to do this…they have to climb through the pant leg first (in at the ankle, out at the crotch) before curling up. Attempts to climb through the pants while worn aren’t so successful but still made. The cats prefer to sit on the back of the toilet and gaze lovingly at the bathtub tap…apparently the best water comes from there. Bathroom time is never alone time.

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    All: I just went back and checked out the pic again. Sorry about THIS little observation. (Ed. feel free, of course to delete this) but, as boyfriend is sitting down…and guys only do that for one voiding purpose, I bet when girlfriend came in to snap the shot the bathroom didn’t smell so…nice. Weeellll…they’re not called “stinkies” for nothing.

  85. My Yorkie does this to my dad on cold days! Mom calls it “getting in Paw-paw’s basket”. I thought she was the only one!

  86. I have four chihuahuas, and 3 of them do this. One of the cats will do it too. I totally thought it was a normal thing, too. My littlest one fell asleep in there one day (don’t ask) and I forgot she was there. Thank the gods for loose pants, because I ended up shaking her out my pant leg.

  87. Dobermama–you put your chin in your pants? Where you put your…never mind.

  88. My dog doesn’t sit in my pants, but she likes to bury bones in my laundry pile, which has been known to lead to chunks of rawhide spilling out of my pants at the laundry. But hey, this is New York, no one even looks twice.

  89. ButtaRumCake says:

    @Noelegy – thank you for the early morning guffaws!

    I loved the movie “Ratatouille”…my favorite scene was when the fat rat scoffed down a wee morsel from the chef rat (can’t remember names right now – no cawfee in the system…) then the chef rat says “don’t just HORK it down!!”

    Your line “horked up a hairball” actually caused me to throw my head back and truly laugh out loud!!

  90. @Theresa:
    This reminds me of a Moldy Peaches (movie “Juno”) song:

    You scrunch up your face and do a little dance,
    Shake a little turd out of the bottom of your pants,
    I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else…..but you

    [so THAT’S why I never got the soundtrack; knew there had to be a reason – Ed.]

  91. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    I hope he washed his hands and puppy afterwards!!

  92. @ Editor: Loses something in typed translation for sure….wish I knew how to attach a clip for yur listenin’ pleasure!

    It’s actually such a greeeeeeaaaat soundtrack! If you like a folky, sometimes-not-quite-hitting-the-note kinda voice…..

  93. Bow chi-ka hua hua!

    (Well, nobody else was saying it.)

  94. I don’t think I would’ve “B.V.Deed” him. either, KimberleyH…*chi chi chi!*

  95. “FETCH!”

  96. cheweysmom says:

    my chew monster is way to big to sit in my pants but he likes to come in when im on the pot and rest his head in my pantys, likes it is a hammoc for his head. then he looks at me with his eyebrows raised as if to say “done yet? time to pet me!”

  97. PS The above Theresa is not me– so she might be Not That Theresa The Other Theresa.

  98. Queen of Dork says:

    *sing to the Christmas song, Silver Bells*


    It’s Caturday in the morning.
    (hear the kitties playing)
    Please! Give them their cat-nip toys!

    See the kitties, pretty kitties
    Running to and run fro
    It is time to feeeeeeed little kitties
    (hear their collar bells go)
    ring-a-ling…hear them ring!…
    Soon they will scratch out your eyyyeeeesss!

  99. Queen of Dork says:

    *continued in the tune of Silver Bells* (this is what happens when you leave me up to my own devices)


    Little hamsters
    Pretty hamsters
    Running tube after tube
    In the air there’s a hummingbird flying,
    (hear the hedgehogs singing)

    Hamster boys
    Hamster girls
    Soon it wll be Kitties daaayyy!

  100. gross.

  101. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, some cosmologist speculate that there may be multiple Theresae throughout the alternate dimensions of the space-time continuum. Some may not even like cute animals or classical music (it’s like the Evil Spock with the goatee).

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s futile to resist the power of the species Theresae Fallopious Tubeuliae Utireneious stuff and things.

  103. @Queen of Dork: You can’t say for certain if the guy was taking a crap or not. Not all guys stand up to pee, some like to sit. My boyfriend sits down to pee unless he’s in a public restroom, then he uses the urinal. He’s got a piercing down there so it’s easier if he sits because he can make a mess otherwise.

  104. Queen of Dork says:

    Mary: Oh. I did not know that. 😦

  105. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. Mary: You can tell how much exposure I have to the other sex, huh? *pathetic. sigh* Oh well.

  106. jamesgville says:

    mexican always goes right through me too.

  107. My cat never gives a moment of peace to restroom users. If you close the door, she pushes it open and proceeds to either chase her tail in the tub, climb into and play around the pants-around-the-ankles, or…no joke…lay down on the very captive lap.

    And I have to: “My God! What did that man eat??? A feast of cute??!!??”

  108. Hope he doesn’t put his pants on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  109. I have pictures of my husband with three kittens in his pants while doing his business. They are grown kids now and still enjoy visiting him in the bathroom but no longer get in his pants.

  110. Awww, it’s so tiny and cute!

    (I’m referring to the chihuahua, of course) 😉

  111. hahaha dogs like the oddest places!

  112. Ohhh, I dunno, pup seems… content in there LOL

  113. I have a chihuahua who did the same thing as a baby! Even now, she will sometimes follow me in and try to get up on my lap when I’m in there. Anything for a snuggle.

  114. Ah my dog used to do that when he was a pup!… of course, he was smaller than a slipper back then 🙂

  115. My great dane/ lab mix tries to do the same thing! He thinks he’s little dog but, reality bites!

    [“We’re gonna need some bigger pants.” – Ed.]

  116. hahahaha he looks just like my chihuahua!!!

  117. Maybe he’s like Ren from Ren & Stimpy. You know, Ren had a collection of celebrity undergarments, until Stimpy ruined them.