THIS JUST IN: Vanity Fair is Addicted to Cute

I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON Will the world eventually sour from too much cuteness? This just in: Jim Windolf’s article “Addicted to Cute” just hit the magazine racks! It’s all about America’s love affair with Robert Pattinson all things cute. We got like, a quote in there! About squealing! [Head tilt eyes crossed]

Check it out…




  2. “The popularity of Cute Overload [. . . ] reflects a growing self-infantilization that is also in evidence at the social-networking site Facebook, where countless subscribers have posted photos of themselves as babies on their profile.”

    OMGosh this person needs a pasickie and a puppeh to cuddle.

  3. resriechan says:

    Meg, dear:

    Will your mommie be proud of the Major Media Exposure of her little gal’s business success; or of the Squuuuuuuuueeeeees?


  4. “bun-buns”?

    i don’t recall this being a popular snorglish word…

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I can think of another reason to use a baby picture in one’s Facebook profile. Shielding one’s privacy by not revealing to strangers what one looks like currently.

    And with that out of the way… WTG MEG!

  6. @kat I second the ? on “Bun-Buns”. 😕

    I also think that the author of that article needs 2 look beyond the initial “cuteness” of the photos and realize what a rich world of sophisticated adult humor we have here.
    (Hides threads with mentions of Boobies and Wangs under the carpet)

    And I must add a “WHOOT” to Cute Overload for the mention and to Meg for her quotemaking!

  7. nancy wisser says:

    Congrats, Meg! I think this fellow misses the point. I think teh Qte restores our faith in the world. That kitten isn’t faking or lying or selling us something. He just IS. Cute. It’s real (except when it’s shopped!). It makes us feel good for a moment in world when we have to be on guard against everything and everyone else. It reaches down and reminds us of the good part, the soft part, of our hearts, which otherwise we have to shield.

    Yay–for the anerable and the prosh!

  8. but I like our little argot ~

    especially when Meg does ze Franche akzen!

  9. God, that article made me want to barf. “During the Bush years, the American image went from that of protector to invader, [….] It stands to reason that popular cuteness came about as some sort of correction, as a way for us to convince ourselves and our friends that we’re not as bad as our recent national actions have made us seem.” Oh please, give me a break. Kittehs are cute. Bun buns are cute. Babies are cute. Absolutely nothing to do with politics. When I *squeeeeee* at a baby elephant sneezing, I’m certainly not thinking about my national image, or feeling the need to make up for any social guilt. The writer needs to get a life, and embrace the cute!

  10. “self-infantilization” somebody’s been reading Brave New World lately…
    ..and I’d like to second the request for some reedeculus fronch akzonne in an upcoming post!

  11. Yes, Nancy is right. People come here for a lift in spirits. There’ve been many people who visit here who are dealing with sickness or troubles and those “bun buns nomming” help them emotionally. I remember specifically a woman fighting cancer posting here and thanking Meg for this blog.

  12. S Presedo says:

    Go Meg!

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Self-infantilization? From a magazine with a sparkly vampire on the cover???

  14. Yeah, Mr. Windolf is thinking way too much. And from the article:
    ” :(…
    That’s me crying over the depressing rise of cuteness.”

    Puh-leez. Someone needs to get over his own coolness.

    In spite of that, though – yay Meg!!!

  15. YAY Meg!!!!
    If this brings the world to CO, then it will be a happier place. It certainly has helped brighten my otherwise craptacular year, so let me take this opportunity to thank the mods, people who send submeeshuns and the awse people who post here.
    Keep the kittehs, puppehs, nosehances and bunnular fun coming!

  16. Oops – that was supposed to be a little sideways frowny face with tears (colon, open paren, three dots) but WordPress turned it into a yellow face

  17. 😆 Methinks this hovertext is DEFINITELY not Teho’s doing.

    [It’s like you know me. – Ed.]

  18. @ArfArf: I’m with you. This writer needs to hit this site on a daily basis so he can get his head out of his arse…

    Congrats to Meg for getting some awesome exposure!

  19. ant man bee says:

    Well, I started reading this article and came to bit about how interest in cuteness reflects growing infantilization of the culture, and I thought, yeah? So? You gotta problem? I’ll infantilize you, pal…

    And I then I was going to read more but I saw that the article is 5 PAGES long and I thought, oh noes, that’s so BORING, where are some more pictures of kittehs and bunbuns?

    In conclusion, I believe I have adequately refuted the thrust of this magazine article.

    (he said ‘thrust,’ hurr hurr)

  20. “Will the world eventually sour from too much cuteness?”
    Cuteness has redeemed the world from sourpusses like that author.
    And nothing brightens my day like seeing the words, “I lof you so moshe”… and/or a smiling baby sloth. Preferably both. So there.

  21. Me crying over the depressing rise in cuteness. . .

    😛 <—- me laughing at this statement!

    How can this rise in cuteness be so depressing! LOL

  22. The article hurt the ADD center of my brain. Having said that, the mention of Weezer moves me commit a threadjack to
    YouTube – Animation: Ferret dance (A series of tubes)

  23. Oh, sorry, didn’t work.

  24. Vanity Fair articles = Thundering word avalanches

    Mr. Panda was teh cute!

  25. misscrisp says:

    Power to Teh Qte™!! I found the article interesting but mostly I’m thrilled for Meg and more exposure! Woot.

  26. I think that I’d rather look at cyute kittehs rather than mr sparklypants anyday.

    Congrats Meg!

  27. It looks to ME like somebody has bought into the patriarchal hegemony and it’s valuation of sterility in entertainment- ie that the only acceptable entertainment is where someone subjugates someone else and/or someone is “punished” (often physically) for failing to adhere to societal norms*.

    Cute Overload is an affirmation of the continuance of Life (particularly in the idealized form of baby animals) and of Joy (everything else cute) against the overwhelming power of entropy, alienation and angst. Such a valuation of Life and Joy is (erroneously) considered feminine and is, therefore, derided by those aligned with the patriarchy.
    *or if someone farts, but that’s irrelevant to this discussion.

    /Suck on that Mr. Crankypants.

  28. You go, Ellen W!!! In other words, writer dude thinks he’s too macho to like Cute!
    My first reaction, though, was to the picture of vampire dude, “yeah, he IS cute”, before I realized the article was about something else…….
    I absolutely 100% agree that our liking for cuteness is an affirmation and a celebration of life, badly needed in these times. In all times, really.

    Regarding the term “bun-bun”, well I’m pretty sure that came from ME, since I did name my rabbit Bun Bun (well, nicknamed…)
    Congratuations Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, Prongs & everyone (chief officer sister, etc) and keep the cute work!

  29. Oh I see Meg & I think alike. “I love you Robert Patterson” too!!!

  30. Dude. I’m just sittin’ here enjoy The Cute. End. Thanks for CuteOverload, Meg! 🙂

    And Mr. Crankypants should take a chill pill. T_T; Man, if my life didn’t have ANY CUTE, I’d be one heck of a depressed person. I need my cute in massive doses and sometimes I really wished the World could be immersed in The Cute. But yeah, that would cause problems, huh?

    I guess it would be no-go to ask Mr. Crankypants to watch a Maru video, huh…

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    My goodness. I think I know what might be wrong with Mr. Crankypants. His blood sugar levels have plummeted causing him to be grouchy because he skips his lunchabuhls. And also he may need to have a monkey nom his ear and hug his head.

  32. We will never sour on cute because we need cute to combat all of the ugly and horrendous things in this world. Seriously, I sometimes get so overloaded with bad and depressing news I forget that there are still beautiful (and cute) things in this world.

  33. “Harris’s linking of cuteness and sadism applies to the famous “Hahaha” video: the baby may be cute on his own, but the clip heightens his vulnerability by presenting him more or less trapped in a high chair and reduced to a hysterical powerlessness by his father’s sly utterances of “Bing” and “Dong.” ”

    I actually couldn’t tell if that was a joke or not, but either way it made me lol.

    Also, congrats to CuteOverload and Meg on making it into Vanity Fair 😀

  34. victoreia says:

    Obviously, Mr. Cranky-Head wasn’t listening to the doctors sayin’ Laughter is the Best Medicine!

    And, Paunchie, you’re absolutely correct: this guy definitely needs a paw-sickie!

  35. victoreia says:

    Follow-up: I decided to try reading the rest of the article. Somebody’s been over-thinking things again, psycho-analyzing the Qte. (“…It’s almost enough to make you nostalgic for Dick Cheney.” Really?!?!?)

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    victoreia: Aren’t you glad you are not the person who thinks that way? I know I am.

  37. Cute is not a fad. It is here to stay. Just look at Japan (as mentioned in the article). It’s been in a “cute-phase” since WWII and it’s just as strong now as ever. The Japanese are NEVER going to give up the cute and I don’t think the western world will either (barring some major societal change, of course).

  38. freetomato says:

    I’m a VF subscriber so I’ll read it in its entirety when I get it in the mail. From what I can tell that dude needs to lighten UP. When I am stressed a “slice of cute” is just what I need. I’ve turned numerous friends onto this site and they all love it (and many of them are macho guys – cops, airmen and soldiers). I’ve learned some really perfectly descriptive words – when I tell my husband I am going to nom our puppy’s blorp he knows exactly what I mean. When I say “ehn!!!!” he knows I can’t reach something and he helps me. It is quite useful actually.

  39. Five pages to refute the cute? It only takes one little photo of a moist kitteh nosicle or furry bunnular ears to topple his every word.

    Congrats, Meg, and I am betting that Mr. Tight-Tocks takes his laptop into the closet every night to peruse Teh Qte!

  40. Mr Crankypants needs to remember this phrase:
    “Be a fountain, not a drain”

  41. well said Jessy….one innocent looking pup (wha..?) in a pile of shredded paper is all it takes for me to smile.

  42. rob pattison is cute? well, you should see his blog, he’s a rough character. i’ll stick to the cute animals, thank you.

  43. Imao. I didn’t make it past the middle of the first page- enough of that!! “…part of a broader cultural movement defined by a special fascination with all things cute.” Because no one liked cute before we sent soldiers to the middle east. *sadly shakes head*

    I’m happy for CO, a mention in VF is an awesome achievement. Even if the trendies do fear the cute. How fun is that? Perhaps afraid fat little puppehs and kittehs and babays will give people a positive self image. 😀

  44. I know I’m old because when I look at Rob Patterson all I see is Edward Scissorhand’s hair. I’m thinking: Can’t something be done with that?!!

  45. Bouviegal says:

    Mr. Windolf’s got his grump on. Somebody needs to introduce him to Maru and then have him go back and re-write that infantile artcle.

  46. pipsqueek says:

    Congratulations Meg.
    I am a daily visitor, but this is my first post. Mr. Crankypants got me so upset with all his ugly words that I hopped like a bun-bun-bunny over here as fast as I could. I do believe I’m feeling better now. I think this is great publicity for the site, though, and hope you are very proud of yourself Meg for garnering such high falootin’ notice. I think of the site as a public service. You know, like a cuppa nice and pleasant in a world gone nuts and nasty. Me and my crew (2dogs, 2cats, 1 hubby)unashamedly love it here.

  47. sleeps with stuffed aminals says:

    Where can I get a cuddly Darth Vader? I want two.

  48. Wow, December 2009 issue already.


  50. victoreia says:

    @melanie: ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    [singing] Let’s get happy….

  51. Blah. Methinks Mr. Article-writer needs a bebeh puppeh shoved in his face. Or two.

    Aside, Robert Pattinson is NOT cute. I can haz Nathan Fillion? *swoon*

  52. “reflects a growing self-infantilization that is also in evidence at the social-networking site Facebook, where countless subscribers have posted photos of themselves as babies on their profile.”

    Ha, i have only one thing to say to that…

    “Goo Goo Gaaa Gaaa”

  53. Hmmm, I don´t know what it is about me, maybe I´m “abnormal” (but I already knew that!), but I do *not* find human babies cute. Actually, I find them quite horrid little things (okay okay, I know I was one myself once upon a time!) and I never wanted any and still don´t want any now (at age 43). Although sometimes I find myself saying “oh what a cute-looking baby”, but that´s just the looks, it´s not like I *want* one! Argh! As long as I can give them back 2mins later, that´s okay with me. Just.

    Meg says it´s in our DNA, so maybe there´s part of a certain “baby” gene that I´m missing? Not that I care though. I squeal at kittens, buns, polar bears, sloths, doggies, cute wall sockets and Winston etc. And that´s all I need to be a happy any day… 😀

  54. gravyboat says:

    That Twilight boy might be a total dreamboat, but I’ll take cuteoverload over him any day.

  55. ButtaRumCake says:

    OK Jessy – you had me LOLing VERY loudly at my desk….”Mr. Tight-‘Tocks”

    But, um, yeah so what I’m thinking is that Mr. Tight-‘Tocks CrankyPants is actually a CO lurker and got caught *squeeeeing* by one of his Tight-‘Tocks frat brothers & had to write the article to save face…er, ‘tocks?

  56. bookmonstercats says:

    Ellen W, still LOL’ing.

    Congrats, Meggie.

    Whilst I wish RPatz (is that right?) every success in the tough world of acting, Teh Qte will out last all sparkly vampires

    *Heads off to find ferret dance and watch The Engineers’ Guide to Cats (again)*.

  57. @Subhangi #51: Nathan Fillion… Da-rool da-rool…

  58. lol, I love you peeps. Along with the cute pics and narratives, of course. I’m wondering how many of those 100,000 visits a day are from me. Because I need the cute aLOT! Off now to view the hahaha video…

  59. Kittytoes says:

    tammie, I second that. Pasty, skinny, and his name looks like “patterson”. Meh. More kittehs plz.

  60. I FORCED myself to read that entire article. SLUDGE!!! Like wading through cement.
    Mr. Tight’tocks Crankypants needs to start huffing kittehs and puppehs and boids and feel better!!! Perhaps his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries, thus he is rebelling…

  61. janet2buns says:

    *bringing lorgnette up to eyes, glaring through it shocked and disapproving * “These Vanity Fair troglodytes CLEARLY do not know that the proper term is “bunnehs!”

  62. Well, my hubby never tried THAT line…

  63. K he could never even begin to be as cute as fur and 4 legs and why does everyone think cross-eyed and teeny tiny eyes is cute these days?! He can’t even compare to say….Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Neal Caffrey…..

  64. After reading the VF article, all I could think of was: ” Now, don’t you feel better? “

  65. I think I remember reading that humans are genetically wired to find babies cute so that they are extra-encouraged to care for their young and continue the species. It’s not a far cry from that to finding other kinds of things cute. It’s evolution, baby! Embrace your genes! 🙂

  66. “Tight-‘Tocks” LOL!

  67. David Harmon says:

    “Mr. Tight-‘tocks Crankypants” lol! And yeah, he really needs to lighten up — not to mention he’s apparently been hiding under a rock for some decades. (To give just one example, I remember Cuddle Parties at SF cons from the mid-80’s.)

    We are the Qte! Resistance is Futile! So lighten up already….

  68. I’m proud to be an infantile qte lover; and our Meg was on the forefront of QTE long before it was dubbed infantile! I suspect ‘Mr Tight-‘Tocks Crankypants’ (tx for that one David) is a ’nuffer seeking attention for his anti-qte views. maybe he should stick with fup!

  69. David Harmon says:

    Nancy: Actually, I can’t take the credit, it was ButtaRumCake who combined Jessy’s and Ellen W.’s lines. And yeah, that’s a total ’nuffer there. Reading through that article was 5 minutes of my life wasted….

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    David Harmon: You can borrow my time-sweeping device to go back and get that 5 minutes of your life back. You can use that 5 to instead cuddle something furry. Here…ehn! Got it?

  71. Great exposure for this sane site. Congrats to Meg, NTMTOM, Theo and Prongs.

    That said, what is it with you gals and Robert Pattinson? I mean, yuck! Do any of you watch True Blood on HBO? I’ll take Alexander Skarsgaard over Pattinson any day.

  72. Yes, must say i dont see fang-boy’s appeal. Skinny, pale, not too handsome, and from certain angles he looks 30. I suspect its the vamp not the boy that turns women on…

  73. Queen of Dork says:

    And he doesn’t have JAZZ HANDS!!

  74. A quote AND your cutie Hamster and Hamster-Twitter artwork! Got mine last night and was so thrilled for you!

  75. MediocreDeity says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that found that article to be cranky and negative. I’m glad for the exposure to CO, but that guy has a stick up his bun-bun 😀