Cubicle of Unfathomable Awesomeness!

We’ve all seen them, envied them:  They are the Cubicles of Unfathomable Awesomeness, beacons of style in the soulless sea of the modern workplace.  Is your cubicle unfathomably awesome?  Look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Multiple pages from the Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar, the only calendar specially formulated to melt away those stressful brain cells.
  • The almost-nearly-completely-as-cool calendar for the ASPCA!
  • Pen. (Pens rock!)
  • Telephone with more buttons than the Millennium Falcon.
  • Web browser open to Google Analytics, bringing instant karmic enlightenment to statistics junkies.

And the crowning touch, the crème de la cool…

Photo 1

  • Puppy in your in-box!

Bonus points if it's a boxer in your in-box.

Cool pup + cool job = cool you, Ayumi S.



  1. I definitely could use one of these, or maybe a few.

  2. To Do:

    Hmm… let’s see.
    1. Finish the TPS Reports that were due yesterday.
    2. Schedule a meeting for next week to review project.
    3. Wait… what’s this one? Who put this in here? …..

    ….. 4. Um, give Rex daily snuggles (Thanks Rex)

  3. What a wee little pup! He’s as big as the phone!


  4. *scans classifieds earnestly*
    Gosh, I hope that a position at the Cuteoverload office in the Los Angeles area opens up soon….

  5. Is that a little whippet puppeh? Looks like my Daisy…

  6. looks in Inbox… Signh No Puppy…. where oh where has my little dog gone?

  7. Marty's Mom says:

    Sooooo jealous! I want my puppies to sit on my desk NOW! (said in the tone of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka)

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    There is nothing cute in my inbox. Trust me on this. NOTHING CUTE!

  9. Yeah, my first thought was actually, oooh, Google Analytics, only then — oooh puppy. I am such a geek D:

  10. I wish I could bring my kitteh to work. I always tell her she should come and shred papers for me.

  11. Want da puppeh. Hand over da puppeh. Looks like a babeh pit bulleh.

    My babeh Boston was smaller than that but not by much when we got him.

  12. I have no idea what Google Analytics is but I would like to work in this magical place where you can bring your pets to work and snorgle whenever you like!

  13. where’s the swingline stapler?!

  14. WIN! Winwinwinwinwin! And @jen…the RED swingline stapler.

  15. There’s nuthin but work in my in-box. I feel so cheated! 😦

    One day I was allowed to bring my Lily (chihuahua) to work for a visit. The building doesn’t permit animals so I had to smuggle her in under my coat. Once turned loose she proceeded to divest herself of poopage in the boss’ office. Thank goodness she left it right in the open and not under his desk where he would’ve found it before I did. *phew*

  16. I personally enjoyed the staring contest between the woman and the cat in the ASPCA calendar. Someone’s about to get their face pounced.


  18. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t have an Inbox, but if I did, I’m pretty sure it would be full of boring junk. And no puppeh.

    I don’t even have a bacon of style on my desk…

    (Yes, it’s lunch time. Why do you ask???)

  19. What’s funny is, the calendar pages on the wall are the same ones I have on my cube wall…!

  20. (yeah I know that definition is a wee bit outdated, oh well)

  21. MMmmmm, elements of style… [drool]

  22. Looks like a Pit Bull (a/k/a American PeeBoo Terrier) puppeh to me, too! Squee!

  23. Oh MY LORD!!! S T I N K I N’ cute!!

  24. Stinkin’ neat, too. I envy that desk for more reasons than one.

  25. PS: My money’s on it being a baby whippet or Italian greyhound. They can curl up into tiny balls.

  26. KIttehsMom says:

    But the puppeh sleeps in my inbox!!!! How can I get to that report??? That’s why my out box is emptah!!!! Silly boss man!!

  27. @AuntieMame and/or Theo: Bacon of style? What did I miss?

  28. AuntieMame says:

    @skippymom You didn’t miss anything.

    I was reading too quickly and I’m tired and blurry this morning, so that’s how I misread “beacons of style.” 😀

  29. Oh, OK, thanks. I was straining to puzzle out some connection/joke about Strunk & White, and Wilbur the pig, and, um, well, never mind.

  30. Righteous work station!

  31. My co-workers tease me for my wall of cute…thank you NTMTOM and others for your evidence that I am not alone! And while my co-workers are ready to kill their attorneys, I can take a deep breath, look at July 29, Sept 3, 10, & 22 and relax.

  32. LovesDogs says:

    My vote is: Baby Bullie in the in-box. I want the baby bullie.

  33. I especially appreciate the bullet points. It’s the best way to share information.

  34. *gasp*

    I’m stuck here in my blue-grey cube, its raining and grey outside, there is still 1/2 day of work left and then you go and put THIS on Cute Overload?!

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you!

  35. I am very blessed to be able to bring my dog to work. He has a dedicated bed and doesn’t have to sleep in the inbox. (Note: I don’t actually have an inbox.)

    And this little guy is adorable!!

  36. Hmm
    CO Calendar, Check.
    Pens, got ’em
    Browser open to Cute Overload, That’s got to count for something right?
    Checks In Box.

  37. I vote for bully/boxerbully mix, too. Only cause this little dude/dudette looks exactly like mine, down to the face and toe white marks, though mine’s now 10 years old and decidedly too big to curl up on my desk. 😀

  38. I want my dogs on my desk too!! ummmmmm I’m gonna need a bigger desk for my weim and poodle

  39. Hehehe.. I have Carlos Muffin on my desk too, along with a select few.They all stay under that plastic thing that is supposed to protect the desk from… me… I guess…

  40. one rockin’ desk, e-mail to self: get puppeh for inbox

  41. Incase anyone is wondering the select few.. (forgot to put them up before hitting submit) June 17, May 7, February 25, January 23, and September 1… and waiting for December 30th!!!

  42. Why can’t this be MY cube?????


  43. When I brought my Sib Husky to work once (on a weekend) she, thank god, did not poop in prez’s office, but, hehe, I love this one, she took a nap on his couch.

  44. I wanna put a sweater on that thang. Hey, it’s November and Italians are known for being sensitive. Plus, it’s a baby!

    I intentionally don’t have an “in” basket at work. This could be a mistake. If I get one, will a puppy show up in it?

  45. BTW, does the pup wake up when the phone rings?

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Kar, the pup ANSWERS the phone when it rings. “Good afternoon. Ms. Organized-Desk’s inbasket. How may I direct your call?”

  47. If the owner of this cubicle has any decency, the phone’s ringer is off! When a puppeh is sleeping in your inbox, you can’t let the phone ring or make a bunch of noise with your electric stapler. To hell with productivity, there’s a puppeh in the inbox!

  48. Is it just me or does this qualify for the “This Just In” tag?!

  49. Pre-2002, during the bubble days this was my existence: pets at work, going to yoga during 2 hour lunches, etc. Glad some people can still do that.

  50. It almost makes me want to work in an office – almost.

  51. paranoiagirl says:

    Sadly, “pup-in-your-inbox Friday” never caught on the way “casual Friday” did. I’m going to lobby for it though!

  52. resriechan says:

    A Editors: in re Lalaith (above)

    We want “this just in”! We want “this just in!” We want “this just in!” (etc, etc.)

    The Peeps Have Spoken
    (Quietly, so as not to wake Mr. Puppeh).

    Conduct yourselves Accordingly !

  53. resriechan says:

    @ paranoiagirl: I’m gonna go ahead & do this so no one else needs to worry about gettin’ R done:

    “So, are you going to lobby, from insidethe Lobby?”


    (*MORE* crickets)

  54. paranoiagirl says:

    resriechan, would that be like metalobbying??…or not, it’s friday, I need to get out of here and snuggle a puppy.

  55. resriechan says:

    @ paranoiagirl:

    (Channeling Spock): “Your description of metalobbying DOES seem, to be a logical end-result….”

    “Da**it, I’m a Doctor, Jim!!!”

  56. Awwww, he/she looks EXACTLY like my baby girl Domino! All that’s missing is the white kneesock. Definitely made me tear up a little 🙂 She’s a boxer/bully mix, so I’m going to call that mix for this adorable little puppeh as well. I wonder how long after this pic was taken did the baby wake up and subsequently destroy that orderly inbox 😀

  57. Step 1: Cut a hole in the box…
    Step 2: Put your pup in that box!

  58. AAAHH
    I want to work in a place where people can bring in pups and/or kittehs. My job would be SO MUCH MORE AWESOME with furry fun.

  59. Puppy in your inbox? Life would be sweet.

  60. I believe it is a girl.

  61. *forms a conga line and chants:*

    “Pup-py-in-your-in… BOX! Pup-py-in-your-in… BOX!”

  62. I love the wee glimpse of velvety puppy belly we’re getting. Dude, cube farms would be SO MUCH MORE AWESOME if they came equipped with puppies for your inboxes like this little brindle beauty.

  63. victoreia says:

    *sniff* I never get stuff like that in my inbox! [pouts][puppy-eyes]

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Kar (#44): You may be onto something there. hmmmmm. Maybe if I get rid of my in-box, people will stop putting crap in there. I certainly have yet to have anyone put a sweet animal in it. dang it.

  65. earlybird1 says:

    I want a puppy in my inbox! I want one! Why must I be plagued only by papers and unwanted meeting agendas?? CURSES!

  66. Ok I am at 2nd job, a non profit I volunteer at and was looking around the office for a calendar earlier, no calendars in sight.
    Guess what they’re getting from me for Christmas.

  67. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: *QoD beeps Metz’s nose cyberally* (he-he).

  68. Angelbeast says:

    It is SUCH a pitty that this pitty isn’t here for me to nom on!

  69. What an adorable pup! Every in box needs one! That reminds me, Eons ago when I was in high school there was a teacher who would sneek her chihuahua into her classroom every day! To my knowledge no student ever told on her! So even back then qte ruled!!!!

  70. Carol Anne says:

    I believe that this adorable pup is actually a Chihuaua

  71. I need a new job.

  72. That’s what’s missing from my job….

  73. @kittykye…remember to put the cover sheet on the TPS report. Did you get the memo about that?

    Um, excuse me, but the computer should show a Powerpoint presentation, and there should be binders of handouts of the Powerpoint presentations done at the program/business review meetings (you know, the ones that take all day but are OK because you get free beverages and snacks at them?).

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    NTMTOM said, “Pen. Pens Rock” He-he! Hail to Geekdom, just around the bend and over the river from the land of Dork.

  75. EEK! *Keels over, dies and goes to C.O. Heaven.* That pup is beyond coot.

  76. Queen of Dork says:


    *Pink Floyd…again*

    Hello?, (hello, hello) *echo-y*
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone home?

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    *more Floyd*

    When I was a child,
    I had a kiittty!
    His name was “big fat, Fat Albert”
    I tried to pet him on the chin…

    He clawed my eyes out…it wasn’t preeetttyyy,
    This is not how it ends.

    IIIIiiiiiiii have become, comfortably numb!

  78. Boston Bull and Chi Mix!

    My girl is a Boston/Chi Mix, she loves to curl up in a little ball, has short but soft fur, 4 white socks and a tail that wags nonstop. Puppers de Cupcake is a lick-o-saurus too!

  79. Is that a Cisco VOIP I see? 🙂

    [Avaya, actually; an old workplace of mine used them. Now, our phone consoles weren’t quite as nice & new as THIS one, but it’s VOIP, yeah. Good stuff, too; very easy for folks like me to install & configure. – Ed.]

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Cubicles. I have not had a vacation since Dec. of ’08. Since Wednesday is a Holiday, I decided to take Mon and Tues off for a little vacation time. I’m off. But I can’t stop thinking about work. (what did I forget to do before I left? what will be waiting for me when I return?). Good Lord. Help me. At least when I go back on Thursday there had better be a hedgehog or something on my desk.

  81. WendyPinNJ says:

    I have no doubt that is a pit. It’s the head that gives it away–for me,anyway. Cuteness!!!

    Eons ago I worked for the ASPCA in NYC and there were always animals in offices. Most of the staff fostered animals–all kinds of animals: cockatoos, snakes, hawks and your run-of-the mill kittens and puppehs too. Don’t know if I ever had a puppeh in my inbox, but I bet I had a kitten or two!

  82. I want to bring my pupper in to be a desk puppy, he weighs 110pounds, but that’s ok. Right?

  83. @Cy — you’re gonna need a bigger desk

  84. I too think he is a pit bull pup.

    I, for one, vote that we stop calling them “pit bulls” and start calling them “pibbles”. It sounds ridiculous to say that you don’t want to adopt “one of those vicious pibbles” so maybe they would get more happy homes.

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. This is probably gonna make people mad at me but…I think pit bulls are kind of scary. (ducks and runs)

  86. Pens are cool- I think the people at Staples know my name by now-I can’t drive by the place, it is like a candy store: “OOOOOOOO-look-new Post-its!” Luckily I get to buy mechanical pencils for the orchestras, so I do get some satisfaction (cue Mick Jagger, please) dat daaaaaaaaaaa de de dah daaa de dat dahhhhhhhh- did I ever tell you, that my first sewing machine made the sound of the first chord of I Can’t get No, (Satisfaction). I loved that machine, I always felt so, oh, tough while sewing. True. I still have hold out hopes that our brilliant scientist find the technology so I can get it fixed without sacrificing the chord…(we can rebuild him)….what was this picture again? Oh, Ok, vaguely appropriate, then….

  87. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: Okay. You’re going to totally dig this. Part of my daily job is….BUYING OFFICE SUPPLIES!!

  88. Von Zeppelin says:

    Katrina, you buy mechanical pencils for the orchestras? I’d like to audition–I play baritone mechanical pencil. (Bet I make first chair)

  89. Queen of Dork says:

    Sing to Edelwies: (I think that’s how it’s spelled. Too lazy to Google. You know. That song from The Sound of Music)

    Post-it notes,
    Post-it notes
    you are sticky and pretty!
    Blue and pink, yellow, green,
    You are stuck on my finger!

    Ever so sticky I write on you….
    Make a note forever….

    Post-it notes,
    Post-it notes
    You make things so much

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. This was probably one of the dumbest things I ever wrote. (But I really liked it)!

  91. Persephone says:

    It says sad things about me that my immediate reaction was “ooh, I love Google Analytics!”